Survivor…Worms, Intestines and Grubs…Oh My!

When last we watched, Aras was blindsided and heading towards Redemption Island.  After returning to camp, Tina went off on the group about it.  Okay, really she went off on Tyson about it.  Survivor rule #1…just keep your mouth shut.  Go yell at a tree or the producer’s camera, but don’t reveal your feelings to the tribe.  Just don’t.

My worst nightmare was the first Immunity Challenge.  I don’t/can’t/won’t eat gross things.  That’s what they had to do.  First was some meal-worms…a LOT of meal worms.  I think I heard Jeff say 40.  I don’t know.   I kept my eyes closed during the whole competition and just did sneak peaks here and there. I do know (my husband told me) that Vytas spit his out and then picked them off the ground to eat them and continue on in the competition.  That takes some willpower.   The second item was pig intestines.  I looked at them.  They were just gross looking.  The third item was Gervase’s nightmare from his first round on Survivor…grubs…huge, round, fat suckers.  Monica Culpepper deserves some props for this competition.  She ate and ate and ate and won!  Good for you Monica.  If it were me, I would have just walked away.  Not one little meal worm is ever going to cross my lips.

Monica has Immunity as we head into the first tribal council of the night.  This woman is so paranoid that she’s wondering if she would have been sent packing if she didn’t have immunity. Vytas realizes that he is odd man out and lets loose at tribal.  I think that would be what I would do.  If you are going to get voted off anyway, you might as well have your say, right?  Vytas joins his brother on Redemption Island.  That means that once again the two will have to face off in a competition for survival.

We move on to the next Immunity Challenge.  It involves balancing coins on a shield which is attached to a sword.  Concentration is the key to this one.  You must become one with the coins.  Even though I found Tina’s cheering annoying, Katie manages to pull this one off.  A good thing too because she was probably the next one out the door.  Well, if it’s not her, then who?  Yep, Tina is targeted.  Once again, Monica’s unpredictability gets on everyone’s nerves and Tina is almost saved, but nope.  Tina joins the brothers on Redemption Island.

Right now things are kinda ho-hum on Survivor.  Once we get rid of the dead weight, I suppose the real competition will start.  In other words when the core alliance has to face off against each other.  In the meanwhile, I guess we have to just stay tuned…Bloggergal

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  1. I just dont understand why they didnt talk about why the 2 Tribals were so close together…or were they?….Jeff never said 3 days till the next one and nobody questioned it….i know, its all in the editing, lol…..yeah, its becoming a little boring since we knew exactly who was leaving this week…its almost Finale week……

  2. I cannot believe that the mother daughter teams did not form a new alliance and vote monica off(or a man) either way they would have had full control….and Im a man….bad play, guys are going to wipe the women out, that was your only chance to get ahead girls.

  3. I have been so busy I have neglected this blog. I know I said I wouldn’t, but unfortunately, unavoidable… I haven’t even been writing… my first piece in a long time if you care to read…

    But, on to Survivor. I have not been too busy to watch. I could only think of one thing while watching the eating comp… BETTY! I am sure, in her best Monica mode, she would easily best the competition. I don’t know about in the balancing comp… Aggie and Fran would have thrown the sword into the ocean, and they would have quit the game faced with the bugs. Well, maybe not Aggie, she would have scared the bugs into the ocean.

    I agree with Lostie (looking damn hot in a Giant’s shirt, btw) about the predictability of who goes… yes it is getting boring that way. Unfortunataly the previews are spoilers now… I used to look forward to seeing Survivors, not I fast forward through them. Can we say Laure next week??? I am loving her daughter though. And, they should have made that a little clearer about the time frame of the challenges.

    I hope Aras gets beat in the next RI Duel.

    Thanks BG!

  4. Hayden is the one to watch, he’s been under the radar the whole game, that’s how he won Big brother! Tyson is such a weasel, I hope he is blindsided and doesn’t play the idol he has.


  6. Where are the rewards? Is Survivor not making enough money to fund the helicopter and boat outings or the really good rewards? The gross foods are always fun I like the one on the wheel where they mix the grossness together.. They do give to much information away.

  7. Me too, Tina’s cheering was really annoying. If I was her daughter, I would have told her to shut it already. I’m surprised daughter kept it together, great nerves! Tina’s pretending to maybe have the HII was great. I was hoping Tyson would cave and tell everyone he had it. I’m glad she said she didn’t have it because now everyone knows it’s still out there.

    Nope, no creepy, crawly things will ever pass my lips. That was disgusting but it was a great competition. Kudos to Monica. She just turned off her brain and dug in. Maybe her paranoia helped.

    I agree with Kimo that Hayden is the one to watch and he’s darling to boot! Tyson getting blindsided would be wonderful. Can’t stand the jerk.

    Lostie & Ted, yep boring it is.

  8. Anyone else notice with the smarmy attitude that Vytas has had lately that he’s auditioning for a shot at another season?

    Right now my picks for the final 3 are Sierra, Hayden and Caleb. What’s your picks?

    1. My Picks for F3 are Tyson, Gervase, Monica…..she will get 0-1 votes and i feel Tyson will edge out Gervase for the Win

      as for my Cutie Hayden…he will go as far as Final 4

      btw, did anyone see “Dimples” on the “Two and a Half Men” tv show?…. he was semi-nude almost full frontal showing his sexy tanned abs and way below also…it was in the last 30 seconds of the show… he was so HOT !!!!…. :-)

  9. I wanna see “Survivor Loosers” The first and maybe second voted off from each of the “Non Alumni” seasons. There are probably some really good players that never got the chance to show what they had of because they were voted off before they could really establish themselves.

    1. Hey Bob…what did i tell u last month?…u gotta have Faith, right….. Eli’s Back !!!!

      now wait till next week when they take care of those pretty Cowboys, the G-Men will be sitting Pretty….Ahhh, how i would love to get tickets to that game…. :-)

  10. The only thing that makes it possible for these people to eat those crawly things has got to be the fact that they’re hungry and protein-starved…I know people eat raw fish eagerly when adrift at sea…and has anyone ever thought about clobbering the things dead first so they won’t wriggle all the way down? Well, one of life’s interesting challenges I hope never to have to solve. I’m admiring Monica’s mind-over-matter discipline, both Tina’s and Laura’s daughters’ rather mature groundedness,Hayden’s reserve. Not ready however to pick a winner. Can’t wait until Wednesday again!

  11. Here’s the full, updated cast:
    •Margie and Luke Adams, mother and son, seasons 14 and 18
    •Herb “Flight Time” Lang & Nate “Big Easy” Lofton, Harlem Globetrotters, seasons 15 and 18
    •Jet and Cord, cowboys, season 16 and 18
    •Rachel and Brendon, annoying Big Brother couple, season 20
    •Mallory Ervin and Mark Jackson, seasons 17 and 18 & season 20
    •Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, twins, season 21
    •Caroline Cutbirth and Jenn Wayne, country singer friends, season 22
    •Dave and Connor O’Leary, father and son, season 22
    •Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena, YouTube friends, season 22
    •John Erck and Jessica Hoel, engaged couple, season 22
    •Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, cousins, season 23

    the story here:

  12. Well I guess we all know Monica will be in the final 3! Thanks for nothing!!! At least on the BB blog people where kind enough to type SPOILER ALERT before they posted!!!

    1. My mistake and I apologize. I guess I just dislike Monica so much it makes me crazy to think she will make it to the final three!!

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