The Survivor Specialist Has His Torch Snuffed

What can I say about last night’s epic Tribal?  Did you watch it?  If you didn’t, stop reading this and go do that.  Since he is a personal friend, and yes I know I’m in the minority, I was sad to see Phillip leave last night, but at least he’s on the jury.

I guess I should start with that whole bit about Dawn losing her teeth in the water.  If she didn’t want everyone to know, then maybe she should have quietly asked for help to find them instead of getting hysterical?  I do imagine that Survivor can get to you.  Being out there with limited food items, the same people day after day, all kinds of crazy thoughts going through your mind AND being a woman in your 40’s.  I can see it.  Suck it up, girl!

On to the rewards challenge.  At least this time the teams were a little more even-sided.  Malcolm’s idea to make it easy for everyone else on his team didn’t help them pull it off.  Sherri was like molasses in January, wasn’t she?  That woman should be long gone from this show, but there she sits not even a consideration when the voting occurs.  It was good to see Cochran once again on the WINNING team, wasn’t it?

The Immunity challenge involved maneuvering underwater under a raft.  Apparently, Philip had a traumatic experience when he was a child, so he opted out of this challenge.  Truthfully, he didn’t have a chance to win, so why not opt out?  This clearly was going to be a male winner since it involved strength, holding your breath and fitness.  Reynold is by far the fittest of all the contestants remaining on Survivor so it wasn’t a surprise that he sailed through this competition.  It was unfortunate that Eddie was a bit cocky resulting in him NOT getting his tube onto the post and losing.  Malcolm was Reynold’s closest competition and you could clearly see that he couldn’t catch his breath.  Reynold dove into the water to retrieve his Immunity necklace without a whiff of tiredness.  He clearly is the one to beat physically in this game.

Okay, lets discuss tribal council.  Malcolm has had a HII since the tribes merged.  With the luck that only happens on Survivor, Malcolm finds a second HII.  All the tribe sees and knows about the second one.  As you know (and if you don’t, then why are you even reading this?) there are two alliances.  Most of the Favorites and Sherri are aligned with Phillip leading that pack. The second alliance is Reynold, Malcolm and Eddie or The Three Amigos (no relation to the Reality Rally Team!).  As soon as Malcolm found that second HII, my head started spinning with the possibilities.  How about you?  I can just imagine how the thoughts were flying in Malcolm’s head!

The favorites were once again planning to split the votes between Eddie and Malcolm to flush out the HII.  Don’t forget Reynold is safe.  Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold plan to vote for Phillip.  Talk gets around to Malcolm having a HII.  He pulls it out and then shortly after pulls out the second one.  The faces on some of the contestants were classic.  This tribal will forever go down in history.  Taking it the hardest, and for good reason is Andrea.  She knows her head could end up on the chopping block.  So now what we have is Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold all SAFE!!!  Someone from the Favorites will be leaving tribal.  What I don’t get is why the favorites didn’t immediately turn on Sherri and get her butt out of there?  She clearly doesn’t have the ability to win challenges, so maybe that’s why they are keeping her around?  Andrea’s name is being whispered and all the Favorites are talking among themselves.  Jeff is enjoying himself immensely. Okay, so was I and I assume so were you? I think it was Erik that mentions just because they HAVE HII’s doesn’t mean they are going to use them.  Phillip ends the talk by stating that he thinks everyone should vote the way that was discussed BEFORE coming to tribal.  He states that he would rather be voted off than have his reputation continue to be tarnished (or some such rubbish–LOL).  The voting has the Favorites splitting between Malcolm and Eddie.  The Three Amigo’s vote for Phillip.  The lone wolf in this whole debacle is Erik.  Instead of voting with the Favorites, he votes against Phillip.  At this point, it didn’t really matter, but it’s a very telling sign of what’s to come with him.  So, the two HII’s are played and Phillip is our second member of the Survivor Caramoan jury.

Whew…what an ending!  I’m sure there is tons of talk today about whether, Malcolm should have used both the HII’s or whether they should have tried to squeak through without using two.  I guess it’s neither here nor there!  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  Bloggergal

27 thoughts on “The Survivor Specialist Has His Torch Snuffed”

  1. ding dong the witch is gone, the witch is gone so lonnnnnnnnnng fillup! In what has to be the best move by three sure they were gone players, immunity idol victory and “two” , I repeat an and “two” hidden idols played at one tribal council …… I don’t have to ask but did you SEE the looks on those seven dwarfs faces. I’ll name each one later!!!!
    If those bozos wanted Phillip to stay they should have got rid of Dawn or Sherry!
    Michael had the best look as he sat there on the Jury bench as it all played out!
    Even with the big move, I don’t think the amigos can repeat there performance of this week and one of them will be gone next week. As far as a new leader, Cochran and Andrea will cohost that position.

    A must read —

  2. WOW!!! Need I say more? Okay, I will. That was some ending, I was laughing and I did not doubt for one moment that both Eddie and Malcolm would play their idols. I don’t know what was going on in Philip’s head to not vote a weaker player off from his own team and remain at least an alliance of 6 to The Amigos’ 3. I am not so sure it is going to be cut-and-dry as to what happens next week with the remainin 6 voting for the Amigos. Here is what I have been noticing over the past 2 or 3 weeks with the returning players – with maybe the exception of Cochran, they have all been suffering this rash of paranoia thinking they might be next. I think the reason Cochran hasn’t suffered it is because he knows people view him as a middle player – not too big a threat, but also helpful in challenges, also he’s funny to have around. Reynold and Eddie have known since the merge that they were targets, so they haven’t been in any kind of panic mode, they’ve just been surviving. Erik looks like he wanted the Amigos to know he was ready to switch sides, I think his spelling of Fillup was done purposely so they’d know it was him making that vote. Ugh, and then there’s Dawn! I don’t want anyone to know my teeth fell out so I’m going to bawl like a cry baby and now the entire world knows! Brenda was so smart helping her out – now she has a loyal slave till the end! That is, if Dawn can hold herself together and get that far.

  3. Best Survivor in a long, long time….maybe ever! Dawn is an excellent tribute to the true effects of sleep deprivation…..maybe they need a new poster girl?

  4. An amazing show last night to say the least! Dawn is really hankering for the men in white coats to come and take her away. I think Malcolm made a mistake in giving Eddie the HII, and if I were in his shoes I would have realized the three amigos are really just a bad fish at this point and I’d be searching for another avenue. I would have kept my original idol secret still and played the one I found in front of everybody and still had an out for another tribal if I couldn’t win immunity.

  5. I was surprised to see Erik vote out Phillip. I don’t know if this was a sign that he will flip or if is was due to the fact that he just hated Phillip! I would love to see Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold draw Erik over to their side. Sherri might also join the group, as she really doesn’t have anyone to protect her anymore. Wow that would certainly put Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Brenda in a pickle. Great show!!

    I am so over Phillip and all his STEALTH talk! Good riddance!!

    Does anyone know if the immunity idols will be put back into play?

    1. Yes, that was the merge HII that Malcolm found and it will be replaced. It is surprising that no one went out looking for it until that moment.

  6. I have to hand it to Malcolm…he’s been on 2 seasons back to back
    and to use the idol(s) in such a shocking and game changing way…
    Perfect move Malcolm. Smartest man in the bunch,
    playing his own game.
    I’m thinking he deserves to win!
    Go Malcom

  7. I really believe that Malcolm made a mistake by giving Eddie HI. The 3 guys are going to be the target. Erik just got tired of Phillip and so did i. Always a excuse for something. Sounded like me like another Abi.


    1. You know, I thought of saying the exact same thing in my first post above. First, because they remain under the radar and they are both likable people, so it is very unlikely they’ll get voted off as long as they remain smart – and they are both smart. Also, they have both been doing well in the challenges, but it is like no one on the tribe notices how they come so close or even win. Although Brenda said she would side with Dawn until the end, Dawn would be better for her if she were in the jury.

  9. Great update Bloggergal. Thanks. I so agree with Bill, “the witch is gone”. Can’t stand Fillup, never could. Loved Erik’s spelling. He’s a bully who thinks he’s a god. Narcissism at it’s finest. I also agree that he should have gathered his followers to vote out Sherri or Dawn but his stealth abilities to read other people is not nearly as good as he thinks it is.

    As for Dawn, well she’s a train wreck waiting to happen with moments of true clarity. They tend to follow her so we’ll see what happens. Losing her teeth and screaming so loud she woke up the monkeys is beyond my understanding. Don’t like her either. Used to first season, don’t this season. :) I don’t understand why Sherri is still there either.

    Now when Malcolm found the second HII, my first thought was he can use both idols and vote Phillip out. Honestly, that was my first thought and that’s what he ended up doing. What surprised me is that he told them ahead of time and didn’t wait until Jeff asked if anyone wanted to use their HIIs. It worked out the same way and it gave us a great show to watch. Loved watching their faces and especially the, “this is fantastic” smirk on Cochran’s face. Andrea will probably go over to the Amigos as I’m pretty sure Erik will and Sherri gave us a hint. I hope Cochran moves over too stealthily. LOL Yes, I too like Cochran and Brenda in the end. Who would you vote for?

    1. I would have a hard time choosing either Brenda or Cochran at this point. I like both of them and they are both likable people – but can also be devious (and no one hates them for it afterwards). In the challenges, I think they are pretty much neck-and-neck. I would have to go back and watch all of this season again, or if anyone does know, tell us. It is going to be pretty tough for any of the 3 Amigos to make it to the end, but that can happen. Remember Fabio made it even with everyone out to kick him off the island and then took the win because of his winning streak, his speech and poor sportsmanship by his competition.

  10. Dawn should go to the F3 because no one will vote for her! (Unless she has a real meltdown!)

    Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie will need to keep getting immunity or HI’s until the #’s change.

    Cochran has enough influence to run the show for the favorites alliance.

    Brenda, Andrea, Erik and Sherri are the wild cards! They are the followers, not willing to lead a coup.

    Cochran must be the new leader to get out the Amigos!

    1. I further think the target of the 3 is Malcolm after what he just pulled off. He is the biggest threat as far as game play goes! (Erik I believe wasn’t changing sides, just getting rid of a nuisance!

    2. On the same not though, Bill, Malcolm could have also won some admiration from Cochran on that move. The guy loves big moves and that was one of, if not the biggest move ever in Survivor. It was definitely one of the most entertaining. Cochran may want to be a part of it even if only after the fact. It really all depends on where the power shifts to.

  11. It’s funny…at the very beginning of this season….someone posted a Spoiler that Cochran won this season of Survivor…but i just didnt want to believe it….until now, now im starting to believe that Cochran has a very good chance on winning……what a world we live in, lol….☺…..

  12. Hey Phil, I betcha Boston Rob never taught you that trick. Maicolm has always been a fav of mine and the last tribal proved me right. Now I hope Malcolm wins.

  13. Here’s a thought. What if Phillip brought up voting off either Sherri or Dawn? We know Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie were voting for Phillip and they told everyone. Phillip would have had to openly tell everyone who to vote for. Obviously, whether he picked Sherri or Dawn, they wouldn’t be voting or themselves and would have sided with the Amigos. So that puts the vote at 5 – 4. But then there’s Erik, I think he would have still voted for Fillup. So that’s a vote of 5 – 5. Now here’s the thing, how would Phillip’s alliance react knowing he was openly ready to sacrifice one of them to stay in the game? If Dawn could think logically for a moment, she’d have to realize she would be the next to go if he picked Sherri and Sherri vice-versa. So would one of them side with the Amigos? I don’t know. Also, I think the matter would have brought up more discussion between the Amigos an StealthRus and things could have gotten more crazy.

    I’ve also thought about the two HII’s used, whether it was better to play them before the vote as Malcolm did or wait until after the vote to spring the surprise of the second HII. I think Malcom made the right choice because doing it that way and seeing how the vote went, it gave him more insight about the opposing alliance and who was ready to turn or thinking about it. Had he not said anything, they would have all just voted how Phillip told them to.

  14. I am so relieved that Phillip is gone. Malcom said it all when he said Phillip was the fun sponge. Just sucked all the fun out of the game! I hope this shakes things up a little. Next week should be good!

    I’m all for Malcolm winning, but the stars would have to align perfectly for that to happen. Andrea will go where she perceives the power is. Game on!

    1. Hey Princess! I forgot about the “fun sponge” remark but he couldn’t have been more right about that. I like Malcolm too and the stars will have to align for him to win but who knows what will happen. Can’t wait for next week. Alliances will be fun to watch.

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