Survivor Loses Hope

So, I surprised my husband with tickets for the spring training baseball game between the Phillies and the Yankees in Clearwater Florida.  I was looking forward to some fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, the sun was somewhere lost behind the rain clouds.  We still had a good trip.  We were lucky.  The rain stopped and we were able to see the whole game.  On the whole, the rain didn’t ruin the trip.  However, as soon as I arrived home, I got sick.  I’ve been in bed for the last three days.  I watched Survivor, but I couldn’t get myself to type.  That brings me to today, Saturday.  Sorry this is so late, but I hope I hear from you!

The major drama at the Fan’s camp  is Shamar’s anger.  I don’t even know how to comment about this.  I feel for this veteran that has probably seen and done a lot in his life.  I’m confused as to what he’s doing on Survivor.  Is Survivor taking advantage of him for TV ratings?  Is he pretending to be a veteran with PTSD because if he’s really having issues, then seriously, he shouldn’t be on Survivor. That whole “I’m gonna quit because I’m not in a happy place” was all BS.  Hey, it did take up a few minutes of air time though, didn’t it?   I look forward to seeing him together with Philip “the Specialist” Sheppard.  That should be interesting.

I’m always amused by the HII hunt.  You would think that as soon as all contestants are placed in camp that the very first thing they would do is run off and look for the HII.  Well, that doesn’t seem to happen.  I use the word “seem” because what the heck do we know what’s really going on?  After two weeks, we get a scene where Malcolm and Corinne are off hunting the HII and low and behold they find it.  This puts Malcolm in a bit of a conundrum because he has to share this with Corinne.  The other tribe members sense a closeness forming between the two and plan to target Corinne.

The Immunity Challenge once again involves swimming, diving, hauling and tossing.  Fans and Favorites are neck and neck throughout the whole challenge.  The toss is a bit of talent mixed with a lot of luck.  Brandon pulls it off for the Favorites and they win Immunity for the second time in a row.  Included with Immunity are comfort items–chairs, pillows, a blanket and a tarp.

The Fans are concerned about Reynold having the HII, so they decide to split the votes.  The girls will vote for Hope and the guys will vote for Eddie.  I’m not following their logic.  Do they really think that Reynold will use the HII on someone other than himself?  So anyway, at this point the vote will be tied three ways–Shamar, Hope and Eddie.  Shamar hints to Hope that this is going to happen.  If she had any smarts, she would realize what he was saying and vote off Eddie and save herself, but alas, she doesn’t get the hint.  Instead, she goes back to camp and tells on Shamar.  What an ass.  For a second, it looks like Julia may convince Laura to jump ship and vote off Shamar, but it doesn’t happen.  The vote comes back tied three ways.  Everyone but the three re-vote and Hope is the next to have her torch extinguished.  It’s really hard to feel sorry for her when she just sat around and let it happen.

Some quick comments:

The two “cool” guys on the Fans tribe actually converse about their gal getting voted off referring to it as “revenge of the nerds”.  Really?

Sherri talks about how she is the owner of SEVERAL franchises and deals with a lot of employees under the age of 24.  Am I correct that she used the word “brat”?  I say every one of her franchise workers should call in sick on the same day.

Survivor continues to try to make Brandon out as a bad guy.  He comments about his tribe going after him saying, “I’ll pee in the rice.”  “I’ll pee in the beans.”  “I’ll burn the shelter to the ground.”  Oohh, those are some scary comments, but sorry, still not buying it Brandon.

It is interesting to see how words are misinterpreted.  Hope says that Shamar told her she was 99% going, but what he really said was “It’s NOT 99%”  You hear what you want to hear I guess.  Since we don’t hear every single word, there is no way to tell if what the others are saying Shamar said is true.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Stay tuned…Bloggergal


12 thoughts on “Survivor Loses Hope”

  1. I wish I would get some new post! How can I find them if you are not sending me any in my Mail? :sad:

  2. I guess I am the only one here? You are right Bloggergal, Hope did not get it :!: As for Shamar, PTSD? I think he is just an angry guy who wants everything to go the way he wants & if he can get in your face, well that’s how he does things (Bully) Finding the HII was great but he should have been alone! I hope you are doing well now & we will hear from you soon! Thanks for this run down………………. :mrgreen:

    1. I’m confused Bob. This was the new post. The email saying I posted didn’t go out until Sunday. We are having “human” difficulties–as compared to “technical”. :)

  3. I’m glad BloggerGal felt the same about Sherri calling all her employees “brats”. That says very little for her character and put her very low on my list.
    Shamar has personality problems and the footage they are showing us implies it’s a result of his war experience. That seems a bit off to me, too. If he truly has problems he shouldn’t be in a stressful jungle situation of Survival.

  4. Better late than never! Thx for taking the time to post this, I was a bit concerned when your blog did’nt pop up last week but here it is so I’m good now!
    As for the last episode, so tired of beating the dead horse but why do the editors on Survivor want to show all the teasers about getting rid of the obvious(Shamar) when in reality it looks as if the 6 other “Fans” have bonded to get rid of the 4.And they are doing just that!
    Eddie should be the obvious next one off but as someone menthioned in last weeks blog comments the girls on the Fan tribe are extraordinarily weak. Unless they get together with the 2 stronger guys(Reynold & Eddie) we will be watching all the Faves battle it out after the merge.That said, the six fan alliance will stay tight, vote off Eddie then try to blindside Reynold next episode. Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about my favorite show!!

    1. Bert, you are probably right that they will go after Eddie, but if they really want to get rid of Reynold I think their best bet is to do it before Eddie because maybe he won’t expect it? Like you, I think if they get rid of these two the Fans will continue to get picked off one by one.

  5. The Fans should cut off the head of the snake (Sherri). She seems to be in charge and soon she will send Eddie and Reynold packing, then what will be left of her tribe…a couple of weak old men, an angry black man and two ditsy girls, which don’t have one brain between them! Sherri is setting her tribe up for a big fall, as there will be no one left to win challenges? After the merge the Fans will all be easy pickings for the Favorites. Maybe Ted should send her the “How To Win Survivor” book! :lol:

    1. Shamar–only the white gals want to keep him…..go figure. He’s not worth anything else.

  6. They all need to take “Shammu” I mean “Shamar” and hold his head under the water 5 or 6 minutes. That would keep him quite awhile.

    1. I hope Shamar makes it to the merge. Can you imagine him locking horns with Phillip? That would be worth watching! :lol:

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