The Survivor Bold and Beautiful are Dominating

This week the Bold and Beautiful tribe continued to dominate on Survivor. It was so sad for me to watch the other tribe give 100% and yet fall short both times. Much ado was made about Phillip thinking he was stronger than he is. Of course, if Phillip’s tribe had kept Matt things may have been different.

Really all that’s going on now on the show is everyone waiting around trying to survive until they are merged into one tribe.  The Favorites are still staying loyal to each other and cutting down the Fans one by one.  This week saw the removal of Julia.  Women are becoming extinct on this year’s Survivor!

It will be interesting to see if some of the fans are able to strike up an alliance with some of the Favorites.  At this point, nothing is pointing in that direction.

I was confused about one part last night.  Phillip spoke to Julia.  Julia ran to Dawn and told her what Phillip said, but why did Dawn run back to Phillip to tell him what Julia told her?  Help me out on that one.  Thanks!

So next week is Reality Rally weekend in Temecula California.  I will try to post some pictures to our Facebook page.  Also if you go to the website Reality Rally and click on 2013 Reality Stars, you will see which stars will be attending.  If you submit a question through the comments of this blog, I’ll do my best to ask the star and report back to you!  Of course, any contestant who is currently appearing on a show, i.e., Phillip is not allowed to comment on anything that has to do with that show.

There are a number of items up for auction, please check that out through the Reality Rally Auction page.  Definitely some fun mementos up for grabs!

Hopefully BBBlogger will fill in for me next week, if not see you in two weeks!

If you live in southern California and want to attend Reality Rally, email me.  I have some free tickets available.

Have a great holiday and spring break!  Talk to you soon.  Bloggergal

21 thoughts on “The Survivor Bold and Beautiful are Dominating”

  1. I thought maybe I was the only one who wondered what the heck Dawn was up to. And Phillip????? Well, I sort of want to strangle him. He’s the strongest he says? He can beat anyone he says? He threw the challenge he says? Does anyone really believe any of of this? I don’t.

  2. I really lost respect for Dawn this week. She didn’t need to tell Philip but she did. Huge mistake! Dawn’s no longer one of my faves to win!

  3. I am not enjoying this Survivor like I have in the past. I do not like Phillip, nor do I seem to be able to enjoy past participates. I would rather there be an all new survivors.
    I do not understand how Phillip gets his clout,

  4. I don’t believe that they didn’t take Philip out when they had a chance. He is such a jerk! I guess dawn is just being dawn, true colors showing and all. I would like to see Cochran go to the final four with Malcolm. Just be because. Or maybe Michael and Cochran and get rid of the beautiful people! LOL

  5. I have not been on this site very much the past weeks because I am fighting an Upper Respiratory Infection and sometimes I think it is winning!
    One thing I need to get off my chest (other than this crud…lol) WHY in the heck did they bring Brandon back? Did they pay him to do his stupid stunts, I know that they knew he was unstable(that is puttiing it very mild)!
    Moving on to Phillip, for some strange reason Dawn is under “his spell” I think she believes that she is required to stay on the side of the Favorites, I thought she was smarter than that but she convinced me she is not.n I do not understand why ANYONE woud want to be in an alliance with him. Are there any Mental Insitutions missing a middle age black man that wears pink breifs and thinks he is a Secret Agent, because Phillip is one crazy man! I am on your side hpr56 I think he might be able to beat a drum…. only! Hopefully when they merge Phillip and all his childish imaginary spy crap will get the boot-er-roooooo!
    Bloggergal have a good time at the Rally wish I was able to be there too.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

    1. You said a mouth full :lol: I wish they would have gotten rid of that fool Phillip!
      Next week they will merge, lets hope the see him for what he is! :mrgreen:

  6. I think Dawn’s problem is that she’s a blind loyalist. I mean the Favs said stick together in the beginning and that’s all that she will do. With the merge happening next week I see the Favs disbanding and pulling some of the Fans in for votes. I think Corinne is the lowest on the Favs totem pole.

  7. What about Malcolm and Reynold talking out in the water? Doesn’t that constitute an attempt at a Fan-Fave alliance of the truly strong and immunity-idoled?!?!

  8. Dawn is just being true to the Faves Alliance. I don’t think Phillip is ‘crazy’ in conversations with some people that we do not see… not everything is caught on camera. I think they are pretty tight. It is too bad that the split was arranged for the faves to dominate on both teams.

    What should have happened last night, is that Corrine should have gotten Julia and Michael to vote Phillip with her and got rid of him. Didn’t happen.

    Unfortunately the Producers (Jeff) and CBS once again spoils the next episode for us, by showing the merge in the previews. I don’t know why they think that is necessary, but they do. Hopefully, my fave Sherri will have a chance to bond with some of the Faves and we will be seeing someone other than Fans voted off.

    Yes, women go early on Survivor.

    Have fun at the Rally, BG, can’t wait to hear some dirt.

  9. Wow, Reynolds just can’t keep the fact that he has an idol a secret. This is the second time, or I guess the third time he tattled on himself. Besides his physical strength, it is his one major advantage. But telling people puts a target on his back. Not a smart move.

  10. I WANT TO SEE A VIRGIN GAME NEXT SEASON – ON ANY OF THESE COMPETITION SHOWS! It has been so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so long since we have seen a show without returning players and have seen these shows played without the influence of returning players that it is becoming so so so so so so (ok you get the point) sad. I am tired of returning players. I want to see games like this played like they were first shown to us and meant to be played. AND NO MORE HANTZ FAMILY MEMBERS!

    1. TheKhanKuba I agree with you sosososososo much about a Virgin team to be on the next Survivor it is getting old seeing these people return, and all the other shows do it too.
      I use to look forward to the new seasons I do not like re-runs.


  11. No Brachel either – please! One woman on a team is enough! But with team Brachel you get two women!

  12. Bloggergal, I actually yelled at the TV when Dawn went straight to Phillip. Julie knew that Dawn and Phillip were tight so she wasn’t too bright talking to her. But Dawn really is a blind follower without her own game and without using her own brain. Really couldn’t believe her stupidity. They blew it getting rid of Matt so soon. The girls are in trouble for sure.

    Malcolm making a pact with Reynolds was smart IMO. Wanting to unite the four strongest guys was a good move on his part. Reynolds telling Malcolm about his idol, not so much.

    I like Cochran this time around and he’s a smart cookie but without strength. I hope he stays in awhile I enjoy his cameos.

    I agree KhanKuba, no more favs or anyone who has ever played before. Don’t understand why they showed us that they’ll merge next week.

  13. BBG, did you really miss the scene with Malcolm and Reynolds talking in the shallows? Like someone said earlier, Reynold was lucky enough to find the Idol a second time and just as before he weakens it by telling someone. We also noticed that Malcolm had no interest in sharing his secret with Reynold. As far as I can tell, only Corrinne knows that Malcolm has an Idol so her place in the tribe might not be as low as it appears. The upcoming merge should tell us if any of the Faves plan to use some of the Fans to blindside any of the Faves. I just wish CBS had let the merge be a surprise , the way it used to be!! Still , the bad side of the merge is it signals we are halfway to the end of our favorite show already. If not for Big Brother following shortly after Malcolm gets his million$ then we all would be in reality rehab for withdrawal treatment. But as long as we the fans keep supporting the shows spinsters I think we should have many many more seasons of reality TV to come . I have to ask all tho , are my wife and I the only ones who don’t watch Fox reality shows? We’ve never seen American Idol or the cooking shows, those things just can’t be put into the genre of reality television can they? If not for the Simpsons’, Bob’s Burgers and Raising Jope I wouldn’t know that network existed. Keep up the good work Bloggergal, I really appreciate the chance to read what others are thinking and spout off my own opinions as well. Until next time….

    1. Yes Bert, I seriously missed that whole conversation! I’m not sure what happened. The phone rang, the dog barked, I fell asleep? Weird–LOL. Thanks all for filling me in. I agree that I don’t think it was smart for Reynold to tell Malcolm about his HII.

      Also, I didn’t really think that Dawn was that close to Phillip. I thought she was pretending to be close to him! I was very surprised that she ran straight to him.

      Bert, I do watch American Idol because I blog it also. I mostly do that one to help out a music class in Pennsylvania that uses it in their studies. It’s fun to hear the kids comments. I’m not enjoying the show at all this season however. I don’t watch any of the shows where someone YELLS at the contestants. That’s just too much stress for me!

  14. Not one question or comment for a past Survivor alumni? I will be seeing (among others) Ashley Trainer, Christina Cha, Dana Lambert, Denise Stapley, Jonas Otsuji, Bob Crowley, Marcus Lehman, Mike Skupin, Troyzan and Zane Knight!

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