Survivor Caramoan…Hey Reynold…What’s that in your pocket?

I thought that last night’s hour of Survivor seemed to be only minutes.  Does that mean it was good?  I’m not sure.  I didn’t think much happened last night, did it?

We started with a little bit of Brandon wanting to be like his uncle Russell, but falling a wee bit short!  Dawn crying over…what the heck was Dawn crying about?  Philip telling Brandon that he’s the CEO and Brandon is still middle management (LOL).

Over in the other camp, we have Shamar portrayed as a lazy loner.  Notice I say portrayed.  A lot of times on Survivor what we see is not really what is going on.  However, since Reynold stated that Shamar was in the shelter for 19 hours of a day, I guess he might be kinda lazy!

The Immunity challenge this week involved diving into water to remove poles that would then release tubes.  When all the tubes were released, those on shore had to pull their teammates in.  The final part of the challenge was throwing the tubes onto poles.  The first team to get three tubes onto poles wins.  Just like last week, it will come down to throwing accuracy.

The Fans really mess this one up.  Instead of taking turns diving to remove the poles, Sherri is coming up for air and then diving again.  This is a bad strategy because she’s not getting a chance to recover.  The Favorites are taking turns diving.  There are three out on the water so this gives each of them a good chance to catch their breath before having to dive again.  The Favorites recover all their tubes pretty quickly.  The Fans are struggling.  Finally Sherri is out of the water, but the other two can only hold their breath for what seems a second or two.  Since the Favorites have a lot of time to throw the tubes, they take an early lead.  They only need to get one more tube onto a pole when the Fans make somewhat of a comeback.  However, Philip scores the winning point and the Favorites are safe this week.  They also get to take fishing gear back to camp.

I like that the Fans lost this time.  It keeps the game from being too one-sided and keeps everyone on their toes.  There is, at least to us, a clear division at the Fans camp.  The two couples are hanging out all on their own, giving the other six a safe majority.  Reynold must have realized that because he goes on a hunt to find the HII.  Miraculously (or conveniently) he finds it.

Reynold focuses on Shamar’s laziness to try to take the target off him and his allies.  The way Shamar is portrayed, I wanted to see him out of there, but he is the strongest on the team.  The six decide to target Allie because they feel she is the smartest of the four.  As they are leaving for tribal, Julia notices a bulge in Reynold’s pants.  Teehee…lots of jokes to go with this one!  She tries to subtly tell her tribe mates about this during counsel and it forces Reynold to admit he has the HII.  Sherri makes a point of saying that her vote will remain the same…determining Allie’s fate.  BTW, does anyone else think that Sherri resembles an older Sandra Bullock?

Reynold doesn’t play the HII.  The vote goes as expected.  Six for Allie and four for Shamar.  Reynold is still sitting pretty with his HII.  The other two should be a bit worried.

Speaking of HII, what’s going on over at the Favorites camp?  Philip is too busy giving his camp mates silly spy names and no one is looking for the HII.  In case you don’t know, Philip has written a book titled “The Specialist:  the Costa Rica Job”.  This smart man is promoting his book without saying a word!  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll let you know what I think when I do.

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9 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan…Hey Reynold…What’s that in your pocket?”

  1. Having served in the military, Shamar’s lazy attitude irritates me, but then if it weren’t for him, they probably wouldn’t have even had a chance on that ring toss since it seemed like he pulled that raft in almost single handedly. Mostly what lost them that challenge was those girls out there doing the diving. Dive in, pull out as many poles as you can, get out and let the next person dive in – seems pretty simple. I guess not for them. The Faves were returning to the beach and the Fans only had one ring – that was sad!!! I was glad to see P/P broken up – those four were just playing stupidly with their being obvious, now maybe they’ll play the game. Now that Reynold isn’t distracted, maybe he’ll actually get into some kind of real alliance. This season’s HII, I think Reynold could have just put that thing around his neck and no one would have realized it was the idol. He could have just said, ya, I brought this here with me…lol.

  2. Oh, I wanted to say – we haven’t seen much of Malcolm around the Fave camp. I am not 100% certain, but I’m not sure if they actually show things that happen as they happen or hold things for when they become more dramatic. Like Reynold finding the idol. I kind of think the reason we haven’t been seeing Malcolm is because he probably has been looking – and who knows, may have found it. They already showed one Idol this show, so if the other was found, maybe they’re saving it for the next show or the next.

  3. I worry about Reynold. I think he should have kept his mouth shut. I can’t remember the name of the girl that saved Shamar, but she definitely has taken charge of the fan members. Not sure if I like her very much, but again, it is too early to tell.

    1. Thank you Betty for getting me this new page :!: I feel just like you, as a Vet I just see Shamar being a lazy guy or thinking he can bully his way because or his size :)

    2. Yes, I’m not sure whey Reynold pulled the idol out of his pocket to show everyone. He even talked about it when he found it, how he’d have that buldge in his pocket. Why not pick up a “lucky rock” and add that to your pocket. Then when you are called out pull out that rock and say, I picked this thing (the “lucky rock”) and I’m going to carry it with me for luck till the end of the game…LOL!

  4. I agree this week was a little boring. I really dont like it when the mix the challenges into one. When they do we have to watch more of the laying around and phillip crap.
    Now i have a question…Am I missing something..where is the buttkn to select to recieve all the commenta to my email like last years blog?
    All i rwcieved was the 1st blog. I. Ame to find this weeks.

    1. I agree, I like an award challenge and and immunity challenge myself. It also gives the teams a bit more to judge their other team players on when it comes time to vote when they have more than one challenge to see how they played.

  5. Take “Shammau” I mean “Shamar” to the water and throw his a$$ in the water with a big rock tied to his leg. He’s a big bully cry baby..

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