Disgusting turn to such a weak Survivor!

Good Lord. This game has been so lame from the beginning. Now we have the worst move ever to a Survivor series. The weakest player and the wicked bitch of the east gave up and outright “QUIT” a game that most people would give anything to play. Naonka is such a selfish bitch, tell everyone your quitting and then taking the reward for the Reward Challenge. I know, she earned it, but why not volunteer to stay and take the tarp and rice for the people that still have 11 days left in the jungle! The woman has been the biggest bimbo of an excuse for a human I have ever seen. From day 1 she has done nothing but threaten and bad mouth everyone in the game. I don’t think she missed anyone and the fight over the clue with Kelly B, what an asshole!

Not much action in the episode last night. Even the challenge was a little lame. All they had to do was drag an oversized dummy through some obsticles. It was close but the bigger guys on blue team pulled through at the end.

The rest of the night was useless. We saw the winning team gorge their faces and then watch a movie.

At the TC NaOnka made a bigger ass of herself and actually said she would have won the game! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! What bullshit. She is lower than bullshit and full of hot air!

Not much else to say. Iv’e included clips of the wusses from after they left and the Ponderosa. Also, I’m posting Jeffs feelings in his blog and his update as why they them go to the Jury!

Ponderosa – Quitters Pt.1

Ponderosa – Quitters Pt.2

Kelly’s Final Words

Kelly the Day After

Naonka’s Final Words

Naonka the Day After


Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 12

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Okay, I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that there is a bit of an implied contract when you agree to be on Survivor.

On our side, we promise you the adventure of your lifetime. Something you have never experienced before and will probably never experience again. It’s a multi-million dollar, life-changing thrill ride that will test you on every level. We promise, and we always deliver. Always.

In exchange we expect only two things from you: Show up… and play. That’s it. When you fail to do one or both of those requirements you are not living up to your end of the bargain. One might say you are in breach of our implied contract.

That’s my new philosophy regarding quitters on Survivor. You’re breaking your contract. There are certainly exceptions to the rule, such as medical evacuations and family emergencies, but I’m talking about the contestants who just decide they don’t want to play anymore. In this case, Naonka and Purple Kelly.

You’d think that by the time you have gone through the long arduous process of casting, meeting the executives at CBS, suffering through your immunization shots, getting your passport, arranging to leave your life for 39 days, getting on a plane, meeting with the press, and then lasting 28 days to give yourself a 1-in-9 shot at winning a million dollars, that this would be a no-brainer. Of course you’re going to finish; quitting would be foolish, right?

I’m not going to rehash the events of the quit, that’s just a waste of time and space.

I will however mention that when Naonka had the chance to walk away from the reward in exchange for tarp and rice, I truly believed she would do it. I was initially shocked when she didn’t move. Shocked. Naonka had just told everybody she wanted to quit. She knew she would be eating real food and sleeping in a real bed within hours, and all she had to do was stand up and say “It’s the least I can do before I quit.” She would have redeemed herself just a little bit.

But upon reflection I can clearly see that my expectation was flawed. Naonka has been consistently selfish for 28 days, and for her to stand up and suddenly do the “right thing” would not be consistent. Naonka went out the same way she came in, “Looking out for numero uno.”

In addition to not being a lawyer, I’m also not a psychologist, but it never seems to stop me from offering up an opinion. So here’s my take on whether they will regret this later in life:

I don’t think Naonka is going to regret her actions for one moment. I think Naonka has a lot of maturing to do and it doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon. Quitting Survivor doesn’t make Naonka a bad person in my eyes, it was just disappointing. I’ll be curious to find out the reaction from Naonka’s family at the reunion show.

In the case of Purple Kelly, I think she will learn a lot from this experience and will at some point regret not sticking it out for 11 more days.

When you quit, when you give up and walk away from a task, even though you know you have some gas left in the tank, you are in a sense giving up on yourself. Purple Kelly had a lot of gas left in her tank. She’s a very strong and resilient young woman. Naonka gave her permission to quit and she took it and ran. I have a feeling the next time Purple Kelly is in the same situation she will think a long time before quitting.

I know a lot of you are angry right now because Naonka and Purple Kelly are allowed to be on the jury, so let me explain.

The reason they will both be members of the jury is because a precedent had already been set back when Janu quit in Survivor: Palau. Janu quit the game but was allowed to be on the jury, so we used the same reasoning with Naonka and Purple Kelly. It wasn’t an emotional decision, just an issue of fairness.

And yes…Marty, Alina and Brenda were very upset when they found out these quitters would still get to have a vote to decide who wins the million dollars.

Naonka and Purple Kelly quitting just blew this game wide open. It’s like we’re starting over. Their quit benefits some and penalizes others. The person who lost the most was Sash. He not only lost Purple Kelly, who would have voted any way he wanted her to, he also lost Naonka and her idol. He could have taken those two to the end with him and probably been a shoo-in for the million dollars. Instead he now must scramble to make something happen, and other than Dan, everybody else is a threat to win the game.

From a show point of view it’s an awesome turn of events. It changed everything and makes for an exciting and unpredictable finish.

Everybody left in the game has a legitimate shot to win.

Everybody except Dan. Dan’s best hope was to go to the final with Naonka and Purple Kelly. Now that they’re gone, I cannot think of a scenario in which Dan could beat anybody to win. This makes Dan a great person to take to the end. The dilemma is going to be who else do you take to the final?

I am not picking on Dan, I actually enjoy Dan quite a bit, and I could be wrong and Dan could win. If he does win, stay glued to your television because there is a very good chance that at the live show, as I read the last “Dan” vote, I will become light-headed and pass out on the CBS stage. Fortunately, Dancing With The Stars tapes nearby, so Tom Bergeron could run over and handle the rest of the reunion show.

Okay, so we are down to seven: Jane, Benry, Fabio, Holly, Sash, Chase, and Dan. There is going to be a lot of scrambling happening from here until the end. Here is my assessment of what each player needs to do:

Chase needs to form an alliance and stick with it.

Fabio, Benry and Jane need to start winning immunity or they are in danger.

Holly needs to keep mothering and nurturing and keep the attention on others.

Sash has the most work to do since his rug has been pulled out from under him.

Dan doesn’t need to do anything; it’s been working for 28 days. Why change?

It looks like we might have an exciting finish….

See ya next week.

UPDATE (Dec. 2, 12:00pm):
In response to so many comments about last night’s episode I wanted to add a follow up on the topic of quitters being allowed to be on the jury. When Janu quit and was allowed to stay on as a member of the jury, the precedent set was one that says “if we are in the jury phase of the game and you quit, you will still be a member of the jury.” Here is why the Janu precedent is important….

If you take it one step further, you realize that the decision has major ramifications because whoever Janu was in an alliance with, may still benefit from her vote at the end of the game. It could be a million dollar vote… from a quitter.   Not the greatest situation but that’s the precedent that was set.

So, we did not believe it would be fair, based on precedent, to suddenly change the rules and say to Naonka and Purple Kelly, “you cannot be on the jury.” Because that could unfairly penalize someone in their alliance.  If that person made it to the final and Naonka and Purple Kelly were not on the jury that could make a case that it was “unfair”… based on the precedent set with Janu.

We always strive to be fair. When you remove the emotion of the situation it’s easy that this was the “fair” thing to do.  It wasn’t a popular decision on location and we understand that as fans you really don’t like it at all, but it was the fair decision.Will we look to make changes in the rules from this point forward…? Consider that a big YES. Thank you for your input, we listen to your feedback and in this case we agree with you.

I’m sure we’ll deal with this at the live reunion show on Dec. 19th as well.

58 thoughts on “Disgusting turn to such a weak Survivor!”

  1. From the very beginning Naonka showed us she had about as much depth as a puddle in a parking lot. She enjoyed playing the victim when she wasn’t playing the thuggish bitch – so I was not surprised that she quit nor was I surprised that she didn’t give up the trip for the benefit of her tribe. Honestly, I was appalled that Dan didn’t give up the reward. For the love of god – the man sat in a high chair! I’d really hate to see him go to finally three just because he has not played – at this time in game I am personally going to root for Jane.

  2. Dan should have offered to give it up also..tho Nahonka (no i didn’t mispell it) is a horrible person. I actually felt sorry for her at one point in the game but she could have left and eaten and taken a shower and had a bed…so on…and let Holly re-fuel. So I’m aiming more towards Jane and Holly now though I still like Chase if he’ll just use his head.
    I want sash out.
    In a way, i wish the two who quit could have picked 2 on the jury now, to take their place if the jury members wanted it. I pretty much feel they would have traded places with them.
    wow, the next person i hear making fun of ppl over fifty are going to get hit with my cane.

  3. Well – the one Survivor where I actually know a real life person (Jill) and it turns out to be the lamest one! No-one seems to be playing the game. Detest Naonka and even Jane is being protrayed as way nicer than she is. I am rooting for the one person who seems to be enjoying himself and would keep on playing if it snowed (his words) Judd aka Fabio lol

  4. I still think its unfair that the two quiters get to judge. I think its unfair to the others.
    My family enjoys watching Survivors every week, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

    Bob Mc Millen

  5. your stupid pop up windows blocked the top of the page and there was no way to close them. I KNOW TO CLICK ON THE LITTLE Xs. Yours weree not visible because your boxes overlapped!

  6. Sorry, I hope Chase gets out. This guy is sickening. When I see him cuddling Naonka to keep her warm fromt the storm…I said to myself, is this guy kidding? She kept saying as if its a right of passage that she was a victim of the streets, and that explains her behavior…What a lame excuse…but hey, thats Naonka, right? Others have bared the same background as she and overcame it. Here she had that opportunity, and failed and of course, she was a victim…She will keep going back to that for the rest of her life.

  7. Great job Boo-onka (Naonka) for showing your phys ed students how to be a QUITTER!!!!!! So much for your strong woman blab and that’s about all you can do is blab and you’re not GHETTO!!!!

  8. I halfway expected Dan to give up the reward too, but then he is as selfish as Na. He is just skating along to last as long as he can… who knows maybe a good move, although I can’t see anyone voting for him unless he makes a compelling speech at Final Tribal. Na didn’t surprise me at all… she’s hard to figure out.

    Pamela… what is Jill like in real life? I really liked her and thought she was playing smart at the beginning… but then her gameplay kind of fizzled out… and aligning herself with Marty didn’t help.

  9. Not a fan of Dan but he wasn’t one of the ones that could give up the reward! Jeff said it had to be one of the 4 that partcipated in it!!

    1. Thanks for the info, Julie… I didn’t catch that. Not a big Dan Fan either, but I don’t dislike him… so, glad to know he didn’t have a choice.

  10. Naonkakookoo. REALLY? nuff said. i am rooting for fabio. wow these people really are starving. they are wafe thin now. cant believe the weight comes off that fast. guess the challenges add that extra boost. personally, i can keep the same weight eating a spoonfull of rice a day. HA

  11. Oh, c’mon Jeff. You simply HAD to follow precedent out of fairness? Give me a break! Survivor is STILL great because the producers have broken all sorts of “precedents” over the history of the show — it’s what keeps the game fresh and new! Allowing these losers/quitters to remain on the jury and sit in judgment of who will be sole survivor is far and away, the absolute, most bone-headed move the producers have ever done — and I’ve watched every single show from the beginning of the series — AND always (up to now) thought the producers were the REAL stars of the show — just because of their ability to flex and make the sort of changes in the game and alterations to the rules that has kept it so interesting to watch over and over. You need to offer something a lot less lame than: “We had to do it out of fairness, because that’s what we’ve done in the past.” That’s not only an awful call – it’s downright insulting to people who have become fans of the show. Make amends to the fans, Jeff. Perhaps even do something totally dramatic and disqualify those two votes in the final, LIVE broadcast. How about burning them before they’re ever read — with their own damned torches!!!!!

  12. Jeff, I’m even more offended at your more “in depth, follow-up answer” trying to justify the lame decision. Your own point in your original blog was about the “implied contract to show up and play the game.” Quitting is quitting the game. Being on the jury is still playing the game. How can you allow that? Then you proceed to talk about how it might be unfair to someone who was allied with the quitters. So what? The whole point of the game/show is that every decision has consequences. It’s every bit as “unfair” (and may ALSO cost a million dollars) to a finalist who had the good sense NOT to be in an alliance with a jerk who ends up quitting the game. YOUR FOLLOW-UP ARGUMENT JUST DOESN”T HOLD WATER. There is NO WAY they should be allowed to sit on the jury. But, I realize what’s done is done already — except, of course, in the final show. THEIR votes should NOT be counted — whatever the consequences might be to the finalists, regardless of whether or not the finalists were allied with them. It would be a memorable national lesson that would be learned about quitters!! It’s NOT too late to right this wrong!

  13. So glad the creature is gone, she should have left sooner. What a piece of work this bitch is, so good riddiance Niabitch and take the other Quitter with yah.

    Hey Ted, Aggie, Frannie and all the other folks…long time.

  14. I read in amazement all of the nasty comments about Naonka’s decision not to give up her reward to the benefit of those that are continuing on in the compitition. It seems that suddenly everyone have become intentionally unaware of what this compitition is. It never has been and never will be a compition to find the next Mother Theresa or Pope benedict. All of the competitors are fully aware of the rules of engagment, which is to out-wit, and out last the others.
    While naonka did not out-last seven competitiors, she did out-wit them. Sure she could have given up her reward but why the hell should she? Why should she make it easier for the seven people who would have joined together that very night and voted her out? After all she had put her foot in her mouth enough times to make herself an easy target, but more importantly, everyone who watches Survivor knows that when it comes down to the point that choosing someone to vote out becomes harder, the natural choice always has been and would have been in this case to vote out the non-caucasiancompetitor. The fact that Naonka pre-empted their move and at the same time left them at their physically weakest is the ultimate knife twist. What a move! They would not have thought twice about sending her packing even if she had given up her reward and had decided to remain in the game.
    It seems to me that the same measuring stick is not being used to evaluate all the players.
    No one, including Jeff has mentioned that Naonka has given her idol to Chase, which is a very unselfish act. She had no further use for it so she gave it to someone else who could gain an advantage. She needed the food, that was one of the reasons she was giving up her chance at one million dollars, whether or not she would have won it. The others made a choice to go on regardless of whether or not they had food or shelter so why was everyone expecting Naonka to sacrifice her needs for theirs? Her need was for food and comfort, theirs was to continue to play for their chance at big money. Everyone got what they chose.
    That’s the nature of the game folks! Selfishness, back stabbing, back biting, ego, sneakiness and sometimes masked racism- none better than the other, all displayed by each competitor on some level during the game. This is not a popularity contest so suck it up and stop dumping on Naonka! She made the perfect final play from a villainous perspective. Now the others have to turn on each other sooner than later. Oh my! I wonder who will be on the chopping block next? Could it be Holly? I know it won’t be Naonka.

    1. 1) If she would have given up the reward she could have quit right there and then and been taken directly to Ponderosa where she would have received a healthy meal and not the junk they got as a reward
      2) She didn’t outwit anyone and had to get help tp find the idol, she had no idea what the clue said!
      3) No, she isn’t mother Teresa but she sure was a bitch while playing the game. She physically overpowered a handicapped person and destroy food to get at the idol clue!
      4) Being the non-caucasion had nothing to do with it. She pissed off enopugh people that it’s a wonder they didn’t get rid of her sooner!
      5) Giving away the idol was stupid. All it did was show who she favors in the game. She should have thrown it away or hidden it in camp and see if someone could find it. Chase is so dumb that he will probably squander it!
      6) Again with the food, if she was that damn hungry she should have quit before the challenge and went back to Ponderosa for food, shower and a nice warm BED! Hell, as hungry and tired as she was saying she managed to play the challenge without any difficulty so give me a break.
      7) Favoritism, I only like the people that PLAY the game not the QUITTERS! There are some real bozo’s playing the game this season and she was one of them. Just go back and look at all the stupid moves people have made in this game. One of the stupid moves was not voting her out when she stole the food!
      7) The next person to be dumped will probably be Jane because she is the biggest threat to the loonie toons still in this game. Russell Hantz was a villian twice and look what happened to him. The villian who outright does cruel things doesn’t win this game because he/she isn’t “POPULAR” with the jury! So, NaOnka was playing a lousy game and in “MHO” she had know chance at winning.
      8) Now take your favorite and join her in the Ponderosa with the other people who thought they were running the game!

  15. I don’t care how hungry I was…I think I would have had to take a shower before eating. That’s just nasty.

    1. I agree with you Aggie…they should have been sent straight home. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200.00

  16. There is not one person this season I am rooting for. If I had to choose it would be Jane. Everyone thinks Jane would win in the final 2. Whats wrong with these people, they would be the jury. If they don’t want her to win, she won’t. Where oh where did they find this seasons players? This season is like a train wreck, you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself, you want to see the next dumb move. Two weeks left, can’t wait for next season, there have got to be better and smarter players.

    1. I liked the earlier answer . Where the fan said Why not alternate’s, when there is a Quitter.Especially since they did play up to the first jury member.How about it Jeff. Then to also be rewarded by going on trips with all the Exta luxuries. Chase, Holly, Jane are the ones who should be the finally three . What’s your thought on this ?

  17. I liked the earlier answer . Where the fan said Why not alternate’s, when there is a Quitter.Especially since they did play up to the first jury member.How about it Jeff. Then to also be rewarded by going on trips with all the Exta luxuries. Chase, Holly, Jane are the ones who should be the finally three . What’s your thought on this ?

  18. Part of the reason for the Quitting is Casting relying on recruits instead of true fans who are invested in the game. I’ve set up a parallel contest to the Online Casting Call called Video Survivor, and fans are voting on which applicant videos they think should be considered for casting in seasons 23 and 24. This would make a great blog post as well. There are 1200 voters and over 100,00 decisions already. Check it out at http://www.video-survivor.com .

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