Survivor…Tadhana Finally Wins One!

Would you believe, I forgot to write the blog this morning?  Yes, I was busy and all, but I think that Survivor just didn’t “do” it for me last night.  However, it was GREAT to see the other tribe win a competition wasn’t it?  It’s about time!

Brad Culpepper arrives at Redemption Island and tries to make nice-nice with John and Candice.  Candice, especially does not like him, but she is thrilled to see him on RI. The competition wasn’t really weighed towards men…at least I didn’t think so.  The competitors had to take apart a box of planks and then make a bridge with those same planks.  Next they had to take the bridge apart and complete a puzzle with those same planks. The returning players root “big time” for Brad.  What’s that about?  John finishes first, but Brad eeks out the win against Candice.  Candice’s buff is a goner.  I thought she had spunk, oh well.  John once again has a clue to give out and he once again gives it to Monica.  She once again throws it in the fire.  This CANNOT be making Survivor producers happy.  Teehee.

Side note:  Once again this whole show goes by with NO ONE looking for the HII.  WTH?

We see footage of what the players are enduring while on the show.  I liked this part because I think we sometimes forget that these players are out in the wild with very little comfort.  The bug bites and Katie’s toes were…ouch!  You wonder how they are able to compete at all.

The Immunity Challenge is pretty straightforward.  Slide down a giant slide, pick up a tube, throw it on a post.  You are in competition with one player from the other tribe.  First tribe with five points wins. It really is mostly luck and good aim.  The newbies finally pull off a win.  They have a choice between immediate gratification with steaks, etc. or fishing supplies.  They take the steaks.  I’m not sure if they are able to fish without equipment so I don’t know if this is a good choice.  They don’t seem to be complaining about not eating or at least we aren’t seeing that.

You would think that Rupert’s wife Laura B, as the outsider will be the easy vote at Tribal, but that’s not what happens.  The alliance of Aras, Monica, Tyson, Tina and Gervase will make this call.  Okay, so maybe Aras made the call. He wants to vote Laura M. off.  His theory is that he thinks Laura M will beat Brad at RI and with Brad gone, Monica will be vulnerable and easily controlled.  Monica is smart enough to realize that this could do her husband in, but what choice does she have really?  At Tribal, the camera takes in Kat’s face a number of times.  She rolls her eyes repeatedly when Laura B talks.  She hides her face when Laura M is voted off.  Does she realize she is on the outside looking in?

Coming attractions for next week show Jeff telling us that everything is about to change.  Yay!  I love change!  LOL  See you then, stay tuned…Bloggergal

22 thoughts on “Survivor…Tadhana Finally Wins One!”

  1. in the past when they merge the team with the least members gets voted off right away, however this season with the BLOOD it is a whole new level. I also think somehow there should be 4 in R.Island, the winner goes back into the game and the other 3 stay till the next challange of 4 and so on. What cha think ?

  2. I like Aras but he was definitely overthinking when he came up with his plan to vote out Laura M. If I remember correctly, Aras won his season mostly because everyone liked him and the girl who came in second had pretty much gotten to the final two by accident. Strategy was never really Aras’s strong point and I get the feeling that he’s trying too hard to prove that he actually is a player this season.

    The smart vote really would have been to vote off Laura B. because she really doesn’t bring much to the tribe. Redemption Island is certainly making this season interesting but I think the smarter strategy would be to not worry about it until you actually have to worry about it.

    I wonder how Cierra will respond to seeing her mom on Redemption? Do you think there’s any chance that Cierra would take her mom’s place?

    Of the new players, I still like Hayden the best but Vytas really is starting to impress me.

    I would have taken the steaks as well. If nobody on the newbie tries knows how to fish, what good is fishing equipment going to do them?

    Can’t wait to see the tribes get shaken up next week!

    1. …..

      Go Brenchel….lets see if Rachel will shave off her hair this time for the million dollars, lol….. Jeff & Jordan couldnt do TAR cause she is still in school and is close to finishing.

    1. starfish…..the survivor Blog is only 1 new one each week….just save the last email u get and go to it after Survivor airs and just click “Next” on Top to see the current Blog

      i cant believe only a few of us are here…i feel sorry for Bloggergal…look what happened when Lisa Marie made a Blog over at BB Blog about TAR, a million people commented, lol

    2. OK thanks Lostie, I’ll do that. TAR blog – I lost the link. I don’t post enough here as it is, I don’t know when I’ll be able to post for TAR but it would be nice to have the link.

      Bloggergal, thanks for your great summation this week. I agree that Aras may be overthinking the situation. Looking forward to the “change”. Should be interesting. It’s difficult to have a lot to say after the show since, once it’s over, it’s over. JT suggested having 2 shows a week for Survivor and I think that’s a great idea so we see more tribe interaction and maybe show us the comps in more detail.

    1. ……

      Happy to help out Bob

      as for the Giants, they are 0-6 But they still have a chance cause the other teams in the division are all doing terrible…so a few wins over the Eagles, Skins & Cowboys and we will be back into it… keep ur faith alive for them, lol.

  3. Nice write up Bloggergal!

    I was disappointed to see Laura M voted out and even after reading the above reason you gave us, it just doesn’t make sense to me. There are a lot of puzzles in the challenges this season and by sending Laura M to RI weakened their team IMO. This may not matter one way or another, as things will be changing up this week. I hope Brad goes home on Wednesday. I would also like to see Monica voted out soon, as she drives me nuts!

    Can’t wait to see what happens this week!!

  4. ……

    ********SPOILER ALERT*******

    as y’all know, Jeff will be changing the Tribes on Wed and here’s how they are broken down:

    Galang tribe now includes: Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B, Vytas, and Kat.

    Tadhana tribe now includes: Ciera, Aras, Hayden, Caleb, Gervase, and Tyson.

    1. I wonder how that will effect Tina and Katee’s game, now that they’re both on the same tribe. I wonder if the new Galang will try to split them up by voting one of them out.

      Also, interesting to note that Vytas is the only guy on Galang and Ciera is the only female on Tadhana. It looks like all the big physical competitors are on Tadhana while the clever puzzle solvers are all on Galang — that should make for some interesting immunity challenges. :)

    2. ur right Lisa Marie…it looks like Vytas & Ciera might be the next ones voted out then we will have all male against all female like that other season…

      i Love the split of the Tribes, it will build more Tension among them…and i feel that Katie will be Doomed with her mom’s tribe…i feel that Tina will stay over Katie….

      as for Challenges, it will certainly be interesting for now on….i found tomorrow’s Immunity Challenge to check out…lets see how well Gervace swims in this one?, or will he drown again, lol…..

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  6. Tyson is pretty funny. Kinda smarmy but makes me laugh. Me
    and the wife drew Aras and Monica in the work pool so the team
    switch-up didn’t go so well for us. Tyson is sooo gunning for Aras
    and it will be interesting to see if Aras can outwit him.
    Was surprised that even though Kat was voted out – it wasn’t
    mentioned that one of the main reasons for voting her is that her
    partner ( a very fit Hayden) is still in the game. ( Did that not even
    cross their minds?)
    And only one team ended up with a partner alliance on it.

  7. I was happy to see Brad go! Laura M sure flew through the RI challenge and I was happy she won. Poor Kat, she opened her mouth to the wrong person. I wish she would have called Tina out at TC and warned the other players not to tell Tina anything, as she can’t be trusted! I hope Tina’s betrayal comes back to bite her in the $ss!!!!!!

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