Survivor: The Brandon Hantz Show

Last night’s Survivor episode…or as I’m calling it…The Brandon Hantz show made for good TV…I guess.  IMO, Brandon had the whole thing planned from the very beginning, hence the comments about burning down the shelter, peeing in the rice, etc.  I’ve watched the social media that the Hantz family releases and I really believe that the whole lot of them are to Reality TV what Howard Stern is to shock radio.  I think Brandon went on the show to keep the Hantz name fresh in everyone’s mind so that they can continue to brand themselves as the “evil Hantz family”.  It was good to see Phillip hold his ground and not get sucked in to the nonsense.

Other than that, there really wasn’t too much else going on last night.  I was rooting for the Fans in the Reward Challenge.  I feel really bad for that group.  Sherri really lost that challenge for the Fans because she couldn’t get a coconut into the net for anything.  That slowed down Phillip’s net weight and gave him the advantage.

Annoyingly, Reynold was the one to find the HII making it his second find.  Did Survivor put it in the same place?  :)  He tells Eddie, but no one else.  Of course, Eddie and Reynold were laying in the shelter and not looking for the Idol, hmmm Fans….I wonder why?


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  1. That was one of my all time favorite Survivor episodes, entertaining! If CBS was smart they would make a Hantz reality show where they all kill each other off, last one standing wins a trip to the state penn…

    1. Ha, good idea, Kimo. I’d watch it.

      Last night’s show: It takes a Hantz to make Phillip look sane.

  2. Grazer, Brandon called Philip out, Phillip looked scared. Was the best Survivor! I still hope there’s a Hantz reality show, remember Brandon’s father got thrown off Big Brother last summer for head butting another house-guest. Russell is actually the mellowest of the Hantz’s!?

    1. Kimo, my point was about their comparative sanity…not toughness.
      Phillip is, IMO, a delusional lunatic, but Brandon’s psychopathic tantrums actually make Phillip look sane.


    1. Hmmm…do you think I can get Jeff to massage my back? :-) By the way, Tuna…can you not type in all Capital letters? It makes others think you are yelling. Thanks! Bloggergal

  4. You are right Kimo, Phillip did look scared and I could not have been happier!! Hopefully his team will get rid of him soon, but in truth, I think this will be highly unlikely, as anyone could win against Phillip at the finale…maybe even Brandon, had he made it that far. :lol:

    I don’t like Sherri, despite what my good friend Ted wrote on the last page! I am sure he was off his medication at the time! :lol:

    The sooner Sherri and Phillip are gone, the better, although I am sure we will all miss the drama!

    1. I agree Betty. I don’t like Philip one bit and Brandon really has him pegged. He’s a bully straight up. I don’t think he was scared of Brandon, just scared of having to fight and getting kicked off the show but mostly he was furious that anyone would challenge the big kahuna. :) Brandon needed to go for sure, very unstable IMO, and it was very smart of Jeff to get him away from his tribe and in Jeff’s hands. He handled that perfectly.

      I don’t like Sherri either and someone nailed it. She lost that challenge cuz she couldn’t get a coconut in the net. Jeff even called her out and said she was useless in this challenge. I would get rid of her before Philip. I agree, the chances are good that anyone could win against Philip in the end if he makes it that far.

    2. I agree with Betty. Phillip needs to go. He is a manipulator, controller and crazy too. I am glad Brandon called him out!!!

    3. Hey Starfish, nice to see you here. Sherri also blew it the week before when she jumped off that platform and missed the target. She is useless!!!

  5. I love that comment “It takes a Hantz to make Phillip look sane”. So true but like with Big Brother when the Hantz family member leaves boredom often sets in. I hope that doesn’t happen with this seasons Survivor

  6. I am sorry, I have to disagree with you guys. I think Brandon is/was a jerk. Also – I didn’t see Phillip as being scared – scared of what? a Punk like Brandon? I am not a Phillip fan, far from it, but I still don’t think he would have backed down, nor should he have. I DID see the ENTIRE REST OF THE TRIBE be Scared ~~~ as I would have been. Someone goes that crazy around camp – you don’t know what they would do. I have to wonder if the camera crew didn’t alert Probst as to what happened and that he might want to get it out in the open before all heck broke loose in camp and people ended up getting hurt. I don’t think they should allow people with mental problems on these shows. Shamar is another good example – why was he allowed to come on? Did they not check his mental history? HE could have also done some major physical damage. Are they going to wait until somebody actually goes crazy and hurts somebody – is THAT what is considered good TV these days ??? Anyhow — NO i Didn’t like it- That is Not what I watch TV for – I watch to be entertained – but not by jerk off punks like that…

  7. what a cry baby Brandon is,last time he was here he cried a total social Outcast
    at least Russell was honest with his intentions.
    Why the producer’s would want Brandon on the show in the first place is a question to be asked,
    the way he was building himself up, ….I think Phillip could handle himself he’s not wrapped to tight either but he kept quiet.
    I thought this was one of the worst shows in a series going down….. down…….. down
    I agree with Kimo last one standing of Hantz family go directly to Jail Do Not Collect $200.

  8. One of my least favorite episodes in Survivor history. The producers did not do themselves any favors by highlighting such a P.O.S. as Brandon. Hope we can move on. And please do not bring him back for the finale. Doesn’t deserve any more attention.

  9. I am glad Brandon is gone and maybe they will now settle down and really play the game. The other team now has the immunity Idol and it just might be what they needed to get them moving. I am rooting for the fans and hope they do not make a mistake and get rid of Reynold or Eddie because it is because of them they even come close to a win. I am hoping one of those two wins the money. Go Reynold … go Eddie

  10. A year or two ago the Hanz brothers were on a house flipping show, I think on HGTV. It wasn’t on very long. I didn’t watch it but my husband did. Said Russell’s brother was pretty sane and Russell was explosive. I’m really over all of the Hanz’. . . I hope none of them show up on Survivor again.

  11. I agree Susan if I never see another Hanz again I would not loose any sleep over it.
    I think this kind of show business runions the show and makes it hard to watch and enjoy I hope it does not happen again . thanks all

  12. I was hoping they would put Brandon on the jury, if he would be quiet enough. He seemed to like” his edit” but when confronted my Coach on the” After Show” he started to unravel again.

  13. I don’t think Brandon ever intended to play the game. From my understanding his family almost disowned him the way he played his first time out. No one except Uncle Russell showed up to the finale. Brandon is a terrible actor and this was so staged it wasn’t funny, and unfortunately it won’t be the last time we endure the Hantz family as Russell will surely be invited to play the game again.

  14. I’m sick of all the Hanz, if I never see any of them it will be too soon! They shouldn’t be on an reality show because they really do make asses out of themselves!

  15. That was wild! The title of that episode should’ve been “Welcome To The Insane Asylum”. Glad Brandon is gone though. I hope the Favs are given some more rice and beans to replace what Brandon dumped all over the ground. Poor Dawn looked like she was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown when Brandon launched into his big rant at the immunity challenge.

  16. It was “Willie Hantz”! Brandon needs to be on Big Brother. That will never happen. He has burned his bridges.

  17. Ya’all are really silly. If this whole mess wasn’t planned and sanctioned by CBS I’ll eat my g-string. Brandon was so predictable I’m sure they were just jumping up and down with joy for each week he managed not to get voted out. And then of course last week – any fan who had started to fade has most likely tuned back in. While I’ll never believe Philip wasn’t in on it, if he wasn’t, ya gotta give him some credit for realizing that to let the dumbass goud him into physical confrontation could cost him a million dollars….. or not – I don’t know

  18. Just a clarification: It was Brandon’s “Uncle”, (Russell), that got kicked off Big Brother because of head-butting another HG….Though, Brandon’s dad did visit him briefly the last time he was on Survivor.

  19. Brandon was dead meat as soon as everyone saw him. They knew his evil ways. The fans were on a suicide mission as soon as the weak players formed an alliance. Boot out the strong players and your destined to lose competitions. Don’t worry about the rice, I feel a merger coming next week!
    Even with the merge, it’s the favorites with the advantage to win this Survivor!!!

  20. I have to say that I thought it was a truly exciting episode. I wish both Brandon AND Philip could have been gone. I do not believe all the garbage that Philip has thrown out there. My brother in law was in the FBI and I will tell you that Philip’s behavior is out of whack for that type of work. Giving people “operative” names. I am only hoping that he is the next one to go. And I agree with a lot of you that Brandon really had him scared. Jeff was nervous and doing everything to keep it all under control. He did a good job and handled it perfectly, IMO. Sorry I haven’t been on here but I just got the e-mail and the link. I agree with Diane, the Hantz family should never be on television again. I believe they have outlasted their appeal. I was hoping Brandon would have learned his lesson and would be a legitimate contender to save face for the family but it’s not ever going to happen.

  21. There is something definitely amiss with the Hantz DNA. Russel was kind of nuts, but his brother and Brandon both seem to be out of control. I’d hate to be a woman married into the Hantz family even if it is true (accordingd to Russel) that they are a millionaire family. When you consider what we know of the Hantz family, nuts = 3 out of 3… totally crazy 2 out of 3, out of control 2 out of 3 – not good odds! Philip is a nut too, but not a violent type of nut. I don’t see him leaving too soon, but also, he is winning in the competitions and there’s no getting past that. Maybe now that this Brandon-Philip thing is over with, we’ll see more how things are going at the Favorite camp.

  22. Sad what Jeff Probst and CBS foisted off as an episode of Survivor last week. Brandon should probably have been taken out of the game, ala Willie on BB, if he was that unstable. But Jeff wanted to make ‘good TV’, as they had hoped for from the start by casting Brandon. Phillip is not crazy… he is playing a part. Brandon tried too, but he is crazy and probably needs help.

    Loved how Reynold found the idol and said he wouldn’t tell anyone, then promptly told Eddie. If he were smart, he would cool his relationship with Eddie, and try to ingratiate himself with the others.

    But of course, since they merge tonight, it’s a new ballgame. It will be fun to see who lines up with who tonight. I hope to see Sherri make some good alliances, as she is quite hot and the best player in the game, in spite of a little setback at the challenge. Sad to see her getting dissed on the Survivor Blog by some jealous female members…

    1. Ted you will not have to worry about your precious Sherri for awhile, as she is now on the dominant team. Corrine should be safe for a couple of weeks too, only because I believe Phillip will want to get rid of Michael and Julia before sending her home.

      I am not the only one that is dissing Sheri on this blog and I can hardly believe you think that I am jealous! She is no good at challenges! Even Jeff Prosbt has called her out on being useless, not once, but twice!

    2. Ted you will not have to worry about your precious Sherri for awhile, as she is now on the dominant team. Corrine should be safe for a couple of weeks too, only because I believe Phillip will want to get rid of Michael and Julia before sending her home.

      I am not the only one that is dissing Sheri on this blog and I can hardly believe you think that I am jealous! She is no good at challenges! Even Jeff Prosbt has called her out on being useless, not once, but twice!

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