Survivor…Is Vytas Odd Man Out or In?

Last night, Kat showed all young women how NOT to act.  Seriously, was that girl crying because she was voted off and concerned that this would make Hayden break off their relationship?  Then did her greedy little self want Hayden to step out of the game so she could go back in?  I thought Hayden handled the whole thing well.  It was surprising for me to see such a pretty gal with such low self-esteem.  Kat, I’m 99% sure Hayden isn’t dating you because of your Survivor skills.

What Kat said to Hayden when discussing switching places was that she knew she couldn’t win the challenge because she can’t do puzzles.  Talk about sealing your fate!  Of course you can’t win a challenge if you go in with that attitude.  So, needless to say she loses the challenge and is now out of Survivor.  Once again John wins and Laura M. finishes in second.  Once again, John gives the clue to Monica Culpepper and once again Monica throws it in the fire.  Ho-hum….

Teasers this week center around the two brothers Aras and Vytas.  Over at the guy tribe (plus Ciera), Aras goes off to meditate and while he’s gone the others plot his demise.  They realize that if the two tribes merge and Aras and Vytas are still both in the game they are going to be a mighty duo.  Meanwhile, over at the gal tribe, the gals are still targeting Vytas because he’s odd MAN out.  However, Vytas is working them gals!  He’s using every trick in the book to make himself look less mighty, more vulnerable, loveable, etc.  Laura B. is pulled in by his trickery and….wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Immunity Challenge doesn’t involve water!  Tribe members are shackled together.  They have to get through a course and collect bags.  Once through, a member of their tribe must put together three bolos (a chain with a ball on each end) and throw them onto rods.  It’s Tina versus Tyson.  Surprisingly, Tina keeps the contest tight.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t pull off the win.  Once again, Galang will be heading to tribal.  <sigh>

The winning tribe gets to feast on a fried chicken dinner.  I wonder how a fried chicken dinner sits in your stomach after having only minimal food for a week?  Anyway, on with the show…

Galang goes back to camp and then next thing we see is Laura B. telling Vytas in front of everyone that he will be the one voted off.  She explains that since they have all been together, blah, blah blah.  Okay, I understand that the woman was just trying to be…what the heck was she trying to be anyway?  Vytas isn’t stupid.  He knows that he’s the one on the chopping block.  Laura B got just a little too big for her britches.  She wanted to be in charge and guess what?  The other women are not amused.  They feel betrayed that Laura would spill the beans without even talking about it with them first.  All of a sudden, we are back to the “trust” issue and Laura is in big, big trouble.  Vytas has to have some kind of guardian angel on his shoulder since Laura B is voted off at tribal council and he lives to play another week!

The preview of next week gets me all goose-pimply!  Jeff tells the RI players that this is THE week and one of them will be returning to the game.  This also means that we are merging tribes.  Vytas and Aras will get to play together (or kill each other–I’m not sure which).  Tina and Katie are still in the game together.  Laura M. has a chance of returning to play with her daughter Ciera.  All other Survivors are on their own.  My suggestion to Vytas and Aras is to start searching for that HII before they find themselves with doused torches.  While everyone is gunning for Vytas and Aras, Tina and Katie are sneaking along.  You go gals!  But, there still is a powerful alliance of guys without partners to contend with, so stay tuned…Bloggergal

14 thoughts on “Survivor…Is Vytas Odd Man Out or In?”

  1. I agree, Hayden handled the situation perfectly. Why should he give up his game for Cat who has no chance of winning anything.

    Laura B is gone thank God. Good riddance to that stupid tie-dye shirt hope to never ever see it again.

    Hope Laura M returns to the game because she is one tuff cookie.

  2. But why, why, why get rid of Laura? Vytas is going to get back together with Aras. Isn’t that a scarier thing than whatever Laura would be able to muster up in terms of alliances?

  3. I’m pulling for Hayden all the way. He’s such a class guy. He was on Big Brother too, and it’s nearly impossible to come off looking like a regular class anything on Big Brother. I was so disapointed in both Kat and Laura B. They could have ridden the girls’ alliance at the very least into next week and who knows how far beyond. Too bad.

  4. Bloggergal Thanks for the write up! :) I am sure Hayden did the right thing!
    Next week looks good to me, I hope the brothers find out that they were both on the chopping block….. That’s it from me today, hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
    ………………… :mrgreen:

  5. This is season is good, but would had been better entertainment if the Russel Krantz family was involved!

  6. I’m loving this season so far. I think Tyson will get voted out sooner rather than later as he’s playing too big of a power game this early.

  7. I still feel that the inclusion of “loved ones” has been a genius stroke by the ever-creative Survivor production team. This season it has been easier to make a quicker personal connection with the players, probably because we’ve come to know them as connected themselves.

    Seems that both Kat and Laura B. let their guard down (hunger? exhaustion?), let unreliable feelings drive them to impulsive – and losing – moves. So, they are not survivors….(unless Laura B pulls an amazing win on RI next time).

    Can’t wait until the next episode!

  8. Hi Bloggergal, nice write up. I was very disappointed in Kat too. What the heck did she hope to accomplish with all her whining? Thank goodness Hayden did not switch places with her! After seeing her emotional breakdown, I was not sad to see her go home! I would really like to see John return to the game next week and make some type of alliance with Aras and Vytas. I think they would make a great team. Laura B had no idea how wrong she was to tell Vytas he was going home. The light flickered, but didn’t go on for her until TC and even then I think she was surprised to be voted out!

    I think this is a great season and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks again for the great write up!

  9. Haven’t been posting much for my own good reasons but I have been reading. Bloggergal, you do a good recap and good comments too. I love most of the people who comment on here. You are a lot of fun and have some interesting perceptions that sometimes I miss. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s show. I, too, am glad that Laura B is gone and Kat too. Kat is too whiny and Laura B got way too cocky. I hope Laura doesn’t make it back. This truly has been an interesting season.

    Have fun guys!

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