Survivor…Now It’s Water vs. Water or The Same Old Thing

Okay, so let’s recap.  On Redemption Island, we have brothers Aras and Vytas along with mom Tina waiting for the first dual.  Still surviving are the “gang” of seven…Gervase, Tyson, Hayden, Caleb, Ciera, Monica and Laura M.  All that’s left of the other alliance is Katie.

The dual on Redemption Island has the contestants using a fishing line to hook three separate bags that contain balls.  They next must maneuver a ball through a wooden maze without dropping the ball in holes along the way.  You’ve seen this one before, right?  Tina is doing an amazing job.  She gets her ball all the way to the end of the maze only to lose it in the last hole.  She has to begin again.  Vytas gets through the maze and finishes first.  It’s down to Aras and Tina for second place.  Tina pulls out the win (Yay, Tina!).  Jeff tries to create a little drama by talking about the Aras/Vytas relationship.  They comply by saying how this experience has helped their relationship…blah, blah, blah.  Okay, so I drifted.

Since Vytas won the dual, he gets to pick who will receive the clue.  He gives it to Katie since she was the remaining member of his alliance.  Finally, someone keeps the clue!  However, this is all for naught because as we know, Tyson has the HII.  The HII hopefully will someday come in to play, but right now just makes me yawn.

Back at camp, before the Immunity Challenge even occurs, talk is that Laura M will be next voted off.  Tyson, who refers to himself as the “big bad wolf” has decided this is best.  This is because he says he has to be the one to make the moves because no one else wants to get their hands dirty…thus…the big bad wolf.  He talks to the other guys and tells them his plan is to have them vote for Laura M so that Ciera doesn’t have to vote off her own mom.  Even before this, or at least it’s before on our TV sets, Ciera has a discussion with her mom and in essence says that she’s going to vote off her (mom) off if that’s what it takes.  Her mom is so proud of her.  Next we see Tyson telling Ciera that the plan is to vote off her mom.  Even though, Ciera said she was fine with this, she tries a last-ditch (very small) effort to switch the votes to Katie and keep her mom in the game.

Competition is holding on to a knotted rope while leaning backwards on a platform above the water.  You must move from one knot to the next making it harder and harder to hang on.  As with all of these type of competitions (yes, I get it–Physics and all that) women have a distinct advantage due to their size.  To prove this point, the first two out of the competition are Hayden and Caleb.  The final two competitors are Monica and Tyson and Monica, once again, pulls out the win.  This is TWO individual Immunity wins in a row.

So back at camp, the story hasn’t changed much.  Ciera is all happy that she got Katie to tell her that she doesn’t have the HII.  By the way, she did this by lying to Katie and telling her that she (Ciera) has it.  She tries to use this as leverage to get the gang to vote off Katie instead of her mom.

So let’s think about this for a moment.  We have Ciera, Katie, Laura M and Monica and then we have Hayden, Caleb, Tyson and Gervase.  The way things look a female is going to be voted off.  Wouldn’t you think that the four females should have made an effort to form a NEW alliance and pull away one of the guys…Hayden or Caleb comes to  mind.  Then they could have easily blindsided a big threat…Tyson comes to mind.  That would have made for some fun Survivor moments.  Oh well, all in my head.

Laura M is voted off and Ciera voted for her as was evident by the card saying Laura with Mom in parenthesis.  I know that Ciera thinks she has a shot at this, but those guys are going to turn on her in another episode or so.  Monica is definitely becoming a big threat and I’m sure the group will go after her as soon as she doesn’t have a HII around her neck.  My hopes are on Hayden and Caleb only because they aren’t playing viciously and I’m a big softie.  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

11 thoughts on “Survivor…Now It’s Water vs. Water or The Same Old Thing”

  1. Hopefully, now that Aras is out of the game, Vytas will finally stop whining. Seriously. I really liked Vytas when this season started but, about 4 episodes ago, I was finally just like, “Oh, get over it already.”

    I liked Aras so I was kinda sad to see him lose the RI duel but then again, Aras has already won the game once and I like to see new winners.

    Much as happened during his previous two seasons, Tyson is letting himself get too cocky. I have a feeling that he’s going to be blindsided and end up taking the immunity idol to the jury with him.

    Speaking of idols, was there only one this season?

    As for the remaining survivors (I don’t count the people on Redemption Island because, quite frankly, we all know that whoever reeneters the game is probably going to be voted off as soon as they come back on), Hayden’s my favorite.

  2. No mention of Monica giving up the food reward in your blog. Contestants always do this and it backfires the following week, Monica should had eaten the food.

  3. I too was wondering why the girls didn’t form an alliance. What are they thinking? They have to know the guys will turn on them one at a time. I was wondering, way back when, why didn’t the blood relations form an alliance. They could have systematically eliminated the others.

    I agree with Kimo, giving up the food usually backfires but I’m hoping they turn on Tyson and get the creep out. Nope, don’t like him at all.

    1. I also thought all the girls would form an alliance and take out the boys and I was really surprised when they didn’t. Katie doesn’t really seem to be that interested in winning (I get the feeling that her mom put a lot of pressure on her to do the show), Ciera has somehow got it into her head that she’s some sort of strategic genius when, really, her only big move so far has been voting to kick her mom out of the game, and Monica seems like the type of player who might make it to the end but won’t get any votes from the jury.

      I’m enjoying the season but I can’t deny that most of the players this season are pretty weak. Just the fact that they’re being dominated by Tyson tells us a lot because Tyson really isn’t that clever. Hopefully, he’ll get blindsided next episode.

  4. I wonder why this weeks blog didn’t come through my email? Anyway the previews were showing them focusing on Tyson, with Gervace, Caleb and Hayden voting him off , which tells me he’s not going anywhere this week, but probably Katie or Monica.

  5. So sorry I couldn’t blog this week. I’ve been sick in bed :-(
    Next week, I’m on a cruise so I won’t be able to blog.
    If someone wants to fill in, please tell BBBlogger.

    Hate to disappoint you. Bloggergal

    1. I guess not Bob…we will have to Blog to ourselves next week with the Finale cause bloggergal is taking a “Cruise”….

      i think instead of having a Survivor Blog that is dead every year that we should continue with the BB Blog when Survivor starts and stay there with the Survivor Blogs and we will keep all the hundreds of fans that comment there every day… :-)

    1. well, what can we do?, Bob …wait till next year, right….just spend time and think of the 2 Great Super Bowl Wins we just had ….the G-Men will be on Top again…just watch… :-)

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