You can fool me once, but did I have to give you an HII?

Can it be true that JT will actually give the King Troll an Immunity Idol? Do the villains really have the heroes fooled that the villains have an all girl alliance? This may be a wild week! I can’t wait to see Russell get the HII from JT and then blindside someone at tribal council, for as we know, the villains have no way of winning anymore challenges!

Coach the day after                                                           Who voted out Coach?

                         Tonights Preview

With the combining of tribes in the merge which I believe will happen next week, the HII’s will come in to play big time. There was word that up to 5 or 6 idols would be found. No confirmation on how many would be played.

The villains will undoubtedly lose again this week and Courtney is the odd girl out. Russell may or may not need to play the idol if he does get it. A blindside may not be necessary because Courtney is such a weak link and non competitor in the game. Next week has to be the merge and old alliances from the past will need to be watched. Soooooooooooo, bring it on Survivor!!

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  1. @ Penny. AGREED!!! I am LOVING this season!!! I was torn between Russell and Boston Rob… I ‘kinda’ liked them both, but their cocky attitudes totally threw me off. However, I have always been a huge Parvati fan, and this fact swayed me to Russell’s side, though I had loved B. Rob from his previous season(s)? Anyway. I cant WAIT to find out what happens tonight!!! Annnnd how/why would JT give Russell a HII (if that REALLY happens) if they WERENT merged?? Did they silently tell us the merge was happening this week??? AHH!! Love it!!

  2. Well, whoever would want to sit and listen to Coach’s whiney bull-shit… Well Me I Guess… until I couldn’t stand it any longer! It was interesting to see them casting their votes and hear the scratching of the pen… too bad the music was so loud drowning out their voices… I needed ‘closed caption’!

    Could not find the vid of Coach at Ponderosa… I’ll bet the staff will be so glad to see Russell’s next victim arrive. Won’t be long…

  3. Thanks Sal, for providing the links… glad you are on board with The Great One… Some Midwest natives seem reluctant to embrace the best! Looking forward to seeing what Sandra has up her sleeve… well somewhere anyway, as she certainly is stepping up her game at this point.

    I thought it was pretty funny how the Villains assumed there would be a merge… but, it was pretty smart to take the important things with them… wonder if they will do it tonight. There must be a merge if JT is supposedly giving Russell the HII. Or some strange twist to the game maybe taking place. I wonder why JT is so interested in Russell? I guess caught up in his aura.

    I do believe that Russell thought he had won SS19 when he was playing SS20.

    1. I would say if colby or rupert won it wouldn’t bother me that idiot move that Jt made, when he sees that later, them laughing at him, he will feel ridiculous. I liked jt in his season, what is he thinking. So either one of those guys, really i liked tom westman alot, he was hot also, and a great guy, i felt really bad when he left, their really isn’t alot to choose from anymore, slim pickens, really the only one i like from villains now is jerri. so If jerri, rupert, or colby make it great, if not I will still watch but won’t really care who wins. :grin:

  4. Ok this is my first post. And I would like to just say I think that JT is now the Stupiest Contestant EVER!!!!!!! and I mean EVER!!!!!by the way I hate Parvati but I really enjoyed seeing her boobs on this episode. If you want to know where it is seen in clear view let me know and I will point it out to you if you have it recorded. NICE Shot Parv. makes JT’s stupidity worth watching tonight.

  5. They should have voted Sandra out. She is sneaky and dangerous. If she flips, the villains will get picked off 1 by 1. But at least Parv & Russell have Idols. But no one is above a blindside. Next week should be interesting with the merge. Gonna be a lot of lies and paranoia.

    1. I like sandra better than courtney, it is scary to me that Ted thinks courtney is hot she looks like she has an eating disorder, the girl looks like a puker to me she came into the game overly thin, I found her more annoying than sandra, I’m glad she went, possibly sandra next, really the only woman i think is alright from villains is jerri, i guess cuz she was liked with coach i really didn’t like her in her season but now she is ok, compared to those other bitches on villains she is pretty decent. So If jerri makes it to the end i would not feel bad, as long as they don’t give it to troll I’m ok with that. :roll:

    2. OMG, Aggie, did you say Ted thinks Skeletor is hot??? What the hell is wrong with that old man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG I hope dumb azz JT is the next one to go. What a bonehead move giving away his HII. I guess if the plan had worked it would have been a brilliant move.

    1. Yeah i liked Jt, in his season but not so much this time, he is going to feel really stupid, when he sees parvati and russell laughing at him, OMG, I could not believe that move. Morning Donna, take care :grin:

  7. JT better win individual immunity or he’s gone next week. He’s proven in the past he’s good at individual immunities and is a threat to everyone now. Well, that and no one on the Heroes trusts him ;)

  8. i really would have liked to see jt win, but wow how is he going to feel when he looks back on this and see how they laughed at him, what a stupid move. never do you give up a idol or even let anyone know you even have it. russell i hope he goes soon, and maybe just maybe someone will sell him the idol this time sure could’nt buy last time. and russell really needs to buy him a tooth, since he has so much money. with all those millions, surely he could buy a tooth. hope you go asap russell. anyone but you to win. ruined me with him when he whinned so much last time, at the final.

  9. Wow, did anyone catch that they missed blurring out Pavarti’s boob when she bent over to pick up the hidden idol? Happens at about minute 25 in the show.

  10. Hey… let’s have a big SURVIVOR welcome for JADEAGLE… Love the fresh commentary… AND I have it tivo’d, so what did I miss??? I love Parv’s boobs too! At what minute should I be looking?

    I agree completely, that Sandra will flip @ the merge. Still haven’t figured out why Candace and Amanda think that saving Russell with the HII will help them. But then none of them know what a snake Russell is either.

    I like the fact that the teams are even.

    So sorry Courtney got the boot! Would have loved to see either Jerri or Danielle go instead.

    Favorites at this point… Russell aka The Great One… Parvati and Sandra… and on the heros, Amanda and Rupert. I did like JT, but have to agree he hasn’t really shown anything on this edition of Survivor!

  11. Thanks for finding Ponderosa Sal… so much fun to see… Coach’s meal looked good! He’s pretty funny… If full of BS… The Dragonslayer indeed!!

  12. There are 3 people who deserve(d) to win this season (or any season they play): Stephanie, Amanda, and Parvati.

    Now Parvati already won a season that Amanda should clearly have won, so I’m hoping it gets reversed this year.

    I was highly concerned when Stephanie was voted out right away that this season would suck, but it only damaged it quite a bit. The fact she went out 2nd when players who shouldn’t even be there like Sandra, Danielle, Courtney and Candice just makes me shake my head. Stephanie is a WAY better player and Survivor than them and deserved no less than the jury- same with Parvati and Amanda.

    I’m glad Rob is out- there’s a difference between his arrogance and Russell’s. Russell’s arrogance is game-driven. Rob’s is part of his very nature- he thinks he’s the best at everything (and his horrific poker career has proven otherwise.) Russell is egotistical and a snake, but it’s ALL in part of the game, whereas Rob was always acting like “I’m the smartest out of these punks” forgetting he’s playing a game.

    Russell is CLEARLY an amazing strategist and manipulator. It’s FASCINATING how manipulative he is. FUN to watch- just like Richard Hatch in season one- who had been the best strategist before anyone knew how to play the game.

    Still, all things said and done, Amanda and Parvati deserve to be at the end again… and hopefully Amanda will prevail (not because I dislike Parvati, I adore her and Amanda both) but it’ll make up for Amanda’s unfair losses in her earlier seasons.

    So long as Sandra, Danielle and Candice go next three, I’ll be happy- they do not deserve to be there… they did NOTHING in their seasons and were “who are they, again?” players who are only there because better choices like Ethan Zahn, Jenna Morasca, Richard Hatch, etc. could not or would not appear.

    I can live with Colby, Russell or Rupert winning as well, but that’s not as ideal as Parvati or Amanda.

    The season will be a failure if Sandra, Danielle, or Candice are even up for a vote at the end- or goddess forbid- win.

    I’m just sad already that it’s the last time we’ll see Stephanie, Parvati and Amanda. I can follow Parv on Twitter, but Stephanie and Amanda don’t seem to be interested in fans/fame, which sucks.

    Anyways, so far the season’s been about a 50%, but the last little bit has bumped it up to a 65%. Based on how things break at the end here, it could end great or be Survivor’s worst or 2nd-to-worst season.

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