Survivor’s First Blindside

Survivor saw its first blindside of the season last night, but first I guess we have to talk about crazy Colton.  Am I the only one who did not know that Colton faked the appendicitis in his first season to get off the show?  I seriously don’t know what to think about this guy.  Why did he come back on Survivor only to make an even bigger idiot of himself?  Was it just to get his partner on?  It is reminiscent of when Evil Dick went on Big Brother and then all of a sudden had to leave the show, but Danielle remained. With Colton out of the way, we can get back to playing Survivor.

The competition on Redemption Island was very much suited to three female contestants.  They had to stack domino-like blocks evenly and then knock them over setting a ball rolling.  When the ball reaches and breaks the plate, you win.  Once again, the top finisher would have the opportunity to pick a player to receive a clue to the HII.  The top two remain on Redemption Island and the third player leaves the game.  Contestants were Marissa, Candice and newly ousted Rachel.  Speaking of Rachel, as we all predicted, Tyson does not take her place on RI.  He and Rachel feel he should remain in the game.

Once again the steady hand of Dr. Candice pulls off an early win.  The competition goes back and forth between Marissa and Rachel.  Marissa tries to knock the ball down a few times only to have her blocks stop before reaching it.  Rachel hits her blocks, knocking a bunch over and must restack.  When all is said and done Marissa pulls off the win and Rachel burns her buff.  Of course Candice once again gives the clue to her husband John making the target on the guy’s back HUGE.

Have you noticed that up to this point everyone is pretty chilled in the camps?  There really isn’t any problems between tribe members, especially now that Colton is gone. This should be changing rather quickly as players realize that they can’t always play nice.

The Immunity challenge is what everyone has been waiting for.  It pits family member against family member in some cases.  Two players face off Sumo-style with the goal being to knock the other player off the platform.  Mother versus daughter is tough with Tina fighting against her daughter Katie and Laura facing off against Ciera.  I felt bad for these mom’s as I’m sure every mom out there did.  We put our children first.  But, this is the game of Survivor and I was really proud of the moms for kicking their daughter’s butts!  LOL  Sorry, but I was!

There were some other noteworthy face-offs.  Culpepper faced off against Gervase.  Gervase’s height was a disadvantage and Culpepper’s strength gave him the win.  Maybe that will shut up Gervase for a day or two?  Brothers Aras and Vytas brought a lot of baggage up there on that platform.  Aras feels that his brother picked on him since he was little and Vytas thinks that Aras has always been the winner in the family.  Aras quickly has the upper hand, but then he lets up to give his brother a chance to stand up to fight again. Vytas tries to use that to his advantage and takes a shot at Aras when he wasn’t expecting it.  Not nice bro!  Aras doesn’t fall and instead gets the win.

I really didn’t want the returning players to win, but in each individual competition, I found myself cheering for the returning player–okay, except for Gervase and Culpepper.  I wanted both of them to fall into the water.  Hayden versus Tyson was a draw in my mind also.  I always stick with the older, seasoned players probably because I can relate to them better.  Anyway, the returning players pull of their third straight win in a row.  Yo, producers….this is getting a bit monotonous!

We have five guys and two gals remaining on the newbie tribe.  In the beginning, it looks like one more of the gals will be snuffing their torch this week, but then Culpepper has an idea.  Why not use this opportunity to get rid of John?  After all, he has two clues to the HII and his wife is kicking butt over on RI.  The other guys don’t look too sure of the plan.  There is a hint of talk about turning on Culpepper to which I was screaming “YES” at my TV set.  In true Survivor fashion though, the followers keep on following.  John is blindsided and voted off his tribe.  He’s PO’d to say the least.  Teehee.  Seriously though John, two clues and you couldn’t find the HII?  You should be voted off.

Some random moments…

Did you see the looks on the contestants’ faces when Colton went to sit baby-style on his partner’s lap?  Did you see his partner’s?  :-)

Seriously, were the men going to vote off the woman that didn’t cook for them?  No comment.

Prior to Hayden facing off against Tyson, they shook hands like civilized, good guys.  I know Hayden is awesome, I’ve met him and watched him at reality events.  Now I need to meet Tyson.

Did you see how quick Kat defeated her opponent?  I’ve watched this gal work out, she’s one tough cookie and seriously beautiful, both inside and out.

With the newbie tribe dwindling down week after week, I think we should see some kind of change up very soon, so stay tuned…Bloggergal

73 thoughts on “Survivor’s First Blindside

  1. Am I first? Woo hoo!

    On twitter, Kat said that the immunity challenge was pretty heavily edited. Apparently, each face-off was a 2 out of 3 situation and, in order to win a point, you had to knock your opponent into the water twice.

    (I’m assuming they edited it the way they did because they had to make sure there was enough time to show not only the challenge but Colton’s breakdown, the Redemption Island duel, and John’s blindside. It was busy episode last night.)

    Anyway, Kat said that we only saw the second round of her face-off with Ciera and that they were both exhausted because the first round had apparently lasted a really long time. And that’s why Kat was able to so easily knock her into the water.

    • LM, thanks, that’s good info. Too bad they made Ciera look so weak. But as you said, editing had to take a toll to show Colton’s breakdown. Thankfully he’s gone but his partner seems to be an OK guy.

    • Actually if you listen to Jeff closely you can hear the bad edit. I think it was right after they showed Vytas and Aras. They announced the score like 3-4. Then as he’s talking about Laura fighting her daughter, he mentions that her win would put her tribe on the board since they are scoreless. I thought, wow, I can’t believe they missed that!

  2. A really good episode.
    Bye bye to baby Colton, hope to never see your face again.
    OK, so I hated Dante (Brad, I know but I love Dante) Culpepper at first but his move to send John to join his wife at redemption Island was a Russell Hantz move and I loved it. John is a bad player, he got two clues to find the idol and didn’t so he deserved the boot. Culpepper is my new fav.

  3. Culpepper is my least favorite. Don’t even have a favorite yet. Too bad Mrs. Culpepper did not get to compete. I’m guessing some muscles there. I wonder who allowed Colton back on? Wonder if Jeff was rooting for him. I do like his partner though. I would not have guessed Kat as being strong and such a quality gal. I’ll have to give her a second chance. I know the ladies in my house are going to miss John.

  4. When Jeff brought up that Colton didn’t have appendicitis the first time he played, I about fell out of my chair. Colton had his tribe eating out of his hand, and I can’t figure out why he’d want to leave the game like that. I’m happy he’s gone early as I can’t stand him. Also I’ve never seen Jeff so pissed off at someone leaving the game before.

    Getting rid of John was a big move and I didn’t anticipate something that big this early. It’s going to be one of the best season’s in Survivor history! I think that with the wins and losses being so lopsided that a tribe switch will be happening either this next episode or the following week.

    • I had no idea Colton faked his appendicitis last time. What a loser. I think he wanted to come back just to show his partner how cool he was. I wonder how long that relationship will really last. Gay or straight, I would have a hard time with my partner acting like he did. I think my biggest fear with the blindside is that a weak team is just getting weaker. They will never win anything. Just my opinion.

    • I agree that the addition of loved ones has been a rich move for Survivor – dramatic opportunities galore. As for Colton, well, sad. Does anyone else agree that being a contestant on Survivor should be a no-go for anyone with serious emotional issues, like short-fused Brandon last time and all-about-me Colton this time? Both these guys need to work on some sort of healing, as they’re obviously hurting right beneath the surface. And Survivor is no kind of therapy!

      As for John – what a classy guy. But he’s also almost too nice – too eager to please – to stay coolly detached enough to play a strong game. I hope he and Candice stay in the game. Once he catches on (he’s no dummy), they could be a force to reckon with.

      Thanks bloggergal for keeping the conversation going….

    • I was shocked by Jeff’s outing Colton last nite too about his reason for leaveing LAST time! Did you hear him trying to backpeddle??*Well, the Dr, did say I had some kind of bacterial thing…….* Ya, right..give it up, Lame Boy!!! I was a bit excited to hear that Colton was coming back this season because i liked the drama he created.(Plus he was one of the few returness I actually KNEW!!)lol And I really thought he had a chance of making it when he was crying like a baby and had all the women’s maternal instincts on Full Speed Ahead!!lol I So didn’t see that coming! He is the most spoiled, self-entitled IDIOT I have ever known and I cannot even understnd why Survivor would apeal to someone like him . He is definitely more BB material!!! I pity his partner. Hope the tribe doesn;t hold Coltons’s actions or his loving him despite them agasint him. And i hope he leaves his sorry ass as soon as he is out of the game!!!! lol

  5. BBBloggergal, great update. Thank you so much! So happy Colton is gone. Sal said he gave Probst the finger. Was that true? I too found myself rooting for the ‘more seasoned’ players and I was rooting “go mama” during the mother daughter challenges. Not liking Culpepper a lot right now. He should tone it way down. As for John, couldn’t find the HII deserves to be blindsided. Did you hear Marrissa yell no that it’s not good he’s on RI? She knows she’s in for it with those two. I’m not so sure she really has to worry about John. He just doesn’t seem into it. I mean, really, not finding the idol.

    • OH, and I too nearly fell off my seat hearing about the faked appendicitis attack. He must have done one hell of an acting job to convince them he changed after cheating to get off the island the first time. Fooled them big time. Jeff was truly pissed off!

    • I am with you starfish I was going to say the same thing :) Thanks for helping me out! …………….. :mrgreen:

    • Starfish, don’t be too hard on John for not finding the idol for had he found it, he probably would not have used it at TC, as he thought he was safe.

    • Do we have Maggie L’s brother on here or is that one in the same classless simpleton?

  6. Great write up Bloggergal! Thanks so much!!

    Brad is an idiot! To use ‘Amanda’s’ words…It doesn’t make sense! :lol: Why would he convince his tribe members to vote out John? John was a strong player and since Brad’s tribe has never won a challenge I think it was a foolish move. I can’t believe the other men on his team went along with this. On Survivor you keep your strong players to win challenges, then later on down the line you get rid of them! Brad has weakened his team to the point where I can’t see them ever winning a challenge! Ciera and Katie are useless and I feel one of them should have been voted out instead. I don’t believe Brad has the foggiest idea how to play Survivor!!

    I had the impression that Colton might have wanted to change after talking with his partner, while sitting on his lap, but Jeff didn’t give him the opportunity. Did anyone else get this impression? Regardless of this, I am very happy Colton is gone, but I must admit, I will miss the drama.

    • Hey Betty, no, I don’t think Colton’s partner cared one way or the other and Colton wanted to go. I didn’t get the impression he changed his mind really but more that his partner (Caleb?) calmed him down. Colton grabbed his bag and was read to go. Do they all bring their bags with them or was this Colton’s plan all along to quit. As for Jeff, after Colton fooled them big time, I don’t blame him for saying grab your buff and go! Good for him.

    • Hi Starfish, I think Colton brought his bag because he had made up his mind that we was going to quit!

  7. Thanks for the write up Bloggergal! Good show, I taped it just in case I feel asleep, I have been a bit under the weather the last few weeks but had to say Hi! :)
    I have a question for this page…. Why does a comment or a reply to another comment brings you back to the top of the page? No big deal just was wondering if I was doing something wrong! Anyway Thank you again for your blow by blow recap! I hope you are doing well C! See you all soon……………. :mrgreen:

    • Bob…. this Blog is Not the BBBlog… everytime u come to the page u have to read ALL the comments from the start…. cause when u Reply to a Post….ur Reply goes under the Post and Not at the end like it was in the BBBlog page…

      so u have to re-read all the posts to see if there are any new ones since u last was here… i know its a pain… but what can u do?… :sad:

  8. I’m thinking CBS wanted a gay couple to fill out their demographic scheme. Colton pretending to have appendicitis to get off before should have made him ineligible to be a contestant again. Good riddance – what a waste of airtime.

    I heard Jeff say it was 114 degrees at Redemption Island challenge – dang – where are they?

    I agree with the comments that repeated losses by the ‘loved-ones” tribe will most likely make a tribe update happen soon. The new dynamic has made it interesting. Hopefully it will remain so!

    • Katydid I think you are so right! If they knew that Colton faked his illness why would they bring him back :???: Like you said good riddance, I could not stand how he played this game! …. :mrgreen:

    • Glad to see Colton go. His attitude was poisoning the show, and making it not fun to watch, as they were wasting to much time on Colton. Betty… I thought for a sec he might decide to stay and was glad he didn’t. I thought the editing was suspicious when they went from Marissa telling Culpepper to fuck off to Colton in tears with no apparent reason. We missed something there.

      I loved the RI challenge, and don’t think I would have done well with that one. I don’t think I would have been a very good block stacker, because they were different sizes and you had to figure that out… I would have over-thought it. I think I would have done well with last week’s challenge. Candace is very impressive. Will be great fun to see what happens next week in the Arena. I hope Marissa does well… I’d like to see John gone. What an idiot to not find the idol with two clues, and even more so to tell Brad the clue and then not let him help look. You can’t just let someone in half way, and it caused his demise. I kind of agree with my friend DonnaP, he is playing the game… maybe a little too hard… and that is fun to watch, in spite of his ego. But that made The Great One so much fun to watch… a master of the game in his own mind, he just couldn’t do it without making everyone hate him.

    • Glad to see Colton go. His attitude was poisoning the show, and making it not fun to watch, as they were wasting to much time on Colton. Betty… I thought for a sec he might decide to stay and was glad he didn’t. I thought the editing was suspicious when they went from Marissa telling Culpepper to fuck off to Colton in tears with no apparent reason. We missed something there.

      I loved the RI challenge, and don’t think I would have done well with that one. I don’t think I would have been a very good block stacker, because they were different sizes and you had to figure that out… I would have over-thought it. I think I would have done well with last week’s challenge. Candace is very impressive. Will be great fun to see what happens next week in the Arena. I hope Marissa does well… I’d like to see John gone. What an idiot to not find the idol with two clues, and even more so to tell Brad the clue and then not let him help look. You can’t just let someone in half way, and it caused his demise. I kind of agree with my friend DonnaP, he is playing the game… maybe a little too hard… and that is fun to watch, in spite of his ego. But that made The Great One so much fun to watch… a master of the game in his own mind, he just couldn’t do it without making everyone hate him.

    • Well, I don’t know how I ended up posting as a reply to you Katydid and twice at that.

      I was surprised it was 114 degrees… Wow. Marissa said she was ready to pass out… that was brutal. You could see Candace standing back in the shade.

    • You are right Ted. It was pretty stupid that John didn’t look for the idol. I am sure he felt safe and probably didn’t think it was a pressing issue to find it right away. This show just gets better and better!!

  9. If anyone see’s the after show on…. The first part is with Colton, Parvati was so nice to him…But this guy is so full off it! Let me know what you think? :mrgreen:

    • He’s whinier than any female I’ve ever known. Don’t give grls a bad name by comparing them to that little sissy.

  10. Nice recap Bloggergal… Thanks! You just love all those old players you are on first name basis with… Lucky You. I’m rooting for the new ones {yeah look how that’s going}, although Kat and Laura will always be in my heart. My favorite newbee just got kicked off the Island… I’m pissed.

  11. Here is what Colton said in an interview was his reason for quitting:

    “When they separated us, I was like, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore.’ That was the starting point for me. I thought, I’ll tough it out, I’ll get to a swap or something. But then I kept thinking, when are they going to swap us? What ended up being the ultimate reason is I was trying to salvage Caleb’s game. That’s why I kept saying, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know.’ That’s why Jeff was irate with me. I wouldn’t answer his questions because I couldn’t tell him what I was thinking. What I was really thinking was; I know I’m going to get voted out. I know I’m going to walk into the arena, and have you met my fiancé? He’s like the ultimate hero. … He’s going to come down, he’s going to take my place. There won’t be any discussion. He’ll convince me to go to his tribe. And these challenges are not his forte. He’s not going to win these duels. And then he’d have sacrificed his game for me. I didn’t want that. Caleb came to play for Caleb, not for me. I honestly think me leaving is going to be a kickstart for him. He realizes he doesn’t have to worry about me anymore.”

    • Thanks Bloggergal! Colton is such a wimp!! Is there a video with Parvati interviewing Colton on the Survivor After Show?

    • I think the only reason Colton even came BACK ws that he could bring his security blanket BF with him!!! (Who seems totally chill, BTW and SO not a drama queen! I guess opposites DO attract!!)lol Colton is a big-ass baby and when he saw he was going to have to play alone and no one liked him or was being manipulated by him, he pouted his way home! Once again… he wanted to be on Survivor WHY???

  12. Thank you Bloggergal!! I’m enjoying this survivor more then the past few seasons.
    I was glad to see Colton leave and he shouldn’t have wasted a space on the show.
    I’m agreeing with BGal and wish they had turned on Brad. I’m not liking him at all.

  13. Hi all, anyone think that brad wanted john gone so he (brad) now knowing the clues can find the HII for himself? I think he knows deep down that eventually his tribe will turn on him so he did this for a safety mechanism…just a thought :) however with the tribe dwindling down every week he better find it quick or it’s sayonara Brad…would do my heart good to see someone else find it…maybe Hayden

    • Dewy Rose..I agree. And altho I kind of hated seeing John could he not find the idol with 2 clues??? His GF shgould have thought things out and given it to someone else insted of putting a target on her guy’s back! But I do agree about Hayden. He’s a good player….looks like he doesn;t have a good team behind him unfortunately!

    • Good observation DeweyRose, I didn’t think about Culpepper doing that from that strategy point of view.

  14. Rupert and Colten are both gone! Both their voices grated on me. Glad they’re gone! And both were very lazy this season… Yea!

  15. Off-Topic BB News

    if ur interested how is Britney’s baby cancer doing…read her latest Blog….Tilly is losing her hair but seems to be growing and getting by…. Brit’s very optimistic….

    and for Survivor News… here is a Pic from next week’s RI comp, it seems to be some kind of puzzle…. do u think that John will throw it to Candice?…. and who do u think they will give the Clue to if they win?…..

  16. OMG – I usually get teary-eyed when I see someone cry – but last night, Colton – NOT!

    I think Hayden is flying under the radar similiar to BB. He’s such a nice guy, I think he will go far, but he needs to start thinking ‘game play’ (too himself for now)

    My 3 cents

    • I agree with you about Hayden. He’s likable and athletic so he should at least make it to the merge. He just has to be careful about not falling into the same trap that Malcolm did, i.e. having everyone so convinced that he’s unbeatable that they all decide to vote him out the first chance they get.

    • Hayden is very likable but so far I’ve been most impressed
      with Aras. Don’t really remember him much from whatever
      season it was he won, but he has a cool quiet demeanor
      that may take him far again. Hard to determine through the
      editing but I don’t think he and Vytas(sp) harbor bad feelings
      for each other.
      What are the odds that a “team” makes final three?
      This is an excellent season with true feelings really playing a

  17. Colton is such a baby. Probst is right, Colton should never have gotten off the couch.

    Also, just wondering, how exactly do you fake an appendicitis? That had to be some great acting job to fool all of the medics.

    • I can’t remember if the medics actually said that they thought he had appendicitis or if they just said that the symptoms that Colton was describing sounded like appendicitis.

      I do remember that it seemed like Jeff and the other members of Colton’s tribe were skeptical even at that time, as if they themselves felt that Colton was either flat-out faking or was playing up his agony to try to get sympathy. At the time, I thought that was just because everyone on the island hated Colton so much but now, I’m thinking that maybe they felt he was faking at the time. Colton’s “illness” did kind of come out of nowhere and it was one of the most overly dramatic ones that I think I’ve seen on Survivor.

    • Ahhh…So Cool Bob….we have matching Giants shirts… :-)

      dont worry bout them…. we had our great years and now we have to rebuild to be great again.. so just hang in there, lol…. :-)

      im washing my The Walking Dead shirt to wear next Sunday, lol…. :-)

  18. Jeff has said in the Promo that something will happen that has never happened before, lol…like we havent heard that before, lol…. so we’ve learned on what it was….

    “”Update: Spoiler-ish – Seems the “never before” part is when a castaway refuses to accept the hidden immunity clue won in this week’s Redemption Island Challenge.”"

    so could it mean Brad doesnt accept it cause he has the other 2 clues already and maybe has found the Idol….

    also Jeff says in the Promo that a Big Power Shift happens in Tribal…could it mean that Brad gets voted out, he’s the only one in Power, right…..

  19. I’ve always had my suspicions about Colton. He has always seemed to be an actor and the appendicitis seemed phony. If was as bad as he made it look they would have needed a surgery team ASAP! I had a kidney stone once and it was as painful as hell and it was no bigger than a tiny pebble.
    John was no surprise, I would have torched him last week!

  20. I was just reading what Lostie said about how somebody is going to refuse to accept the hidden immunity clue and it got me to thinking.

    If Marissa wins the competition on Redemption Island, it seems pretty obvious that she would offer the clue to Gervase. Would Gervase refuse it? I could actually see him doing that, just because Gervase is unpredictable and he might be paranoid about causing the rest of his tribe to distrust him. Add to that, Gervase played this game before there was any such thing as a hidden immunity idol and therefore, it might not be as important to his strategy as it would be to some of the more recent players.

    If Candice or John wins, who do you think they would try to give the clue to? Obviously, Candice can’t give the clue to John and John can’t give it to Candice. Considering the way that John was blindsided, I have a hard time believing that they would be willing to give it to Culpepper or any other member of the all-male alliance. I bet they try to offer it to one of the girls on the newbie tribe just to have the girls refuse to accept it because they’re trying to reduce the huge targets on their backs.

    As far as the power shift is concerned, Culpepper getting voted out would be a pretty big power shift. As much as Culpepper seems to be in charge of this tribe right now, I still have a hard time imagining him making it to the merge. He’s just too erratic and all-over-the-place in his thinking.

    Of course, that’s assuming that the newbies will have to go to tribal council for a fourth time. Surely they’ll win a challenge at some point…well, maybe. Lol.

    • Well, im glad i got u “Thinking” Lisa Marie….not too many are commenting here on Survivor…. u really had it so very hard getting hundreds and hundreds of comments every day on the BB Blog….

      yeah, i agree on everything u said… i was wondering where in the hell has CBS hidden the Idol?…. it has been found so easy with no clues the past 2 seasons, i think they did a good job this season….if even Brad hasnt found it with John’s 2 clues also, lol…..i also think Brad will be gone on Wed hopefully with the idol in his pocket, lol…..

      i feel that Jeff will Re-Group the 2 tribes after this Wed cause it will be too one-sided to continue this way…that way we will get a mixture of the 2 tribes but still keep the loved ones apart….

    • Losite — That would be great if they reshuffled the tribe either tomorrow or next week! And you’re right — they may have to do it soon or there might not be any of the newbies left by the time they reach the merge. Lol.

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