Break out the WD40, I hear some old bones creaking…

In typical fashion Survivor opens in their normal dramatic way. as the tribes marched thru the  “Remote, Mysterious and Dangerous  jungle rainforest of Nicaragua”. Jud equated it to a zoo with no  cages..    

 Jeff asked and had various responses about first impressions people got on the way into the  jungle. Marty has been named by two people as a early target, along with Jimmy J.

 The tribes weren’t seperated into young and old until they got to the beach and had searched for the Medallion of Power (MOP). BTW, the MOP isn’t  the bust, but an ornate cross with a black and gold cloth rope.

 After Brenda found the MOP, they came back and Jeff remade the tribes into young and old.

The La Flor tribe is made up of 30 year olds and younger while the Espada is made up of 40 and older people. My first impression of the older “Antique tribe is most don’t look like they could make it 30 days with without comps to wear them down. The young guns look very athletic but do have some nieve looking girls. And then we have “Fabio”. That’s what Jud’s tribemates are calling him.

 After the MOP was given out, Jeff explained they could keep it or trade for flint and fishing gear and the La Flor took the merchandise and gave away the MOP saying they needed to make fire early and have gear to fish with.

 Back at the La Flor Camp:

 Kelly B.’s artificial leg was noticed so see called the tribe together and showed everyone her prosthesis.  Brenda plans on flirting to get ahead if she has to. Sash seems cocky and pretty confident that the  younger group will kick butt in the game.  The guys notice that Jud aka Fabio is kinda goofy., he does seem liike a flaky dude to me. Nanonka seems like she could have  a little bitchy attitude at times.

Alina and Kelly B. find the first clue to an HII and hide the clue in a tree till later. The clue seems cryptic and I don’t think they understand it at all.

 Meanwhile at the Senior Citizen Center:

 Jimmy J. was sick from overworking himself on day1.

Espada seems to have all alpha males and I foresee some major disagreements. during the times when  they struggle.

 It was not shown if the older guys found the HII clue when they got their tree mail.

 When the tribes got to the Immunity Challenge it wqs revealed that the Conquistador bust is actually the Team Immunity Idol and not part of the MOP that most people from previews assumed.

The challenge was simple. Fill a half barrel with water by pouring water down gutters held by team members until the barrel fills and drops your puzzle pieces. The Espada had a chance to use the MOP and get a 1 bucket of water head start put in their barrel but decided not to use it. The La Flor tribe finished first but only by 10 seconds and were able to start their puzzle first. The Espada women doing the puzzle struggled way too much and lost to the La Flor tribe. La Flor wins the first Immunity Challenge.

 Back at camp the talk centers on evicting Jimmy J or Wendy Jo. At Tribal Council the usual discussion takes place and people remark about Wendy and Jimmy J. Just before they go to vote, Wendy speaks up and wants to make a statement which further seals here fate. In a 9-1 vote (essentially unanimous) Wendy becomes the first to be evicted. Her Husband was correct!!

 My early prediction is that more than half of the older tribe will be gone before the merge which should happen around week 8 or 9. and the young guns will dominate the final 4 or 5 people. It’s going to be a tough road for the old folks to win this year.

So here’s to all the BB folks who came on over to Survivor and we hope you enjoy the show and the    blog!

38 thoughts on “Break out the WD40, I hear some old bones creaking…”

  1. I think that the Older tribe will majorly underestimate Jimmy J. He was a fantastic Coach & could really get the team a long way “if” they will listen to him. I don’t think he was trying to be bossy, but really give them a pep talk. I for one, however, would like for him to shut up about not winning, because if he plays a good game he could very well win the money. He was a good guy here in Dallas & in Miami. I just hope he goes far.

  2. I was surprised people were so negative to JJ. I thought the men especially would be happy to take his advice on how to get further in the game. Apparently the alpha males (is there any other kind of male) were afraid to appear weak. I hope JJ goes a long way in the game but I think the youngsters will take it all quickly. Looking forward to watching.

  3. Snakebit Sal I could not agree with you more. I am rooting for the older team, but like you said I don’t see them having much of a chance and even if half are there when they merge I will be surprised. I am hoping they will prove me wrong. Should be interesting to watch. Thanks for the tending to the Blog, it’s great!

  4. I don’t like it when Survivor starts off with groups already broken into some artificial “type”, be it old vs young, men vs women, city vs rural, etc.. It’s more enjoyable when the teams are all mixed up and the natural order of survival takes over!

  5. Hi Kids… Well, Sheltered Wendy the Goat Farmer should have gotten the boot just by the outfit she wore. And since she was my female pick in the pool I am bummed to be first out too, probably more so that Wendy. But, I was expecting it from the moment I saw who I got.

    The Old Folks made a strategic mistake by not using the MOP, as not losing the first challenge gives big momentum to a team by not having to go to tribal… as that can take a big toll early on. But then, the Old Gals struggled with a very simple puzzle, by Survivor standards, and might not have pulled it off anyway. And if the ‘water pourer’ hadn’t spilt half on the deck they would have beaten them with the bucket anyway.

    I think the Old Men will self destruct, unless they gang up on the women.

    I found it interesting that they seemed to be wearing their underwear in some scenes and bathing suits in others. Those bras were not bikini tops.

    Back Later…

  6. ok so i’m one of the oldies.
    but i wouldn’t have worn a blouse and dressy stuff like some of the ‘older’ women did. i’d have on layers and layers of clothes and jewelry made out of wire and twine so i could use it to fish.

    then again i’d not be on there but maybe when i was forty i could have if i could have brought my buttload of meds i have to take but i was alot stronger then and bulked up. now i’m just a wimp that hurts herself crochetting.

    Jimmy the coach prob would have been voted off if goatgirl had just kept her mouth shut.
    we’ll see how it goes.
    did you notice one of the younger guys (don’t know names yet..i was working out while watching it so my braincells were asleep) had his crotch blurred? UNFAIR lol

  7. I am for Espada tribe. Yve is a fav pick and maybe Holly,Dan and Marty. This is my first time to really watch Survivor. I have glanced at it years ago, but never watched it. Hope to get some insight and opinions from this group of bloggers here.

  8. there’s a whole lota ego’s going on there, on the espada tribe – with the men, anyway. holly coulda done a better job pouring the water down the gutter, rather than throwing it haphazardly toward the gutter as fast as she could. i think that ego could be the self destruction of espada.

    so, onto an expression i haven’t used in quite awhile: male chauvinist pig(let) on the la flor tribe. geez, i wanted to reach through my screen and slap him silly (one blow, open hand would do!) and i’m really not a violent person. i predict an early demise for fabio if he doesn’t attach to an alliance very quickly… he’s a bit of a dufus.

  9. Princess I agree, Holly was a total loss to the Espada Tribe pouring the water everywhere. I really thought she might go home. It is so hard to get to know everyone on the first night. Was Wendy on the puzzel? I haven’t had enough time to put all the names to the many faces. I want the Espada Tribe to win, but by the looks of things they will self destruct within four to five weeks! As for ‘Fabio’, give him a slap for me! :lol:

  10. OK, for the inexperienced Survivor viewer, the opening episode on TV actually took 3 days. It was considered Ep.1 – “Young at Heart”
    Day one was the RC (reward challenge) where they looked for the MOP. Day two was a day off which they spend in camp.
    Day three was the IC (immunity challenge) and TC (tribal council).

  11. Just watched again… just in case Wendy Jo didn’t get voted out… Nope she’s gone. Yes she was on the puzzle… Holly wasn’t thinking where Na was and did a better job…. The old folks you all have an easy time identifying with will out smart themselves.

    I think Jud/Fabio is petty funny and will be like the camp mascot if he’s good at challenges. Boy Mark and the Boys knew what they were doing when they cast Shannon. Yes a Male Chauvinist Pig… and a Homophobe and probably a Racist to boot! (if you’ve seen some of his interviews) Good assessment Princess…

    KerriJ… is that LadyBug in the pic? And you are right about Yve… I think she is a sleeper… I think sexy in a way that I like. I was chastised by my so called friends here for liking one of the older women and thinking she was attractive in season 19. I like Marty the most of all the men on the oldsters. Dan is interesting… haven’t seen much of him yet. I think Holly is a wingnut like Wendy Jo.

    Someone get the ice water for tendr and Terry… come on ladies… we are watching Survivor for game play, not to be ogling guy’s crotches… they are blurring their ‘bulges’ because they are in underwear… which they haven’t explained yet. They do have bathing suits, and their clothes haven’t been taken away. For new people, there have been Seasons where they took away their clothes and they had to play in their underwear for almost the whole show with no change. Some of the underwear was quite revealing and there was a lot of blurring. I’m sure you don’t need to change your eyeglass prescription tendr!

    1. Ted, of course we are going to look at bulges, just like you look at the girls, it is kind of silly they blur that as long as someone has clothes on no big deal :roll:

  12. Personal Note to Betty: what happened to that fine avatar you had the other day on BBB? And don’t worry, the old team will rally.

  13. Oh Great One (Ted) don’t you know women like eye-candy?, though I must say this season has a real ugly group of men. Teddy dear you should be on this season so all the girls can faint! :roll:

  14. Where is everyone on this Blog. Checked in around one, then almost eight and almost ten. I think I hear an echo… PK where are you, or do I have to sing the worm song again? :lol:

  15. evil :evil: ………grin :grin: ……….twisted :twisted: ………mrgreen :mrgreen: ……….shock :shock: ……….cool :cool: ……….??? :???: ………..mad :mad: ………neutral :neutral: ……….sad :sad: …..! :!: …………cry :cry: ……….? :?: ……….oops :oops: …………roll :roll: …………idea :idea: ………wink :wink: ……….arrow :arrow: ………razz :razz: …………eek :eek: ……….lol :lol: ……… :smile: ……………..

  16. the episode wasn’t that good but the ending was fun, just seeing that stupid ass wendy get voted off after all the episode she told herself to shut up and in the end she did not do what she meant, just seeing probst telling her to get it all out made the episode betterthan what iot really was

  17. OK, I am in the minority here cuz I like the young bucks. They will kick the mature folks butts at physical challenges but might not do so well in the mental ones. I like Jimmy Johnson so I hope he does well. Yeah ladies why did they blurred out the guys bulges? I don’t see them blurring out the girls boobs, no fair.

    1. good point Donna, they are pretty unfair, i see women on there looking pretty revealing, why is that different? I like the fabio guy he is kind of funny, also I like Jimmy johnson as well he has good ideas but probably won’t last long. :lol:

    2. I think it was more than bulges they blurred. LOL
      I think he may have forgotten his panties.
      Why is it that some guy wears a shirt and tie, girls wear dresses and shoes that are just so wrong for this show. Do they only get 5 minute warning before they leave? If that is the way they do, after applying I would be dressed with tank tops, button up blouses, a hoodie and a jacket plus swim suit, shorts, bermudas and capris under my levis and sox over my sox with my sneakers inside my boots each day until I knew if I had made it or not.

  18. I agree with DonnaP..I like the youngins better! Hate to lose and I am thinging that between the dissension in the oldster team and just their lack of physicality, they can’t possibly win! I like *fabio*(Jud) too, Donna. He kind of reminds me of Hayden!!!lol

    Offtopic….I was just over at the BB blog and there is a blog nat ,if anyone is interested. felt SO weird,..I was the only commenteor!!! :shock: Hope you don’t mind me poping in here…need my Blogade fix!! I am NO huge fan or even very schooled in Survivor but…I am willing to TRY!

    Not sure I am moderated yet or not, but here’s hoping this goes.

    Peace OUT!

  19. Well I watched and was rooting for the oldies but I think the young trib will win. I hope JJ makes it to the merg. And I am glad Wendy is gone she was an odd duck.

  20. I love Survivor. I really do. But this season I have to say I am truly offended by the destinction between “older tribe” and “younger tribe”. Didn’t each team create a name at the beginning of the show? And do you want to know that because those names have been used so little, I can’t think of them! Please PLEEEEAse PLEEEEEASE stop referring to them in this way. It forces a prejudice on your viewers, whether they realize it or not!!

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