Gepeto and his marionettes vs the Sinking Ship.

A jointed puppet manipulated from above by strings or wires attached to its limbs. Rob has five of them but is pulling brains. He is manipulating them better than any puppet master around.

I can’t believe the Ometempe tribe is doing everything Rob
tells them. Grant is hungry and Rob tells him not to eat. Bullshit baby, if I’m
hungry, I’m eating. Just tell Rob to stick it and eat. I’d punch the fool out
so I could survive.

I can’t wait to see what they do when Rob uses the girls to
get rid Grant. Then pick off the girls one at a time while keeping nutso pink
pants till the end.  Just who will vote
for Phillip? Also, no one knows Rob has the idol either.

The Marionettes just keep following when Rob pulls their
strings! The only way one of the Zapatera’s stays in this game is to win individual

Matt can get back in the game if he wins all the duels and
comes back at the final four. HOWEVER, he could conceivably get evicted for the
third time by Rob! Rob is the key to this game and someone needs to throw away
his padlock and boot him out of the game.

Not one of these fruit loops has even thought about looking
for an idol or wondering if someone on Ometempe even has one now!

If the Marionettes stay in line, the next three weeks shows don’t
even need to be watched because it will only be the Zaps getting zapped. OK,
Russell haters, how much would he have helped out keeping the odds more even
and it would have been much more interesting.

The game is boring; no strategy is being played because of
the numbers advantage. Ometempe is doing their best to snub the Zapatera’s. Not
even social conversation is allowed because of Rob. Separate sleeping and
eating is being forced on them by Rob. These next three weeks will suck if no
Zapatera wins an immunity challenge.

Give me some blinders and ear
plugs and wake me in four weeks.

Jeff’s Weekly Blogathon

Today’s blog will be stream of consciousness, with no proof
reading, so bear with me…




Was he a moron?  What
would you have done?  I felt like he was
in a really tough spot.  Going against
your old alliance and joining the other side is a risky move.  Obviously, staying with someone as dangerous
as Rob is also a major risk.  I think the
only mistake he made was sharing his inner monologue with Rob.  That’s the lesson I learned – when playing a
game like Survivor, you don’t have to be so honest, God will understand.


But I must say his faith in his God is pretty impressive and
inspiring.  Love the absolute commitment.




Julie complained about how unfair it was for Ometempe to
vote out Matt again so soon after coming back into the game.  I do not believe Julie would have taken mercy
on Matt if she were in the same situation.
Not one bit.  She didn’t hesitate
to get rid of Russell.  She would have
done the same with Matt and it would have been okay, its part of the game.




When Ralph was trying to forge his way in with Ashley and
Natalie, he was trying so hard to get something going.  The only thing Natalie could safely offer,
without risking saying anything wrong, was:


Natalie: It’s a hard game.


Damn!  The insincerity
of that lame ass line would have prompted a major response from me.  There is no chance I could have contained
myself at that point in the game.


“It’s a hard game.”
Screw off.



They’re doing
everything they can to try and find a way into the tight Ometempe group.  That’s what you have to do in this spot.  You have no other option.  You have to stir things up, try to get
someone riled, and try to start an argument, anything at all.


Sitting back and saying, “I understand” is bullshit.  It gets you nowhere.


The only problem facing Zapatera is Boston Rob.  Without Rob, Ometempe would have no clued
what to do.  That’s clear by the way Rob
is able to keep them in line.




For all the concern we had that both Rob and Russell would
be voted out early – Rob has done an amazing job of not only staying in the
game but staying in control.  There are a
few key factors to his success:


a. He has an incredible knowledge of the game and the key
elements required to control your fate.


b. He’s a naturally gifted strategist.  His “us” vs. “them” while keeping himself
clean is so brilliantly executed.


c. The luck of drawing the Ometempe buff.  Rob would not have been as successful on
Zapatera. He is relying on the naïve nature of his tribe.  Everybody on Ometempe will take offense with
me saying this, but without Natalie and Phillip, Rob is dead because Ralph,
Julie, David and Steve would not have responded the same way.




The scene between Rob and Natalie where she reports on the
actions of Ashley was straight out of the Godfather.  Natalie just became “made.”  That is what they call it when you earn your
mafia stripes, right?  Natalie just made
a HUGE move.  She locked in her alliance
with Rob when she could have made a move and gotten him out of the game.  From this point forward Natalie’s fate is
linked to Rob.




Phillips story about his meditation with his great, great,
great, great, Grandfather was 100% legit.
Even the 99th mispronunciation of his own tripe, “Ometempe” was legit.
There is nothing about Phillip that is a put on, at least as far as I can tell.


As for whether or not he was actually a former federal
agent, I will get to the bottom of that during the live reunion show Sunday,
May 15th.  Mark it down.


I loved this challenge.
I love individual challenges later in the game because there are always
people fighting to stay in the game.  I
also love it when people let go of their humility and get in the mud.


Day to day motivation is a big factor in this game:


Grant & Rob wanted it from the word go but for different


Rob wanted to protect himself and remain in control because
he understands you are NEVER safe unless you have immunity.  Even with a hidden idol, if you don’t play it
you can get blindsided.


Grant wanted it for his tribe because he is playing the
“team game.”


The three Zapatera all wanted it because they needed it.


Ashley, Andrea, Natalie & Phillip – they didn’t fight
because they aren’t worried and for now they don’t have to be.




When the low man on the other tribe’s totem pole tells you
that he enjoys being the low man, you know you are in trouble.


Phillip embodies the loyal soldier.  At this point I truly believe Phillip would
fall on a sword for his tribe because in his mind he is part of an important
group.  What he doesn’t understand is he
is being played by one of the best and the only way this ends well is if Rob
gets blindsided and Phillip ends up in a final with himself.




Mike will be tough.
Mike could be on Redemption for a while.
He is an amazing competitor and from what I can tell an audience




I love these challenges as well!  Love when we give them the chance to sit out
and eat rather than compete for immunity.


I’m always amazed at who chooses to eat and why.  You are so close to $1million dollar prize.  I would never give up a shot at immunity for
a burger.  But I think it makes perfect
sense that Steve and Phillip did.


Steve knew he wouldn’t win and Phillip believes he doesn’t
have to win.  Turns out both are right.






Phillip is pure gold.
Straight out of the river bed.


If there has ever been a more fascinating Survivor
contestant, please share.


David brought up a great notion – that at this point, the
best move for a Zapatera may be Redemption Island where you can control your


I don’t think we’ve even touched what RI will bring to this
game.  For those of you on the fence,
give it a chance.  Let’s see where it

17 thoughts on “Gepeto and his marionettes vs the Sinking Ship.”

  1. thx for the blog – since this is only the 2nd episode i have seen – ur blog (going from person to person) gives me insight on who these people are – rob is going to win this thing – those people need to shake it up on his azz -

    1. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, I find it very entertaining, as far a s Robfather goes, he’s entertaining on the show, but i would not want to see him win, GO MATT!!!!! :mrgreen:

    2. The only thing that sucks on this season is they don’t have individual luxury challenges. Those were useful to separate small groups and would be good now to bust up that buddy system if the Zapateras used it right. Otherwise, this season is fascinating cuz you can see how Rob has learned from the mistakes of past seasons.

  2. Seems like a lot of folks don’t like the way this season is going. I love it! Say what you will about Rob (I’m not crazy about giving anyone a second chance on Survivor), he is putting on a Survivor Clinic. The Buddy System! Ha! It’s not the lack of strategy this season that has some down, but quite the opposite, it is an effective strategy that does not favor either their favorite player, or strategies that lead to little backstabbing drama, that has folks itchy. I am liking watching it, even if I don’t want one or the other of the former Ometepe to win, because what they are showing is Survivor strategy at it’s finest.
    The buddy system… Imagine that…

  3. I agree that Philip is great TV.

    It seemed only David got it when Ometempe voted Matt back to RI.
    Get rid of the wild card, cut the drama, simplify the situation.
    David said, “It was genius”, and it was.

    I’m enjoying this season as much as any.
    Watching Rob operate is very entertaining.
    He’s channeling Sun Tsu.

  4. when is grant going to grow “some” and realize rob is bossing him around? I can’t believe rob yelled him to come back when he was getting some fish from the other team.
    come on Grant… a man and put away the chapstick. the girls are just that……………….little girls.
    Phillip….well who knows? meds must be at home.

    Rob, go home.

  5. LQQks to me like the only time this game will change will be after the ometempe tribe starts to eat each other.The perfect time for someone to return from ri would be after Rob sends Grant home & the girls realize that they have to make a move on Rob or just watch him win!

  6. I’m sure Robfather will Drag Phillips Ass to the end, because he knows he will win against him. It would be great though if Phillip manage to get Rob’s Cocky Ass Out, that would be the greatest. :wink:

    1. Yeah it would be amazing! Wouldn’t it be shocking if Rob and Phillip were two in the end and Phillip beat Rob? Wow…
      (I like the Robfather thing too) :)

  7. I think Ometempe’s strategy has been fantastic even though it has not made the show terrific viewing. It certainly will start to get ugly once all Zappatera are gone and only 6 remain. A perfect blind-side on poor Matt! But not being a religious person his prayers and constant reiteration of his beliefs is starting to wear thin on me. Someone just beat him please?
    For some reason I feel like Phillip is going to surprise us all. He will turn around at the end of this game and say “Hi I’m normal Phillip and was just pretending to be crazy so Rob would take me through to the final, vote for me”. I really hope I’m right.

  8. Wow, it took me awhile to get around to reading this. I cannot wait to see Mike and Matt on RI. I like both of them though. Even if Matt wasn’t smart with who he shared information with. :O
    I hope this season gets a little more exciting. I’m glad Phillip is there! He keeps it interesting. I think he really was an agent, but who knows. Just please, Survivor people, do NOT vote Phillip out. ;)

  9. I don’t think Rob was just being mean when he told his tribe not to eat the fish. The fish were dead and nobody knew for how long. Fish go bad pretty fast and the last thing you need is food poisoning. He is from Boston. Aren’t they all about the fishing?

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