Tyson Takes the TItle of Sole Survivor

Well, last night put another season of Survivor in the can.  By now I’m sure you all have watched or at least read what happened.  I’m not going to go through with a recap.  I really thought Monica was pulling in the votes at the end, until Hayden asked her that last question.  Then, when she got testy, the real Monica Culpepper came out and she was pretty much finished.  It was a good story.  Poor me…poor Monica…just Brad’s wife and so and so’s mother.  If that is true, then whose fault was that?  It surely isn’t reason to win Survivor.

Gervase could pretend all he wanted, but Tyson was the leader in that group from the very start.  You have to give Tyson credit, he did find the HII twice AND then he won when he needed to.  I have to admit, I’m very rarely happy at the end of any of the Reality shows. I always feel like it could have and should have gone a different way.

So there you have it, Tyson is the newest sole Survivor.  I will try to get in touch with my source later on today for some inside scoops.  If I get them, I’ll blog again.  Please don’t forget about Reality Rally.  It’s a great event for a great cause.  I’ll blog about it prior to the event.

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  1. To me, the biggest Shocker was when Hayden didnt get to the Final 4…after we heard from BB Elissa last August that he had made F4 in Survivor, we were all expecting it…but she came close..

    Too bad there was No Fan Favorite…for sure Hayden would’ve won it…i guess CBS needed the money for Dimple’s salary, lol…

    Im surprised that Gervase got 0 votes but after that Final Tribal, the winner was so Obvious…i know everyone will be Happy to see next season will be all Newbies for a change… :-)

    1. Tyson has been on there 3 times. I’m tired of seeing the same ones over and over and over. I agree that it will be nice to see new faces.

    1. Without a doubt, DonnaP. I was surprised how well Hayden played, even though he couldn’t win a comp to save his life. He impressed me with his interviews and performance at tribal. I’m sure we’ve not heard the last of him. Maybe on a future Survivor.

  2. i was glad the sprint show with crying Survivors was not part of this series. No burning of the voted out Survivors and no most popular player? Wasup?

    1. I was upset that there was no memory walk! That’s always my favorite part of the finale. I love seeing everyone who was voted out and hearing their often bitter thoughts about how things went.

  3. If they had awarded “most popular player” during the finale, who do you guys think would have won? I didn’t like her but I know CIera had a lot of fans. I would have ended up voting for Hayden.

    Also — poor Kat! A lot of people have been making fun of her on twitter and suggesting that she may have been under the influence of something but I think she was just having a Kat moment. Kat, herself, says that she was running a very high fever during the reunion show.

    That said, it’s undeniably sad that she thinks she has to get a boob job to hold onto Hayden. Girl needs to get some confidence in herself.

    1. She is pretty insecure, which showed on the show. I’m surprised CBS didn’t figure out some way to show her off. It was a pretty awkward moment. I’ve always liked Kat, I hope Hayden takes care of her. He is certainly aware of what he needs to do, evidenced by his remarks on one of the episodes. He’s a good guy, and looked pretty spiffy all cleaned up.

  4. Thanks Bloggergal for the rewind. Yep, Tyson won and he deserved it but I still don’t like him at all. Poor Nat takes a beating from us but geez, she’s so needy and has no confidence whatsoever. Boobs won’t give it to you either sweetie.

    Looking forward to Beauty vs Brains vs Brawn too. Could it be Penny, Sheldon & Batman (or Frodo??) LOL

  5. Out of the three I think Tyson was the right one to win! I can’t wait to see new people on the next show… Happy Holidays Everyone! See you soon ♥………….. :mrgreen:

  6. I couldn’t get over that the girls/women in the game didn’t try to work together early in the game & just got voted out one by one.

    1. That shocked me too. I was sure that the girls would get together and take out some of those Alpha Males but instead, they all just lay down for Tyson.

      And that’s something I would never do because, seriously, Tyson …. BLEH!

  7. Did it bother anyone else that Colton was allowed to sit up on stage for the reunion and be snarky, despite the fact that he’s now quit the show twice for no apparent reason beyond being a spoiled brat? Considering how scornful Jeff Probst has been in the past towards people who have voluntarily left the show for medical or family reasons, it was a bit odd seeing Colton sitting up there.

    Oh well, at least he got booed by the audience.

    1. Not at all. He had to be there for his partner. His quitting was just part of the show and made for some good drama. But, I don’t think I would have acknowledged him much if I were host.

  8. I think that was the most easy going jury questioning I’ve ever seen, as no one seemed angry. I grew tired of Monica and her I’m doing this for me, so I can be somebody. Grow up girl, you live in a huge home in an exclusive neighborhood and your family is worth millions. Tyson was the only choice out of what was available, but I think Monica would have had a better outcome if she worked with Hayden,Ciera and Katie.

    I hope to never see Colton’s nasty self on T.V. again, even though he’d be a perfect BB player.

    1. I agree, Keith. But it was kind of a different Survivor than we’ve seen before. There wasn’t the animosity of shows past. I think there was a lot of respect for Tyson’s gameplay, as evidenced in the vote. I agree about Monica. I think she was probably not an easy person to be on the island with, but that being said, it makes people crazy. I thought that was very interesting what Tyson said about sleep. I think they had to edit Monica that way to try and make her interesting since she got to final three. She should have jumped ship with Hayden and Ciera, so showed she wasn’t such a great game player.

      Big Brother is Colton’s kind of show… but I’d don’t think he’d last long. It would drive all the BB Nuts crazy! And I’d love that!

  9. I was glad to see Tyson win, although I was rooting for Ciera. Can’t believe Monica had a vote! She just didn’t seem to be a very nice person. She came across to me as being ENTITLED!

    Great job Bloggergal. I enjoyed all your write ups. See you in February!

    Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    1. I’ll Ditto everything Betty just said… especially about Bloggergal! Thank you, Caroline. Waiting to hear your inside scoops… and Good Luck with your rally.

  10. The best person won. I’ve always liked Tyson, because he is snarky. He did not have a clear plan on what he was doing the first two times, but he sure as hell did this time! Right down to sneaking food to stat nourished. I thought that was a great move on his part and the first time they showed it, I knew he might win. I wish Rachel had stayed longer on the show. They make a nice couple. I was surprised how emotional he got, and at first thought it was faked… but I don’t think so. His reaction during the reading of the votes was surprising.

    I didn’t line Ciera at first, but grew to like her and was rooting for her at the end. If we have to see returning players, and All-Star games are fun, I hope she will be back.

    Obviously Sprint pull their sponsorship out and there was no “Letters from Loved Ones” segment via cellphone… which was great, because I’ve always disliked how manipulative that was of the players and the viewers. Apparently CBS can’t afford to have a Fan Favorite unless it’s sponsored. I think Ciera would have won. And no one was driving Chevy Avalanches thru the jungle while drinking Coke or Bud Lite, or chopping down bamboo with a Home Depot chainsaw. Can anyone think of any product placement this season? I found it kind of nice, but I’m not against it… just nice not to have it shoved in your face.

    They broke with tradition with a few things, like the Torches Lisa mentioned. I always thought it boring, with them having to think of something nice to say about the dearly departed. No Bonfires on the Beach as they left for the last time. No ‘Letters from Home’. No helping out poor villagers.

    I missed the reward challenges and rewards… due to RI. I hope Redemption Island goes away for awhile, although for this season it worked. I want to go back to Final Two. I think that makes for a much more dramatic show. Can anyone remember a final three when it wasn’t a landslide?

    Did anyone see Ponderosa this time… five star resort. I don’t think they were anywhere too remote in the Philippines, but it sure was beautiful and I loved the animal and insect shots.

    Looking forward to the next show and counting days till Feb. I like Lisa will be rooting for Beauty!

    1. Also, for some reason, I have a feeling that Vytas and Aras will show up on a future season of The Amazing Race. I can just see it now.

      Cut to: Phil standing at the pit stop with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Aras and Vytas step up to the mat.

      Sarkozy: Bienvenue à Paris!

      Aras: Namaste.

      Vytas: Whatever.

      Phil: Aras and Vytas, I’m afraid you are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated from the race.

      Aras: It was totally worth it to spend time with my brother.

      Phil: That’s a good attitude, Aras.

      Vytas: Yeah, everybody loves Aras because he’s the golden boy and Vytas is just the screw up…

      Sarkozy: Arrêter de se plaindre.

  11. My goodness, CBS pissed me off so much with their allowing cheating on Big Brother, I not only missed the rest of that shows season, but also the whole season of The Amazing Race and the whole season of Survivor. I just haven’t been watching anything on CBS. Just totally lost interest in CBSs competition shows after that cheating incident.

  12. i found more Info for Season 28:

    Brains buff colors will be Orange
    Brawns buff colors will be Purple
    Beauty buff colors will be Green

    and each Tribe will have 6 Newbies

  13. Interesting cast. Is there a start date? I’m assuming it’ll be late Feb. when the Olympics are finished.

    1. ur right Keith… :-)

      Survivor* start date *Wed Feb 26 8-10pm… 2 Hour Premiere

      also for TAR their All-Stars Premiere is
      Sun Feb 23rd 8-9pm


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    1. Thank you for letting us know… enjoy ur break…as long as we know u will be Back and not DIED, lol… :-)

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