Survivor… Will the Mighty Fall?

Brad Culpepper’s first quote, “I hooked him in from day one.” referring to the just ousted John.  From the beginning Culpepper has been arrogantly running this game.  I knew his time had to be almost up.

Candice enters Redemption Island and throws Brad the finger.  I actually think that was below her, but I see her strategy.  The more Brad-bashing the better.

The puzzle in the RI competition is tough.  John completes it first.  Ironically, Brad helps him.  He says, it can’t hurt to try to stay friends–you just never know.  Marissa falls apart with the complexity of the puzzle.  Once again Dr. Candice remains calm and she finishes second.  I felt really sad to see Marissa leave the game.  She was just a victim of circumstance.

Now John has to choose who to give the clue for the HII.  His wife Candice immediately speaks up and suggests Monica Culpepper.  The idea being that Monica having a clue will put a target on her back.  Jeff asks John if he always does what his wife wants.  Husbands, what do you think about that loaded question?  So, of course, John gives the clue to Monica.  Her husband Brad tells her to throw the clue in the fire.  I notice Jeff DOES NOT ask Monica if she always does what her husband wants, but she does throw the clue into the fire.  The interesting thing about the HII’s this season is that we aren’t seeing anybody actually LOOK for them.  I’m not sure if that means they aren’t looking or if that means those parts are being edited out.

Culpepper’s new target is Caleb.  He thinks since Caleb is a loner in the game voting him off the tribe is less controversial and will send a signal to the other camp.  Caleb has been playing smart and low-key–he sees right through Brad (thank goodness).

Meanwhile, over at the “winners” camp, we see that Tyson is playing up his shoulder injury and lounging around camp.  Tyson and Gervase are buddy-buddy and we are shown that they periodically sneak off to drink coconut milk.  So is there a shortage of coconuts?  Why is it necessary for them to do this risking the wrath of their tribe?  Me thinks ratings perhaps?

The Immunity Challenge involves players diving and retrieving crates, getting those crates on the boat and of course a puzzle at the end.  As with almost all competitions, it comes down to that dang puzzle.  Mother Laura ends up pitted against her daughter Ciera (again) and (again) Laura kicks her daughter’s butt.  The newbies once again have to go to Tribal Council. <sigh>

As the two remaining gals point out, before Tribal Council there is a routine.  The guys all go to “fetch water” and discuss their strategy while the two remaining gals “make rice” and try to save their butts.  This time when the guys leave, Brad lingers back with the gals.  He tells them that his target this week is Caleb.  The guys want to vote off Ciera because she can’t do a puzzle.  Maybe she can dive?  Very little TV time is given to what goes on prior to attending Tribal Council.  Once again, I’m thinking editing.

Talk is pretty normal during Tribal until Caleb announces that HE is putting Brad’s name down.  So cool, Caleb.  Everyone seems shocked.  Brad quickly says he isn’t voting Caleb.  We quickly go to the vote.  Caleb, Ciera and Karen (I assume) vote Brad, while Brad, Hayden and Vytas vote Ciera.  Tie!  As you know, now they re-vote.  They are only allowed to vote for either Brad or Ciera and neither Brad nor Ciera are allowed to vote.

The camera shows Hayden starting to write “Ciera” and then scratching off the vote.  He then spends some time deliberating.  When the votes are shown, you clearly see Jeff hold up the card showing Ciera scratched off and then written down again.  In other words, this tells us that Hayden voted to save Brad.  However, he is the ONLY vote for Brad and with cheers (from me), Brad Culpepper’s torch is extinguished.  I can’t help but always root against the arrogant ones.

We see glimpses of next week’s show.  The most interesting moment is when Monica asks if she should take Brad’s place on Redemption Island.  Will she?  Wait for it.  See you all next week.  Guess where I’m headed?  I’m going to Woodbury to visit the zombies!  Actually, my DH and I are headed to Senoia Georgia where a lot of The Walking Dead is filmed.  I thought it would be a fun, silly way to spend an absolutely beautiful fall day in Georgia.  Here’s hoping y’all enjoy yours.  My thoughts are with those of you who are facing storms today :-(

Stay tuned…Bloggergal


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  1. Caleb heard Brad say that we need to keep people who have a significant other on the other team…well Caleb took that as a giant threat and made a big move. I was so glad to see Brad voted out but ya never know if Monica will take his place. The animosity on RI for either one will make for great viewing if it isn’t edited out. I think Hayden voted to keep Brad just in case Monica either takes Brads place on RI or Brad wins the comps on RI, Hayden will still sort of be in Brads good graces.

  2. Survivor is so tired! Wish they would stop bringing back former players and let us see all new faces, rather than rehashing past seasons. Boring season, almost unwatchable

  3. I’ve watched Survivor since day ONE but hated when they brought back old players and this season is the worse…think its time to turn off Survivor :(

  4. I hope Monica does take Brad’s place. It’s not like he has any fans over on her team. He’d be the biggest target over there. As soon as “the winners” lose a challenge or there is a merge, Brad will be headed back to RI. :)

  5. These people are a bunch of wusses! No one wants to look for the Hidden Immunity Idols. Now, no one wants a clue to help finding it( take the clue and share it, ya never know you might need it to save a teammate). The game will change within the next two weeks, the newbies team is dwindling too fast. The will have to merge soon or it will be an all veteran 2nd half of this season!

    1. Candice got a little bit too cocky when she made John give the clue to Monica. She literally said that she was trying to put a target on Monica’s back. Well, of course, Monica would respond by burning the clue and now, Monica’s probably in an even stronger position with the veterans than she was before.

      I’m not sure why nobody on the newbie tribe is trying to find the hidden immunity idol. Those people are going to need that idol more than anybody!

  6. Loved seeing Brad go, but due to all the CBS promotion – it was not even remotely surprising.

    As much as I love puzzles, I was hoping for a something different at the challenge. Mainly I would like to see the “favorites” (or whatever they are called) go to tribal council.

    Recently watched a DVD of highlights from season one. I would like to see a gross eating challenge like they did way back when. :-)

  7. Lu bru, I totally disagree, i think this is one of the more interesting Survivors in a long time. No special agent this time. I like the twist of redemption and the relatives being able to change places, gives Survivor a nice needed punch! I am really enjoying this season. Plus it always gets better towards the end. Aloha from Hawaii !

  8. Brad kinda dug his own grave by being so erratic and arrogant but I still think it would have been smarter to keep him. Neither Cierra nor Katee bring anything to the tribe and Brad is so hated that, once they got to the merge, Brad probably would have been the first of the newbies voted off, which would have given the others at least 3 days to make some alliances with the veterans.

    I wonder if Caleb is going to start acting like Colton now. At least from the previews, there seems to be a possibility that getting Brad out might go to Caleb’s head.

    I don’t think Monica will take Brad’s place. She knows she has a better chance of winning the game than Brad does so I think she’ll let Brad stay on Redemption.

    I have a feeling that Brad will be leaving next week. He can compete physically in challenges but mentally? That’s another issue all together.

  9. I thought that Caleb’s move was brilliant,but Brad will prob get back into the game where He’ll get trashed again….He’s too arrogant to last in this game,,,love the season

  10. I do think that this was a Caleb/colton move, You think your in trouble, MIX it up, What a way to change the game. At least Caleb is not a a-hole like colton. Survivor rules and I disagree with you Lu Bru its been a great game with tough challenges.

  11. Great summation BBloggergal, thank you! Caleb’s move was great and I was so happy to see Brad go.

    LM, I certainly hope Caleb won’t let this move go to his head. It might have been just that moment when they asked him how he felt but it doesn’t seem to be his personality to be arrogant and know-it-all. Afterall, he’s Colton’s significant other. How can you be arrogant over that personality? I don’t think Monica will take Brad’s place either. Their team is pretty well established and they wouldn’t do well with Brad coming in and trying to “lead” them. He would have to lay low and that’s not in his DNA so my guess is he would be back in RI the first chance they got. Brad told Monica to burn the clue and I’m not sure she would have thought to do that. Good move though.

    Great season all in all. Loving it!

    1. ur welcome dear….it was a good interview talk, the girls really got into what was happening in the show….

    2. Since they currently aren’t filming, I only was able to see the places where they have previously filmed. The town is great. Lots of TWD memorabilia. I plan on keeping my eyes open for when they next film and try to get down there and see if i can spot anything. I doubt Woodbury will be back in the picture though. :-(

    3. Oh, they must be on their mid-season break already having finished the first 8 Epi’s…oh yeah, Woodbury is long gone…in the comics Woodbury disappears after the prison war…but then again the Gov dies at the prison war so he might’ve gone back to Woodbury in the tv show, lol….

      thanks for the info Bloggergal…hope u enjoyed the premiere epi as i did….

    1. Sal…can i finish ur thought?….

      the reason Vytas changed his vote was cause in another Tie….they had to choose rocks…. Brad&Cierra would’ve been safe and the others had to choose a rock from a bag and the Purple Rock would’ve left….

      that’s the main reason Hayden took so long to vote, he was thinking and thinking about the Rocks but he choose wrong and Vytas choose right…..

    2. Oops…sorry Sal…didnt see the Link, lol….. i kept wondering what u was trying to say… i should’ve known better, lol…..

  12. Great write up Bloggergal! Thank you.

    Brad got just what he deserved! Too bad Hayden, Caleb, Vytas and John didn’t send him to RI the week before, when their tribe was still strong! Hopefully we will see them win at least one challenge before the merge! :lol:

  13. ……

    OMG….The Walking Dead Premiere Epi had 16 Million viewers…..breaking their own record of 12 Million viewers from last season’s Finale….TWD is the Highest Rated show on TV,,,,. Cable & Broadcast together…..

    just a little info for all those not watching it……

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