Survivor Caramoan…Are you with the Fans or the Favorites?

So what did you think of the premier of Survivor Fans versus Favorites?  Personally, I’m conflicted because I love some of those Survivor Favorites, but I always cheer for the underdog, so I would love to see the Fans do well.

A competition was held immediately upon landing on Caramoan.  The winning team gets flint and beans.  It was a physical comp that just came down to who out-muscled who.  The Fans have Shamar.  He’s an ex-Marine and Iraq war veteran.  He’s one big wall of muscle!  He is also the Fan’s best hope when it comes to physical aggressive competitions.  I think some of the other Fans were less aggressive just because it was their first competition and they may have felt a bit intimidated.  The Favorites won this comp easily.

One highlight from brand new camp life was when Shamar first let the others try to make a fire while he sat back and watched.  Finally, when they failed, he stepped in and saved the day.  This solidified his place in the tribe.  I really think the whole tribe would be crazy not to hang on to Shamar as he truly is a Survivor from his war days.

Of course, we have the first week scramble for alliances.  The “pretty/popular” people on the Fan tribe have formed an alliance.  Pretty and popular were their words not mine.  They also quickly became two couples.  Sigh…you may be pretty and popular, but you are playing Survivor stupid!

The first competition for Immunity involved climbing and throwing.  All in all, a pretty easy first competition.  It would all come down to speed and even more important accuracy.  The end of the competition involved tossing bean bags into holes.  The first team to get all their bags into the holes wins Immunity.  I knew that the Favorites would pick Malcolm as their tosser because he excelled at this kind of thing last season.  I really thought they had it in the bag, especially when they were able to take a slight lead.  However, the Fans made a great comeback and their tosser was spot on.  Fans win first Immunity!  Actually, I cheered.  I love when the underdogs do good.  Also, I think an early win will give the Fans the confidence they need to make this Survivor a REAL competition.

The Favorites were broken up into multiple alliances with some Favs on more than one.  So, in other words, it got a bit confusing since we don’t get to see everything.  First name spoken to be voted off was Phillip.  I was screaming “no” because Philip is a friend of mine now.  Phillip enjoys playing Survivor and also playing to his audience!  If you remember from Phillip’s first season, the first person voted off was Francesca.  She and Phillip didn’t get along at all during that brief stint of hers.  Phillip had a good time mispronouncing her name and calling her Francesqua.  Well this time, she’s the one who mentions Phillips name first.

Phillip on the other hand aims straight for Francesca!  His alliance seems way more solid with Dawn, Cochran, Malcolm, Corinne and Andrea.  Andrea was lying to Francesca’s alliance and they figure it out, so their vote changes to her.  In the end, Francesca is voted off by a vote of 6 to 4 with the four votes all going to Andrea.

Some random observations…Cochran seems more mature and savvy this time around.  Dawn was always one of my favorites, so I’m glad to see her playing again.  Brandon was pretty mellow this episode, but the preview of next week’s show puts him in a different light.  Phillip is still sporting his now famous pink undies!  Last time he wore them, I was saying “ewww”, but this time I just think its funny.  Andrea is one tough Survivor competitor!  Did you see Cochran’s sunburn?  Big time OUCH!

See you next week….Bloggergal

49 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan…Are you with the Fans or the Favorites?”

    1. Actually, the comments would still be here on the blog. Just be a different way of posting by using your facebook account is all. If you like this way, I can leave it alone!

      I am glad to see everyone back! We missed you all!


    2. I personally don’t like FB – it is too intrusive on a person’s privacy and I have a problem with them selling my private information as well as invading my email accounts to exploit everyone possible on my address list.

  1. Star and I have been emailing back and forth and we both were wondering if they would be a Survivor blog this season. I am so glad you are back!!

    I am rooting for the fans, although I do like Malcolm, Dawn and Corrine. I sure hope Phillip and Brandon Hantz won’t stay around too long. It looks like it will be a good season!

    1. I’m happy to see everyone too!!! And I agree with Betty about Phillip and Brandon. O U T Spells OUT you GO!!! lol No more Hantz BS or Phillip’s pink undies!! What IS it with these guys?? They KNOW they are going to be on an ISLAND somewhere…and no one brings swim trunks?? That is practically ALL they need to pack! I have seen the girls running around in bras tho too, to be fair. Bring a SWIM SUIT people!!! That’s all you really need besides one change of clothes and some shoes. I think most of the contestants are exhibitionists or nudists at heart….lol

  2. I’m partial to the favorites now but it’s early and that might change quickly. I was very happy to find this blog in my email again. I’ve missed BBBlogger and Bloggergal. Thank you both.

  3. Just glad to have SURVIVOR back. I’m good with everyone so far. Did Phillip really make it to the final 3? Our Wednesday’s are complete again.

  4. Thanks Bloggergal, great run down of the first show. Personally, I can’t stand Phillip. IMHO, his only quality is his quirkiness. Otherwise, he has no redeeming value to his tribe to me. I can’t believe after last year, they didn’t vote him out and are continuing to fall for his rhetoric and BS. I was impressed with his yoga move tho. :)

    I too root for the underdog and would like to see the fans do well. I was surprised at Malcolm’s poor tossing performance. I too like him, Dawn & Corinne. I’m still getting used to all the names again.

    1. Hey Starfish, nice to see you here! I sure hope the tribe members won’t take Phillip to the final round again! It may be a good strategic move to take him to the end, but I want him gone, the sooner the better! :lol:

    1. I agree Clark. How did Francesca become a favorite? She was voted out in the first round the last time she played and now again this season!

  5. I NEED PICTURES!! I cannot remember anyone by the time I get to sit down & read. Love the blog & I’m so glad you’re back.

  6. BBBLogger FB would be great to use. i felt bad when she was voted off first for the 2nd time but she tried too hard

  7. First off let me say I am also glad to see you back.I love Survivor and all aspects even if most of your blog is a recap of something as fans you must know we all watched.
    Second! There is NO SUCH THING as an Ex-Marine! As a vietnam era vet I served in the Marines in the late 70’s and I am still a Marine.If you don’t beleive me, ask anyone else you has served with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC,Oohrah!Semper Fi!!)
    As for him being a solid wall of muscle, You should adjust your screen, The dude looked to have more jelly belly rolls than a Danish Bakery.but he was a strong man for sure and if he might have been the only one that watched Malcolm’s tribe make fire using the same method a few months ago. That said, I will be pulling for him and all the other “Fans” to continue winning their fair share of Immunity competitions. At least until they have gotten the Idiot in charge(Phillip) off the island hopefully followed by Cochran,Maybe even a double elimination episode with both of those fools sent packing.That would be my version of a perfect episode.
    So happy you are back again Bloggergal, looking forward to your blogs weekly, Bert
    Don’t forget to check out “The Amazing Race” on Sunday nights if you want to see another well produced reality show.

    1. I didn’t mean to offend by calling him an Ex-Marine–sorry! I still think he’s pretty muscular compared to the others. I do watch Amazing Race. I would love to blog it but I also blog American Idol so I can’t add a third one.

  8. Im so Happy to see my Baby Hottie Cutie-Pie Malcolm back again….i have my eye-candy set for the season again, lol….☺….

    Please stay with this Bliog and not go to FB…i must be the only person in the world not in FB, lol…☺…

    1. Hey HOH8!! This is like a BB reunion…lol I totally agree with you about Malcolm..but if he doesn’t up his game,we won’t have him to drool over for long!!!

      I wasn’t on FB for a long time either, but now I’m addicted… But if you like this format, it’s fine with me. Actually, either one is, so whatever works for everyone, I’m good!! ;)

  9. So disappointed in this season. I am tired of Survivor bringing back past contestants. They lost the first time and we don’t need a repeat. Wonder if that’s why the season premiere had the lowest rating ever. Much prefer new people on both teams. This is one fan who won’t be hurrying to watch this season.

    1. Why don’t the latest contestants build ‘real’ shelters like the contestants did in survivor 1, 2 and 3? These people just hunch under trees and suffer all extreme weather condtions without any common sense preparations on their part!

  10. I think it’s going to be an entertaining and quality season. I think the fans splitting like they’re doing is going to be bad for them, unless one of the pretty people get voted off soon to wake them up. Right now I’m in the fans camp, but that is subject to change.

    I don’t like the idea of FB either, keep it as is.

  11. Strongly considered not watching when I saw Philip Pink Panties wa playing, but decided to see who the fans are. May be a fair season if they boot PPP & Brandon and please ditch Shamar, he’s useless. Good luck to the fans. Next season could we have all new, never before seen cast members, ones who have not played the game?

  12. Kinda with favorites, not a firm decision, but some of the favorites were jerks when they were first on and still are jerks. Also, thanks for putting all the work into this site. It is great!!!!!! Rose mary

  13. Nice Job, and thanks for being on time this time Ok the favorites were of course odd choices. Who’s favorites are these? Out of all of them the only one’s i think are worthy is Malcolm and Dawn

    I really don’t mind Phillip that much, I think he’s so odd, sometimes it’s entertaining and nobody seems to take this guy seriously, so I suppose he will be just passed along like the last time, nobody considering him a threat. But, if he get’s too annoying that could do him in for sure.

    Nice to see Brandon acting normal this time, he really seemed to be a weirdo last time, he didn’t fit in at all, it seems he’s fitting in better this time and seems actually more likable. I never liked Corinne with her” Butter wouldn’t Melt in My Mouth Attitude,” I hope she gets booted soon.

    I thought that was hilarious Francesca gets booted #1 Twice in a row, how embarrassing, she is just not meant for this game

    As far as the “Fans” go the only one i dislike so far is the Marine Shemar, He is a crabass, and if he’s not careful he will be gone, he seems to be someone who likes to give orders and doesn’t like to do much work Tough guy seems to be pretty lazy for a Marine

    Really good season so far, I hope it stays that way.

  14. Glad to see Survivor back again. I knew Philip wouldn’ be out yet, but I did feel bad for “Fransequa” – how bad does it suck to be first voted out twice!? Perhaps that made it an easy decision since no one seems to be making the group miserable yet at this early date.

    I am secretly hoping for a challenge where the contestants have to eat disgusting things – I could never do it, so that makes it something fun to watch.

    About FB – I cannot access FB or Twitter at work (thanks to someone who ruined it for everyone). Since I am on a computer all day – I need a break from them at night. I am probably in the minority on that.

  15. Hello again everyone. Im so glad to see this blog again this season, so thanks a bunch. I really don’t have anyone here to chat with or get over zelous with.
    Here’s my take on things so far. NOT PHILLIP..NOOOOOOO. sorry I just can’t stand him. The way he talks to people is so rude, like their all ignorant, like he is better than they r. He’s just not my cup of tea. My husband who watches with me but never has a comment said “great there goes this season” when he found out Phillip was back. It was kind of funny.
    im not sure who I want to root for yet. None of the fans have popped out saying pick me.
    And im not sure if I want a favorite to win. I would not have chosen any of them as my favorites to come back and play.
    Can’t wait for tonights episode. Chat with ya later.

  16. Missed the 1st episode so just finished watching it on my comp. I don’t like Phillip and his better(not holier) than thou attitude. Hope he goes home soon. Love Malcolm but am at this point hoping for the fans to bring it home. The so-called “favs” aren’t necessarily my favs and they’ve had there 15 minutes of fame lets see what the fans/newbies can do.
    I’m on F/B but not so much…would much rather blog here.
    Hugs & Blessings to all :)

  17. Hello to everyone! Good to see so many here to comment! If you comment for the very first time, I have to approve it. Sorry, I was a bit behind this week. I’ll try to approve as often as I can. I think this Comment Section is working for everyone so we will leave it as it is. I will try to add some pictures to the posts. BBBLogger is working on “prettying” up this page! LOL I like that we can Reply to a Comment directly below the Comment. The new blog is up. Let me know if you aren’t getting a notification. Thanks for the encouragement! Luv U Bloggergal

    1. Luv you too,bBoggergal!!!! Welcome back and thanks for the blog!!!! I did comment on one of Betty’s and not sure it posted. But I had made anothercomment to HOH8 and it did so….. ????? Oh well….bugs will all be worked out soon!!! ;)

  18. This group of Favorites should actually be named the Misfits! LOL!

    I’m surprised Brandon is on the show again. I worried last time he was on that he was going to do something violent to someone. Then Russel’s brother got onto Big Brother and did something violent. That is one family of thugs…lol.

  19. I worry about Reynold. I think he should have kept his mouth shut. I can’t remember the name of the girl that saved Shamar, but she definitely has taken charge of the fan members. Not sure if I like her very much, but again, it is too early to tell.

  20. Has anyone else notice how much Sherri looks like Sandra Bullock. They could pass as sisters.

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