Survivor…Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You

As we left things, Laura M. was voted off her tribe with the hopes that she would win at Redemption Island and kick Culpepper out the door.  The RI challenge was well suited to a female.  It involved walking on a balance beam, untying a bag of blocks and assembling the blocks in order on a frame.  The blocks were numbers from 1 to 100.  Before it started, I was thinking the blocks were going to be all mixed up, but they weren’t, making this challenge pretty straightforward.  Laura M sailed through it.  Guys, I gotta admit…us girls love walking on balance beams.  We grew up doing it and pretending we were Olympic gymnasts!

So, we have Laura M finishing in first.  We see John struggle a few times.  Once, he falls off the beam and another time he drops his bag. We don’t see Culpepper with similar problems, but John still pulls off second place.  He gives a little inspiration speech to his wife…something like he was her anchor pulling her down and now she’s free and can fly and soar.  Awww….

So now it’s Laura’s turn to give away a clue to the HII.  She gives it to Vytas stating that “target” strategy again.  Stupidly, IMO, Vytas throws it into the fire.  Show some guts Survivors.  Geez.  Oh and yep, no one looks for the HII while on camera in this episode either.  Might as well just take that out of the game.  Actually, what would be cool is that the producers slap that sucker down right in the middle of camp!

As we saw in the teasers, Jeff says things are going to be shaken up again.  Buffs are dropped and new tribes are chosen by random pick of a new buff.  As always happens on Survivor the tribes come out kinda messed up.  We have all the guys on one tribe with Ciera and we have all the gals on the other with Vytas.  Hmmm….who will have an advantage at competitions I wonder?

This week we see a lot of Tyson and he comes out looking pretty annoying.  He’s once again stealing coconut milk.  He’s eating all the food in his new camp.  He’s trying to throw a big target on Aras’ back. For the billionth time, remember it’s all in the editing.

The Immunity Challenge seems to be the same every week.  This week we have the contestants diving in the water, untying a gate, retrieving a container with puzzle pieces and solving the puzzle.  I should just start copying and pasting that line!  Well, the first two up for the gals plus Vytas (yes…I can never remember the official names of tribes) is Tina and Laura B.  I don’t know if it was excitement, old age or lack of oxygen due to food deprivation, but they open the gate and start swimming back WITHOUT the puzzle pieces.  They can’t hear their tribe screaming and they don’t realize until they are all the way back to shore that they need to swim back out.  Big, big mistake.  In true Survivor fashion, they manage to get back into the challenge though.  Twice the gals complete the puzzle and think they’ve won only to have Jeff say that the picture isn’t correct.  The guys end up with the correctly finished picture first.

Vytas, at this point has got to be thinking “uh-oh” as well he should.  However, logically would it make sense to vote off your only male?  We have seen throughout this episode that Kat is annoyed with Monica Culpepper because all she wants to do is talk strategy.  I don’t know why Kat is annoyed with Monica, but she gets it into her head that Monica needs to go.  Instead of sticking to the all-gal alliance, she tells Tina that she thinks they should vote off Monica. At one point, Kat is shown saying that Monica should keep her mouth shut….uh Kat?  Who should keep their mouth shut?  Tina runs off and tells Monica. Monica confronts Kat and Kat does like that Shaggy song “It wasn’t me”.   Things quickly change and now the target is pointing directly at Kat.  Can you say “oops” Kat?

Kat begs at Tribal Council to remain on the tribe, but her lack of loyalty to the all girl alliance does her in.  I was very disappointed in her.  I thought she should have known better.

Here’s what she said on Facebook:  “On a scale of 1-10 I’m probly a -2.  Who wants to date someone who can’t make it to the merge! Survivor is a hard game guys!! But its not over yet!! Stay tunded for me to compete in the DUAL against my besties!! John Cody and Laura Morett  Will my boyfriend which places with me?!  (This is exactly what appeared–spelling errors and all.)

So you heard Kat…stay tuned…Bloggergal



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  1. For a moment I thought you forgot how to spell. Ha ha. I think the producers should make a rule no tossing the clue in the fire. This was so boring!! Get with it folks you are losing us.

  2. Have watched every episode of Survivor since its inception, however have fallen asleep and missed the last 3 . Don’t know if it is me getting old or the show is getting boring.

  3. It was a dumb move by Kat, but she didn’t realize she wasn’t in the core alliance in the first place. She was just fodder and a vote anyway, but I think she’ll do well on RI.

    I miss the big epic challenges like they used to do like in Africa season 3 and such rolling the big heavy ball, busting down walls, sawing through logs and such. I also miss the challenge after they merge, Jeff tells a story about their location and the people and the players go to different stations and pick the right response.

  4. Thanks Bloggergal, I can’t ever remember the names of the tribes either. I manage a few of the member’s names though but only a few. Thanks for the update. Loved the show last night but I agree with Keith, the challenges are becoming repetitive. Still fun to watch though. Congrats Keith on being first. :) I was rooting for the girls to win but they actually lost it at the puzzle, not during the swim.

    I was so happy that Culpepper got gone! Laura M did exactly as her team anticipated she would. I wish one of her team would have said something to her like – congrats, you did exactly as we knew you would – or just congrats. Some encouragement but I didn’t see anything did anyone?

    Kat is still the young, immature cutie that she was last time. Out of the loop entirely and talk about keeping your mouth shut. She was mouthing away on RI when they showed next week’s previews. She and Hayden are the perfect couple IMHO. :) I like them both. I don’t have a favorite at this point but I know I don’t care for Monica and I’m not sure why exactly and Tyson is a scumbag even if it is editing, he’s still so wrong.

    1. Hi Starfish, I was so hoping Kat would convince the others to vote out Monica. I am with you, I don’t like Monica and now after seeing Tina betray Kat, I don’t like her either.

  5. Tyson is a creep! I have an aquaintance that does the same tactic – she puts it out there that someone is the bad person – when it is actually her…

  6. REPEAT POST – posted this on previous page.

    Nice write up Bloggergal. Thank you

    I was happy to see Brad go! Laura M sure flew through the RI challenge and I was happy she won. Poor Kat, she opened her mouth to the wrong person. I wish she would have called Tina out at TC and warned the other players not to tell Tina anything, as she can’t be trusted! I hope Tina’s betrayal comes back to bite her in the $ss!!!!!!

    1. I can’t agree with you on Tina being the betrayer as she stuck to her alliance. Kat decided to betray by turning on Monica. At this point in the game I’m rooting for Vytas and Cirie as they seem very likable.

    2. Hi Keith, I agree with your thinking, but I have always liked Kat, even though she a bit naive. I think my problem is I just don’t like Monica! Thanks for making a comment after my post.

    3. I don’t care for Monica either. I really like Kat and wished she would’ve waited until the merge to try a power play so she could recruit some allies.

  7. Great re-cap Bloggergal. Tina is really surprising me. She didn’t
    come back to make a few bucks. She came back to win it again.
    Quite liking her this time.

    1. Hi Bob….i told u to have Faith and Hope for NYG, right…look at them now…2 in a row…Oh Yeah !!!!

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