Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends……

……… We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!

Well folks, it’s not Brain Salad Surgery but another season of Survivor.

Young vs. Old, can some over 50 people take advantage of some young guns that have misconceptions of what old people are about?

On the Showtime series “Bullshit” with Penn and Teller, young people thought older people smelled bad, BULLSHIT. They both did, young and old.

Old folks have experience and are better judges on how to pace yourself. Young guns are super energetic but make stupid mistakes because they can be impatient.

TV Guide is calling this season “Outwit, Outplay, Outlive”! Ok, whose going to die? No one or we would have heard about it by now. Lets see, we have a burly Massachusetts fisherman, a dog trainer, a former Yahoo! executive, a former college/NFL football coach and that’s just the Espada tribe(oldies but goodies). The young guns will be the La Flor tribe.

Probst was quoted as saying “We actually have a tribe that’s strong enough that they can compete and colorful enough that the audience will root for them”.

The Espada range in age from 41 to 67.

The violence in the challenges will be toned down and some new games are in store for the cast-a-ways.

A new twist this year is the Medallion of Power. The tribe that has it will have a distinct edge in that  immunity challenge. However, after using it, the option of power is given to the other tribe to use it in the next challenge, hmmmmmmmm.

La Flor will sport an ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader, 27 year old paddle board company owner, 30 year old pest control company owner.

An early decision about the Medallion of power by the La Flor tribe tends to make them look cocky!

Probst, “In most cases on Survivor, I would still say that the youth probably have an advantage, but with this group, I think the older people do”!

So, on September 15th at 8pm/7cent. CBS will air “Survivor:Nicaragua”.

46 thoughts on “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends……”

  1. FIRST AND FORMOST!!! WELCOME BACK SURVIVOR BLOGGER! Two weeks to go and we’re off again… looking forward to a good season as the cast looks a little different from past reagular shows. Can’t wait for the fun to begin and some new faces on SNB!

    1. FOR TED, evil :evil: …… grin :grin: …….. twisted :twisted: …….. shock :shock: …….. mrgreen :mrgreen: ……..cool :cool: …….??? :???: ……..mad :mad: ……..neutral :neutral: ……..sad :sad: ……..! :!: ……..cry :cry: …….? :?: ……..oops :oops: ……..idea :idea: ……..roll :roll: ……..wink :wink: ……… arrow :arrow: ………razz :razz: …….eek……. :eek: ……..lol :lol: ……..smile :smile: ……..

  2. Thanks SnakeBitSal for getting us started… looking forward to your insightful comments and all the good things you post! Looking forward to the Midwest contingent and the Mouth from Mobile. And of course Cyn and Donna P from the East… AC, Snake (maybe Bacon too)and tendr down South… of course the Best are in the West!!! And some of the BB friends we can entice over to SURVIVOR.

  3. This should be another great season!
    I was wondering, does anyone have experience with the Facebook Survivor Blog? I am worried about spoilers, so I never look at it. Are there spoiler alerts?
    Go Ducks!

  4. Hey Ted, I know you are a huge survivor fan, probably more so than anyone, It should be at least interesting older vs. younger, hopefully older will be able to keep up. Of course i will be rooting for them. :grin:

  5. :lol: @ Ted. You should know better than to try to beat out Aggie for the #1 spot. The girl never sleeps.

    Ted…you must be in blog heaven right now with your favorite reality show around the corner.

    I see alot of one-sided competitions with the old ones being sent home one at a time. I hope I’m wrong!!

  6. I can’t wait for the new season! I’ve been watching Big Brother and have run out of people to root for. So a season with people closer to my own age (the older folks) will be wonderful to watch and I already know who to root for. I’ve never missed a Survivor season.

    For those who wonder what would happen is Survivor truly was about life and death, there’s a book HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins which will be a movie next year by Lionsgate. Being a fan of reality games, I really loved this book.

  7. Hello LINDA JOY… nice to see a REAL Survivor Fan on here… Looks like a good cast so far… can’t wait. I’ll check out ‘Hunger Games’, thanks for the tip.

  8. any BB fans is there a good blog site ?
    I have yet to find one…Ragen my Fave is gone I guess the
    Britty LIAR is now it

  9. Heeeeeelllllllllllllllooooooooo!! Great to see the page up & running Snake. It’s almost that time again. Young vs. Old. Should be great!!!


  10. just signing in………..now i’ll go back and see if i’ve really accidentally joined a porn site…..(s.a.)

  11. Hi everybody.. happy to see u all here. Thanks Sal for the info on # 65
    to get here.You might not know me, I have only made a few comments on the BB blog but have read all the others, hell I feel like I know u guys
    Anyway I also am a fan of both shows, and this year should be a good one. I believe they would put me in the old category little friggers ( I didn’t want to use the F word on my first post) ha ha ha but anyway
    I’m guessing 2nights show will b boring with those 3 idiots there and no comps. Or r there comps 2night? anyone know? Well hope 2 talk with you all soon( ttfn)

  12. Did anyone see Coach Jimmy on the Survivor Clip shown in the Fox NFL pre game show? The old dog has some tricks up his sleeve… won’t spoil the surprise.

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