From Clint Eastwood to the Wizard of Oz ….

The comparisons are wild and wacky this year. The bozo’s running the circus have literally gone bezerk with the game-play they seem to be using. Crazy, nuts, loony, goofy, wild and on and on. You can fill one of the rewards chests they win with the descriptions people are using.

First, there is Dalton Ross, with an article entitled “The Hood, The Bad and the Ugly”! He goes on to say “Ding dong the Coach is dead …….” read it for yourself here. I couldn’t have expressed my feelings any better than Dalton. Most of these people should be evicted! Dumb, dumb, dumb …….

We can only hope for a merge that has an equal number from each tribe making it. My feeling however is that the Espada tribe is doomed to fail and only have 2 or 3 left at the merge. It’s looking like the La Flor Young Guns are gonna move along easily till merge time. My hope is they bury NaOnka along the way in a private cove, deep in the sand with her head sticking out so the hermit crabs can keep her company.

26 thoughts on “From Clint Eastwood to the Wizard of Oz ….”

  1. evil…. :evil: ……grin :grin: ……twisted :twisted: …….mrgreen :mrgreen: …….shock :shock: …….??? :???: …….cool :cool: ……mad :mad: ……sad :sad: ………neutral :neutral: …….cry :cry: …….! :!: …….? :?: …..roll :roll: ……cry :cry: …….oops :oops: ……..idea :idea: ……..wink :wink: ……arrow :arrow: …….razz :razz: ……..eek :eek: …… :lol: ……smile :smile: ……………..

  2. OMG, Naonka is not only ugly inside and out, she doesn’t have much of a heart either, this girl has to be hated by most people, she is just dispicable. :twisted: + :roll:

  3. Hi Sal… Thanks for the inspiration and news, as always… do you think BBB can come by for an update on the faces above?

    And you are a harsh old pirate… poor Na does not deserve that kind of treatment… she is doing her best to keep us entertained. Can’t wait to hear the comments when she orchestrates Kelly B’s ouster.

    1. The only X I’m interested in seeing is a BIG RED X right over NaOnka. That is one of the biggest biotches in the history of Survivor. Kelly B needs to take her leg off and beat NaFUNKA over her head with it. And Ted…you are one sick puppy if you think what she’s doing is ok. :roll:

      Just for the hecck of it…let’s hear it from everyone as to if you like NaFUNKA or dislike her….

      I’ll be first…. DISLIKE HER (very much)

    2. Sorry Ted, no sympathy here for Shenaynay. The is a first class bitch who is not entertaining at all. My gaud she is just despicable.

    3. Frannie, I so dislike her, I can’t even think of words to explain how much. The worst part is – she is a trainer of some sort. What is she training?

  4. Liking the play by Brenda and Marty so far. Jimmy T would be entertaining if some of the cobwebs cleared from his brain… not sure Sears is the place to find Survivors. I think the Shannon followers need to revise their game big time so they don’t follow him through the graveyard. I would be going over to make nice with them instead of sitting off to the side sunning myself.

    I’m thinking the Queen of Smileys from ChiTown would be playing as hard as Na in her efforts to win the game, and would love to see her interviews.

  5. And you are a harsh old pirate… poor Na does not deserve that kind of treatment… she is doing her best to keep us entertained.

    Ted… Too bad you missed Marie Antoinette’s final gasps for air beneath the guillotine. Your kind of entertainment, apparently, not mine…

  6. I FRAKING can’t stand Nafunka. Hope she gets voted out soon. Can’t imagine her as a teacher. I only hope she’s not like the majority of teachers, cause if she is…GOD help our children.
    She is what hate is all about in this country. Damm shame that pp have to watch her saying all those nasty things on TV.
    Survivor, I luv ya, but you’ve struck bottom with this low class life piece of shit.

  7. Hey PK… I got my best ‘puffy-eyed’ avatar out for you! I would have loved to have known Marie Antoinette… especially if she looked like Kirsten Dunst!

    Miss T… don’t really blame you, but at least she’s bringing something to the game. Who’s your favorites so far? And your avatar is so passe, dear. Let poor Rachel RIP!

    In answer to Frannie’s question… I like Na!

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  10. Hi There Jeff,

    First of all I don’t appreciate you saying that Jud should have been a girl. There are stupid men out there too. I run into them all of the time, so to say the because he is a dumb blonde, he should have been a girl..Get over it!!

    Second of all, I have two words for NaOnka: GHETTO BITCH
    (I hope she gets her ass kicked)

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