The Fireman from New York.

Tom Westman, Palau
Heroism: The NYC firefighter dominated entire game, winning five out of seven immunity challenges and catching a shark (!) for his tribe to feast on.
Outwitticism: Regarding his alliance with Ian, Tom confidently declared, “You know when the other guy is going to stand by you, and he should know that you’ll stand by him. I’m taking a risk, but that’s my move”—until Ian shocked Tom by revealing he would not reciprocate. Needless to say, Tom made a different move.


Tom Westman (45)

Tribe: Heroes
Hometown: Sayville, NY
Current Residence: New York, NY
Personal Claim To Fame: “Being a proud member of the FDNY as a Lieutenant of Ladder Co.108 in Brooklyn.”
Inspiration in Life: “My parents.”
Previous Finishes: Palau: Winner­
Favorite Past Moment: “Palau Sunsets.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Jenn Lyon (Palau)
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: “I’d rather not comment. I don’t know these guys well enough to say who I respect the least.”
Why Did He Come Back? : “It was so much fun the first time aroun­d. I couldn’t resist having another

50 thoughts on “The Fireman from New York.”

  1. Aggie… I think Enigma was commenting on your choice of words. If PK was here, he would have had a field day with that one!

    Tom was an interesting player and will bring a lot to the show I think.

  2. I hope Tom pulls it out again, just a great all around guy.

    Aggie… Fortunately I missed seeing him pull it out on Survivor Palau. If you are really lucky in Survivor 20, Tom may wake up to a bright, clear, sunny day and say “It’s so nice out I think I’ll leave it out.” I, personally, will try my best to miss that episode, however.

  3. I like Tom (i did laugh when aggie said “i hope tom pulls it out” and i know that’s bad of me”) 2nd childhood i guess.

    HI FRAN-hugs

    1. Howdy Ms. V… you doing? Been getting your e-mails. Glad your keeping in touch. Take care girl…

  4. lol aggie….i imagine alot more is seen there than we ever see. cracks (no pun intended) when the show pixelates (sp?) a butt crack….:)

  5. you know, since justa now thinks i’m in my 70’s it might explain why, when everyone was talking about Tom i was thinking farmer Tom from, um, Africa????

    couldn’t wrap my head around the handsome silver haired guy reference.

    all things have been made clear to me in the tom arena. i remember him (this one)!!

    1. Aggie, the carpet should always coordinate as closely
      as possible with the drapes. I’m justsayin I don’t
      decorate in GRAY!

  6. princess, I never thought you were in your 70s… I thought you were born in the 70s.. late 70s at that… yeah, that’s the ticket! (Whatta ya think gang? will this get me out of hot water?)

    1. AGGIE, there’s a complete difference between a “foot rub” and a real pedicure with a foot massage!!

      you’re a girl, you should know this!

      and he’s trying to get on my good side again!!!

    2. sure princess. if you insist. Justa massage will be fine though… I don’t wear jewelry and I don’t want a pedicure.

    3. ooohhhh, WRONG answer jeff hefner!

      not only is the water getting hotter, it’s getting deeper. the only thing that’s going to save you tonight is that Hal still has the IS10 or IS2010 virus and isn’t strong enough to take you on!!!

      this girl’s gotta get outta here…

  7. You tryin’ to keep up on iphone is like me tryin to keep up on webtv. Get “Hal” fixed soon!! We need you here!

  8. BTW, I never believed that thing about a lucky rabbit’s foot, justa, but if you see me coming at you with something sharp i might have justchanged my mind…

    1. I’m one step ahead… everybody that clears their cache should see “Frosty” soon……. you don’t have a thing against button noses and eyes of coal.. do you?

      I guess if you show up with a hair dryer… I’m just SOL!!

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