The Robmeister vs. King Troll

Sooner or later this match up has to end! Russell seems to have a slight advantage at this point. Rob was definitely surprised when Russell played his move and got Tyson evicted with the HII move. If Russell can shift the alliances or just find another HII, Rob will be gone. Of course all this is mute unless Colby can lead the heroes to a win!

At this point in the game the Heroes are trying to survive losing any more members so they have a chance at the merge. The villains are sitting around trying to decide who to side with, Russell or Rob!

I’m hoping for a Heroes win at the immunity challenge so that the drama between our boys will play out! Only time will tell, lets hope for a good fight!

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  1. am I first?? I’ve never been first anywhere!!

    If the zeros can’t do something to pull their team together they are just going to disintigrate. I still haven’t seen much strategy in their eliminations, except cirie (was she really on the heroes team or was I hallucinating that?)

    1. I think you’re on the inside track AC! king russell is like no one rob’s ever encountered before!

      btw, are you mad at me? (or annoyed, etc?)

    2. um, justcause your responses to me have been short or nonexistent. sometimes i’m just a little too sarcastic, even if I mean it playfully and I could very easily see how something I said to you could be misinterpreted.

      I just thought it would be better to check in with you and know for sure! I’m happy to hear that you are not annoyed with me. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I have to admit that Russell has made these games more interesting, nevertheless, i would like to see them wipe that cocky grin off his face early. Biggest disappointment is Colby…Seems like they are going to merge soon, and no more villains and Heros…

    1. it’s really obvious this is not the original Colby. he’s a little insipid now – but Ray, he’s really not that old! Russell, Rupert, half of SS19 and SS20 are older and have performed better. he says he loves the game – I think he just really doesn’t get how it’s evolved since season 2.

    1. go “f” youself. if you don’t like it here, don’t come and play in our sandbox. we think very highly of the “dude” who writs this blog!

    2. Clara…. I’ll put Sal’s intelligence up against yours any day of the week.

      You already showed your hand by resorting to name calling. (That is what people do when they have nothing else).

  3. I hope this is the night when Russell shows Rob who is the boss. I kinda like Rob this season but he is now playing with the big boys now.

    1. aaaahhh!!! I have to sign off already! It’s not even 7pm here and I don’t want to know!!!!

      I’ll be back when I can…

  4. I also still want to know what happened to the much touted jerri/dragon slayer hook-up. they spent a lot of time on it for one episode if it was justa one-time thing! if it ran its course over those few days why bother us with it? if it’s still a “thing” why not bring us up to date? it’s not like this season, with its combined challenges has been so action-packed that there wasn’t available space for a “romantic” side bar!!

    1. nope that would be you fran you told me first, Jt, told me about other smilies afterwards, i guess it was both of you though im not trying to leave JT out, relax missy

  5. Russell’s move last week did more than show who’s the guy to beat, it broke the cohesiveness of the Villians tribe. Now there is doubt, lack of trust, and a truckload of drama to distract them. This wears heavily on them and my bet is it’ll cause them to lose the immunity challenge. If I’m right, Rob or Russell will be gone (with my money being on Rob getting voted out).

    What do you all think?

    1. I think you were so spot on that I will pay extra attention to your comments! GOOD CALL!

      I didn’t want either Rob or Russell to leave…. loved the rivalry! I wish they had voted out any of the other 6. But I guess one had to go… so I am GLAD it wasn’t Russell!! :grin:

  6. The Dragon -Slayer is a pussycat, isn’t he. Couldn’t believe me ears when he was crying over what that girl said about him at the end. Real slayer, that one…Boo-hoo.

  7. Gotta say I love the nickname or should I say name “Kingtroll”. As a true Bostonian, I was sad to see Boston Rob go tonight. He brought a lot of personality to the game:(

    1. I loved russel in last season.
      But its sadder to see Boston go.
      Couldn’t they just at least left each other alone till the merge.

  8. ok, it’s official. Jerri and coach are justan island fling! There is no trust there and Jerri will cash in the dragon slayer for the money in a micro-second! who is next to go? Courtney, Sandra or coach. he said it aptly in the preview “pay for the merge” if not, he’s gone!

    1. BFD…. so it was a typo! Get a life already.

      Like the name though, we had a chihuahua named Bobo when I was a kid. He was an ankle biter too.

  9. Ok if Coach and Jerri were smarter they would see they have total control in the villains camp. I don’t think they have the balls to do it, but they could blindside Russell next and with Sandra and Courtney. That would make a tight 4 instead of their Tight 5 with russell, then flip again and get rid of Courtney, then flip again and get pavarti and so, until the merge.

    Its so obvious but again this would never happen they are not smart enough to pull it off.

    Lol if they could do well after the merge I wonder who would win between coach and jerri.

  10. Just how stupid are the people to keep Russell, they know how the game went last time, and they are trusting him. You can’t trust anyone there really, but Russell of all of the them. These people are just plain crazy. Anyone that would trust Russell of anyone on the island is just ignorant, they know he plays the game more than anyone.

  11. If the Villains lose again, and it’s looking very likely they will next week, Coach will be the next to fall. Russell wants people who follow what he says without question and Coach doesn’t do that. Removing Coach solidifies Jerri with Russell and strengthens his alliance.

    1. I think the villains will lose all challenges until the merge. Their numbers benefit the Heroes team.
      The heroes have 3 guys (Rupert, Colby and JT) and 2 women (Amanda and Candace) vs 2 guys (Russell and Coach) and 5 women (Parvati, Sandra, Courtney, Jerri and Danielle). There is no way the villains can compete and the next 2 or 3 challenges go to the Heroes by default. The villains voted out all of their best players and now suck as far as I’m concerned going into the next challenges.
      Russell rules and I also believe Coach goes next, further making the villains non-competitive. Russell has his alliances but they are all women. He needs the merge so he can regain some advantage, or of course it’s HII time for King Troll.

  12. I was so sad to see Boston Rob go last night, he was the best part of the show. It looks like the Villains really go to hell in a hand basket next week. I think strategically, Jerri made a TERRIBLE decision. Check out my post on Survivor at to see why and let me know if you agree or disagree!

  13. I can’t wait for russell to go home he is a bully and thinks he is so great. he is not. and coach what an idiot and a liar

  14. GAWD i’m sick of the troll.
    was let down about Rob leaving.
    and coach is a MILKTOAST.

    i feel very soon the villians will regret troll-boy.

  15. Hi Tendr, Yeah those people are fools, Rob and Russell are both very strong players i guess one just had to go, Whatthe hell happened to coach anyway he is really kind of milktoast this season, I just hope those idiots are smart enough to do something about russell, even if russell does make it to the end, i think his chances of winning the game would be slim, the jury does hold grudges they showed that in his season, he just plays to hard and has an ego that is way out of control, so it’s nice to see him get slapped for sure.

    1. Now that I think about it.
      I’d love to see Russell make it to final three…to LOSE AGAIN!
      imagine the pain he’d suffer.

  16. Can someone tell me how a site could give out spoilers for episodes not even aired? I am right, am I not, that Survivor is currently on episode 7?

    I went to a site for Survivor episode 7 recap and there were truckloads of spoilers for what happened AFTER the merge (which hasn’t happened yet….right?) and who got voted out AFTER the merge!

    To make things worse, that site even reveal the winners of The Amazing Race which hasn’t even finished running its season.

    I am so confused. How did these people get the information?

    This is the link And they do not even have a spoiler alert. Yes, everyone who comment there are idiots.


    If castaways themselves are not allowed to mention anything that happened on an episode until it airs, why can these retards spoil it for everyone by providing such spoilers?

    Unless I am missing something here…..


    1. Jun ….

      There are lots of loose lips about survivor. Some people pick up things from the episode previews, they break them down frame by frame. Contestants, production people and others drop hints about whats going on in the game. This season was filmed before the final vote was aired from season 19. I could tell you were to find a site that has a breakdown of who gets evicted when for this season all the way down to who the final 3 are. Hints about who finds the HII’s and so forth. I f you don’t want spoilers, don’t stray away from the more trustworthy blogs. The blog titles will give you a clue about what they have there.
      Good luck

  17. I am looking forward to the villains losing now that Rob is gone.Coach is an idiot, and he is going to regret siding with that horrible little man Russell.

  18. It was so much fun here once when survivor was not the only topic allowed.

    1. Yep……we all got run off. :(
      There’s just not alot to talk about here since it’s only on once a day.

  19. I’m pretty sure we could go off-topic occasionaly, but we were the ones who messed it up by running wild! even on the BB blog we went off-topic a little and there wasn’t too much beating up on us! we just have to remember the subject of the blog and not scare off visitors!

  20. Thanks Snakebit Sal, really appreciate your reply and advice. Will stick to the more trustworthy sites. All I wanted were sites confirming how stupid all the Villians were but I unfortunately got all the spoilers – the worst being the one revealing the winners of Amazing Race. :(

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