13 thoughts on “The next day at Ponderosa”

  1. actually coach seemed like a nice enough guy at the ponderosa, he should of showed more of that side, when he was on the island, it might have helped him more, and courtney seemed more likable as well. :shock: + :grin:

  2. I don’t get it…Not only have all these people played the game
    BUT they have also watched it and they still make DUMB mistakes and believe the unbelievable. DUH

  3. Someone wrote recently that they believe Russell thought he had won S19 while they were filming S20 (and I agree with that). Obviously the other players knew he came from S19 and I imagine they also assumed he had won. What I have noticed is that no one is talking about voting out people who actually won the million in the past…on the show with Favorites and Fans (I think that was it) they kept talking about getting rid of the winners. Is this group doing that or are we just not seeing it?
    I am still hoping for JT or Colby to win. I don’t like any of the women but if I had to choose I guess it would be Amanda. Well, I hope the shows get a little more interesting soon. Can’t wait for Big Brother this year….I enjoyed this board last season. have a great day everyone…weather here in North Carolina is cool and sunny…a perfect day.

  4. Okay Sal, I can’t get to your link and I must read about TGO!!! You have my email can you please send it!!!!!!

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