When the going gets tough ……

…. on Survivor you call out medical. I think James will suck it up and keep playing. And King Troll with an alliance with The Dragon Slayer, keep an eye on those 2!

After 2 injuries in 2 seasons with this game, I think it needs retired or some rule changes! This challenge allows too much physical aggression into the game. It’s starting to look like a rugby match out there!

Ciries thoughts the day after.

10 thoughts on “When the going gets tough ……”

  1. I hope James isn’t too seriously injured. He was already evacuated from Survivor once before, when a cut on his hand got infected and risked getting into his bloodstream. I’d hate to see the strongest guy to ever play the game eliminated twice because of a medical emergency!

  2. I don’t want bad things to happen to people but i don’t like James so i hope he does leave and i can’t believe coach would trust russ. I like rob better than both of them.

  3. They haven’t shown that show yet have they? Guess I didn’t see him get hurt but did just see the little vid in here of him down. As much as i am not so crazy about him i don’t like the thought of him breaking something. They get awfully rough in the games though.

  4. I’m with Tendr, I don’t care for James much this season either. Who named my main man Rob the Robfather?!?! Love that! He is still my fav. This blog is like a ghost town compared to the old days!!

  5. I think the pop sound was just effects added in. His leg buckled at the knee so I doubt a bone is broken – he probably ripped those ligaments apart though.

    Boston Rob was my first Survivor favorite and I forgot how bad ass he was, but he really has no chance in the strategic game. If not this week, he’ll definitely be gone within the next two!

  6. I said it before but I’ll say it again I love Boston Rob didn’t like him before but got to like him on AR I think its time for James to leave he is getting to upset but who can blame him when they can’t seem to win.

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