The sixth and seventh players voted out!

Tyson after the vote.                               Tyson the next day.

James after the vote.                            James the next day.

Russell definitely has a better game plan going than Rob. Russell is building his alliance while Rob is doing nothing other than worrying about the Troll King. Russell calculated well what the others were up to and played right into it to keep his alliance strong.

The heroes at this point are trying to keep from drowning in their own sorrow. Their whipped so bad it is going to be tough to make it to the merge with more than 2 people.

The villains are definitely in control as long as they don’t self destruct while the Rob/Russel tug of war goes along!

23 thoughts on “The sixth and seventh players voted out!”

  1. Thanks, love hearing from someone who is really playing the game. Surprised how few people, even in the all star game, are REALLY playing. Win or lose, King Troll is the best of all times, sorry Richard.

    1. Russel rules! I hope he gets Rob booted and wins this season. He deserves it since last season’s finale was a joke.

  2. You know, Russell’s shrewd (and shocking!) move this week to give the Immunity Idol to his ally Poverty (er…I mean, Parvati) gained my respect.

    Russell’s a total sleazebag and snake, but he’s definitely not dumb (despite how he looks). Meanwhile, I’m losing faith in the Heroes team. It’s hard to root for a group that keeps losing challenge after challenge after challenge. Time to step it up, Heroes!!!

    1. Top 3:

      -When it comes to searching, Google asks Russell.
      -There will be no next season of American Idol, because Russell already has that one in his pocket.
      -If they cast Russell in the next season of Lost, they’ll have to change the title to Found.


  3. Remember, KIng Troll played this game not knowing if he wont the previous game, which is surprising because he is being much less outwardly sneaky and with more thought and less obvious lies. (Maybe he learned.) Giving the immunity necklace up was a stroke of pure genius. He looks like he’s a man of his word to Coach and Parvarti, so who wouldn’t want to belong to HIS alliance????
    Tyson getting voted out was his own fault..a brilliant move on Russell’s part! As for James…he was a liability, no matter how loyal he would have been. This may be another season where the heroes are whittled down to 1, like the season Stephanie went back to camp alone…

  4. still think Herod should have voted amanda out. I don’t she’s brought much to the game and James, even injured, would have been better in physical challenges – although he was getting so obnoxious I’m not sorry to see him go! he was SO different in his previous seasons!

  5. hi aggie,

    nice to catch up with you! I did get your email addy, but I think I solved my little crisis! If it doesn’t stay solved I’ll be happy to let you know!

    thanks so much for catching up with me!! it seems like survivor is improving by now… I was getting so disappointed!

    I’m going to try to get some sleep now but I’m glad we finally caught up. Hope you have a great weekend and I hope to see you here more often!

  6. Im glad princess, yes survivor is getting pretty interesting i really hope Rob manages to get rid of russell before he gets rid of him, I think rob is really good this time around i hated him in his season, but im with Holly, im really liking the robfather this time around, Take care princess, Goodnight. :lol:

  7. Wow Aggie – someone else not hating Rob! I disliked him in Marquesas but I admired him in All Stars and he was robbed of a win by a very petty jury who gave it to Amber (Amber!! OMG). I like him this go around too and Russell may have gone home sooner if it weren’t for Rob keeping them out of Tribal council before he found the idol. Rob will probably be the next to go but I won’t be happy. Oh and Russell didn’t know if he won or not in Samoa but he is the only one with an edge in this game where they all know how everyone plays and have not seen Russells’s episode. Sorry for ranting but I can’t take all the Russell love and Rob hate here. BTW I liked Russell in Samoa and thought he should have won but I sure hope he doesn’t win this one. Once Rob goes – I hope Sandra wins.

  8. Hey plumpudding, yeahRob is a really good player, he is especially good at the competitions, I hope he can manage to do something about russell who knows time will tell.

  9. I agree I didn’t like Rob the first time but I really think he has
    grown and become a much nicer person. I hope his challenge
    abilities and nicer personality keep him on longer. The two of
    them make great rivals and fun to watch

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