Survivors…Drop your Buffs!

This is the week we’ve been waiting for.  Someone will be returning to the game and the tribes are about to merge.  The competition on RI is simple.  Hang on to a pole as long as you can.  The one who hangs on the longest returns to the game.  The other two drop their buffs into the fire.  As I’m sure you remember the competition is between the two Laura’s and John.  We’ve learned from Big Brother that the big, strong guys don’t always do well in these competitions.  That turns out to be the case today.  John is the first to drop.  Laura M. is one strong cookie and she wants back in the game bad.  She is NOT going to let go.  Funny thing is we get to hear Ciera tell the camera that she doesn’t really want her mother back in the game because she’s going to mess things up for her.  Wait until her mother replays that part.  Well Ciera is going to have to deal because Laura M. wins the competition and gets to return to the game.  Buffs are dropped and the tribe becomes one.  Well, as one as this tribe could become!  BTW, Laura throws the clue to the HII into the fire.  Ho-hum.

Both Laura M and Aras are feeling like they got this game in the bag.  That makes no sense because of course the duo’s are going to be targeted first.  It just makes sense.  Alliances are flying all over the place.  Frankly, I don’t know who is with who anymore.

Finally, we have a Survivor contestant look for the HII.  Tyson remembers the clue and goes searching.  Of course, he finds it without a problem.  Was it fixed that he would look now and find it?  You tell me.

The Immunity Challenge is the memory game.  Jeff goes through a group of pictures.  You have to repeat the pictures in the same order.  You get it wrong, you’re out.  The Survivors have bad memories and by the second round, there are only five left…Laura M, Ciera, Vytas, Aras and Gervase.  Laura, Ciera and Gervase are the first three out which surprise, surprise leaves Aras once again battling Vytas.  Vytas wins this one and he’s safe from elimination.

I’d tell you who was going to vote for who (or is it whom?) but I lost track.  Names were floating all over the place, but it was pretty obvious to me that the main men core still wanted to eliminate Aras as discussed last week.  Votes started with Laura getting two, Ciera getting two and then Aras being voted off.  Do I know who voted to eliminate Aras?  Definitely Gervase because we see him cast his vote and tell Aras bye bye you were like a brother but this is a game speech.  I assume the others were Hayden, Caleb, Tyson, Ciera and Laura.  Let me know if I’m wrong.  I might have drifted.

I’m late today, but that’s because there was a problem with the website, not with me!  Have a great week everyone!  Bloggergal

13 thoughts on “Survivors…Drop your Buffs!”

  1. Thanks Bloggergal for the recap. It was a good show and I wasn’t surprised John fell first. It is definitely odd that Tyson just all of a sudden decides to look for the HII and actually finds it. Maybe he’s had it for awhile but they are only showing it now. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t looking for it when he had part of the clue. They show us what they want us to see when they want us to see it. I don’t like him at all mainly because he’s a food thief and a know-it-all and he’s creepy too. LOL

    I was sorry to see Aras go to RI and I hope things change and they don’t focus on Vytas but my guess is Tyson will make sure he goes. Tyson is very good at the manipulation game. Future girlfriends beware! Things change and maybe they’ll turn on him. I can hope.

    The HII has turned into a case of malaria if you have it so they may just eliminate that going forward or find something else for immunity.

  2. Why is RI back in the game???…it was suppose to end when Laura came back….so when is the next RI survivor coming back?….in Final Four???…its not fair to the other survivors… :roll:

    yeah, CBS has done a very bad job in Editing for the HII this season…Tyson finding it so fast was a joke…its funny how Tyson is playing this game so far…its hard to believe the Spoilers that he goes very far in the game…but im liking how Hayden is playing, easy to see how he also goes far in the game… :shock:

  3. Thanks for the summary Bloggergal, you always do a great job!
    I was not one bit surprised that Laura M won the RI challenge. As soon as I saw what it was I told my husband the exact order of how they would fall. I too watch BB…lol. I thought the RI part would end and we could get to watching so much more of what goes on in the “tribe.” Don’t get me wrong I do like the RI concept but it is time for that to be over and time to get to know who is with whom and who to trust or not.Sad to see Aras go. Also not happy with the editing of the HII. In the past it was so much more exciting when several were looking for it (HII) and hoping no one caught them!

  4. Great write up Bloggeral. Thank you.

    I was so disappointed when John fell. I was hoping he would return to the game. Tyson finding the idol did not really surprise me. I just can’t stand him and I hope he chokes on it! For some reason he reminds me of ‘Johnny Fairplay’. I could not understand the mind set of Aras and Vytas when they thought they were safe. A five-year old could have told them they had the biggest targets on their backs. I am sure we will see the elimination of the other loved ones soon. Laura M will probably be next and it would not surprise me to see Tina go before Katie, as Katie is the weakest of the two.

    I think Vytas will be out for revenge after seeing his brother evicted. I hope he wins the immunity idol every week and shoves it down Tyson’s throat! Poor Aras, I will be pulling for him to reenter the game.

  5. I knew one of the women would win and it is not because they are used to wrapping their legs around a pole and hanging on. It is a weight to strength ratio and of course determination.

  6. An entertaining episode last night and no big surprise who was voted off. Vytas better watch himself as he’s getting too arrogant. I don’t think Monica is long for this game and look for her to end up being the first member of the jury. Previews show Tina and Tyson getting into it because Tina didn’t get her way at tribal council, so she might be the next one out since she is copping a ‘tude.

  7. I missed mentioning that RI is still part of the game. Thanks for reminding me.
    Biggym111…I missed science class. I was always watching TV ;-)
    Betty…Johnny Fairplay lol
    Kimo…I’m reporting you to special agent Phillip! Teehee. I swear he’s a great guy!

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