Early insight to Survivor: Nicaragua

From early photos taken it appears the La Flor women plan on being stylish in their hip neon bikinis.

Hot Mama's in the young gun tribe.


In the diametrically opposite style come the Espada women who are in their Friday casual wear.

Cool, Calm and way to normal looking!

For the ever so misunderstood Medallion of Power which will become known as the “MOP”, E!Online called it “some godawful contrived twist”. Also, people are saying that it’s a bust of a Conquistador that looks like Russell Hantz!

What do you think?

Notable characters to keep track of this year begin with:

Kelly Bruno / La Flor
25 yr old med student
An amputee since a childhood disease cost her a leg
She plans on hiding the fact and then surprising everyone at the first challenge by putting on a specially made prosthetic leg made specifically for Survivor.
Buckle your seat belts y’all. We appear to be in for a wild ride at least to start the show!
 SB Sal

94 thoughts on “Early insight to Survivor: Nicaragua”

  1. o.k. 2-morrow is a big nite for us all bbfans/srvfans – so excited for some ACTION – this bbad – is heartbreaking – ha

  2. evil :evil: ……….grin :grin: ……….twisted :twisted: ……….mrgreen :mrgreen: ………shock :shock: ………cool :cool: ………….??? :???: ……….mad :mad: ……..neutral :neutral: ………..sad :sad: ……….! :!: ……..cry :cry: ………? :?: ……….oops :oops: ………..roll :roll: …………idea :idea: ………wink :wink: ……….razz :razz: ………eek :eek: …………..lol :lol: …………smile :smile: …………arrow :arrow: ………….

  3. I haven’t watched Survivor before, but looking forward to watching with all the great insight from this group of bloggers. Should be interesting season young versus old.

  4. Mattmac and Diane you really will love this blog, but just remember to be on here you must put up with “Chief Running Mouth” (Ted) so I have been told. :roll:

  5. I wud not want the bodybuilder, & confirmed batchelor who spends time with children, alone with my kids! Vote him off!!

  6. @Betty…They both were good. I can see why you wanted to post both here. It had to be a difficult decision. :lol:

  7. someone please mark me present and accounted for.
    i am yelling at the tv KNOWLEDGE IS POWER you young whippersnappers, lol
    i love it so far, fast moving and i just know it will be lots more exciting then bb

  8. Hi Mama Margie. That’s exactly what I am saying. The oldies but goodies will win out. MARK MY WORDS!!!

    Macy…I sent you both of my addys.

  9. @ Diane, answer to question, previous page. it is the TV Guide channel that hosts the preseason hour of Probst power… It will run for a little while after tonight’s show and jeff usually has good insight.

    hi frannie, glad to be here. signing off so i don’t get spoilers until i get to watch it!!


  10. already aggie and already one of the youngun said the R word about the long blonde headed guy they now call fabian.
    this is going to be more cut throat then bb

  11. miss fran i am with the oldies but goodies all the way, like u all have heard me say before, what i have forgotten these younguns have not even learned yet.
    yes i am already sucked into this show OMG another addiction lol

  12. old italian saying:
    crooked it goes
    straight it comes
    guess we will have to be patient with the senior tribe lol

  13. my grandmother used to say it all the time when something went wrong, my family was from naples, how about you?

  14. YES now lets hope i get e-mails to tell me if theres a new page every day & i’m laughing (no the cartwheels did’nt work to old )

  15. me too 100% and i found both italian but cooking was so different
    naples is what i iknow best, but had lots of sicilians marry into family and friends too, gotta love us warm hearted italians lol

  16. oh nooooooooo here we go, dish is starting up, not tonighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  17. hey fam i’m back!! kinda still have big things going on! MM love u so much… thanks for your donation to our Saturday Autism Back to School Picnic!!! I will email you pics. Thanks Ted for your neverending support… so thank gawd BB is over, it was worse than painful! It was a like a zit in 7th grade that you kept watching or picking (no pun intended Brit) at. So now Survivor… copied and paste from my BB post… “i’m pissed off i only have 1/4 of Survivor taped my 12 yr old thought Degrassi was more important!! Is it wrong to put your kid on restriction for messing up my 1st Survivor show??? ummmmm absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  18. Well, Loved hearing Jeff say “Common in Guys!” and “Got nothin for ya” and “I’ll go tally the votes”… SURVIVOR IS BACK! Must say, a lot of yaking going on before me… at least AGGIE made a few comments about Survivor. The Comedienne made it over I see! Nice to see some new faces and hope they enjoyed a real Reality Show!

    On a personal note, I knew the ‘handwriting was on the wall’ when I got the ‘GOAT FARMER’ WENDY in our Survivor Pool… Depressing! Even worse because I run the pool. But I have always insisted on honesty and integrity in the selection process. My male pick is SASH… not sure how that will work out either.

    Impressed with Marty, Tyrone, Yve and Jane on the Old tribe. On the young tribe I like Chase, Brenda and Kelly B… didn’t see much of Ben and Purple Kelly to form an opinion.

    Be back tomorrow… Would love to see Britney on Survivor!!!

  19. So who is gay, who is a con-man (that has worked so well with Coach or Russell that they must have such a character that you just love to hate), who is a slut or a gigolo.

    So Wendy is now gonna throw her husband under the bus. She could not have done worse, so his advice was crapola.

    The 2 dimwits who could not figure out the idol, don’t bet the farm on them.

  20. Sooo happy that BB is over and Survivor is back. My early fav is Chase and the fire lady (Jane I believe) and I know I will not like Shannon for his comments about women. What an A-hole. Wendy Jo is the first casualty and I’m happy she is gone cuz she chats too much. It was so funny how everyone was just rolling their eyes went on and on. :roll: Hey TED, I see you like Chase.

  21. What was Jimmy Johnson thinking? He doesn’t want to win and will help one of his tribesmen go to the end! His celebrity puts a big enough target on his back, why add to it? I always hate to see the first contestant leave, as we never get to know him or her.

    Hey, what happened to all the avatars, just a red x in all the boxes. Is it just my computer or what? Ted you didn’t steal all of them did you? I hope my blog meets your criteria O Great One.

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