Survivor…It Comes Down to One White Rock

Reality sometimes gets in the way of Reality TV.  I’ve been sick off and on for the last few weeks.  In between being sick, my husband and I went on a great cruise to the Caribbean.  Of course, when we arrived home, I could only see the holiday’s looming around the corner.  Did I really invite all the women from my development to a Christmas Tea at my home on Sunday?  Yikes!  LOL

So last night, I finally caught up on Survivor.  I never did get to see the week before though.  As it gets closer and closer to the end, it becomes necessary for players to try to split off and form new alliances to make it to the end.  This was the case for Hayden last week.  He knows how strong Tyson and Gervase are in this game.  If Tyson isn’t blindsided, he has a good chance of winning.  So, he plays his Ace and tries to change things up.  It’s him and Katie.  He talks to Gervase who tells him if he can get Ciera to flip that he will flip also.  Ciera is really in a tough spot.  She’s last in each alliance no matter what.  She has a hard decision to make.

Meanwhile, Miss Monica Culpepper is sliding into the winner’s circle.  No one seems to realize how dangerous this woman is.  She won THREE Immunity Challenges in a row.  This week, she comes very close to winning again.  Gervase pulls off this win and receives an ice cream treat.  He has to pick two Survivors to enjoy the treat with him.  He chooses Monica, stating that he is getting even for when she gave away her prize and then he chooses Tyson.  The writing is on the wall.  Gervase, Monica and Tyson are TIGHT.  Hayden tries to use this to his advantage with Ciera.

Since last week, Tyson used the HII, there is another one out there somewhere.  Ciera’s mom Laura won at Redemption Island, so Ciera gets the clue.  Like an idiot, she shares it with her supposed alliance…Monica, Gervase and Tyson.  Tyson finds his second HII.  I sure hate when stuff like that happens.

So we arrive at tribal with Gervase safe and Tyson holding a HII.  Hayden knows he is in big trouble so he plays hard to convince Ciera that she is bottom woman on the totem pole so switch sides.  I didn’t think she was going to, but the vote comes out Hayden 3 votes and Monica 3 votes.  They re-vote.  Once again a tie.  The rules state that at this point, they can either come up with a majority vote or the remaining players have to draw rocks. They can’t agree on a vote, so rocks it is.  What this means is that Hayden, Monica and Gervase are safe.  Katie, Ciera and Tyson have to draw rocks.  The one who gets the white rock is on their way to Redemption Island.  I so wanted it to be either Gervase or Tyson, but as luck will have it, Katie draws the white rock.  Oh, crap.

So what we have now going into this week is a solid alliance of Gervase, Tyson and Monica.  Hayden and Ciera are stuck out there by themselves.  Tyson has the biggest advantage since he holds a HII.  It comes down to winning those challenges Survivors.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an up-to-date post on this week’s Survivor episode.  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

13 thoughts on “Survivor…It Comes Down to One White Rock”

  1. Very weak report. Just a recap. If that is what I wanted I would just watch the episode again. This blog had become very disappointing, not sure I will continue receiving it. Thrre was absolutely zero value.

    1. Hey Scott. I own this blog along with BBBlogger. We don’t make any money, in fact this COSTS us money. We do it for the love of Survivor and for our Survivor fans. My blog write-ups aren’t really as important as giving everyone a place to comment and discuss the show. You are more than welcome to go find yourself a better blog. It’s a hobby…not my life. Oh and by the way….maybe you should get one…a life. Bloggergal

  2. I like what Ciera did by flipping and I think Monica will come on board to kick either Gervace or Tyson out before finals.

  3. Glad you are feeling better Bloggergal. A lot of people have been having a rough time this year. Take care of yourself.

  4. Hi Kids… finally getting a break to do some of the things I WANT to do… like talk about Survivor… even if it’s with Big Brother people… I see some familiar names before me. Hope you recover and can watch that missing episode, BG. I’m finally going to have time to take a trip to Ponderosa and see what’s up… I did see the first one with Aras arriving. I’m glad he got the boot. His brother was getting a little full of himself, but I like him. I’m kind of sorry Caleb got voted off the Island… he was an interesting player and made some good moves, but had been pretty silent of late. I am so stoked over Ciera, she is my favorite player and I hope she wins. Second, I would like to see Tyson. I couldn’t stand Hayden on BB, but I really like him on Survivor. His interviews are honest, funny and he has something interesting to say. I can see him going into some kind of entertainment. I would like to see him win, but don’t think he will.

    Those who know me from before, will know of my Mad Crush on Laura M. I still love her and think she is playing a great game in spite of RI.

    Here is my prediction for tonight’s show… Laura wins RI and Tina and Katie go to Ponderosa. Laura is back in the game. Now it will go one of two ways… Laura is voted out for good. OR… Monica jumps ship, like Keith suggests, and goes with Hayden, Ciera and Laura to get rid of Tyson, who has the idol… now who did Tyson and Gervase vote for… Laura I would think, since she is so strong… Hayden can’t really win anything, and they might target Ciera. I would think Tyson will play the idol. Will be fun to see what happens.

    I have purposely not watched any previews. Each year it gets worse with the spoilers… there was a time when a Survivor preview came on I would rerun it over and over, which pissed off anyone watching TV with me. Now I fast forward thru them. Thanks to the previews, we knew Caleb was on the Jury before the show and we saw them drawing rocks before the show. I hope that changes, but not betting on it.

    I’m surprised I beat Betty to the blog today. I was looking forward to reading what she is babbling about lately.

  5. I’m getting tired of hidden immunity idols. The show would be better without them. It’s really starting to look like we’re going to end up with a Tyson, Gervase, Monica final three. If that happens, I’ll be rooting for Monica. Girl power for the win! : )

  6. Tyson needs to go he is getting cocky, but his best Buddy (Gervase) needs to figure that he is playing him like a fiddle, Monica is the one that should win as she has played the best game. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your cruise Bloggergal. HOpe the tea went well.

    I do not like Tyson at all for many reasons. Well the show comes on in 2. We’ll see what happens tonight.

  8. Well, I hope Tyson and Gervasse take rash other out and leave it for Monica to win. After watching that AHole Colton stab her in the back , I was really angry that they gave him another shot. I was glad Jeff called him out on his BS self. So , since Monica has made it this far I’m hoping to see her take all the $$$ this Sunday ! Just sayin’

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