Survivor 20 Heroes vs. Villains starts off with a BANG!

…and a dislocated shoulder,
…and a broken toe,
…and a topless Sugar.

Wow. After watching the 20 returning Survivors come out of their helicopters and looking at who they are playing with and smiling and being a little “star struck”, I think this could be one amazing season!

I was surprised at how old feelings came up from past survivors. I was thinking that Coach is still the best thing for TV and ratings ever. Watching him is like watching a train wreck. For CBS’s sake I hope he stays for a long time.

And man…I still remember Cobly from Survivor 2 in Australia. I wanted him to win but he came in 2nd to Tina. He was my fav back then and I do still like him….but wow….Coach sure owned him in that challenge.

Is it me or do all the returning female survivors look AMAZING. Dang!

I am glad it was a 2 hour kick off show. It is nice to see how they talk and connect at camp. I do not think Sugar was THAT much of a threat to kick her off first but she was also not that much of a player so I guess it makes sense.

So no more Sugar. All of us diabetics (BBBlogger has been type 1 diabetic for over 20 years now) can be happy that it is a Sugar Free Survivor.

My promise to all of you is that I will be more available this season of Survivor then I have the past couple. Snakebit Sal is still going to be blogging…since he has done an amazing job!

So what do you think? Was Sugar a smart first out? Or should they have taken out someone who is MORE of a threat?

The comments as always are yours! Welcome back to Survivor Blog!

Peace, BBBlogger

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64 thoughts on “Survivor 20 Heroes vs. Villains starts off with a BANG!”

  1. Cirie and Amanda heros? One bad apple is usually all it takes to spoil the barrel, but two of them could be disastrous for the Hero tribe. Sugar contributed to a win in the reward challenge and is the first to go. Brilliant strategy? Not!

    Hopefully, the moment the Hero tribe no longer needs a big blob of dead weight in the camp, Cirie will be gone along with her evil skank buddy Amanda not far behind her.

    Russell can find idols without clues and Boston Rob can start a fire without flint. Colby, who let Coach drag him around, and his band of sheep can only make bad decisions two days into the competition. What a show!

  2. Boston Rob sure made that idiot Randy look even more stupid!! Way to go Rob for getting that fire going against Randy’s wishes to just wait it out. Hopefully that will buy him some time on the island as he is a threat to all those other villlians!

    Didn’t agree about Sugar, thought Cirie should go but she probably will be one of the next to hit it.

    Hi PK, long time no talk!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back all my survivor buddys!!!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be a great season

    1. Rupert tried to start the fire and couldnt with the striker…Randy was the idiot saying they should waste their energy to start the fire and Boston Rob showed him up.

  3. I am sure Colby was glad to see Sugar gone but they should have gone after (Stephanie or Tom) – (Cirie, Amanda or Parvati)
    That would have been a big first move.
    The one thing that surprised me and gave me the creeps was the possible love connection between Coach and Jerri. C’mon! –
    We are definitely in for a ride this season for sure!

    1. How weird was it watching sugar trying to get some sugar that night from Colby…he was so pissed haha..shes gross

  4. I have been a fan of SURVIVOR since the beginning. However, am I the only one who thinks the first reward challenge last night bordered on violence? It was reminiscent of the Gladiators “no holds barred” approach. Why Jeff had a look of glee on his face when Stephanie dislocated her shoulder, and Rupert broke his toe. And, he’s an ordained Minister! I’m all for a good, clean-cut competitive challenge, but, this went too far. Where were the rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety?

  5. Hatch is on probation and was denied the ability to leave the country (at least that’s what I heard or read).

    I forgot about the coach/jeri love connection and I totally agree that it deserves a big collective ewwwwwwwwwwww!!

    Do disagree about the challenge, thought it was awesome!

    1. The first challange was awesome…they had to do something like that in the beginning when they had energy. It was not that violent…Coach is gross and Jerri is ripped up like a man

  6. Ohh what a start to the season 20.
    Not a fan of the Robfather but he was impressive starting that fire.The love connection between Coach and Jerri is kinda fun to watch because it shows Coach in a different lignt. Him smiley and acting silly.

    Getting rid of Sugar was a big mistake, there were bigger fish in the sea such as Tom and Cirie. Thesse two are trying to get rid of each other because they know they are the biggest threat.

    Russell, I love him but he is getting on my nerves with the constant I am the best survivor ever..dont get me wrong I think Russell is the greatest ever but shut up already.

  7. The first reward challenge should have been a WWF Royal Rumble match. The last one in the ring wins the challenge and reward. Bonus points awarded if your injured and can make it till end.

  8. Don’t blame Russell, they interview everyone. CBS decideds which blurbs to air for our entertainment. Maybe Jeff should do a weekly voiceover to describe the action like a football broadcast.

  9. Well we sure started off with a great show. I am very excited and interested in the Jerri/Coach pairing. I thought the expression on Coach’s face was could almost see “love” all over his beaming face. I don’t particularly care for Coach or Jerri, but this might be fun to watch. I thought it was interesting that so many of the others caught on to the chemistry between Jerri and Coach also. I know Coach had a significant other at the finale for his show, but no word on where that stands. I don’t think Jerri has ever really been involved with anyone, so this could be something serious…fun to watch at the least.

    I was disappointed that Sugar was voted out. She is my favorite female…I don’t care a hoot about the others. And yesterday in my post I said “CJ” as a favorite and meant, of course, “JT”…I am sure most of you realized my error.

    Well…Rupert was kind of disappointing also. Did you see him just standing there during that puzzle solving time? He just sort of looked around and was dazed (possibly the pain from the broken toe???) I like Rupert OK, but do not think he will win, nor do I want him to win. My favorites are now Colby, JT, James and Tom; my dislikes Russell. I enjoy Randy-irritating as he is; and Boston Rob is still “cute” and has proven he is efficient…they should keep him a while.
    Well, it was a good show. by the way there is something on CBS tonight at 8PM Eastern about Survivor’s called “Surviving Survivor” or something like that..I think it is a new show, about these 20 and what they have been up to these last years. The TVGuide is showing Ghost Whisperer, but I heard that announcement last night…just in case someone here missed it.

    Good day everyone.

  10. What an adrenaline pumping episode. I was on edge the whole time. It was fun to watch Coach and Jerri going at it but at the same time watching their back. Unlike that other pair Colby and Sugar what was up with Sugar! Stalker!! Does anyone else feel that the survivors were just not having much fun? They looked so bored with each other at camp just sitting around not really talking just plain awkward and did you check out the whiteness on those teeth. I was watching on my big screen and man those white teeth were glaring. Russell seems like he was a bit of an outsider on the Villains side I mean everyone was gravitating towards Coach and Rob more than Russell. On the Heroes Tribe Rupert was just not himself it was kind of disappointing. Tribal Council was just spectacular. It was kind of weird how the heroes at tribal council had these really bloodshot eyes. Were they just tired? Some of them looked like they wanted to cry. And will the rain just snuff out their torch since their is no roof over their heads? Glad to see Cirie lived to see another day. Hopefully the heroes will get it together now that Sugar the weak player by far is gone. But I have to say I’m rooting for a Villain! Till next time!

  11. a huge mistake was made in not voting cities off last night. with Colby’s poor performance in the challenge he’s set himself up for being taken out quickly. he doesn’t seem to have watched survivor since his season from the way he was talking!

    the only thing sugar really sis wrong was to remind Colby of jerrie manthey in australia – following him around camp and basically throwing herself at him. her I need a protector strategy just plain backfired on her! if she could have let it evolve more naturally she would never have been voted out. and crying at tribal rather than stressing her part in the reward challenge might have swung a few votes! she messed up, but I bet it’s Colby who is the first to say we shoulda voted cirie out when she comes after him if he screws up a challenge again!

  12. ooops! cities = cirie. my iPhone makes auto corrections I don’t notice. like sis for did. sigh. where is Hal when I need him!

  13. Princess… Hal and Dave worked out their differences and are now reported to be cybernating somewhere in San Francisco…

  14. Am I the only one who thought they did the right thing? This is the first council and they needed to get rid of the weakest. Getting rid of their thinkers or physical threats this early against the villains is suicide. I doubt either tribe will make the mistake of Tocantins or the other – you know, Yul.

  15. I agree, Becky – they were right to vote off Sugar. She’s physically weak, and she’s also unpredicatble. I wouldn’t want to be aligned with her. Cirie is tricky, but she was loyal to Amanda. Plus I like Cirie, I want her to stay on!

  16. Well what a kick off it was. My skin crawls when Randy is on screen, I look away when Tyson wears those short shorts, I don’t understand why Cirie didn’t look in the mirror before she left. If she losses weight like last year I’m afraid she will be wearing a black box on her front. Sandra needs to get an attitude adjustment, Rupert just doesn’t get it and why hasn’t Russel
    been looking for the Idol. I sure didn’t like the previews of Rob, he didn’t look good at all…

  17. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. I liked her in “her season” but last night I just felt sorry for her. She was so desperate. It wasn’t all her fault that they lost the challenge. I think they voted her off because simply because she was being annoying. Chasing poor Colby around like that, and crying already??

    Did anyone else see the Bios that are on the official Survivor website? Both Sugar and JT mention that they have a “thing” but I could see no signs of it last night. *secret giggle — I LIKE JT!*

    Coach is just crazy and annoying. It cracked me up that Jerrie liked him–she can have him–they’re perfect for each other. Cirie has an interesting approach to things. Amanda is still cute. That One Skinny Girl came INTO the came SO skinny–she’s going to just disappear after a few days. Rob is not annoying me this season, he’s a family man now.

    Final thoughts–
    Imagine if they had been able to toss Richard Hatch into the mix!
    Is it just me, or does anyone else not remember a few of these contestants?? Candace and Danielle??

  18. I think that Sugar was the only choice for the first one voted off. It is far too early in the game for either of the tribes to start gutting themselves of good players. Right now Heros needs to be strong so that they can win the challenges and stay out of Tribal council.
    I liked Sugar in her first season but what they showed of her in this season opener made me wonder if she was that annoying the last time she played this game. She is not a strong player, she is an emotionally unstable personality and she kept her tribe awake before the first challenge. She was certainly a serious liability for the Heros tribe and they are better off without her.

    The scenes to next week made me wonder what the heck happened. If the Villains lose Boston Rob to a medical problem then they are seriously hampered. He seemed to be the only person on the Villains tribe who gave a damn about making shelter, making fire, or more to the point making fire so they could boil water and stay hydrated. He stood out right away as a leader for a group of massive egos that don’t work well together – at least not at camp.

  19. Cirie should have been voted off. As i remember last time she was behind alot of the guys being voted off. The other girls seem to do what she wants done yet she looks innocent there with that smile. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s a smart player so for that I think she should have gone.

    And Sugar could have just laid in the sand to cover her chest
    but instead got up and kept on running bare chested to help her team. It was cute how steph wrapped her arms around Sugar and kind of shielded her. I liked Colby but he was a butthead about Sugar or was that Tom or both? what exactly was their problem with her. Sometimes I wish the shows were longer even becuz so much has to be edited out.
    bTW Steph has always been my fav all time survivor.

    Randy’s a jerk. And he’s in good company. I was glad to see Rob start that fire. BUT what happened to show us next weeks show? Now i’m concerned if Rob is hurt or OUT??? I’m not kidding i want to know now. I don’t want to wait and find out. If anyone was going to be sent home hurt (tho i was never a Rob fan, compared to russ and coach and Randy, I will pick Rob) to stay, i’d rather it be Russ or sandra. nope i don’t like them.
    Someone says Jeff is a minister? He is cute but he sure doesn’t act like a minister. jmo.
    The only reason i’d even stomach Hatch being on there would be to play against Russ. But i don’t need to hear anymore ego spouting how great i am from anyone.
    I’d rather see someone cry than have them calling other’s names. everyone vents in some way and some of us cry.

    1. Jeff got his ‘minister’ papers from an on-line/mail in degree and certificate program. He joked about it after the first All Stars Reunion and he made his offer to marry Rob and Amber.

  20. If Jeff Probst is a cleric, and I find that hard to believe, he would be an ordained Rabbi, not a Minister, since he is Jewish.

    1. Jeff got ordained on line for $25 so could marry a couple who are friends of his or remarry his parents or some such type of ceremony. Usually an ordination lasts for a specific amount of time, 2 to 4 years or so before you have to renew (that is with “valid” churches) I have no experience with on line ordinations. To the best of my knowledge he has never proffessed any specific religious persuasion.

    2. oops, sorry didn’t mean that as an argument regarding “he’s jewish”. Just didn’t really register before I hit send. I did not know he was Jewish. Sorry ’bout that.

  21. I loved the beginning of the show, coming in on the Hueys! Very cool beginning! I also liked that the tribes had their standoff as they sized each other up on the beach.

    The award challenge was crazy! I would be strongly tempted to “accidentally” rip off one of Parvarti”s limbs in the next physical challenge if I was Stephenie! The toe injury to Rupurt, I’m afraid, is going to be a game changer for him. There’s no way he’ll be able to perform in the challenges like he would normally.

    I loved the way that the heroes came together to settle into camp. I liked everyone on the tribe, but Sugar was my least favorite. She didn’t seem to add much to the tribe, except for some emotional drama. She does get my props, though for letting the “girls” go wild and run for the mat in the challenge!

    The heroes tribe almost seem to be a bit paranoid about alliances forming between players that previously played together. Of course alliances will be formed- it’s Survivor! They still need need to be smart about voting off the least productive tribe member, or else tribal council will become their second home.

    Loving Boston Rob and the Coach/Jerri romance! As much as they both make my skin crawl, I think they’re perfect for each other. Coach is also much less annoying when he’s busy trying to charm Jerri.

    Russel needs to stop talking about how he’s the best player ever and just prove it! Colby needs to stop talking about how great it is to be a hero. I really like him, but that was wearing even my nerves a little thin!

    I LOVED Jeff’s little dig about Coach using all of his life experience in a kayak to his advantage!

    Can’t wait for episode two!

  22. It really was stupid of those people too get rid of sugar before cirie, she is very sneaky, if they dont get rid of her quik their could be a problem, It is funnyto see coach and Jerri in this flirtmance it kind of makes coach a little more likeable, also its surprising to see coach and rob hitting it off, i wonder if that will last so far people are getting along. take care everyone, see ya later.

  23. Hi Aggie, princess, tendr and whoever else I forgot! WTF happens to my man Boston Rob??? I’m with tendr, I can’t wait either, if anybody knows, either e-mail or fb me, PLEASE! I do not want to see him leave already, he seems to be the only one on that team getting things done!

    1. i would not be surprised if he still is in the game, he is pretty tough although, he isnt in such good a shape this time he is also a little older, i would not be said too see him go, his ego is way to inflated ,and he is way too cocky, im surprised the coach is hitting of with him, i thought he would hate him but so far their getting along.

  24. aggie, I can’t show up here on S20 night. You guys get it 2 or 3 hours before I do – I’m on the west coast – so it just ruins the actual watching for me if you tell me in advance. I have to make sure I’m off here by 5pm PST. same with BB. spoilers just spoil it! otherwise, I’d be here!

  25. Tough call on the vote. I understand the theory of voting out Cirie or Tom but I think you need to keep your tribe as strong as possible until the merge or the strategic vote will be a moot point by then. I suspect each tribe will wipe out the other before beginning to eat their own.
    I’m curious about the upcoming episode teaser. It appeared to show Rob passed out with a potential medical issue. Coincidentally, on Late Night with David Letterman, 10 of the cast made an appearance to each read the “10 things you didn’t know about Survivor” list. Rob was one of them and stated that a scorpion crawled up his leg and stung him on his man parts. Now, all the cast members said some pretty silly stuff but after seeing the preview, I wonder if Rob was spilling the truth!

  26. I will try Aggie but sometmes I tivo it and watch it a little later so I can fast forward thru the commercials!! How can you not love Boston Rob. I have always liked him!!

  27. I think its robs arrogance, he was a really good player im not saying that, but the cockiness really got too me, he is entertaining but i dont like him.

  28. I dont know how that cirie has sat on her behind for three shows she admits she wont lift a finger to do nothing.Id get rid of that sneak next.

  29. I agree but I think Amber has tamed some of that out of him. I still really like him and so far, I’m rooting for him and hope he’s ok.
    Where is everybody???? It doesn’t feel the same, come on gang, come out come out wherever you are. You know who I’m talking about, ALL of you MIA people!!!

  30. i loved the show! ive been watching survivor since the very beginning and am hooked bigtime!
    i was glad sugar got voted off…she contributed nothing and frankly i think she was just there for tv. poor colby!! he’s getting the shaft so far….coach and then sugar! hah!
    im liking the coach/jerri connection….i liked seeing coach in a different light than last time…he’s still telling his stories though i see…hahah…but it makes things more interesting with this budding showmance!
    i was surprised russell hadnt started looking for the hidden immunity idol! its only a matter of time! i LOVE russell! im guessing he goes all the way this time…or at LEAST final 3!! did anyone else notice how russell keeps giving coach a hard time by saying things that make fun of him being a dragonslayer? too funny! dragon blood and dragon balls…hahah
    i also think parvarti has a great chance of winning or getting close….she is very good at playing this game!
    courtney cracks me up…im loving how she is embracing her villian-ness!
    i had forgotten how funny sandra is!
    i love boston rob and was major impressed at his firemaking skills! randy is an idiot…i dont think he will last long at ALL…least i hope not, he creeps me out.
    stephanie was a real trooper when her shoulder got dislocated wasnt she? you could tell she was afraid it would take her out of the game immediately but she toughed it out…not sure how long she can though. shoulder injuries are seriously painful, esp out there in the elements. ill be really surprised if she makes it much longer…
    and rupert! they edited out his screams of pain after he broke his toe…and the way he is hobbling around im wondering about him! and wtf was with him and the non-fire making effort? how embarrassing! i like rupert and hope he at least makes the jury!
    tom is just too nice to go very far imo…same with james…maybe jt has a chance but im not so sure yet…
    cirie is a huge threat and better watch her p’s and q’s!
    i cant wait to see what the heck happens to rob next week!

  31. What’s left to say….It was such a great kick-off to this season.I sure hope Rob is ok, I’m liking him better this season.I”m hoping Cirie stays for a while, she’s has such a sence of humor and laughs a lot, Sandra too I like,Can’t wait till next week’s show.

  32. I dont know if its true or not but letterman made some kind of joke about a scorpian crawling into Boston Robs pants amd biting him, looks like it could be true it bit him on the man meat if you know what im saying. kind of funny really, for sure.

  33. cyn, where have you been? happy VD to you too!

    and all my friends in princess land. you know, i could get hooked on a weekly 2 hour survivor or 1 hr. 2X per week. Just don’t think an hour in enough for all us addicts…

    aggie, was it you i was discussing the pros and cons of Cirie prior to the start of S20? i kept saying there was something about her i didn’t like and i would ruminate on it for a while hoping it would come to me? does ANYONE remember? i have so little short term memory right now…

  34. I can see why some people would like Cirie, her social game is really good, she has a good personality, along with a beautiful smile, as she said about herself ,she is oprah in a gangster suit,She does seem real likeable to me, but she is a really sneaky kind of player, if those people are smart they will get rid of her.

  35. Okay, where is the AR discussion!!! Come on peeps, can you believe J/J took first!!! Can you believe our Jordo asked for a ticket to China?!?!? Soooooo funny!

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