The Heat is On!

OK, it’s time to see if Russell can find some HII’s. He definitely knows how to look, but it seems everyone knows about them at the same time. It’ll be a mad dash to find them. And, you better hide it well or your name will be written down at tribal to force you to use it.

Coach seems to have a bit of a breakdown this week. Know one must be taking him seriously! Too many tall tales makes for a lot of bullshit. Even if 1/2 of them are true, it’s just too hard to believe him all the time.

Looks like Rob is putting out some bad vibes on Russell. Now why can’t you trust him Rob, he’s a nice guy ……. maybe it has something to do with the machete!

I sure hope they split the challenges this week. First challenge for reward always fires them up for the Immunity challenge. 

My prediction for this week, Heroes have a let down and get beat in the Immunity challenge. Heroes send a girl home because the guys are trying to keep the tribe strong!!

Also, it’s time for King Troll to start his mastery of the game and dig up an idol for his protection!

80 thoughts on “The Heat is On!”

    1. Didn’t the Villains watch last season? None of them know Russell’s stealing and getting rid of their stuff?!?!

  1. Samantha, how harsh about the great one! I does seem that coach is changing his spots this game. Can’t wait to see the big cry and what brings that on. Hadn’t seen this preview… thanks Sal! Be interesting to see what happens with the Machete this week. Love Sandra!

  2. I hope Russell start kicking some butt and stop acting all nicey nicey. Where is the Russell of old. And “King Troll” is kinda mean.

    1. He says he’s the King of Samoa… I think that title belongs to Natalie so far… hope Russell can pull it off!

  3. I love that some call Russell “Troll”…to me he looks like the Travelocity troll…Russell can be likable but he just has no respect for people especially women…after hearing him talk about the “Blondes’ in show #19 I just lost respect for him. I love on the hour special they did the interaction between Russell and Richard Hatch…course I love Rich so even catching just a tiny sight of him makes me happy!
    Well, I hope tonight is fun…I am in the mood for a really good show. Good day everyone.

  4. Why can’t a woman be as strong as a man? All strength is not in the body but in the mind as well. In fact without the brains, what good is some muscle?

    1. The only ones you won’t see crying are Sandra and Russell! Well it starts in 15 min for DonnaP and Cynthia… probably PK too. See ya later!

  5. Nope… PK is CST… I’m waiting to see how they find out there is a HHI. Tree Mail or Jeff? So funny to see Sandra pointing her finger… reminds me of Alicia from Australia… now that’s who they should have had back!!! And, what was the name of the woman she tangled with? Can’t remember, but I can picture her in my mind… know PK liked her for sure.

  6. Well, Coach lost some tears… but he hasn’t lost his delusions!

    I didn’t have the pleasure of watching him in his other season. :roll: How did he slay the dragons? Did “Puff” drown in his tears or something?

    1. You didn’t see Coach before!!! A piece of work! You’ve heard the saying ‘you can never go home again’? Not everyone can come back and duplicate ‘the magic’. This Coach is a shell of his former self. Yeah, you are right… didn’t slay shit!

  7. “He’s like the hobbit on crack” :lol:

    I don’t know what I think about Rob, but that was funny. Russell may be in trouble.

  8. This is setting up to be a very interesting TC….. I wonder if anything interesting will happen… or if they are just messin’ with us through editing.

  9. That was really cool! I didn’t care who left, but it is nice to see somebody shake things up.

    1. I was hoping the Villains win so they don’t vote Russell out. 8) But he’s in trouble now. He needs to find that idol and play it, else he’s gone.

  10. I’m all for keeping the women around but I wanted Cirie gone before Sugar was voted off. She was sneaky and controlled so many ppl last time and was doing it again this time. I’m glad she’s gone.
    and it cracked (no pun intended) me up when Rob called Russ the ________ on crack and now I can’t remember what it was. someone tell me. I’m dieting and have NO brain cells werkin’.
    At 4 a.m. i go to bed, right? i wake up hubby and i was so craving protein i said “J’s, i need some chicken”
    (i really want steak but i also want to be 19yrs old again)

    I’m not feelin’ Rupert this season though I think he’s prob a nice guy. He was against steph and they were so stupid to let her go. yes i know i’m harping.

    1. Good one tendr… not happy about you disrespecting TGO… but it does sound like him. And why are you dieting??? You sure don’t look like you need to me.

  11. Hated to see Cirie go, as she was pretty funny… But, it was the best move for them to make. JT was supposed to vote for Tom it seems, leaving Colby holding the bag. JT is going to be in trouble with the others… until he brings someone over to their side. Like JT being sneaky.

    Coach is pathetic!

    Our boy Russell better find the idol.

  12. Was sorry to see Parvati sit out the first challenge! It was a good one! Liked seeing the second challenge back and completed. It was close… very exciting. Rob gave very good instructions.

    I can’t believe that some of you were watching and on this blog at the same time. Well… see you guys later!

  13. I’m sad to see Cirie gone. I really think JT made the wrong move in the long run, and won’t win the game. Check out my TV blog at, and let me know what you thought of the show. My favourite scene was at the beginning, between Tyson and Coach – priceless!

  14. Man is James the dumbest ever. Hey dummy there is a L in Colby…….not Coby. Get’s voted off with two idols in his pocket, doesn’t speak proper English and can’t spell 5 letter name. He has got to go, its hard watching the show with that big dummy on it.

  15. I don’t know about that scene, Jill. I don’t know if Tyson was genuinely touched by Coach’s behavior, or figuring how to use it to the best of his advantage… I think the latter. I know one thing… he was as disgusted as Rob and I were.

  16. I’m not freakin’ cuz some guy cries. As I’ve said before , men are just ppl too and I wouldn’t want to be with a man who couldn’t cry. Keep your tears in and those feelings will still do damage. Either to the person’s health or come out as hate. I’d rather see a man cry than swear at someone. They are just weak as are ALL people. But I think it came off as he got his feelings hurt and I think it’s more than that. Coach is dramatic in EVERY way so why be shocked that he cries? He kills dragons no one else see’s. He says over and over he’s unique and I believe he’s very very insecure and so throw in hungry, tired and feeling alone and you’re going to see either a temper like James, sarcasm like Tyson or tears.

    anyway, he’s back to slaying dragons and he’s in his own world. I know men who cry and some are buttheads and some are very kind and strong and would do anything for someone else. I wish my father had cried more when i was growing up instead of showing so much anger. I’m not disgusted with a man’s tears as much as i am with showing off or bragging. I literally hate a braggert. So i’ll save my disgust for the strutting around “i’m king of the hill” comments.

  17. OK I HAVE to agree with Tendr about it being ok for men to cry. However with that being said, WTF was up with Coach?? There for a few I thought I was watching Brokeback Mountain!!!!

    At any rate, my fave line of the entire night was when Boston Rob called Russell “A little hobitt on crack.” Now that is funny I don’t care who you are. LMAO But still have my money on the man!! :lol:

    Oh well, guess that’s my post for the week. At least it looks like I’m going to be allowed to post it. :mrgreen: Better go before I freeze up again. See you next week hopefully.


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