Survivors…You Have To Dig Deep

I’m sure Survivor producers were hoping for some drama this season by adding loved ones into the mix.  They had to be salivating with the thought of Katie and Tina having to face off on Redemption Island.  As a mom, I can imagine how very hard it was for Tina.  The challenge was the one where you build a long pole and retrieve keys.  Tina was coaching Katie on how to build the pole, but Katie dropped one of the keys in the sand making it pretty difficult to pull this one off.  I think Tina was trying to give Katie every opportunity to win, but she could see that it wasn’t going to happen.  It’s for the best since I think Tina is a stronger competitor.

With all that said, Laura M. kicked butt in the competition as usual.  She finished first and Ciera received another HII clue.  I saw in the comments that I’m not the only one fed up with the HII.  It’s just so silly to watch Survivor players trying to find the HII when someone already has it.  I think it would have been better for Jeff to say that there was no clue because the Idol was found.  That would set off paranoia and distrust among the tribe and more fun for us.  So anyway, Hayden and Ciera looked and looked but did not find it because of course Tyson has it.  What I find interesting is why did Gervase and Monica stop looking for it?  Did Tyson tell them he has it?  Let me know if I missed this.

The Immunity Challenge involves swimming, retrieving bags of puzzle pieces and solving a phrase puzzle.  It comes down to the puzzle for all the players.  They know it contains 8 words and it’s a phrase that is used often on Survivor.  “You are going to have to dig deep.” is the phrase and Ciera figures it out first.  This is very bad news for Hayden, but either way one of the two would have been in trouble.

Hayden and Ciera know they have to do everything they can to get Monica to switch sides.  This is not going to be easy since Monica feels that because Tyson agreed to draw rocks at last tribal, he really stuck his neck out for her.  In this stage of the game, every player needs to realize that every other player is only out for themselves.  So, anyway, it goes back and forth and back and forth.  We don’t know which way Monica is swaying until the votes come in and Hayden is voted off, but not really since he’s headed for Redemption Island.

The final four are Ciera, Monica, Gervase and Tyson heading into this Sunday’s finale.  One of the three Redemption Island contestants will be coming back into the game.  I sure hope it’s Laura M.  Hayden is a great guy (in real life) but Laura deserves this.

As usual, I will have the inside scoop on the Survivor pre-party and after-party being held in Los Angeles.  If you have any burning questions you would like answered, comment right away and I’ll try to get them asked at the party.

Enjoy the finale!  Bloggergal

24 thoughts on “Survivors…You Have To Dig Deep”

  1. I am so sick of looking at Tyson and his skinny little arms. Bleh!

    If Tyson and Gervase had been smart, they would have sent Monica to R.I. because she’d probably have the best shot at beating Laura M. and keeping her from coming back into the game.

    On the whole, I’ve enjoyed this season but I still really hope that I never have to look at Tyson or listen to Ciera again.

  2. Stupid question, have y’all noticed how perfect & draught & bleached white all the contestants teeth are? They all look like they have veneers or some sort of professional work done….in the early years I don’t remember that at all…
    I also miss in the early years them talking about the one personal item they got, or even (even tho it was gross) when they’d win a food reward & the toll it took on their digestive system.
    Or watching them practically starve to death &i losing rice etc…
    Maybe I’m just a sadist but the producers lost some of that personal info & those kinds of things made you really root for them, now they’re just some people. You don’t really get to know them…
    Another thing in past seasons when there was a tie then they’d decide by a skills contest, like building a fire faster than the other guy…it’s just not the same as in the old days! Lol!

  3. I really like the game Ciera has played and I’m definately rooting for her mom to enter the game again. Poor Monica has repeatedly said this season that she’s playing the game for her, but it’s obvious she really isn’t, she’s playing for Tyson. She will make it to the final 3 and probably receive 0 votes for her trouble.

    Hayden is the only male in the game I’d like to see in the finals, but that can’t happen since I wan’t mom and daughter with Monica as the sacrificial lamb. Gervace has done zero in the strategy department and is annoying and arrogant as all get out and Tyson isn’t the great player he thinks he is. He just has a knack for making entertaining statements in the confessionals.

    1. Hayden is either luckless or just an incompetent gook. He never seems to get that extra push to come through…weather its doing puzzles or have long lasting stamina. Just too lazy even looking for the idol…Hoe come Tyson manages to more than once find the idol and he can not even come close…oh wait, he did come close, unbeknownst to him..the camera pointed where it was just at the end of that limb that he was on. Only the last couple of weeks ( days really ) he has verbally said something about Tyson..but obviously its too late. If he should win the redemption and get back in, it would be just like the last show..He and Cera against the 3 stooges. Even if he wins the idol now, what good would it do. I do not want to see Gervace win…that was the first time I ever watched a player release so much venom at another player ( Hayden )..But unfortunately, if the 3 stooges are the together at the end…Tyson does deserve it more than the other 2.

  4. Thanks Bloggergal for the update and yes, Tyson did tell Gervace & Monica he had the HII. I thought that knowledge would help sway Monica to vote out Gervace but yes, she is playing Tyson’s (the creep) game.

    I too want Laura to enter the game. This season has been a good one so far and we have our love to hate participants. :)

  5. I want either Ciera or her mom to win…at first I thought of Siera as wimpy,but she is really smart & Laura is just a little Baddass.

  6. It was so Heartbreaking watching Tina & Katie hugging and crying to each other…knowing that their son & brother had just Died this week….i hope they skip the Finale reunion and grieve in private… :-(

    as for who’s gonna win?… predicting Tyson by only 1 or 2 votes over Gervase….im rooting for Monica to Win but im afraid she’s not getting any votes….

    1. That was great, Lostie! Thanks. He is the one guy I would really like to see win.

      By the way, you are looking hot in that Giants shirt… much cuter than Bob in his… Oh, who are they playing tomorrow… The Seahawks… get your crying towels out kids!

  7. Great job Bloggergal :!: Hope you had a great time……… Sunday should be fun! :)
    Not sure who I want to win? See you all soon…………………. :mrgreen:

  8. My thanks too, Bloggergal, for hosting and recapping the shows. I’m rooting for Ciera, but of the Big Three, I think Tyson deserves the win… followed by Monica, based on her wins. I would love to see Laura get to the end. It would be interesting if Ciera and Monica made it to the end.

    A question… Do you think they will ever go back to final two… I’ve never liked final three.

    1. I agree Ted. I also liked Survivor better with a final two instead of three. I think Tyson and Gervase are between a rock and a hard place for I believe if they take Monica to the final three, she will win. I would love to see Ciera win and who knows, she just might be able to pull it off, although she has only won the one challenge.

    2. Hey Ted I look okay in my NYG shirt! But you are right Lostie ♥ is a Hot Giants Fan! …………………… :mrgreen:

  9. Im surprised that Katie did the CBS AfterShow…i guess we will see her and Tina on Sunday’s reunion show after all….Parvati did a great Aftershow with Katie, they covered alot of stuff… including the loss of her brother…’s the Link…

    @Ted…Thank u for the compliment… as for the G-Men, this just wasnt our year but watch out, we will be back… :-)

  10. My Jury votes speculation:

    Aras: Gervase
    Vytas: Tyson
    Caleb: Monica
    Katie: Tyson
    Tina: Gervase
    Laura: Gervase
    Hayden: Tyson
    Ciera: Tyson

    Let’s see if im right…. :-)

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