Survivor Caramoan…Drop Your Buffs!

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Now that we are past all that Brandon nonsense, maybe we can get back to playing the game of Survivor?  To shake things up we have new tribes!  After crushing an egg with dye in it, the players were re-divided.  We have Fans Reynold, Eddie and Sherri combined with Favorites Malcolm, Andrea, Brenda and Erik (Gota).  The other team has Favorites Phillip, Corinne, Cochran and Dawn with Fans Matt, Michael and Julia (Bikal).  Either way you look at it, the Favorites are the majority at this point on both tribes.  I would have loved for Reynold and Eddie to be separated, but that didn’t happen.

Cochran made a comment that the other tribe was like “The Bold and the Beautiful”.  Good one, Cochran.  Why does that consistently happen?

The Immunity Challenge involved a lot of strength and a bit of brains.  Two members of each tribe had to push an enormous wood block across a playing field.  Up first for Bikal was Phillip and Julia.  Julia was absolutely no help to Phillip and they immediately became the underdogs in this comp.  Let’s face it, the other tribe is loaded with strong players.  Things never changed and Gota easily took this challenge.  The new Bikal tribe had to vote off a member.

There was no doubt that a Fan would be going home since the Favorites have the majority.  Phillip was pushing for Julia to go since she is a weak player, but it ends up being Matt that is voted off.  I have absolutely no reason why they did that.  They definitely needed Matt to help win challenges.

Meanwhile over at Gota, there are TWO Hidden Immunity Idols floating around since both Malcolm and Reynold have one.  That’s going to make for some interesting tribal council moments.

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19 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan…Drop Your Buffs!”

  1. Comparing Brandon to Mel Gibson – made me laugh my butt off! I do have to kind of wonder how this split of the tribes once again ended up being the Adonis team against the Nerds, is it just me or does that seem to happen a lot with Survivor in recent years? I was sorry to see Matt go, he was honest with everyone and a stronger player on a team that needed strong players, I guess the Favs are only cocerned about surviving until the merge. For me, I wouldn’t count on alliances remaining the same, not when a million bucks are on the line.

  2. Survivor is no longer a test of skill, not when weak players band together to eliminate strong competitors. For me, that’s not what I want to watch. I personally liked it when the strongest players made it to the end. I’m just not interested in who wins when it’s a choice between players who don’t win competitions. Just not interesting to me any more. C’mon players, try to have the strongest team possible!

    1. I agree Lu, that’s because the four Faves are not thinking as a tribe, but only in what’s best for them individually. At this point, it would be better to have kept Matt, and deal with him later, in hopes that they may win the next challenge.

  3. I too was sad to see Matt go. I really enjoyed what he had to say in his interviews. He, despite his appearance, seems the most normal sensible person in the game. He was very honest with his feelings and did not play games for the camera. But, it was the right choice over Julia for the faves to make. They played that well in fooling those two guys. I really like Julia, and wouldn’t mind seeing Phillip (which won’t happen) or Dawn go… I am getting weary of Dawn. I really liked her the first time around.

    Uncanny, how the draw came out. I think it was rigged to have it 4 fans vs. 4 faves on each tribe, but not rigged on which one the individuals went too. The faves will wipe out the fans for awhile, and the Beautiful Team will prevail till the merge. Of course Sherri landed on the Beautiful Team, as it should be. But if they lose, she may be in jeopardy… unless the Faves do what the others did and eliminate one of the two guys… I loved how they called Reynold a Used Car Salesman.

    Unfortunately they will still focus on Phillip’s nonsense, taking time from others. Speaking of nonsense, I can’t wait to see what Betty has to say today!

    1. I agree with you Ted, Phillip’s tribe is doomed and probably won’t win any challenges. I too found it hard to believe that his team voted out Matt…what were they thinking? He did not deserve to go home. Phillip will probably be upset about this on next week’s show and will make it clear to his tribe members that he is not happy they not follow his orders. :lol: I would have loved to have seen Sherri sent over to the nerd team, as that is where she belongs! Hopefully Eddie and Reynold will make an alliance with Malcolm and Erik. Sherri will probably start kissing a$$ soon, but I think it will be too late, as Eddie and Reynold know her to be untrustworthy and needless to say, lousy at challenges!

  4. I’m actually liking Phillip this time around, compared to his first game. Reynold is vain and completely conceited, and I can’t wait for him to be blindsided. The only thing wrong with Corinne is her mouth won’t stop moving and she makes herself and her personality look so fake. I’m rooting for Cochran and Phillip with a female in the final 3 but, I’m not sure which one yet.

  5. First let me apologize for missing out on last week chance to comment but after that total waste of an episode, Well! Nuff said!!
    This week at least we got back to what we expect from Survivor. challenges, interactions and best of all, New Tribemates!! Too bad the Faves have a majority going into both new tribes as we all know what that does to the underdogs!!
    But, for once they did surprise with the vote going against Matt instead of the weakest link. Gotta give them props for that move. Hopefully this will renew the interest of some of those still on the fence about this season. It will be a more interesting game once we get to the merge even tho there may not be any “Fans” left to compete. Congrats on the new format for this blog, It looks wonderful!!

  6. I too loved the “used car salesman” comment describing Reynold. Again, he makes it about appearance. I’m not so sure about the egg breaking deal. Seems really odd how it turned out as Ted said it’s uncanny. Seems rigged that it happens so often.

    I was disappointed that Matt was voted out. I do not care for Sherri at all nor Philip. Brandon had that guy’s personality perfect! He’s simply a bully IMHO and they just stand there and listen to him. Everyone is afraid to stand up and give his own opinion, they just follow along like sheep.

  7. Brandon was a nutter and should never have been approved by the show. His behavior last time as well as this time is more than enough proof of that. Glad he’s gone. Phillip is not as crazy this time round. He actually has made sense a few times and he has been an asset in challanges. He completely loses me when he starts with that secret agent crap. Who the F* cares that he was a federal agent? Honestly most feds have pretty boring jobs. I know two and they are the first to say that being a federal agent is NOTHING like you see on TV or in movies. Phillip is still a legend in his own mind, but at least he has tempered some of his behavior in comparrison to last time.

    I know that Jeff Probst will deny it to his dying day but it is obvious that the random eggs choices were rigged at least for numbers. There were two bowles. One for the fans one for the favs, so it was already a given that the number of fans vs favs would be 3-4 on each tribe. As to how all the strength got put on one tribe is not too terribly curious. Think about how many strong people there were in the fans team. 4 guys 2 woman. Neither woman is particularly strong. each team got 2 guys and 1 woman so that was pretty even. It was the favs that made the whole thing look rigged. With the exception of Phillip – all of the strength from the favs went to one side of the division. Corrin isn’t weak but not a physical match for Malcom or even Erik let alone Eddie or Reynold. Cochrin is a joke when it comes to physicality so being a guy is no real help there. Heck, Corrine could outmatch him physically so getting rid of Matt instead of Julia was IMO a stupid move for the tribe and for the favs on that tribe.

    I am less interested in the show when it is so lopsided. A more evenly matched set of tribes would make tuning in more enjoyable. As it stands, what is the point of even watching? The dream team will obviously win all the challanges until the merge so I’ll probably just pick it back up at that point if I don’t lose interest altogether.

  8. Sorry I’m late jumping in on the latest Survivor episode. I watched it and felt the same way as many of you do about how strange the sides ended up. However, getting rid of Matt was kind of a stupid play I think. As with the last time Phillip played, I wonder how he gets people to follow his bidding. They know he is looney as a looney bird but they continue to do what he says. WHY????? I, too, know Federal Agents who have said that many of them are simply paper pushers at their desks. They are not running around playing cops, they are glorified secretaries. Honestly, if he acted the way he does on the show when he was there, I’m surprised he didn’t wash out in the first 6 months. Reading all the comments, I have to say that I agree pretty much with all of them. Please get Phillip off the show!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more about getting rid of Phillip, however, all the tribe members know if they take him to the finale they will have a better chance at winning. I don’t think we will be seeing Phillip voted out any time soon, but we can still hope!! :lol:

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