Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

The Troll King was played for a baffon. What in his wide eyed amazement did appear, a shiny brunett Claus and her mighty reindeer. Christmas came early for Jerri when to everyones surprise, she produced “2” count em’, 2 HII’s and gave them away from Christmas bag of goodies. I thought Russell waas going to fall on his ass when she gave away 2 idols. Where oh where did the 2nd one come from ol’ Russie? Russell’s control of the game just slipped out of his greasy little paws. He no longer controls the game and Sandra is getting in good with the heroes! Trouble is, she wants Russell gone bad. She better watch out for those other cut throats hiding behind the bushes!

Individual immunity is now the big saviour in this game, unless of course Russell goes idol hunting and finds another one. Those idols are now very important to everyone who wants to hang on in the game.

Sandra and Rupert might have the get rid of Russell aliance started, but what kind of an alliance does everyone else have. It’s looking like everyone is looking to pair up and seek help these next few weeks.

Golllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly, Sargent Carter, whats gonna happen next?

19 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!”

  1. Clever Sal… it seems to look that way, but I think Parv will keep him to sweep out the heros and I’m thinking touch and go might be right with that scary prediction…

  2. Go Sandra go – get rid of Russell stat! Lol I know that is not going to happen but I want her to win it all. If she doesn’t then anyone except Colby (has done nothing in this game), Russell (detest), Amanda (ditto – ugh), Jerri (goodbye), Rupert (he is highly annoying), Candace (still not over her smooch fest on her season – ugh) – OK I guess there are more I dislike than like. Not a Parvarti fan but she is playing very smart here though she will a lot of splainin to do to Russell on where the 2nd II came from. So back to what I said …go Sandra and win this thing.

    1. I guess they are censoring my comments now because i actually wrote something pretty graphic and it was deleted, it was about inserting something ac ,you get my drift, i think you do :razz:

    1. Think again they might not ever get rid of him, if someone gets lucky for a change, some people might have a better chance if parvati is gone, she really bugs me she always has that shit eating grin on her face kind of like a chesire cat :roll: + :roll: + :roll:

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  4. I just can’t see Russell being gone tonight. If history repeats itself, two HI’s go back in play after being used at last tribal council and he sure has a knack for finding them when he needs to.

  5. Sandra straddles the fence so well she’s probably pulling splinters out of her ass by now.

    Candace, on the other hand, couldn’t straddle a banana with conviction and in doing so gives dumb blonde a whole new meaning…

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