Survivor Caramoan…Soon to be just a memory

There really wasn’t any question that once the final Tribal was held that Cochran would be the winner, was there?  It was really sad to see Erik get pulled from the game at such a late date.  I thought it was strange too because even though he had been complaining throughout about not having enough food and water, he was one of the lucky ones to get to picnic with his family just a few days prior.  Dawn, on the other hand did not get that opportunity.

I think Cochran played a really good game and deserved the win. I was very upset with his attitude once he won final Immunity though.  He’s lucky we were the only ones who got to hear him.  Humility, young man!

I hate to even talk about that whole Brenda and Dawn thing.  Seriously?  Grow up Brenda.  Survivor producers…you need to grow up too.  Uncalled for–definitely uncalled for.  I do get credit for knowing about the pregnancy in advance though!

The reunion show has multiple Survivor fans and past contestants up in arms.  Everyone is wanting to know why a little kid from the audience gets to talk, but the contestants from the show didn’t.  What the heck was that part with Rudy and Richard Hatch?  I guess they were going for funny?  It wasn’t.  Did I really hear the word “queer”?  What the heck?

So did you hear Jeff refer to Sherri as a “millionaire in her own right”?  I’m not feeling too bad that she didn’t win.  I’m actually wondering why she really went on the show.  What is her post-Survivor plan?  Watch for it.  Also, by the end of the show, she was skin and bones.  She looked good at the reunion show.  Maybe I should go on Survivor to lose some weight? Speaking of weight, my husband and I were talking about the way Dawn looked at the reunion.  She was unusually puffy-faced, wasn’t she?

I’m happy that I don’t have to watch Malcolm sweep his hair back out of his face anymore. How annoying is that?  I wonder if it annoys him as much as it annoys me?  He did have his hair tied back in a ponytail at the after party.  Check it out:


If he comes to Reality Rally next year, I’ll ask him about the hair!

Finally, the blood versus water theme was announced for the next Survivor season.  Oh no, what could that mean?  Please don’t let it mean another season of the Hantz clan.  Seriously, enough is enough.  I have this funny feeling we will be looking at Russell along with his still to debut on Reality TV brother Shawn next time.  I hope I’m wrong.

Since I’m on the East Coast, it’s still pretty early out in sunny southern California.  I haven’t heard anything from my contacts about last night’s finale after party yet.  If I hear anything worth repeating, I’ll comment under this blog.  Have a great summer.  I hope to connect with you again really soon at our Big Brother blog.  Bloggergal


33 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan…Soon to be just a memory”

  1. Thanks for all your hard work Bloggergal. I am looking forward to BB starting in June.

    Sherri really made a fool of herself at the final tribal council. I can’t believe she actually thought she had a chance at winning! Is she brain dead? I hope she is never asked back!

    Cochran was a shoe in to win, after Eddie was eliminated. Ian won BB and now we see Cochran winning Survivor…must be the year of the nerds. I was not a Cochran fan, but he did play a brilliant game and out of the final three, he deserved the win.

    Brenda must have been devastated again, losing only by 1% to Malcolm for the Sprint prize.

    I pray we won’t see anyone from the Hantz clan next season. Brandon is a ticking time bomb and if pushed too far I think someone could get hurt. CBS would be crazy to use him for ratings!

    Bloggergal do you have the names of the houseguests that be on BB this summer? Will it be an all new cast or will we again see former guests return?

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s comment on the BB blog this June!!!

  2. I, too, appreciate all your hard work. I was just so glad to see Dawn not get a single vote. She deserved nothing even though she insisted she did. I am from Utah and was embarrassed by her participation both her prior season and this one too. And she really thought shes did a good job? She clung to Cochran’s coattails after she blind sided Brenda. She didn’t play her own game. As for Sherri, she was pretty witchy and she sure didn’t need the money. I would have put her before Dawn though. Cochran did an amazing job this time around. Can anyone tell me how long ago they filmed that season? Just curious because of Brenda being ready to deliver. Wondered if she was pregnant when she was there. If she was, I’m even more impressed with her. I like Brenda. I’m not familiar with the true time frames.

    1. This question was put to past Survivor contestants and they say that there would be time to get pregnant in between. I joked that she must have had quite the homecoming after returning from Survivor!

  3. I’m glad Malcolm won the fan prize! I wish they would have talked about how he tricked them into naming the merge tribe after his mother. Or maybe I missed it? I agree, Cochran lost all his humility. He ended up being unlike able, IMO.

    Does anyone know when the season ended? Who is Brenda’s husband or boyfriend? I thought Brenda looked adorable, and Dawn looked awful. Karma? I didn’t know she would be so unliked by the cast until I watched that tribal council.

    And I completely agree – no more returning people. Makes for an uninteresting show. Oh, well…

    1. Lu bru: I asked the same general question about Brenda regarding when the season actually ended. I am glad Malcolm won the fan prize too and I also never heard him tell people about the tribe name. They still might not know. LOL. Honestly I’m from Utah and Dawn is an embarrassment to me. Then there was Neleh years ago. Am I the only normal person in this state?

  4. I originally wanted Cochran to win since he was the ultimate underdog in my opinion with his less than physical prowess. It was nice to see him win some challenges but by the end of the season his arrogance was becoming really too much to stomach. I respect him though for his strategic moves that helped him make it to the end of the game and ultimately win.

    Even though I didn’t really care for Dawn’s emotional distress the entire season, the stunt that Brenda pulled during the jury questioning caused me to lose all respect for her. I realize she was still hurt but trying to publicly humiliate someone like she did to Dawn changed my opinion of her. I truly wonder what her Dad thought of her actions?

    As a gay man, I am truly appalled at Rudy and CBS for setting that up. don’t tell me it wasn’t staged. I respect him for his military service and his age but the constant diatribe getting the word ‘queer’ out there was totally despicable.

    Fortunately views are changing and the likes of Rudy are dying out!

  5. Thanks Bloggergal for all the work! It was definitely an interesting ending. Erik was Cochran’s only real competition, after he got pulled, there was no doubt Cochran would win. As I said in an earlier post, Eddie just isn’t all that good in the competitions. Did he win any of them? I can’t remember. He has the physical abilities, but not the mental capabilities. I admire him for serving the public as an EMT/fireman though – that’s hard and even dangerous work for not much pay. Cochran really sealed his win with those final two competitions and I don’t really think he had to sway the jury at all, even people he blindsided new he was the only person there who earned and deserved the win. I suspect Dawn’s only win was given to her by Brenda, and that was the win that sealed Brenda’s fate. Note: don’t be a nice person on Survivor and give up immunity. Erik learned that lesson too. I looked back to watch that and Brenda looked solid up until the end, then she did this little wobble and fell off; I think she told the truth that she gave that win to Dawn. I think that is also why she was so very angry at her. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that blood and water clue has something to do with family members next season. Just as long as there are no Hantz family members and I would like to see all new players. Again, like I mentioned before, that season of Big Brother where they brought back returning players in teams of two family members, boyfriend/girlfriend and all that was so very unfair to the new players. They not only had to compete against a super-team of returning players, the returning players all had their own mini-teams as well as the experience of playing this game one or more times previously – was it even a surprise that one of them won that season and OMG it had the be the girl’s team of team Brachael; never seen a pair of prima donnas like that couple! CBS – returning players, that’s getting a bit worn out. How about trying something new for a change. How does this sound? When the players get down to the final three and they think they are all safe, suddenly announce a challenge between all the players who are in the jury and the winner of that challenge would return to the game for the real final cometition to decide the final three? Then, there would be a chance for strong players who were kicked out and blindsided to return and win the game against the ones who were carried because no one felt they would win any votes. Just imagine that in this game and the possiblity of Malcolm, Reynold or Brenda, or possibly even Fillup returning and possibly winning? Wouldn’t that be a real twist to a game instead of that boring old returning player theme you’ve been stuck on. Imagine it, the final three show up to give their speeches and suddenly it is announced that they have to wait another day while the jury members compete and one of them returns to the game. Then a final immunity challenge followed by another vote – it would be such a shock to the final three players! The looks of shock on their faces would be hilarious.

    1. Hey Bloggergal, actually, I went ahead and emailed them my idea, I don’t know if I’ll hear back from them. I ended my email by actually telling them that that idea was free, but that I have others…lol. Their ideas are kind of tired. If their hint with the blood and water did mean family members, they kind of did that one on BB already and it is also pretty much done on The Amazing Race. If they did hire me, then I probably couldn’t post on your wonderful blog though.

  6. TheKhanKubla: Interesting scenario. I like the way you are thinking. If they can’t come up with anything original, then leave it to a fan. It’s kind of a twist on Redemption Island.

    1. Thanks. The best part, at the very very beginning of the season, when all the players are gathered on the beach before the teams are picked or decided, they could say, there is going to be a surprise twist to the game that will change everything. Then, through the whole game, the players are waiting for that twist that never happens. Maybe they even forget about it as they are sitting there ready to plead their case to the jury and surprise, surprise, surprise – you are not the final three after all! SHOCK of all Shocks!

  7. Oh, on Cochran’s attitude when he won the final immunity challege. Think about it, he had to know he won the million dollars at that moment. Anyone, in his situation with his wins compared to the other players would have known they had just won a million dollars. The first thing anyone would want to do would be to go off and jump for joy and high-five themself. But you can’t do that on Survivor. We can’t see it, but a camera man follows the players everywhere, even when they go off into the bushes for a call of nature, the cameras are there to document it. Do you really think anyone would be able to hold it in if they knew they just won a million dollars? I bet if he could have expressed himself to himself in private, he would have. But just about anyone would want to pat themself on the back at that moment and I’m pretty sure the camera crew is right there prompting him to tell it on film what he is feeling. So what he said really doesn’t bother me since it was done as privately as possible with the camera’s rolling.

  8. Just want to thank you for all the time and work you put into this blog. I haven’t participated, but read everything. Thanks again!!!

  9. Season was great and ended probably just the way it should with Cochran winning, I just can’t believe that the reunion show did not even mention Brandon and how off the deep end he was, What’s up with that? Never seen a more controversial player!

  10. How did Brenda get that pregnant, did someone on survivor have a fling with her? Maybe the father is Eddie? Reynold? Cochran? Jeff or one of the production crew? I sure the father ain’t Brandon or Phillip! ;D)

    I thought there was 3 months between the final show and live show? Was she pregnant while playing? Inquiring minds want to know, still think Brenda should had won player of the year

    1. I’m with you. It’s nice she is with child but want is the time line? Was she pregnant while she was playing?

    2. This last season of Survivor was filmed in May and June of 2012, so Brenda was not pregnant at that time. She has a boyfriend and I am pretty sure she will probably marry him soon.

  11. I believe all of the survivors of this season should have had a chance to talk a little about their adventure or what they are currently doing. I don’t know who made the decision that all survivors of this season were not on the stage – but it was wrong. Who cares about Rudy and Richard? I hope the producers of survivor listen to these comments made by fans and bring all of the survivors on the stage next season. Also, it would have been nice to have an update on Erik’s physical condition.

  12. Thank you BB girl for all the work you did putting this together, as I’ve said before I am just tickled to be able to write up my opinion of the game, As long as they want to produce and Air Survivor you can be sure my wife of 31 years and I will be glued to our TV on whatever night they choose to air it.
    After reading all the latest comments I’m puzzled as to why the entire cast was not brought back for the finale? Sure, we all knew thay Cochran had it in the bag(There was a spoiler written a few weeks ago telling us all that he had won so it was a let down of sorts to have read that mess) Please try to edit out any future spoilers if at all possible.Back to my question though, Doe’s anyone know why the finale was made with out having ALL the contestants come back? Was it to keep the wacko Hantz family from being around to possibly cause more trouble? Did anyone hear Dawn tell Cochran to go be with his family? I’m sure that was his plan eventually but he seemed to be happy just soaking it all in on stage. Maybe she was hoping for a little more time in the limelight for herself ? But I was really disappointed with the airing of the show, not allowing Jeff to talk with the non jury contestants as he always has in the past? Why all the todo over Brenda’s pregnancy? Of course CBS can alter the timeline whenever they feel it will benefit them, and if showing Brenda as extremely pregnant did that, more power to them. As for returning players, I understand Malcolm was viewed as eye candy by many of the viewers into that kind of thing but I thought from his first season thru the past they he, along with Ozzie, Rupert and more than a few others were absolutely the ultimate match for this game?Regardless of his appearance I truly thought this was a game designed for people like him ( And Ozzie and Rupert) I will miss seeing him and if CBS should decide years from now to bring him back I would welcome seeing him get another chance. I voted for Brenda to get the MVP prize as I knew many would be voting Malcolm, The way she was blindsided after giving away her reward was almost too much to take. I will never forgive Dawn for doing that even tho I know Cochran and Sherri voted that way too it was just beyond belief that Dawn could do that to her.Maybe Brenda can forgive her but she best not forget. I totally understand the concept of the game is to mislead people for you to advance but after all the crying and daily whining from Dawn the last thing I would expect from a self professed “Christian” would be to repay Brenda’s loyalty and help that she had been giving Dawn is totally unforgivable for her to write her name down. Best of luck to you BB Girl, looking forward to seeing your Big Brother Blog next month.

  13. ~ the Hantz family have been BANNED from Survivor…thats why Branden was NOT in the reunion show….security had a picture of Russell and told NOT to let him in the studio…Russell was in contact with Phillip wanting to beat him up…in fact Russell had called his lawyer in advance in case he got arrested to come bail him out…Russell has a Major lawsuit with CBS right now…..☺…..

  14. Thank you once again for all your hard work on this Blog! Your fan Bob :) ……………………………. :mrgreen:

  15. Bloggergal,

    I’ve got a tip about an exciting, new Survivor-related project that I want to tell you about, but I can’t find your email on this page. It’s something you might want to write about. Send me a message if you want to hear more.


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