Who can you trust?


JT has to play a perfect game again. He’s worried about 3 women coming after him, Cirie, Parvati, and Sugar. JT also is a past winner, soooo, he is a target along with other past winners.

¬†Andy Denhart has a full breakdown of JT’s thoughts going into Heroes vs Villians.

check it out —–> HERE

9 thoughts on “Who can you trust?”

  1. Love survivor, I cant wait, Of course former winners will be more of a target, I guess i cant blame people, they already won give someone else a shot.

  2. I’m with you there Aggie! I got JT in the pool, so I hope he stays awhile. He will just have to keep winning those challenges if he makes it to the merge.

  3. The problem is they have people like Robfather who is really good at the challenges who could end up taking out alot of good people hopefully they will get his ass first.

  4. There are so many major players in heroes vs. villains though, it will be hard for them to decide who to target first! Not only past winners, but hardcore social and strategic players like Boston Rob and Cirie could be targets. Plus don’t forget, going into Micronesia Parvati did not seem like she’d be the powerhouse player she turned out to be, based on her past game. Someone could surprise us!

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  5. Aggie, I agree about the Robfather(love love this name) being good at challlenges and will go after the past winners. As much as i detest the Robster..he is a really good player.

  6. He is a great player Donna ,he is great at the challenges, but that guy really bugs me, He is so cocky, I hope someone is able to get him before he gets them.

  7. AC, i do love your new avatar! i’m definately a sugar fan. i’m sure justa will be too. i think i promised to give him my opinions on the players, since he hasn’t watched all the seasons – like there’s a possibility in stopping me from expressing myself – lol!

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