Survivor Fans Aren’t Surviving

Hi there!  I’m back from Reality Rally 2013.  It was an incredible weekend with a little under 100 Reality stars…many from Survivor.  More about that later.

First lets get to this week’s episode.  Now that we have everyone playing for themselves, Survivor is starting to get interesting.  The Favorites are barely clinging together after the silly blindside of Corinne last week.  If you are going to blindside someone…make it count!

Reward challenge has the teams separated into two groups.  They don’t tell us how this was done, but Jeff does say that Sherri wasn’t “picked”.  Not sure what that means.  Once again, the teams are skewed.  All the jocks, yeah and Cochran are on one team.  Surprisingly, the gals are pretty good at the challenge, but not good enough and the jocks win.  Reward involves rappelling down a waterfall and a picnic lunch.  Reynold tries to work on Cochran while on Reward, but he doesn’t get anywhere.  Cochran has “been there done that” with jocks in his past.

The Immunity challenge gave me nightmares, I must admit.  It involved hanging under a metal grate while the tide came in.  Eventually, the water was over the heads of the Survivors.  The last one to stick it out wins.  This one went to Brenda.  She had a good cup shape on her hands and was preventing the water from entering.

Malcolm was trying to make his move and break away from the Favorites.  At that point, the favorites decided to blindside him and get him out of the game.  Good idea.  Nope!  Andrea panics and realizes that Malcolm’s team is going to vote to oust her.  That means if Malcolm uses a HII, she would be voted out.  She gets the Favorites to back off and instead vote off Michael.  Remember both Malcolm and Reynold have HII’s.

At tribal, the Survivors hint at getting out Malcolm and he gets very, very frightened.  Before the vote, when Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a HII, Reynold stands up.  Malcolm tells him, its him (Malcolm) that will be voted off not him (Reynold) and to give him the HII, which he does.  Huh?  I’m still confused about this move.  Also remember that Reynold doesn’t know that Malcolm has the other HII.  The surprise is on both Malcolm and Reynold because Michael gets voted off.

I have to admit I’m a bit scattered this week.  Returning from Reality Rally with tons and tons to do has my brain fried, so if he I messed up anything above, just comment and correct me!  I’m used to it.  :-)

I will be writing my Reality Rally blog just as soon as I can.  I had a great time and spoke with a lot of your favs including Denise Stapley, Troyzan and Phillip. I’ll post pics too!  Happy to be home though.  Bloggergal


8 thoughts on “Survivor Fans Aren’t Surviving”

  1. The only thing I would add is that Jeff did say it was a schoolyard pick. Usually one person picks then the person they chose picks with each team alternating.

    I am surprised at Malcom not putting together the steps of the betrayal of Corrine last week. In fact, he didn’t give any camera time to contemplating how that happened. It didn’t just occur in a vacuum. Someone had to target her. Confidential conversations had to have been repeated. And we saw the same repetition this week. Even Dawn seemed surprised at the naïveté.

  2. Imho, I loved survivor when you could get far because you knew how to “survive” in the wild. That doesn’t seem to matter anymore, they just focus on the social game. I liked the players who were strong socially and also skill wise. Remember JT? And Rob? And that professor fellow (and I may have these names all wrong)? That was just way more fun for me to watch. Just not interesting to me any more. Sorry, survivor. You lost me.

  3. Lu bru, I agree, Survivor has become more a popularity game and not a survival game. And no one seems to want to make big moves. We have Phillip in charge (or seeming to be)… Phillip, really? When someone does try and make some kind of move, you have people like Dawn being too afraid to shake things up and tattle-tails – snitches get stitches – not a good thing! I don’t understand how Malcolm didn’t figure out Dawn sank his team last week and if he doesn’t figure it out she did it to him again this week, I don’t know what to say. Although I knew the macho-thing wouldn’t work with Cochran, I still think he would make a good person to start up an alternate alliance with, but you must pander to his intelligence, not his manly skills – that was just amateurish of those guys. I’m glad though we are finally seeing Eddie doing something in this game to better his position, so far he has been hiding in Reynold’s shaddow (but that could sometimes be a good thing as it keeps the target off your back). I am hoping something shakes things up and that once again we don’t see a totally “returning player” dominated game – but so far, that looks like what we are getting – again! Boring CBS!!!

  4. Another fan bites the dust!!
    Like it was a big surprise, If you have been watching survivor as long as we have then just by checking the amount of air time a player gets is a pretty reliable gauge as to who is going home.Now that the episode is behind us, think back as to who got the majority of air time and it was, Micheal.
    Although the editors led us to believe the faves had gotten wind of Malcolm’s plan to take control I figured that Malcolm would find a way to survive. The fact that he got Reynold to give him his own idol without having to reveal the fact that he has one too is just awesome!! I sure hope Malcolm can get a couple of the favorites to come with him(Watch out for Cochran) on his trip to the finale but if not he can sweep the votes and I’ll be allright with that too. I suspect that without the idol Reynold will be target number one next Wednesday but let’s see how well Malcolm can protect his alliance as well as last season before we wave bye-bye to Reynold.Geez, It’s almost as if I’m on Malcolm’s side… but I have no problem with Cochran’s game either.IT’s just that Cochran has chosen to side with some of the weakest “Favorites” that we have ever seen returning for another try.Dawn? Phillip? What were they thinking? I know Phillip’s annoying habits have caused many of us to voice our displeasure with him but as Boston Rob proved, if you can bring a weakling to the finale with you it greatly improves your shot a the million bucks. Once again, thx to you BBgirl for providing me an avenue to speak my thoughts on my favorite television show ever!! I truly appreciate it! Bert

  5. I agree it has gotten very boring , the show is nothing like it was back a number of years.
    I do not remember so may food and luxury reward’s they are not feeling hungry any more. So they do not try as hard as they did in the past. I remember when they did not have any rice left or very little left that they were afraid that they could starve different game in 2013 well i hope CBS understands that it was not and should not be this easy as it appears to me any more Thanks

  6. Well from the previews it looks like the mental game is taking its toll on Dawn and she’s about to crack. She’ll probably back off from her threat to quit, since the previews are never what they lead you to believe. Reynold has to be one of the dumbest contestants to play ever, as he really has no clue as to what he should do from the beginning. Giving your idol away is sheer madness, and Malcolm isn’t looking too bright either.

    I think Reynold, Eddie or Dawn will be gone this week, and the final 3 are shaping up to be Cochran, Andrea and Phillip.

    As far as the good old days, I’d love to see them have to trek a long distance to camp, boil their water instead of using a cistern set up for them and only getting a 5 pound tin or rice. Since the first Pearl islands they feed them every reward challenge now. I used to like how they all lost lots of weight showing that the game was indeed challenging

  7. Dawn did the same thing when she was on before with the crying and “I can’t take it anymore.” I liked her and felt sorry for her when she was one before but this time I am sick of her. Her snitching and stupidity drive me nuts. And then there is Phillip who is a Boston Rob Wannabe. He is NOT Rob and never will be. When will someone get their heads out and get rid of the horrible man. And I use the term man loosely. They all think he is stupid and crazy but they continue to listen to him. He is such a horrible liar. Please please please get rid of him AND Dawn. Then maybe there will be a real game.

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