Survivor Caramoan…And Then There Were Five

Aw…the emotional family reunion episode of Survivor.  Thirty-six days without your loved one and finally he or she is on the island.  Wait…36 days?  That’s it?  Seriously, this is always the silliest episode for me.  I wonder how it makes our military families feel?  My son is away at college and I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving.  That’s a couple more days than 36. Nonetheless, the emotion that plays out always brings up a tear or two.

Okay, let’s get on with it.  Of course, everyone is all teary eyed and happy to see a family member.  Then we get to the competition for reward.  Brenda and her father win and Brenda picks Dawn and her husband to join them.  Then, here’s where it gets interesting or maybe just ridiculous.  First they are told that there is a second family member or loved one on the island.  Then, Brenda is asked to decide if she and Dawn will enjoy a picnic with their loves ones or if she will sacrifice and let the others have that pleasure.  Yep, she sacrifices and let’s the others have it.  I knew right at that moment that Brenda would be saying adios tonight, didn’t you?  It was almost too hard to watch from that point on.

The thing about Brenda giving up reward for her and Dawn is not only did she give up time with her loved ones, but also FOOD.  This should have been a reason to not make it to the end of the individual Immunity challenge, but guess what?  Yep, Dawn and Brenda are the last two standing.  Maybe the others ate and partied too much?

When it comes down to Brenda and Dawn, Dawn tries to talk Brenda into dropping, saying that Eddie is going to be voted off.  Brenda says that she dropped five minutes later to give Dawn the win, but only Brenda knows for sure.  I was wincing at this point.

Back at camp, it’s innocent little Cochran who plants the evil seed of blindsiding Brenda with Dawn and Sherri.  The others are clueless.  Votes come in and Brenda is voted off with three votes.  Ouch Brenda! It helps to remember that Survivor is a game not real life.  Brenda definitely learned this the hard way last night.

We are down to the final five…Dawn, Sherri, Cochran, Eddie and Eric.  The finale is on Mother’s Day (yep Sunday is Mother’s Day).  I do have a surprise for you though.  On Saturday night, there will be a pre-Survivor finale party and my sister along with Gillian Larson will be attending.  That means on Sunday morning (late because it’s the West Coast) I’ll be blogging about what’s happening out in Los Angeles during finale weekend with pictures!  So stay tuned…Bloggergal


11 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan…And Then There Were Five”

  1. This is the part about Survivor I hate the most and I’ll explain at towards the end. I agree, Brenda should have taken the food for herself. She didn’t and she ended up staying at camp with a distraught Dawn who has shown she is ready to break down at a moments notice and be manipulated. Did Brenda allow Dawn to win immunity, we’ll never know, but at a guess, considering how strong Brenda is, I’d give it an 80% that she did drop out of that challenge thinking Dawn would never vote against her, especially when you add in that “teeth” incident in an earlier episode. But, loyal to Brenda till the end screwed her. I do think Brenda, if she made it to the end, would have won. Okay, now to what I hate. This is the part of the show where the weak, undeserving players gang up on the players that have won all the competitions and have put in the most effort to win the game. Seriously, Sherri, Dawn and Eddie? Yes, I include Eddie who does look strong, but he really hasn’t won much, if at all. Sherri is still in this and she has to be one of, if not the weakest player who started this game on day one. Dawn was a Philip pawn through most of this game, breaking up and falling apart nearly every other week has been one of the most annoying players – again. Cochran and Eric are the two left who most deserve to win this game. They both need to with immunity or find the HII or one of them is going home, most likey Cochran; unless he can pull something off with the other remaining players. I cannot even think who would win this game if the final 3 came down to Sherri, Dawn and Eddie. The best move in this game would be to make an early alliance with a strong player, not make it obvious and have both of you make a secondary alliance with two other strong players and take each other to the end. There is actually more bonuses to this game than just winning, if you put on a good show, who knows what may happen. Even a ding-o-ling can end up with a spot on a TV show like The View ending up with way more than a taxed million bucks at the end of the day. For both Cochran and Eric, I think the best move would be for them to team up with Eddie. Their ship is sinking fast and they need a life-vest.

    LOL – 36 days. I was in the Navy and I remember being deployed away from home for 9 months. I remember not even stepping foot on dry land for periods of 50 days or more, or spending as much as 2 years without many days off living in a war zone where fried chicken and a few beers were a big deal and you were happy all your limbs were still attached.

  2. I just watched last nights episode, I wasn’t a fan Dawns game before, tonight she sealed the deal! As a faithful Survivor fan since the days of Richard H. I have never been so bitter about the results of tribal council. At this point I’m pulling for Eric and Eddie.

  3. I am not a Cochran fan, but he is playing a brilliant game. I was so sorry to see Brenda go, but she was in between a rock and a hard place. No matter what decision she made, she was doomed. Too bad she won that challenge. I would like to see Erik or Eddie win, but I don’t think either of them have a chance. Looking forward to Sunday’s show!

    1. That family challenge, it is almost a doom to win it. This one was worse than most. I didn’t want Brenda to go either, she was the best of the players that were left. Cochran is next, but I have feeling he’ll go next too. That will leave all the sucky players to fight for the million dollars. Seriously, I would rather get to the end with really good players and then fight it out than to have the sad crappy players make it to the end!

    2. Reviewing the previews I think someone will be medically evacuated, not sure, but if this is true I think it will be Erik. Cochran has Dawn and Sherri in his back pocket and unless the evacuee is one of them, Cochran will probably win!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Khan. Dawn was so loyal to Fillup and ran to him with everything but she jumped immediately to turn on Brenda. What a sleeze she is. I too can’t believe they didn’t get rid of Sherri from day one. For some reason they want to keep the weak players to have at the end and that strategy doesn’t work especially this year. Hopefully next year the players will try to win with the strong players so we, the viewers, are stuck with the “sucky” ones. :) Neither Sherri nor Dawn should even be this close to the end. Sherri had the chance to change up the game as someone said before and go with Eric and the 3 amigos. I’m so disappointed that they voted Brenda off. Winning that competition was the worst thing for her and it didn’t matter whether she took the BBQ or not, they would have voted her off because Cochran was targeting her next. I like Cochran but that move will probably be his undoing next week. Pretty disappointed this year with how the game has run it’s course.

    1. Hi Starfish,

      I was furious with Cochran, but that’s the game. Brenda was the last of the most deserving players to go! I so wanted her to win! I was a bit upset with Cochran’s mother for telling him to get rid of Brenda, but I probably would have done the same thing had I been in her place. I am beginning to wonder if it is the year of the nerds (June ’12 to June ’13), as Ian won BB and I think Cochran will win Survivor. :lol:

    2. I liked Ian, though, and I think his speech was one of the best on these shows which is also what I think won it for him. That final speech can be the most important part of this game, maybe even the most important. I’ve seen it sway people who would have voted against a person instead vote for them at the end of one of those speeches. You want to sound like you are deserving of the win, that you were an awsome competitor, a leading, commanding personality and a great socialite, but at the same time not come across as a monkey’s butt.

    3. I liked Ian for the win and yes, his speech was one of the best! He pulled it off and deserved the win!

  5. One of the things about all of these games I don’t like and it seems to be becoming a trend is pitting experienced players against new players. With maybe a few exceptions, we’ve seen time and time again that the experienced players usually win or come very close to winning. The new players are lucky if the make it to the end and usually, like with Sherri, they are only there because they are pawns with absolutely no chance of winning unless God himself shows up and provides a miracle in their favor! How many times do we have to see a gang of returning players team up to kick the crap out of a group of floundering newbies to understand that yes, the returning players have the advantage since they’ve done all of this before? I so much want to see this game and others played with all new players. I think the worst of them was on BB where they not only brought back returning players, but brought them back in teams of two, boyfriend/girlfriend, father/daughter, husband/wife and team Brachael won the game – seriously, did anyone ever think that that game would not be won by one of the returning player-teams and not a newbie? Returning players should play against returning players, or be put at a big disadvantage by only having two of them in the game allowing the newbies to decide whether or not to keep them around and possibly cut their own thoats like they did keeping Boston Rob in the game.

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