Survivor Caramoan…How Quick the Tides Change!

This week was the famed Survivor auction.  Just for the record, each tribe member is given $500 to spend at the auction.  You need to be quick and smart about how you use your money.  I won’t go into every transaction, I bet you were watching weren’t you?  The auction resulted in Malcolm getting to see a clue as to the location of the HII.  Cochran won an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.  Those that saved some cash received letters from home.  Andrea traded her pasta for beans and rice for the whole camp.

So, you would think that since Malcolm has a clue as to where the Idol is hidden, he would actually go get it huh?  Nope.  Andrea is on to him and is following him around camp like his personal puppy.  What I don’t get is why he doesn’t just keep looking.  Everyone knows he has a clue so why pretend he doesn’t?  I bet in hindsight, he realized that!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Immunity Challenge involves strength, but don’t forget that Cochran gets an advantage.  I won’t give all the sordid details (yep, lazy today!), but the advantage gives Cochran the win.  It sure is fun to see Cochran doing so well this time out, isn’t it?

The tribe is “kinda” still divided between the Favorites and the Three Amigos with Erik running back and forth.  Sherry is approached to return to the fold of the Three Amigos.  Malcolm tells her he has the HII and she should vote with them. When the voting results are in, Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a HII and since no one has one, no one does.  The vote turns out Reynold 3, Malcolm 3 and Andrea 3.  What that means is that those three cannot vote and the rest can only vote for those three.  Since Malcolm didn’t use a HII, the tribe pounces on him like a wounded rabbit…and just like that…Malcolm is our third member of the Survivor Jury.

The irrelevant question is….Should Malcolm have kept the HII last week for his own needs?  A second irrelevant question is…Should Malcolm started digging regardless of Andrea watching him?  We will never know and that’s the game of Survivor!

Have a great week!  Bloggergal

By the way:

Did you see the color of the water Brenda was drinking?  Ewww.  Doesn’t Phillip look 10 times younger without his gray hair?  Did you see them wiping the peanut butter off their hands, etc. and putting it into a bowl.  OMG


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  1. The writing is on the wall for Eddie and Reynold and even if Reynold should win all the upcoming immunity challenges, making it to the final three, he will not have the votes to win! :sad: I was so sorry to see Malcolm go last night. Cochran is now getting on my nerves and his bragging about being so good at challenges made me sick!! Get over yourself!!

    I was surprised to see Brenda have a meltdown, but she seemed to recover. I would love to see her win!!

    1. I wouldn’t say that, remember Fabio, no one would have thought he would win Survivor, but his immunity wins and his final speech got him the prize. People like it when they see someone fight for the win and it doesn’t matter who they were allied with in the game at the end.

    2. @ TheKhanKubla – There have been times that the jury had bitter feelings and refused to vote for the best player. I hope you are right and this doesn’t happen this year.

  2. I thought Malcolm made a mistake giving Eddie the other HII last week, and sure enough it came back to bite him this week. Cochran needs to keep a low profile or he will be targeted quickly, especially if he wins another immunity.

    1. @Keith
      I think if the guys knew Erik was going to vote for Fillup last week they would have not played the HII’s. Cochran has the power at the moment but I’m looking for a women’s alliance headed by Sheiry to possibly try for a coup to take control of the game!

  3. I was sad to see Malcolm join the 3 amigos and that pretty much sealed his fate but what a run he had. Me too Betty; I was still sad to see him go. As for using both HIIs last week; it was one of the best plays ever IMHO. Whether it was good for him or not, who knows. Hindsight says he should have waited. Yes, Bloggergal, he should have kept digging. Andrea is simply bratty and she’s used to getting her way with her cute self and I’m not one who cares for that sparkly smirky knowitall face she has but then that’s her. You can bet she’ll make a mad dash to where Malcolm was digging so she can find the idol. I hope she goes soon along with Dawn and Sherri, Reynolds & Eddie not necessarily in that order. I like Erik right now.

    I like Cochran and he should be proud of his weak physical self for doing so much better this time around. His deductive reasoning skills are apparent. I agree with Keith, Cochran has to be careful not to become a target and not get too proud of himself, if you get my drift. I still like Cochran and Brenda final two.

    Water – ewwwww. No wonder Dawn has diarrhea. Wasn’t it Dawn who said that?

    1. That could not have been water that they are supplied!
      @Star > Cochran has the smarts to win the game, I question his common sense to keep a low profile to do it!

    2. They showed Cochran prancing on the camera, but it wasn’t in front of the other players. As long as he doesn’t get, er, cocky in front of them, he’ll be okay and I think he realizes that.

      That water they gave Brenda, did look a little, green!”

  4. Of the three Amigos, Eddie has the best chance to hang around and make an alliance. I think Reynold or Andrea will go next week if neither has immunity.

    1. Yes, it’s too bad Eddie got into the high school, we’re the good looking ones, clique from the beginning. Of the two left, I agree Eddie has the best chance.

  5. Booooo-Hooooooo…my Favorite Eye-Candy for the past 2 seasons is Gone…. what can i do?…what can i do?…. :-( ……

  6. Did you guys notice that along with Malcolm’s clue, there was a picture above the words showing a rock wall or large stone with a small tree trunk growing in front of it and a red arrow pointing to exactly where the idol was hidden? I mean, we won’t know if that drawing was accurate or if it was exactly what it was until we see someone dig up the idol. But even so, the written directions too were pretty specific.

  7. I think, if Reynold can stay in this, it is going to come down to him and Cochran and one other. It looks like the alliance is beginning to break up next week from what they said on the preview.

    I was sad to see Malcolm go, he is a great player, he just made his big move in the game too soon when he allied with Reynold and Eddie.

  8. Considering that this idol is buried 6 inches underground, I know one thing, another clue will show up in camp, possibly with the new bags of rice and beans they brought back!

  9. Another good episode this week. Malcolm should have keep digging in front of Andrea. I think I recall him saying she was looking too. The clue did show exactly where it was hidden, and I thought I saw the hole in the rock with the tree behind him when he and Andrea were having their face off. I hope she finds it.

    Of course, Betty is broken hearted now that her ‘eye-candy’ is voted off. (lump in HoH8 and Fish in with her … and probably BG too) Maybe she will come to her senses and root for a really strategic player like Sherri or Cochran. I’m looking for them in final 3 with maybe Brenda, whom I’ve always liked. Of course, that dope Eric might make it. I’m thinking Reynold and Eddie’s luck will run out soon. My list of who I would like to see win is: Cochran, Sherri, Andrea/Brenda, Eddie, Reynold, Dawn/Eric.

    Brenda’s unexpected meltdown was evidence of the result of Brandon’s actions in dumping the food out. The players are starting to look really gaunt.

    Haven’t seen any Ponderosa Vids yet… going to check to see if I can glean some info about his search for the idol.

    1. Oh Ted, why can’t you get your facts straight? I liked Malcolm, but he was not my favorite. Hopefully Brenda will win! Sweetie, I think you have been alone too long…try this: :lol:

    2. Oh Ted, eye candy is not my thing at all. I liked Malcolm for his wholesomeness. Absolutely True! Eye candy has never been my thing and I don’t know how you got that impression! He was cute but so is Cochran. Nuf said. Good grief! Yep, you got my dandruff up on that one.

  10. Hi all, sorry it took me so long to get back in here it’s been pretty hectic around here lately but never too busy to watch the “Best reality Show” ever produced!! I, like many others were shocked and saddened by Malcolm’s eviction. When he showed up last season I told my wife that if ever another Rupert like survivor was to come along, Malcolm was that. He just seemed so right for the game. I agree that heat behave declared his motives too early, aligning with Corrinne was also a bad play but I have gone back and rewatched all the previously aired episodes(except for the Brandon show which I immediately deleted ) Phillip really did have control of the alliance, if he had said “Andrea” when the alliance was in shock from Malcolm’s HHI’s I believe he would still be in the game, maybe Malcolm too but we can’t go back now . I’m starting to recognize Cochrans ability to get along may end up with him making it into
    The finals after all. After betraying Ozzie and his entire tribe during his first season I would have continued holding onto my contempt for him but this time he looks like an intelligent man playing a smart game. Still, as a big fan of underdogs I’ll keep rooting for the faves to knock each other out while the 3 remaining Fans just quietly stay in the game. Best of luck to Reynold from me and the wife. Eddie is just too db and Sherie is too smug to earn others votes but you gotta gives props to Reynold who has win his share of challenges. That alone will qualify him for a couple of final votes if he makes it.Thanks again for this forum, I love being able to see others opinions and voice my own. Keep it up please BBG, until next time, “The tribe has spoken”

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