The First Person Voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water is…

I know a lot of people were against former players returning to Survivor, but this season is shaping up to be a good one.  Survivor producers should be very proud of coming up with all the little twists and turns, holding our interest and making the Survivor players think long and hard about every little thing.  Redemption Island is back in the game, but with a new twist–the voted off player can get back into the game by switching with their “blood”. As you see during yesterday’s show, the players are taking that into consideration (big time!) when deciding who to vote off at tribal.

When Marissa arrives at camp, she explains to Rupert and Candice that she was blindsided because her Uncle Gervase is a show-off.  Rupert welcomes her to Redemption Island “a bunch of people sitting around pissed off”.  That has to help you get pumped for the competition, right?

The Redemption Island comp involves moving a disk through a wire maze and then piling those disks up without letting them fall.  It requires patience and a steady hand.  Dr. Candice has what it takes and finishes first.  Rupert does not and drops the stack.  Unless Marissa makes her stack drop, she’s pretty much a winner.  She doesn’t and so she does.  Huh?  In other words, remaining on RI is Candice and Marissa.  We say goodbye to Rupert very early in the game.  His choice…oh well.

Candice is given a clue to a HII and she is able to pick one player to give it to.  Of course, she gives it to her husband John.  She thinks she’s helping him, but this definitely puts a huge target on him. He better find the HII pronto!

The camps do have some interesting dynamics.  The newbies are mostly all young and mostly all guys.  The veterans have maturity and of course, prior Survivor experience.  The vets are getting along well, using some team building tactics etc to build up their tribe.  Oh wait, is Colton on that tribe?  He made it a few days and then the REAL Colton started coming out with a vengeance.  His one on one interviews show him bitchin’ and bitchin’ about everything.  He immediately starts causing problems between tribe members, in particular Tina and Kat.  The tribe is zeroing in on him and I would not be surprised if he is the first voted off Galang.

My favorite quote of the night regarding Colton was from Aras, “He’s like a gay Russell Hantz.”  Oh, I couldn’t wait to run on over to Twitter to see the real Russell Hantz’s remarks on this.  Remember, like Miley Cyrus…any publicity is good publicity and even though Russell is outraged, he’s also still in the limelight. “No you just didn’t referred me to a gay Colton!! ” and “”A gay Russell Hantz” wtf !! No I’m not stupid ! Is a tremendous difference between me and Colton!!! ”  If you watched all the way through to the previews of next week, you see Jeff asking Colton if he is quitting the game and Colton running over to sit on his partner Caleb’s lap.  Yep, pitiful.  Russell’s response? “You may love me or hate me but quitting is one thing you know I will never do! Colton Doesn’t even compare to the sweat off my ass crack!”  Sorry, if this offends anyone, but what do you expect from Russell?

Okay, I’m moving on.  Time for the Immunity challenge.  I have to admit, I’m lazy and don’t really think its necessary for me to describe each and every challenge.  Y’all are watching the show, right?  This one involves some strength (rolling a barrel), some equilibrium (rolling in the barrel) and some accuracy (like skee-ball).  The veterans are a little bit ahead in this one, but it comes down to the skee-ball part.  We have Gervase throwing for Galang and Hayden for Tadhana.  Gervase squeaks out the win and the newbies are once again going to tribal.

Going to tribal isn’t a good thing for the three remaining gals on the Tadhana tribe.  You can clearly see that the men have bonded and built an alliance around their testosterone.  However, John does have that clue AND he has a connection with Rachel.  The guys decide they are going to target Rachel because they really want Tyson to take her place on RI.  John balks bringing suspicion down on himself.  John receives a couple of votes, but Rachel is voted off.

The previews show Tyson being asked by Jeff if he will take Rachel’s place on RI.  His quote is “Okay, none of you have a chance in hell.”  Whether that means he goes to RI or he doesn’t go to RI, I guess we will have to wait and see.

I spoke to Gillian Larson, former Survivor contestant and creator of my favorite charity fundraiser Reality Rally about fire and the newbies.  She tells me that prior to going on the show, she studied as many ways to make fire as she could.  Remember, you don’t know where you are going so you don’t know what will be available.  Gillian says that using bamboo to start a fire is one of the easiest methods.  Neither of us could figure why no one knew how to do this.   Perhaps, they were assuming they could depend upon their partner?

That’s it for this week.  Now it’s your turn.  See you in the comments!  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

50 thoughts on “The First Person Voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water is…”

    1. Hey Jane: Yes, that was hilarious and it’s almost true! :) Gay Russell Hantz, perfect!

      Good show last night and thanks Bloggergal for the post. I think Tyson will go to RI, at least they led us to believe that he might.

  1. Colton coming back is an outrage! I almost didnt watch it, and i am a long time fan. The fact that scenes from next week show him running over to sit in his partner’s lap should not only be embarrasing for him, is should also be for his partner and the show. No woman has ever even done such a thing. I hope he gets voted off, or quits, but personally i never want to see his lazy ass again.

  2. Colton is a spoiled boy from the south with no manners. He will quit because the game is not going his way. Take the ball and go home! PLEASE!!

  3. I really like the twists this season. I’m hoping that the competition stays as interesting as it is. Colton has always been a whine baby with an attitude. I can imagine sitting next to Russell and watching him flip out. Soooo funny.

    As always, Bbloggergal, you are so full of information and also have the best way of sharing it with us. Thank you!!!

    Colton’s little conspiracy he tried to get going didn’t appear to go quite as he had planned unless I totally misread the responses. Seems like too many guests are on to him. Wonder how his BF is going to feel when this whole thing is over.
    I’m guessing he won’t be self evicting. They always show those types of little tidbits and then when I get my hopes up, they don’t happen.

    Didn’t seem like Gervase really understood from his niece that his arrogant behavior is what caused her to be on RI. Either that or he didn’t care. He simply said that he would be even worse. Really? What the heck is he thinking?

  4. Why would anyone rely on another person to know how to make fire? Don’t they realize that ties at tribal often come down to the first person to make enough fire to burn something? You can’t depend on anyone else to be able to do that for you!

  5. Thanks Bloggergal!

    I can see now why all hate on Colton. I wanted to jump through the television screen and slap that guy!

    These comps are so intense – nothing like Big Brother. I would love to be able to do them. Wish someone would come up with a sporty place to have people come to compete somehow in a game – dont know how that would work – but would be a hellova good time!

  6. I see Rupert’s strategy of saving his energy and strength worked for him, in fact it worked so well it landed him on a plane bound for home! :lol: His intensity during the challenge was spot on, but his rush to show everyone what a great player he was failed dismally.

    Candice was terrific at the challenge. She almost made it look easy. I was happy she and Marissa were safe.

    Colton is a piece of work and has not changed a bit. He does cause a lot of drama, so I hope he does not self-evict. We need someone like that to talk about.

    1. Hey Betty, I’m so happy Candice won too. I really have no feelings one way or the other about Rupert, he just is. Now, Colton on the other hand, is being figured out fast. His pot stirring doesn’t look like it’s going to work this time. He’s a drama queen to the max and I don’t like him at all. He’s a Bitch!

    2. That’s funny Betty. Forgot about Rupert “saving his strength”.
      Probably none of the RI challenges will involve lifting a tree over
      your head. And yes as much as I dislike (despise, hate, abhor etc)
      Colton he does add an element to the show. I hope he’s gone soon
      though so my blood pressure can return to its normal
      well-above-safe levels again

  7. There’s never been anyone like Colton in reality show history that I know of, but I still can’t stand him. I thought I caught wind of some discussion last night from the veteran group about throwing a comp to go to tribal to vote him out. I hope that plays out next week.

  8. I am elated Rupert is gone, I found it hard to listen to his voice and was tired of Rupert after 4 times. This time he became lazy and deserved to go, karma’s a bitch! This is really turning into a great Survivor series! Aloha form Kaua’i Hawaii, Kimo

  9. In his two previous seasons, Tyson did not strike me as the type to allow sentiment to get in the way of his game. Add to that, considering that he’s been blindsided twice in the past, I get the feeling that he’s probably more determined than ever to stay in the game and make it to the end. He’s got something to prove.

    For that reason, I don’t think Tyson is going to take Rachel’s place and I imagine he was probably telling Candice and Marissa that they don’t have a “chance in Hell” of beating his girlfriend. And I think he might be right because Rachel seems to be pretty determined herself.

    Last night’s episode was pretty good. There really wasn’t much suspense as to whether or not Rachel was going home and it looks like the all-guy Newbie alliance is going to stay strong. Neither Ciera nor Katie really strikes me as being strong enough or smart enough to break up that group and I think their only hope is that the guys will either get paranoid about John or Culpepper will end up saying something so stupid that his alliance will turn up against him. But, to be honest, I don’t see the newbie bromance ending anytime soon.

    (If nothing else, Hayden’s Big Brother experience certainly taught him the importance of sticking with a strong alliance.)

    Unless Colton finds an immunity idol once again, he appears to be doomed. Not only is he totally obnoxious but nobody on the veteran tribe trusts him. He’s not really a factor when it comes to challenges so really, why wouldn’t they vote him out the first chance they got?

    I wasn’t surprised to see Rupert go because, as I said under the previous post, Rupert’s not getting any younger. Still, I do think he and Laura were sweet together and I hope that Laura does well in the game.

    I’m glad to see that Blood Vs. Water gimmick is actually leading to some interesting strategizing! You never know how these Survivor twists are going to go. Sometimes, they make the game interesting and sometimes, they just prove to be huge distractions. So far, Blood Vs. Water is shaping up pretty nicely.

  10. Good point LM about Tyson telling the current RI residents that they don’t have a “chance in hell”. I never thought that might be it. I agree, this is shaping up to be a good year.

  11. If Jeff Probst really wanted to shake up Survivor, he should bring Rupert back … and put him on the same tribe as his wife … that oughta stir up some trouble!!!!

    1. I think a “gay” Russell hantz would be more tolerated than a “GAY” Colton. My gosh get that gosh awful little woman off of there!!!

  12. Did u notice when Tyson had his arms around Aras shoulders….they were both sitting and Aras was sitting with his back in between Tyson’s legs… that was so weird… what do u make of that :?: …… :???:

    im Loving this season cause the thought of voting anyone out now is a Big decision…so much thought is going into it…. deciding if their other half will replace them or not… it will be cool to watch….. :roll:

    im thinking before the merge they all should be thinking of voting one of all the pairs off cause who ever is left together will be a Force after the merge, right…. :eek:

    1. I was wondering that myself, Lostie. I kind of wondered about Tyson his first time on, and then saw this babe Rachel, who is one of my picks in the pool… so I am very worried about RI… it will be interesting to see if Tyson steps up… bet he doesn’t.

  13. Colton the biatch should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Survivor royalty my boy Russell Hantz. Colton is a digusting person who should not have been invited back on the show. Soooooo happy Rupert is gone.

    1. I knew there was a reason I loved DonnaP… just like my pal Miss T… got to love The Great One… a true Survivor Hall of Famer. I too am so glad Rupert is gone! I had hoped Colton had changed… not so. Cant wait till Wed.

    1. ur welcome Bob….. it is Cool, i like how Parvati does her interviews… :cool:

      btw, are the Giants ever going to win anything this year?…. :shock:

    2. I don’t Know???? :???: I saw your Giants shirt & was ready for today’s game & BOOM They did it again!!!!! :( ………… :mrgreen:

    3. Thanks for the link, Losti… I love Parvaiti… and the after eviction interviews… I heard she was doing it, but hadn’t looked.

      You look so cute in that Giants shirt… so nice to be a Seahawks fan right not…

    4. no problem Ted….another great Survivor site is… he gives interviews and recaps the show every week… check it out….

      im actually a big time Cowboys fan but since im from NYC, we cute girls gotta root for the Giants, lol….

    5. i know Bob….they have no more Rushing, their Offence is gone, they’re getting Blown away…idk, the good thing is that they’re in a weak division so lets hope they put in a winning streak to stay alive….. :mrgreen:

  14. So far so good. Looking like an excellent season. REAL heartstrings
    being pulled. Very well done by the producers to add a new element
    to being stranded on an island. What would you give up to help your
    Wouldn’t have minded seeing Rupert around a bit longer. Big annoying
    lug as he is. Will be funny if Laura B wins anything seeing as Rupert
    never did.
    I like how the returners seem to have figured out Colton. Think it was
    Tyson who said “Anytime Colton tells you anything about us…we all
    get together and talk” .
    I have watched a lot of “reality” shows but no person (not even
    Howdy Doody Andy) has made me angry like Colton can. The
    guy is infuriating. Immediately telling lies. Huh?

    1. Hey Bobo, I loved the show and Colton is a big time wuss. It was a good show. It will be interesting to see the next Redemption Island comp.

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