Survivor Caramoan…Favorites are Dominating

As the Fans tribe gets picked off one by one, we get closer and closer to a merge.  Otherwise, this season is going to end up being the Favorites versus the Favorites.  Shamar has been annoying everyone both in his tribe and here at home for weeks now, but last night he finally bid adieu.  He ended up getting something in his eye and scratching his cornea.  Since it could potentially effect his vision, he was pulled from the game.  I think this was to the relief of Shamar, his tribe and all of America.  Watching him laying around and hearing him boss the others into bring him his rice was just too much.  I feel much compassion for Shamar and I hope he gets the help he needs.  :(

However prior to Shamar leaving the game, he does participate in this week’s Reward challenge.  Unlike last week, the Reward challenge and the Immunity challenge are split up.  As with most of the challenges so far this season, the competition is very close.  At the end of this challenge, all competitors must stand on a little ledge in the water together.  Shamar makes the mistake of thinking it would be better for him to be on all fours.  I think he really just couldn’t stand up and balance, but truthfully this killed the chances of the Fans.  No way could they easily fit on the platform with Shamar taking up so much space.  The Favorites win another challenge.

The Immunity challenge once again involves swimming and throwing.  Aren’t there any other types of challenges?  Anyway, Favorites take an early lead.  It looks like the Fans don’t have any chance of winning this but in the final part when Reynold must throw bags and knock down blocks, he does an impressive job and catches up…almost.  Philip doesn’t lose his cool and is able to win by a block or two.  Once again the Favorites are safe from Tribal.

Back at the Fans camp, Matt approaches Michael with the idea of breaking the alliance to vote off Laura.  She is clearly the weakest link on the tribe, but it means losing a vote in favor of keeping stronger in challenges.  Michael isn’t sure, but does see the logic in this.  Julia and Sherri aren’t too sure this is the right thing to do.  They see what is going on here…females are now being picked off one by one.  Matt tells Reynold of the plan to vote of Laura, but Reynold isn’t believing him.  At tribal, Reynold plays his HII.  The jokes on Reynold because everyone, except for Laura votes Laura out.

I think this was the right thing to do.  They need to keep the tribe strong.  Voting off the strong players is just going to lead to them all being voted off eventually.  Hopefully, they can get their act together and WIN something so that we can get some drama going over in the Favorites camp.  Speaking of drama, did you watch next week’s preview?  Brandon has a hissy fit and upends the rice into the sand.  Maybe Survivor is finally starting to come alive?  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

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  1. Glad to see a new page! Shamar new how to protect his eyes, being a Veteran He also knows how to mess them up?..Glad to see him go! …………….. :mrgreen: A Arny Vet :!:

    1. Yes, from being in the military and being in desert, sandy environments, I know if you get sand in your eye, you are not supposed to rub it. You let your eye water and then grab your top eye lashes and pull your eye lid outward allowing your tears to carry away the sand. You can also cup some water into your other hand and spash it into your troubled eye to help flush the sand out as you pull your eye lid out this way.

  2. I agree, something really fishy with Shamar’s convenient scratch. I’m glad he’s gone tho. He was really a big, annoying brat. My dad was a marine and this guy doesn’t fit the bill. If he was, I wonder what his fellow soldiers thought of him. Maybe he just peeled potatoes. Useless he is and, Bloggergal, I too hope he gets the help he needs.

    As for the challenge, I thought he would stand up and put one of the girls on his shoulders and they had it in the bag. When he went down on all fours, I was astounded.

    I’m enjoying the show but still amazed at Philip being Philip. The man thinks he’s so “special”. I have to admit, I was impressed with his throwing abilities. Stood there, turned and threw and hit the wood.

    I don’t have a favorite yet. I like some on both teams. It will be interesting at the merge which should happen soon if the fans continue to lose. I’m happy Laura finally is gone and Reynold giving up his HII will probably be good for his standing in the tribe. As for Brandon, he’s simply ridiculous. Upending the rice, really?

    1. Glad to see you Starfish! I am thinking just like you :lo: So that’s all I have to say :)
      ………………….. :mrgreen:

    2. I can’t remember the show and it never returned. It was like The Amazing Race in a way, but wasn’t, each team had 3 members. But there was an Army guy on it who broke his ankle. He didn’t quit and continued on the race and was in one of the top 3 teams that finished. Anyone remember what that show was called? That showed some real heart, bravery and valor!

  3. I predict a tribe shuffle before any merge happens. I wouldn’t have brought Shamar anything, no collecting firewood, water or helping to tend the fire means you don’t eat. Brandon is just putting on a show seeing how he humiliated himself and his family last time he played. He’s just going overboard with his “evil personna.”

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing what that was all about. He was a volatile nut the first time he played and it looks like none of that has changed. He seems just as crazy as his two uncles!

  4. Ok, we see Brandon brewing evil and the preview shows him losing it big time (a Hantz family tradition/curse). But what I find extra interesting about his actions is his dramatic 180 from last time when he was a weeping Christian martyr, flogging himself from the cross for one and all….

    I suspect all those poor Hantz boys are bipolar sociopaths, and fascinating to watch as they devour their own tails.

    Go Brandon!

  5. Like all the other comments so far I am in complete agreement with the blessing bestowed on the Fans tribe with the departure of both Shamar and Laura. As a marine myself it hurt me deeply just to think that was the best showing he could present? It would have been better if Shamar had never mentioned his past but as we all saw he kept talking about his tours in the war zones.but enough about the past, looking forward I, like most Survivor Fans are hoping the underdogs can rally to pick up a few wins before the merge. I truly was pulling for them to knock off the blocks before wind up Phillip could do it. Alas! It was not to be. Still, I also saw Brandon going off his rocker on the preview so I have to wonder who cast him to be on the show again? He was warped the first time so what made them think he could handle it another 39 days? We all saw last week that Brandon was threatening to go over the edge and that was just because he felt excluded from the group. I’m guessing that next weeks episode will show clearly that he is on the outs which is most likely what prompted him to go bananas. I am so looking forward to it!! Then if all goes well, the fans will win a couple of immunity idols forcing the faves to expel Brandon then if I had my choice I would love to see them get rid of that looney tunes, pink underwear man Phil. That would also even up the game a little instead of going into the merge with a 9-5 tribe mix. Now we all know how that usually works out and it would just be a boring train ride for the next month so let’s all get our best wishes out to the “fans” tribe to bring us the best entertainment that Survivor can bring. Thanks again for including me in your blog circle, I look forward to the next news note from you!! Bert

    1. It’s kind of the thing. When I talk to people, if I get to know them and depending on the situation, I tell them I was in the military. Like when retired and bought my home, my neighbors were curious about me and I let them know I was in the military. Of course, their first question was if I spent time in any of these wars and I tell them I did two tours in Afghanistan, nearly 3 years – ya, supposed to be only 2 years, but you know how he government is about these things…lol. But that’s all I tell them. Another one of the first things people seem to always want to know is if I killed anyone – and I think that is so rude! My response is always that is none of your business. But, back to the game. I think the Fans do have a chance, the Favorites can only play so many of their team against them and whoever they sit out on the first challenge can’t sit out the next one so that evens things out. The Favorites have to decide on havng strong players in the Reward Challenges or in the Immunity Challenges – either can hurt you depending on what the reward is. Phil and Brandon – I laughed when I saw both of those crazies on the same team, but I felt from the beginning that Brandon was the wackier of the two. Even so, both Brandon and Phil were a force in that Immunity Challenge. Brandon ran across those floats without falling and Phil knocked down those targets with little problem. I do hope the Fans can bring things together. I also hope that next season we will once again (finally) see a virgin game of Survivor with absolutely no returning players so we can see this game played the way it is supposed to be played.

      And, Bert – welcome to the blog!

    2. To TheKhanKubla! Thank you fore your Service & welcome Home! I know just what you are saying….(want to know is if I killed anyone – and I think that is so rude!) Same for me, Vietnam was bad… I had 11 months off cold weather training in Ft. Carson Co, my son was born in an Army hospital, 5 months later I was in the Jungle :lol: That guy, Shamar was just full of it! As far as the game goes they are better off without him!
      That is all for now see you soon………………………………………………………. :mrgreen:

  6. I wonder what Shamar’s fellow Marines think of him. What a disgrace to our military. I am glad he is gone, but I would have loved to have seen him make the merge and go up against ‘The Specialist’ (Phillip).

    I see Sherri even voted against her friend at TC. She almost ruin the Fan tribe by trying to get rid of Eddie and Reynold. I think Sherri was more than a bit uncomfortable when Reynold said that she too was not good at the challenges! Hopefully Michael and Matt will now side with Eddie and Reynold and get rid of this stupid, stupid woman!

  7. Hi Bloggergal, and all my Survivor Fiends…

    Sorry to see anyone exit the game that way, but I’m sure we were all tired of Shemar and the time spent on him weeks ago. I have no doubt he was a Marine, and I’m sure all the military guys here will attest… just because you serve in the armed forces does not mean you have any smarts. Shemar is not living in reality, and he needs more help than just for his eye. Watch the ‘day after video’ when he is interviewed.

    Interesting, that the cast seems to be made up of more real Survivor fans than usual. And in watching their ‘day after videos’ and hearing what they say, it is amazing that they played the game the way they did. You can see these and the ‘secret scenes’ (scenes not shown) on the CBS Survivor site. If you haven’t seen them, check them out. Why anyone, like Laura, would come on the show and not know how to swim well, or Allie and Dawn join a clique and do the couple thing is beyond me. To his credit, Shemar did know how to start fire.

    I am not liking this edition of Survivor too much so far. Not because of the people, but for what the producers are showing… too much of a downer focusing on Shemar screaming at everyone. Very unpleasant. That happens on some seasons. Now with Shemar gone, that might help. But, What The Hell… showing Brandon dumping the rice… do we really need to see that to watch next week? His combination of play acting and real anger may get him kicked off the show… ala one of his relatives on the worst reality show of all time Big Brother… what was Willie to him, I forget?

    At least Phillip is providing some entertainment… and it is not because he is crazy, he isn’t, but because he has a well thought out character he wants to portray. Brandon is trying to do that, but I think he is a little crazy and can’t really pull it off. Cochren is also playing a part. The ‘normal’ ones are the rest on the favorites tribe. Malcolm made some very interesting comments, in a secret scene, that gave insight into life at the favorites camp. Of course Coreen is my favorite, and she is being pretty nice, so far, this time. I’m liking Brenda and Andrea a lot. I’m not so enamored with Dawn this time. Eric I like, and of course Cochern.

    On the Fans side, I like Matt a lot… he has a solid head on his shoulders and I think may go far. I like Michel too. I liked Reynold a lot at first, but he has become a little too full of himself. I was glad to see him play his idol and get that out of the game. I do like Eddy and was glad he didn’t get voted off… even if he did say that ‘they were the four prettiest people, so why shouldn’t they hook up’… what an ass… but an honest one. My favorite from the start is Sherri. And I don’t know why my friend Betty does not like her. She is strong and has good common sense and is playing the game better than anyone else. She must now court Reynold and Eddy. And she must rally her alliance around her. I’ve always liked Julia and hope to see more of her featured.

    The girls always go first, but not on the Favorites I don’t think. Especially after the rice dumping. Hopefully the Fans will win the next immunity, as I hate to see it get so one-sided. If the Fans lose another, I think we will see a team shuffle.

    Took me a while to get here, as I have been pretty busy writing and working the day job. If anyone wants to see what I’ve been doing, go to and say Hi. Our friend Betty was even a guest author recently, so check out her story, entitled “Don’t Call During My Show”… there is a photo of the Survivor cast on the page, so you can’t miss it.

    I’ll check back in and see what’s going on later.

  8. My Dear Sweet Ted. Are you taking your medication? :roll: Sherri is playing an awful game! You must win challenges in order to make it to the merge, not by getting rid of the strongest players in the beginning. There is time for that later. Sherri really blew the last immunity challenge, which proves to me that she is all talk and no show! Thank goodness Michael and Matt woke up in time to realize that Sherri was taking their tribe down the garden path! Hopefully Eddie, Matt, Michael and Reynold can get rid of that stupid girl soon.

    I am disappointed that Shamar didn’t make it to the merge, as I was looking forward to seeing how he would have handled ‘The Specialist’ (Phillip). Just imagine all the drama we will be missing!! :lol:

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