Survivor Blood vs Water is One Week Away!

With Big Brother winding down, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the 27th season of Survivor.  Think about that…27 seasons!!!

I know a lot of you aren’t happy about it, but once again Survivor will be bringing back past contestants.  There are some interesting characters returning so it should make for good TV.  I don’t agree with bringing back the money winners though.

The idea behind this season is that Survivor past contestants will be pitted against a family member, a spouse or a partner.  Will they vote each other off?  Will they turn on each other?  Will marriages break up over this?  We shall see!

It will be fun to watch Rupert return to Survivor.  When I think of Survivor, I always think of him.  He’s what I think a Survivor contestant should be.  Then totally on the other end of the spectrum, we have Colton.  I didn’t like him the first time and I won’t like him this time either.  I really think that he is just putting on a big act, but after this season of Big Brother, I’m not up for it.

The show premieres Wednesday, September 18th.  In the meantime, you can check out the entire cast by clicking the link or watch it below.

Stay tuned…Bloggergal

77 thoughts on “Survivor Blood vs Water is One Week Away!”

  1. Welcome Back Bloggergal. I won’t be able to watch the premiers until Friday but I’m so looking forward to this season. Should be a good one. We’ll see if Rupert’s wife will ever write down his name. Bets anyone??? :)

  2. Well… look who’s back! Yea!!! Even a few familiar faces above! Yea again!

    I have no problem with those that have won before. Like saying someone shouldn’t win because they have money of their own… are just needy people the only ones who should compete??? I think there is more to Survivor, and any of these shows, than just a way to win money.

    As far as Rupert goes, I really like him and have enjoyed watching him play, but he has become a tired old act, and he has always been putting on an act, after the first show… but one with heart… the greatest moment of Survivor for me was when he stole the shoes in Panama. I will enjoy seeing his wife and yes, she will write his name down if she has to. I’m sure it was an interesting and difficult casting job… with past people chosen, not because of who they were, but for who they could bring with them. I think we will be seeing a very savvy group of people who know how Survivor is played. I like all the new people and predict one them will win.

    It will be fun to see Hayden on Survivor, and I think he will do well. I was glad to see he and Kat are dating… she is a sweetheart. Remember how hard she took getting evicted… it broke my heart. I’ve always thought Laura was very sexy and glad to see her return. Her daughter is well spoken and I think will be a good competitor, as will
    Tina’s daughter and Gervase’s niece.

    On the subject of Colton. He was entertaining at first, but turned so mean and ugly. He was not a nice person. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and I look forward to seeing if he has matured and changed any. Won’t take long to tell. His fiancée seems nice and level-headed, so there must be something redeeming about Colton… oh wait, I shudder to think.

    I am not wild about Redemption Island, in fact I hated it. Once you are out, you are out. But, if people can replace their ‘loved one’ with themselves, and that’s really taking a big chance, then it might add an interesting twist. I am willing to see what happens.

    Can’t wait till next Wednesday!!! Survivor and Big Brother all on one night! Go GinaMarie!

    1. I agree you Ted. It should be a good season, but I too don’t like them bringing back Redemption Island. I always liked Hayden, and I hope he does well. Wednesday can’t come fast enough!!

    2. Ted — I’m curious to see if Colton is going to try to redeem himself here or if he’s going to try to play the whole villain card again. It’s kinda hard to judge how good a player he is because his season was not one of Survivor’s best. (Any season that features Tarzan making it as far as he did has to be considered a weak season.)

      I wasn’t a huge fan of Redemption Island in the past but it sounds like they might be doing something interesting with it this time.

    3. I kind of like Redemption Island. But only when there was someone I didn’t want to see leave on there. If I didn’t mind seeing them leave then I didn’t like Redemption Island. I guess it kind of gives them a chance to play to stay. It will be interesting to see how this year goes. Can’t wait.

  3. This should be fun. I don’t know how you get family to turn on each other in a situation like this. If Evil Dick and Danny could work together on Big Brother and in the end have each other’s backs, then blood has to be thicker than water. They didn’t even start out friends…..or did they?

    1. I would guess that maybe the idea of winning the money is so appealing that they figure one of them needs to win it no matter who they have to throw under the bus.

  4. Welcome back Bloggergal…it’s so good to see that you will be doing the Survivor blog again.

    I too will have to tape the premier on Wednesday night. It will probably be the first time ever I didn’t get to watch the season opener.

    Glad to see Hayden is returning, along with Rupert. It should be fun to see them all back….maybe some, not so much. Also glad to see some old friends back here too.

  5. Ok, saving my place!!

    It’s been fun watching some old seasons, man the first one was so much more sedate than how it is now. I’m still a bit confused by the whole redemption island/swapping tribes bit, but I’m sure it’ll make sense eventually.:-!

  6. This season has great potential. Gotta love Rupert’s wife. Hope she wins.
    Please don’t show Colton and his fiance spooning.
    We all know Tina shouldn’t have won season 2 (dumb and too nice Colby
    gave it away) and I think she will be a good teacher for her daughter.
    Katie has a chance. Tyson is a smart guy and fairly good at comps so
    here’s my picks.

    Tyson to win
    Katie to place
    Laura to show

    Good luck to all of them

  7. Hey Bloggergal….Welcome back! We missed you all summer!!!
    I’m not a huge Survivor fan and don’t go way back so the …what do we call them..contestants???….won’t seem like retunees to me!!
    I did like Hayden…even predictd his BB win…so I will be rooting for him at least!
    Afetr a miserably disappointing BB,I’m actually kind of looking forward to Survivor this year!!! ;)

  8. Rupert’s always gotten on my nerves, to be honest. He’s always seemed a bit full of himself. Interesting bit of Rupert trivia: did you know that he ran for governor of Indiana last year? Needless to say, he didn’t win which, I supposed, freed him up to do another season of Survivor.

    As for the rest, I could definitely do without Colton. I would never smile at the sight of a man screaming in pain but I have to admit that I came awfully close when he had to leave the competition during One World.

    1. You weren’t the only one smiling, LM. I did not like him at all personally, but he made the game interesting. The problem with him, other than the obvious ones, was that he was very conscious of the camera at all times, and was performing rather than living the Survivor life. I think he went overboard with many things that he may have not really meant… but he did them and deep down inside those things were there.

  9. Wow. Lots of people from Big Brother. FYI – I read Lisa Marie’s blog all season. Great until the end. Didn’t post but I saw it all.

    I agree about Colton, folks. Somehow I don’t think he knows how to redeem himself. I never could stand him and his attitude. Hayden probably stands a good chance of reaching the end, IMO.

    Nice to see you too, Bobo and some of the old friends.

  10. Looking forward to a new show. I had to laugh when Jeff talked to the couples about voting the other one off and he said who he thought would write their partners names down and who wouldn’t. Kind of cracked me up.

    Actually, I liked Rupert but after seeing some people write about his cockiness, I will be watching more closely. He just kind of reminded me of a big teddy bear I guess.

    Anyway, it starts tonight and I can’t wait.

  11. I don’t know if it’s just because Big Brother’s kinda been disappointing this season or what, but I’m really excited about Survivor tonight. I really love Survivor and I think it’s because I know that, if I somehow got on that show, I wouldn’t last more than a week or two. I’m fairly confident that I could win Big Brother and I think I’d do pretty well in the Amazing Race but seriously, if I was on Survivor, I would probably end up getting taken off the island by the medical team after a week or two. Even if I haven’t always agreed with who the jury picks to name as the final survivor, I still have a lot of respect for anyone who can make it to the end of the show.

    1. I think that BB disappointments had a lot to do with it. I am looking forward to it too. I would never make it past the first week on Survivor. That stuff looks hard and dirty and hurting and hungry and a whole lot of other negative stuff I don’t want to do.

    2. LM at least you would make it to week two! I would probably be out in the first eight hours or until I saw a bug! :lol:

  12. Bloggergal, I have to say, I love this page. I really like that we can reply to someone, instead of waiting hours later and it losing something in the mix. I think this will be a great season for Survivor.

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the episode yet, but I can’t wait to see what happened.
    Hugs my friends ♥

  13. OK, what the hell was Rupert thinking? The couples twist is gonna hurt a lot of people because of the way their partner plays. Spite or worry about what the partner does may send them packing. Not to be racist but Marissa sort of showed one of those bitchy attitudes about being evicted. This going to be a tuff season.
    I think Colton is a tiger who won’t change his stripes. He is a vindictive, gay redneck!
    I like Culpepper if he can keep his mouth shut! He doesn’t need to go the leader roll!
    Gervace is in trouble in the water.
    Those immediate evictions were done to put people in Redemption Island! Rupert changing places with his wife was a bozo move IMVHO!
    ……. Let me think a bit so some more things come to my mind

    1. Colton went a little crazy while paddling the boat. Don’t think he has changed at all. Not surprising and his crying jag was a bit much. Like you said a tiger just waiting to ponch on someone and he didn’t even wait for a couple of days and competitions to play out and his true colors were showing already.

    2. Ô¿Ô: I thought it was a Bozo move for Rupert too. It surprised me. I didn’t think he would give anything to his wife. I think he maybe believed he could win on Redemption Island and she couldn’t. Don’t know that he’s right though. Nice to see you!

  14. Just finished watching Survivor and I’m so looking forward to this season. First show needless to say was very interesting :) can’t wait to next week. Have a great rest of the week everyone

  15. My head is still in BB mode as I am still watching the BY interviews. For like 2 1/2 hours now!!!lol They will be on CBS .com if anyone wants to see them.

    I’m not a seasoned Survivor watcher but it was apparent even to me that Rupert made a big mistake for his game tonight! He has played this how many other times and he didn’t see the people in his tribe shaking their heads NO at him when he went to trade places with his wife?? And if she really loved HIM, why didn’t she refuse to let him sabbotagge his game? Has Ruper ever won before?? If not, this could be the reason why. He plays emotionally, acts 1st and thinks later..if at all!!
    Also pretty obvious who was going to go out in tribal. That Gervas guy was a total JERK! He was terrible at the physical game and others saved his a$$ and then he yells and rubs it in the other teams face…where his niece is…cringing! With nothing else to go on, of course they sent her packing!

    In the previews, Colton..who, I’m sorry, but I thought was a bit of comic relief last time he was on…..said he was already sick of all the Kumbya, so I think the waterworks from earlier were a trick and he hasn’t changes a lick!! Didn’t think he had really!!lol

    It’s going to be a more emotional Survivor this year it seems. Hope it’s intense and totally engrossing. All the things BB wasn’t!!! ;)

    1. I agree with you Star on everything you said. I don’t think Gervas’ niece should have been voted out just cause her uncle was a creep or as you said, a$$. It wasn’t her fault. I guess they thought they were making a point. I don’t think so.

      This will be an interesting season.

    2. Well BB got me addicted to blogging with all of you…. so after staying away from Survivor the last serveral years… I am back to watching it — just to hang with all of you on this Blog!!!

      I am not familiar with Colton — he is a bit over the top for me and yes him yelling in the boat was a little much.

      Oh Rupert — we know you love your wife & yes you have played this game to many times… but I just don’t think that was your best move — Please prove me wrong!

    3. Bella: Colton was just mean and nasty and horrible to the other Survivors. Oh and lazy too. I’m sure you have seen the lazy part. LOL. But he really has a nasty temperament. He said in his little speech that he was trying to redeem himself. Does seem to be happening IMO.

  16. I was a bit upset to see one person from each tribe sent to Redemption Island, without having the opportunity to play. Rupert knew his wife was very excited to be there and desperately wanted to play. I was not surprised when he changed places with her. Candice had played before, so I could not blame her husband for not doing the same, but I think it might have made him look bad in the eyes of the other players. Candice worked her tail off on RI, while Rupert slept and spent a lot of time basking in the water. His plan to conserve his energy didn’t sit well with me and had he not changed places with his wife, I don’t think his laziness would have set well with his tribe members either!! No one likes a lazy player!

    Brad seems to have taken charge of the Tadhana tribe, although I don’t think the others like him too much, as he seems to be a bit pushy. I don’t think he will last too long in this game, but time will tell.

    The competition was great and I really thought the Galang Tribe would win. Katie was unless working on the puzzle, as were the other two, but she by far was the worst player and should have been sent to RI. I was a bit taken back when the tribe members voted out Marissa because Gervase celebrated winning the challenge. It didn’t make sense to me. They all have family members who have played this game before so why didn’t they vote out the weakest player?

    I didn’t believe Colton’s crocodile tears for one moment. I wanted to give him a second change, but his emotions were a little fake and over the top in my opinion.

    I think it will be a good season, but it could have been so much better had they not brought back Redemption Island.

  17. If I sign in here, will I get the daily blog from LM in my email?
    I loved how Rupert jumped up and took his wife’s place. He’s such a stand up guy!

  18. To the powers that be, may I get info for the new blog (like, where to find it???) I think I was just getting the hang of this, & found the blog/comments so much better than the show this season, I’d like to keep up w/ Survivor Blood vs Water w/ all my new “friends”. Makes the show more interesting, ’cause someone may catch something I miss. I also like to hear others’ take on things.
    Thanks to anyone for help in advance!

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