Wow, 2 hours of non-stop yawning! IMHO!!!


My personal thoughts on the first night of Survivor 20 Heroes vs. Villains was more like a high school reunion and everyone is trying to impress everyone else, except Sugar who for some reason was totally out of her element. After basically being ignored by everyone especially Colby, she just wasn’t all there. Maybe she needed to go to exile island and stay out of the way of the crowd. (No there isn’t an exile island on Samoa). I believe that there were more first day alliances made in the history of Survivor, and I believe in the next few weeks that there will be more broken alliances once the positioning begins. The rivalry between the tribes was set into motion with the first challenge. Complete and utter chaotic violence that almost sent 2 people home. I think the challenges should be physical but not violent. Stress more puzzle solving with a physical challenge in every competition before we get into a downright war with these challenges that allow contact.  If that first challenge was an NFL game there would have been penalties for Holding, Roughing the QB, Unsportsmanlike contact ( removing an opposing players clothes), and probably a few more we never saw on camera.

I was actually bored for most of the 2 hour special episode. I know they spent time letting viewers getting used to who the characters are, but pleaseeeeeeeeee, show some more action around the camps, what the hell is everyone up to. I know Russell had to be looking for the HII, so lets see him searching. Show Rob more with his pissed off attitude of no one wanting to help build the camp. C’mon man, lets get some bullshit going out there.  I know a lot of you won’t agree with me, BUT, i want some action. Hell the Village People with no flint started a fire easier the Hoho’s with flint.

OK, some info from the snake pit.  I probably won’t post daily this season since we only have a show 1 day a week. However if I get some special news or I just get an itch i’ll put something up. Thats all for now, before I really tell you how I feel about the Village People and the Hoho’s.

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  1. I’ve got to disagree, I thought the two-hour long episode totally worked. I’m totally with you on it being like a high school reunion though; there are bound to be a lot of conflicts this season with so many arrogant players!

  2. I loved the 1st episode too, Sal! Sorry to dissapoint.

    When are we gonna get to talk about AR and J/J???? Can anyone believe they came in 1st??? What about cutey Jordo asking for a ticket to China?? Pure Jordan!

    1. Holly, we commented on the Amazing Race blog when the show was on sunday, you should join us next time, Yes poor Jordan, I hope she is not too much of a hinderance for Jeff.

  3. I thought it was great. looking forward to Thursday night, but I think they should of voted someone else out, not Sugar, there are far too many threats in that camp…..not Sugar! Oh well, we will see what happens this week.

  4. I agree that the show went over the line with the first challenge. It was far too physical and I was appalled by the villians side when the skinny little blonde yells out “Break her shoulder!” then laughed at what she said.
    I still find it hard to believe that I am watching Survivor. I have always considered it to be a mind boggeling stupid show, but I have tuned in the last three or four seasons because my family likes it. Now I find myself a reluctant fan of the program and call it my guilty pleasure.
    I will probably watch it for the rest of the season. I am naturally rooting for the Heros side to win, because I have never cared for dirty players. There have been plenty of players who have proven over the years that you don’t have to fight dirty to win. It’s harder to win and play clean but not impossible. Those are the winners I have the most respect for.

    1. Alice, I have too disagree their is alot of dumb shit on TV, the bachelor for one ,that i cant stomach looking at, but survivor is not one of those shows, I have seen it from the beginning and will watch till the end.

  5. remember EDITING ok?
    I feel Sugar shouldn’t have been voted off. Hey, give her a break. She got up topless and kept on running when some would have just hid in the sand. Cirie should have been voted off instead. She’s a sneaky strong (mentally) player.

    was not a Rob fan but compared to the other’s on his team I am now and am worried about what happened to him. If he’s ‘out’…i may just not even watch. I’m so sick of hearing russ say how great he is.
    i luv steph though so maybe I’ll stay til she goes. I dunno.
    I’m going to give it a few wks………it’s not like i have cable or anything else to do.

    1. Why even bother watching Survivor? You’re gonna stop watching cause of 1 person? There’s still 18 other players in the game. And if Russell can outlast these all-stars, then he is the greatest .

    2. Could not have said it better myself. There are many players that I dont like but will never stopped watching Survivor.

  6. I so enjoyed the first show and I am looking forward to Thursday. Yeah we will miss Sugar…poor thing bared her breasts for nothing.

  7. I didn’t like the violence in the challenge and don’t think it is right for people to be injured by the other team. They should have challenges that don’t result in physical contact and injury.

    Right away, they should figure out who knows how to work puzzles so they (the Heroes) don’t lose challenges by choosing the wrong people to work puzzles. I think Tom and Stephenie might be able to work a puzzle. Anybody else have any ideas on what heroes might be able to work puzzles?

  8. tendr, your right they should have got rid of cirie first because she could probably do more damage, than sugar, she is a sneaky player for sure, as far as Rob goes I didnt like him ,if hes gone i wont miss him ,their is alot of good players.and if thats a true story about the scorpian he could be gone.

    1. ooohhh! way too smart AC. i like that take on it. i didn’t think of the timing.

      wait a minute, i thought jeff said nobody from S20 had seen that season, but coach WAS giving play by play…

      how’d that work? my brain won’t compute right now!

  9. BTW, jeff. are you and your revised version of bunny ears deliberately staying away from me?

    all because of a little misunderstanding over a rabbits, um, foot?

  10. With the way that the villains were being so brutal in those competitions you would think that they were Roman Gladiator Veterans not Survivor veterans.

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