Sacrifice safety and pride for doughnuts

Survivor is down to the final eight and with 2 tribals to get us down to the final six! Will the strong alliance of six make it to the final six?

Let’s see!

Start with tree mail and yep…2 tribals. Immunity and some info up for grabs. This is your typical survivor style endurance comp. Each survivor needed to stand on a pyramid in the middle of the water and it would get more difficult as they would be standing on smaller foot holds. (never mind the wind and the rocking on the water)

Erik and Eddie jump out right away for doughnuts and milk. And 15 minutes later Cochran jumped off and grabbed a cold soda and some hot dogs! I liked how NO ONE thought it was a good idea…but I think he was smart to do it.

They all got to the top and one by one each one fell. Dawn then Sherri then Reynold! The survivors who were out celebrated since they want to vote him out as the biggest threat.

It was Andrea vs. Brenda for the rest of the time. They tried to deal and both wanted to FIGHT for it. They both wanted it so bad they wanted it to make it even more difficult by standing on one foot. Brenda fell and Andrea won…but did she want it so bad that it cost her trust which is GOLD in this game.

The info was for a hidden immunity idol which Andrea shared the clue with everyone and they all found it and Andrea got to keep it. Yeah for her….

Lots of talk about blindsides and trust at tribal. …and Malcolm comes up and flaunts his long hair and clean teeth. Funny moment but whatever…he is on the jury now and cannot talk for a few more weeks.

Well time to vote. It goes down like this…
Eddie 2
Reynold 4
Sherri 1
Erik 1

Not 100% sure the logic behind it but yes…they got their man. Reynold is gone.

One more immunity idol challenge…push your cone on the rope and unlock a box and do a ladder puzzle….you know. The norm!

Erik rocked it…he had his ladder together before anyone had 1/2 of theirs and easily wins immunity. He will NOT be giving this up and then promptly getting voted out! #BBBloggerGuarentee

Back to camp, and people are plotting their fate. Andrea is feeling confident and they want to blind side Brenda. Andrea wants Eddie to come with to the final 3 so people felt she was a threat. Good thing she has the hidden immunity idol.

Back at tribal council, more talk, more talk, more talk, and one AMAZING mustache by Reynold! More game play and more final 3 talk. Let’s jump to the vote…

Brenda 2
Eddie 2
Andrea 3

Guess what….ANDREA DID NOT PLAY THE IDOL! She walks out with a nice souvenir! She goes…Awww you guys that’s good, that’s really good! Walks out dejected…and scene! (I miss her already…she is beautiful. (PS: Andrea…call me!))

And that wraps up this episode and blog. What do you think of our final 6? Are you happy with the way it all shook down? Who deserves the win? Erik, Eddie, Cochran, Brenda, Dawn or Sherri?

Thanks for being here with Bloggergal and myself. We love you guys and hope you enjoy our little slice of Survivor fever! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts on this weeks show and if there is anything you would like us to change on the blog. We are already talking about changing some things for the next season and even as soon as next month with some sweet changes. Hope you all are ready for some more summer fun. Talk with you all soon!

Peace, BBBlogger

29 thoughts on “Sacrifice safety and pride for doughnuts”

  1. Malcolm was my favorite and I was so upset when he left but now I am going for Eddie but Renold was my backup. I feel bad for Renold and Eddie because their backs were against the wall since day 1. So go EDDIE!!!!

  2. I love Andrea and Brenda’s tenacity on that challenge! Sorry to see Andrea go. Why not a bold move and eliminate Cochran who is orchestrating everything just for his final three benefit? Are the others so dim witted they can’t figure anything out? Really not enjoying this season. And really tired of the fan/favorite concept. Do something new with this show, inmyho

    1. I agree with you. I am getting tired of it too. It will have to take something to get me back into it again.

    2. Be careful of what you ask for. With 2 seasons on Big Brother and 1 season on the Amazing Race, they can always toss team Brachael onto Survivor and talk themselves into thinking they are doing something new.

    3. Haha! Then they would lose me for sure. I just think it is kind of sad survivor had turned into mostly the social game. I loved watching the players who could actually “survive.” Someone smart and social and physical – like JT – Was much more interesting for me to watch. And I may even have the name wrong, so why listen to me. Just my opinion

  3. Well can Eddie make it one more week? the previews make it look like Cochran is on the bubble, hope Eddie finds a hidden immunity idol AND wins immunity. Now that would be a great blind side, give away the earned immunity then at the last minute pull out the hidden immunity idol hehehehe

  4. Okay, I could NOT WAIT for this blog cuz I was dying to see if anyone else thought Reynold looked like some kinda porn star from the 70’s!!!!!! What the heck? Did he lose a bet??? Too funny, I had a hard time paying attention on tribal cause of that stache! And who else thinks Malcolm should be contacted by the I Can’t Believe Its Butter ad agency???
    Loved the blindside of Andrea! that girl was getting a little too cocky for me and why why why is Sherri still there? If she goes to final 3 I totally think she could take it…..and I guess Dawn’s loyalty to Brenda was short lived after the whole teeth incident….she didn’t stick up for her when her name was passed around at all…

    1. Dawn did stay loyal by getting others to vote Andrea but to keep Andrea FEELING safe she couldnt say anything

  5. I could not stop laughing when Andrea was blindsided! Can’t believe she did not become paranoid and use the immunity idol…too funny!! I liked her until she tried to back stab Brenda (my favorite). Sorry to see Reynold go, but the writing was on the wall.

  6. Does any one know why they can’t fish this season? They are hungry but no one is collecting mussels or crabs. Whats the deal?

  7. Too bad for Andrea as she was playing a great game. Too much confidence and pulling the trigger too soon spells doom on survivor, as she now knows for the second time. Her eagerness to blindside a alliance member while there was still an outsider caused too many radars to go off simultaneously. I really think Cochran will make it to at least the final immunity challenge, but him making the finals would depend on him winning the last immunity. For the final three, as of now I’ve got Brenda, Dawn and Sherri or Cochran.

  8. It was Karma, Eric actually found the immunity idol and Andrea crabbed it from him and Eric said nada. Cockran even said hasn’t he learned from his mistakes? So my point, it was karma that Andrea had the idol, didn’t play it, then get’s voted off!

    1. I too didn’t understand why Erik gave it to her. :shock: Didn’t he learn anything from the last time he was on? Stupid move again on his part!!

    2. I think Erick gave Andrea the immunity idol because she was right there and she had shared the clue with all of them. Just guessing.

  9. The Odds:
    Depending on the type of challenges and if anyone can find the next hidden idol. The next challenge may be a pairing with a relative, which means whoever has the best team mate could win the next immunity.
    Cochran: 3 – 1
    Eddie: 3 – 1
    Erik: 5 – 1
    Brenda: 25 – 1 votes!
    Dawn: 50 – 1
    Sherrie: 5 – 1
    Jus gotta wait and see who partners up for!

  10. The first immunity challenge, when I saw it was a balancing act, I knew there would be an 80% chance a woman would win just because of the difference between the center o balance between men and women – back luck for Reynold there. I understand Andrea and Brenda wanting to fight it out, but you know what? As they are standing there for 3 hours, the rest of the players are watching and saying, “Wow, these two are real big threats!” So really, it’s no big wonder one of them went home and the fact that Cochran trusted Brenda more made the decision easier. The game will definitely get interesting from here. I’m going to dream of spiders tonight thanks to you Reynold!!!

  11. Great update BBBlogger and looking forward to those “sweet changes.”

    Loved the show. Never did like Reynold or his cronies who were the “cool group” just like they were in high school. I’m paraphrasing but one of the original four actually said something like that. So, I wasn’t sad to see him go. Eddie seems to get it finally and is playing for himself. Still not a fan.

    Thrilled that Andrea is gone and I agree with Betty. I especially wanted her gone when she jumped the gun and targeted Brenda. Moving too fast for this game sweetie and got you and your idol gone. Buh bye.

    I hope they don’t evict Cochran. I am enjoying the show but I agree with Lu that the fan/fav schtick needs a facelift.

    1. Hi Starfish

      I agree, Cochran is playing a good game. I was so happy that he persuaded his alliance to vote against Andrea.

      I think most everyone here is tired of CBS bringing former contestants back. I hope we see all new people in the next Survivor.

    2. I agree that they need to quit bringing back players. Bring on some newbies. That way they have to guess at who will be good alliances rather than just favorites siding together against the newbies. Also, I’m tired of seeing the same old faces. BTW, am I the only one who is absolutely sick of Dawn already? GET HER OUT PLEASE!

  12. How about a Survivor series where we the fans vote, just like American Idol. It would be fun to watch!

    1. It would make it a lot more enjoyable. I’m so sick of idiots on there. Cochrane really needs to go. His cockiness is starting to irritate the heck out of me. When will any of them learn.


  14. Just a quick overview….I was ready to ignore the whole business when they came up with the old, and, I mean OLD Fans and Faves saw…but, I watched since I have been a fan since the show first aired. I kept threatening to quit until they voted off “FILLUP”! Gotta say it started to get interesting.
    No real complaints since except for Malcom, (my sister would disagree)…I understood, but, wanted him to stay even though he really didn’t start to play the game early enough. Cochran, well, I’m not really a fan of his, but, he seems to be able to work his tribe doesn’t he?? He seems to have a pretty solid Alliance, but, this Sunday will tell. I was tickled pink to see Andrea go to the Jury! I do think that Sherry and Dawn should have been there to welcome her though. Gotta say that I would really like to see Brenda take the check home. She is and has been a solid little player and has made few if any mistakes…I like her game!

  15. Sorry it took me awhile to realize there were comments pending. Once you have your first comment approved, you are good to go…so keep on commenting!

  16. First time writer, long long time reader. I think the one who screwed up the most
    and could have changed the whole game was Sherri. Her winning is a no brainer
    She should have hooked up with the 3 Amigo’s and got Erick to go with her she
    might have had a better chance. it would have been a whole new ball game.

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