She had a ship worm mustache

Hey Survivor Blog faithful! Welcome back to your favorite blog in the world! SURVIVOR BLOG and this week is sure to NOT disappoint.

With Bloggergal out playing with all of our favorite reality tv starts out in California, she has left the blogging responsibility up to BBBlogger. God help us everyone…

We start off with a show that promises a merge and a blindside (at least that is what the tv promos kept saying) so we start with the merge. Now I have to admit, they can only do so much to make it dramatic…but no more Bikal and Gota tribes. Let us introduce you to the new tribe, MALCOLM’S BACKWARDS MOTHER! Yes. Malcolm named the tribe Enil Edam. Why you might ask? Well it is because Enil Edam backwards is Madeline who is indeed Malcolm’s mother’s name. Egotistical? Clever? Dumb? I little of all 3 I would suggest! Anyway…for the rest of the show the tribe is basically Malcolm’s mom!

So the first challenge for individual immunity is a classic survivor eating competition. Basically a lot of fun faces, a lot of near vomit incidents and even a ship worm mustache on Andrea! When Jeff said that I physically laughed from my gut…so funny! The challenge ended with Cochran vs Malcolm. No one thought Cochran had a chance and he was no threat…well that boy can EAT! He ate his way straight to the first individual immunity. He won and then did a little rocky jog, hands in the air celebration dance. If anyone else would have done that it would have been GAME OVER for them…but when Cochran does it…it is cute and good for him. I think he is going to go far without winning anything else…ever!

So now everyone scrambles and plots. Alliance vs. Alliance. Lots of hatred for Phillip but it ends up being Sherri vs. Corinne with what it looks like is Erik is the swing vote…and Erik makes sure that Corinne is gone. The vote ends up being 7 to 5 and Corinne is left with a snuffed torch. I loved the smirks of Sherri (as if she had anything to do with it) and the worried face of Malcolm.

So that is what I saw happen…what did you see? Is your favorite still in or are you sad because they too are gone.

Only 11 are left…tell us what you are loving about this season so far and what you are not.

Here is next week’s preview….

Looks like Malcolm is not happy that he was not featured ENOUGH last weekend and WAIT A SECOND…did that preview actually show Andrea starting to develop feelings for Eddie. I think I might be a little jealous. Andrea sure is a cutie! (BBBlogger note…call me cutie…I am waiting by my cell!)

Love you all, hope I did Bloggergal proud!

Peace, BBBlogger

21 thoughts on “She had a ship worm mustache”

  1. You did good. At least in my opinion. I saw it about the same as you did but I don’t get what the heck is the matter with Dawn. I used to like her but she has just turned into Philip’s little snitch. I kept hearing her say “that was the mistake I made last time”. No, not really. Last time she had outlived her usefulness and wasn’t valuable enough so she was gone. I believe the other members will realize what she is doing and she will be gone soon. As far as Phillip, he will never be Boston Rob no matter how hard he tries. I am so past being sick of him. I know the other players see what an arrogant blow hard he is but nobody stands up to him. Are you kidding me? They all sound like they don’t want him to the boss but they just keep letting him. Please dump him and Dawn right behind him.

  2. Now this season is starting to get good!! I’m so glad Corinne is gone, she has such an acidic personality and it’s like getting hit in the face with hydrochloric acid and lye at the same time. The best part is she didn’t make the jury. I wouldn’t take Dawn too litely this time around as she and Cochran are setting themselves up for a nice long run it looks like to me. I’m thinking that Eddie and Reynold are not long for this game and Eddie might be gone next.

    You did a fine job filling in for the gal!

  3. Looked to me as if Corinne was going to be successful in getting Sherri voted off. Why not let that happen? Corinne couldn’t wait a day to start talking to dawn, and that may have been her undoing. Timing is everything. I actually thought Corinne was spot on when she was saying everyone join together to get Sherri off, but then Corinne blew it

  4. They won’t vote out Phillip for a while – he keeps the numbers on the favorites sides. He seems to vote okay – as long as they can make him think it is his idea. I don’t see anybody really thinking he is ‘leader’ they all just act like they listen – but pay no real attention. He is good for the numbers, so he might be around for a while – and will be easy to get out when they need to. Can’t think of who you ‘like’ gotta think of who will do what is needed to get to the end.. with him gone I think the ‘studs’ would try to take charge.. … we shall see….

  5. I agree with hr56 about Dawn and Philip, I do not understand why he has not been voted off especially since the jury cast-offs should be soon.
    Who would have thought that Cochran was able to win that challenge and did so with a big grin on his face, I never saw him make a face at anything….there is no way I could have pulled that off..
    BBBloger you did a great job filling in!!!!!
    Hope next week will see Philip going home.


  6. At first this didn’t look good for Malcolm….but it’s perfect. He can heal wounds and rally everyone around voting off Phillip, then turn on the frat brats. It’s Malcolm, Dawn and Andrea in the end. You heard it here first.

    1. I don’t see Malcolm making it this time, either… I think Phillip’s crew will try to get rid of him the first chance they can, as he is too strong in individual challenges, as is Reynold… they will give him the boot. They both have idols, of course, so we will see what will happen. Malcolm, however, is the smart one of that pair and will be hard to get rid of.

  7. I like Dawn. As a person. I don’t know as a player who knows how we’d act? we see so little of what really goes on. I’m sure Philip gets on her nerves but he’s useful, for now. He’s nuts but he’s playing well as far as winning here and there. I guess i’m kinda bored wit the show..i find myself doing other things when it comes on. I’m tired of the pretty boys…………they’re ok to look at but they’re young. i can’t believe what they had to eat. i wouldn’t have done it. i almost puked just watching it.

  8. I’m sad to see my favorite Survivor get the boot… I knew the moment they showed her making the blindside comment, it would be her getting blindsided. Sick of Dawn and her crying, she is pathetic this time… I think she thinks she can ride to the finals with Phillip and he will have no chance of getting a vote, like last time. Nice to see an episode without 35 minutes of Phillip… I’m sure that will change next week. Loved that Cochran won a challenge… real determination there. And loved his Victory Dance. I would NOT have wanted to be in that challenge. I’m sure Betty would have done well. Be interesting to see what the ‘boy’s alliance’ does now.

  9. I agree with you and most of the others about both Dawn and Corinne. With the exception of the comments their Moms must have made in here favoring them most all could see neither of them have learned from past experience when to keep
    Their mouths shut. That did in Corinne and will ultimately do in Dawn as well. As we were watching of course like so many others we were warning Corrine NOT to talk to Dawn as we had seen how she ran crying to Phillip
    The first time and Cochran last night. Speaking of Cochran I’m becoming quite enamored with someone I once termed a weasel(Ozzie would agree ) but he is a very intelligent man and we finally are seeing him in the proper light. As a true fan of the show I can now see where he is coming from and why he seems so excited to be there. I’ll be pulling for him (and Malcolm ) to make it to the end. Now that would be an awesome finale !! You heard that here first too!! If Malcolm can squeak past the obvious weakness in his alliance that is? Apparently being on Phillips bad side is fatal(who woulda thunk it?) but lets hope his days are numbered!! Thanks so much for filling in BB , is be lost without my weekly chance to vent. Bert

  10. Corinne played to hard to fast. She should’ve agreed to vote out Sherri (who’s botox makes it difficult to read her) and kept her alliance. Push too hard in paranoia-land and you gotta go. It’ll be Cochran at the end.

  11. Phillip drives me nuts. He is so belligerently arrogant. He has zero chance of winning so if I were there I guess I would keep him around and let him dig his own grave. That is what Cochran is doing. He is a smart guy.

    I loved that he beat both Phillip in round two and Malcolm in round three by nano-seconds. It’s true he is the only person who could have gotten away with that little victory dance – so good on him.

    Corrine was unwise. I don’t think she should have gone just yet. The show needs a counterbalance to Phillip’s insanity, but she spoke to the wrong people. While I like Cochran, I am finding myself really disliking Dawn, his ally. She is in Phillip’s back pocket and that makes her very unlikable in my opinion.

    Earlier in the show I thought Phillip was actually playing a fairly good game, but his insanity has taken full hold and he has become insufferable again. Now I long for the moment that he gets snuffed out. I seriously do not want to see him in the final three no matter how good that is for the other finalists. I see Phillip as a villain, so if they ever do a heroes vs villains show Phillip should be put on the side of the villains. He is just as bad as the Hantz boys, just in a different way.

    I don’t mind Reynold or Eddie. They seem to be likable boys. I actually like Reynold better than Eddie if I had to choose. The fact that they are in danger keeps their egos in check. Maybe that is why they don’t irritate me. Sherri sits wrong with me. I was mentioning to my daughter during tribal council that she is the only woman there with makeup on. Where did she get all the makeup? Aren’t they living rough? Somehow when you are in a situation that requires you to focus on survival and cunning, to be taking time to put eye-liner and mascara on just seems all sorts of wrong. Eh- whatever. She won’t last long.

    My favorites for final three at this point are Cochran, Malcolm and Reynold.

  12. It’s kind of funny, (my keyboard is acting up and misses a beat, so if I’m a letter short, forgive me) but when they went to Dawn, I immediately thought, wrong person. I think Cochran would have been the very best choice. Loved that he won the immunity challenge and his victory dance! But it made him safe for this vote, not only that, but he has shown how he is a stable and smart thinker. He immediately identified Erik as the swing vote. The kid is not dumb. His being safe gave him the advantage of being able to rationalize things in a logical manner which would have made him the best choice of someone to go to. Also, we know Cochran is not afraid to make a big move when he knows it will benefit him. Don’t be stupid and add Sherri into the mix who is someone who is afraid for their life in the game and you have the numbers. But timing really matters in this game, I agree with Lu bru, the smartest thing to have done was to keep a new alliance secret until you knew your numbers were stable and vote down the competition. How much longer with the rein of the pink underwear last?!!!

  13. I thougt of this from another angle since I made my last post last night. What a stupid waste of a blindside! They are playing individual games now, the smartest move would have been to take out one of the strong players like Malcolm, Reynold or Eddie. The first two choices would have also bumped an idol out of the game. They all felt so safe. Phillip plays this game just as emotionally as Dawn, which make them both awful players. In this game, you should show very little negative emotion and let no one know when things are getting you down. No one should know you hate someone else in the game, unless everyone hates that player. But do show emotion when the team wins and also when you receive message from home to show the other players you are human.

  14. I just hope this is the last game for a while they bring back returning players for a while – at least a few seasons. I am getting so tired of seeing returning players dominate and control the game through an entire season. YES, WE GET IT, THEY HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE SO THEY USUALLY WIN – IT’S BOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG!

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