Down but not out, Espada makes a comeback!

Day 4 and Holly appears to be breaking under the pressure of being isolated in the jungle. The Espada tribe decides to rework their shelter. Jimmy J. seems to leading the group and handing out assignments. Jimmy T. is miffed that he wasn’t given an assignment and starts to head out to go fishing. Not much of a rift in the tribe after evicting Wendy.

A few people are eating snails they had caught and were in a pot.  Holly, while watching them decides they’re not edible because of the faces being made while they eat them. For no reason she decides to dump them out because she thinks they aren’t edible. Everyone wonder what’s going on with her.  Holly gets mad at Dan and decides to get even with him. She takes his alligator shoes (why he wore those into the jungle is beyond be me) and proceeds to fill them with sand and sink them in the water along the beach. Holly really looks like she is getting ready to give up on the game and quit. She talks to Jimmy J and he convinces her to stick it out awhile longer.                                                                        

          Sash and Naonka are talking about becoming an alliance. They think they have some things in common. Naonka says she doesn’t like Kelly B because of her artificial leg. Naonka can’t find one of her socks which she said were in her shoes and makes an accusation that someone has taken it. After wandering around she steals a pair of Fabio’s socks. After someone tells him what she has done he goes to confront her about it. She starts giving him some mumbo jumbo that he has it out for her. I personally believe she is the biggest “BITCH” in the game this year. However, Fabio does seem to have a few screws loose in his brain. Lots of gossip and rumors start to float about everyone and it seems the Young Guns are showing signs of trouble.

          At the Immunity Challenge the game looks interesting. They must crawl thru a mud pit and then dig thru a pile of hay to find a ball. Four members of each tribe must do this until they get four balls to the next member on a mat. After all four balls are found, the next person must unravel a ribbon from the balls before they can be passed on to the next group who must pass them from one to the next person by catching them on a small wake board looking thing. The last person must try to get it into a barrel. The first team with four balls in the barrel wins immunity. The Espada tribe still has the MOP and decides to use it. Naonka sits out for La Flor because they have an extra person. Dan gets to sit out because of the MOP advantage that the Espada tribe gets. It gives them the advantage of 1 ball already in the barrel. This means they only have to use 3 people in the mud pit and only have to get three balls into the barrel.

          Both teams get off to a good start and are even for awhile. Holly has trouble finding the third ball and La Flor gets all four of theirs to the mat first. La Flor gets their first ball unwrapped and start passing it when Holly finds the third ball. La Flor gets a big lead by getting two balls in the barrel before Espada can get their second one. Benry then starts having trouble getting the third ball in the barrel. Tyrone is able to catch and pass the La Flor team when his third ball is made. Benry again has trouble with his third ball. Tyrone puts in the fourth ball just after Benry finally puts in his third. Espada wins immunity and reward.

They get their choice of fishing gear or tarp w/rope. They decide to take the fishing gear and head back to camp. La Flor must go to TC and evict their first member.

          Back at camp the Espada tribe discovers the clue to their HII. They don’t decipher it correctly and are looking all over the place. A little while later Jill rereads the clue and discovers the last part of the clue means tree mail. She goes to Marty and tells him what she learned. Dan is there and he hears it also. They go to the tree mail site and start looking. Dan and Marty move apart while searching and Jill helps out Marty. They find it without Dan seeing it and decide to share it. The clue was tuff but it didn’t seem to have been buried very deep.

          Over at La Flor the wheels seem to be coming of their finely tuned wagon when they start talking about who needs to be evicted. Two sides are working different angles on who to evict and Brenda and Shannon are being mentioned for eviction and it looks like it might be a 5 to 5 vote at TC.

          At TC Jeff asks Shannon what is going on. Shannon proceeds to tell all about the divisions forming in the tribe and that Chase is breaking his alliance. Chase admits he had an alliance with Chase and Brenda and was divided on who he was going to vote out. Shannon went way overboard with his comments and started a rift in the tribe which might endanger it further down the line. Jeff remarks that in 21 episodes that it’s the first time that an opening question has opened such a big case of whup ass! After the voting the results are 7 to 3 and Shannon gets evicted.

          It seems after the past 3 days that the Espada may becoming together and stronger and the La Flor are starting to self destruct. What do y’all think? Can La Flor recover and mend their mental wounds or will the “The Antique Road Show” get some gumption and start kicking some but. Will the girls in the La Flor tribe look for help to solve the HII clue? The MOP has been transferred to La Flor. Will they use it in the next challenge? Many, many questions are starting to develop they can change things in a hurry.

          Can’t wait till next week. Seems Naonka is getting even madder at someone!

95 thoughts on “Down but not out, Espada makes a comeback!”

  1. I agree with you Snakebit, that NaOnka is one mean bitch ! I’m not too crazy about Jimmy T either but will withhold doubts until next show.
    This could be a good Survivor series after all.

  2. After Shannon opened his big mouth, i knew was going to be a goner and good riddance, with that atitude. BTW, what was that remark about “New York City” being a gay city? I didn’t get it. Was he accusing Sash being gay?

  3. Mirrow, Mirrow on the wall who is the biggest fool of all? Shannon!
    Who gets kicks out of Survivor and is happy that he can eat a peanut buttter and jelly sandwich? I think his brain must be made up of this!

    I think NaOnka is going to be the Rach-ho of Survivor, minus the ho. Her temper is going to get her into trouble real soon!

  4. Shannon’s vid he made after he left just contintued the A.H. attitude. He literally said marriage aged him? lol….

    I kinda wish this was on twice a week since there’s really not anything else on i’m interested in, right now.

    I hope the kiddies keep up the playground fighting. and i hope Na-honka gets booted out, without sox.

  5. La Flor will definitely use the MOP, as I think every tribe will from now on… going to Tribal is a Bitch! The oldsters might even have won w/o MOP the way Benray was going.

    Glad to see Shannon go… some people can be jerks with class, but not he. Dis women and gays… not smart gameplay. I think he is as demented as Wendy Jo, and it appears Holly too. I wonder how many kids have drowned that she has taught to swim? And, what will be Dan’s Revenge??? They must tell them to wear their favorite cloths that represents their persona. Alligator Shoes… odd choice for the jungle. I a young chick with Cowboy Boots… they must get to take a pair of tennies too. Or is that why Dan sat out? Will have to go back and look.

  6. It really dismays me that there might be a possibe alliance forming of the minorities. What’s up with that? If thingds start to get that ugly, I’m going to quit watching. There is just NO excuse for things to start getting racial. And yes, NaOnka has a bug up her butt. I hope she gets the boot and soon!

  7. Agreed that NaOnka and Shannon are bitches. So happy one of them went home and I hope the other will be next. I like Chase, just hope he uses the right head with Brenda.

  8. Naonka, is one scary BITCH, she not only has the biggest mouth there, but also the BIGGEST ASS!!!! Now next week it looks like she is picking on Kelly B, She will never live that one down. :twisted:

    1. I agree Aggie. Naonka seems to have chip on her shoulder. For God’s sake what did Kelly B ever do to her? I hope Kelly takes off her leg and drop kicks it on Naonka’s prejudicious head!

      Speaking of that, what is up with the minority should win. Are we not all in the 21 century?

  9. evil :evil: ……..grin :grin: ……..twisted :twisted: ……..mrgreen :mrgreen: ……..shock :shock: ……..??? :???: …….cool :cool: …….mad :mad: ……….sad :sad: ………! :!: ………cry :cry: …….? :?: …….oops :oops: ………….roll :roll: ………idea :idea: ……..wink :wink: ……..arrow :arrow: ……….razz :razz: ………eek :eek: ………lol :lol: ………smile :smile: ………….

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  11. Shannon: “I’ve never had seafood in my life” :shock: And you’re from Louisiana???

    Shannon: “The first time that I had rice was out there” :shock: :shock: How is that even possible?

  12. I think Dan is connected, what do you guys think? it makes sense WTH, is he doing with 1600.00 dollar shoes in the jungle, very weird, for sure, just like some guys that come on there in a suit thats really expensive. :roll:

  13. Hey AC, i’m originally from Pa. I’ve had grits, all kinds of seafood/fish, gator, frogs legs and it’s all been good.

    Thx for all the comps on my writing y’all, gonna get a big head from all of the good words from posters!

  14. Welcome Kathy. :)

    if Na-honka wants the minorities to get together wouldn’t that include one with a disability? ha.
    GO Kelly.

    ya’ll have a great week end ok?

  15. How could Naonka go thru the interview process and the producers not figure out just where she’ll fit in? She’s crazy and unstable,2 excellent reasons for her to go.

  16. Sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short on reading my email. But, I agree Snake is a great writer. Love the way you put things together makes for a nice read. I to am glad Shannon left. I find it very hard to believe that he never ate rice or ever tasted fish of some kind. I also agree that Naonka should be the next to leave. I had a feeling when I first saw the tribes that the young people would self distruct. Older people learned that working together gets the job done. I love this blog and I truly enjoyed the bbbolg as well. Talk to you again soon.

  17. HAhaa funniest tribal council ever!!! My family and i watched Naoka disses Fabio over and over, can’t wait till next week.

  18. i didn’t like holly before the show started and i’m sure my instincts have been proven correct once again. WHAT was she thinking!!

    grown-ups don’t destroy people’s personal property. if na onka had done that, i would understand…

    i just knew she wasn’t going to be a good cast member!!

    1. Is there a blog site for Amazing race too ? Would love to get on it too. Not as many people leaving blogs because just one Survivor a week and same for Amazing Race. Love both tho.

  19. Amazing Race has performed an Amazing , first time in the history of aviation, stunt when to my astonishment, the 2nd group departed Boston’s Logan International Airport on a Boeing 747 and landed at Heathrow International Airport in London aboard an Airbus A340.

  20. I read that Nay will quit Survivor at some time during the game. Anyone heard anything.

    Its kinda dead in here, did the party moved to somewhere else and I wasnt invited. :lol:

    1. Donna someone told me the same thing that she quit, along with someone else. Must be pretty hard this season or the survivors are not up for the game.

  21. Hi everyone…I am going to write before reading the posts. This is from 9/23 and is the latest email I have received. Am I missing something or is this a weekly email now? Sal, you did a supurb job on this email…I really enjoyed it. I’m going to read the 43 notices now and then will be back. Good day everyone. (we are having rain for the 3rd day in a row here in central NC).

  22. Well, only a couple new messages since I checked this last week. PK I am so glad you are back,..I read on BB that you had left because of something said to or about you and I was saddened..I like you a lot…anyway there isn’t much action on this site. I will give my opinion on the folks so far..I liked Marty from the first time I saw him on the TVGuide channel intro show (with Probst and Parvatti)..he is a little offensive but I still like him. I don’t care about football a lot but I do like Jim Johnson…he seems to have a good heart…young men I like the dude from NC..Chase…and I like “Fabio”. for women I like Jill (the ER doc) a lot and Kelly B sort of because she is from near my home and also she has a nice spirit…that artifical leg problem evolving is stupid…well, we’ll see tomorrow if there is a new email or what..good day everyone.

  23. Wow…Jimmy says this is hard what they have to go through. Even more so than training when he was a fb player.

  24. I think Marty is a scum bag! He would not have that idol if it weren’t for Jill. I want to see him GONE! (Jill is stupid and I am sure it will come back to bite her in the a##). Jimmy should not have admitted he was one of the weakest, but he was just trying to be honest. What usefulness is Dan? He should have gone home!. Wonder if the scum bag (Marty) took the idol to TC. The only people I like on the Espada Tribe are Tyrone, Yve and Jane!

    Naonka should keep her f____ing mouth shut. She is really getto and obnoxious!

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  26. hi aggie, frannie and anyone from the bb blog. i miss getting mail FRANNIE.
    anyway i was sad to see coach go. he even admitted he was weak and you know MR 1,600$ shoes is weaker than any other man on that team and NOW i know Marty is just jealous and wants to be in control.
    coach may have bugged some ppl but be a grown up and just tell him so one to one like a man. don’t throw him off the team BECUZ he’s still stronger than several ppl on the team AND when the time comes that they DO need him, now he won’t be there. it’d be best to have the advice there and choose to take it or not take it than to not have it there at all.
    stupid old children and why did ‘what’s her name, redhead’ who showed marty where the idol was (stupid thing to do) tell him to kiss her ass and stop telling her how to vote? i saw the women were doing what the men were telling them.
    dumb dumb dumb
    i enjoyed watching them but not so much now.
    and i hope nahonka stays and someone punches her in the nose but then i know that’s prob against the rules. WHAT A BITCH. she’s like a female russel when it comes the name calling.
    what goes around comes aound girl. i’d be thankin’ God for all my limbs and watching every street i cross from now on.
    i never said ‘bitch’ so many times tonight in my life, that i can remember….lol

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