Hints to the clue!

1) X crossbones over CAVE with 8 hatch marks =
2) E = V (Roman numeral 5), J = X (10) therefore
3) It’s a ship’s YARDARM (used to support a sail) – ARM =
4) The location of this set is on the Pacific Ocean side of Nicaragua, therefore this would be a graphic of SUNSET =            5) TREE with MALE in front =

Final Solution:
Ask Sal if your still stumped and I’ll e-mail it to you!

66 thoughts on “Hints to the clue!”

  1. All right snakebit I give up, e-mail me. Find cave, look for yardarm, wait till sunset and it will point you in the right direction? Still can’t decipher the Roman numerals
    V=5, J=10 and I think H = 8. Maybe paces once you get to the tree? I did my best!

  2. i thought it might be where to start, the cave. how far to go, the steps or length of arm in feet. and the direction to the tree. email the answer please

  3. evil :evil: ……… grin :grin: ………twisted :twisted: ………shock :shock: ………….mrgreen :mrgreen: ……….cool :cool: …………….??? :???: ……………mad :mad: …………neutral :neutral: ……………..sad :sad:………..! :!: ………………..cry :cry: …………..? :?: …………..oops :oops: ……………roll :roll: ……………..idea :idea: …………………wink :wink: ……………..arrow :arrow: ……………razz :razz: …………..eek :eek: …………lol :lol: ……………smile :smile: …………………..

  4. Sal, please e mail me the answer. counted 23 paces because of the
    8 hatch marks. Not thinking too sharp, must have some Enzo in me!

  5. wow i had no clue, i think i will watch a few more episodes before i even give my 2 cents worth. how do these guys do it? I can imagine bb hgs trying to figure this out, lmao.
    great job on blog, sal
    aggie txs for smilies 101, i appresh it. can never study too hard to keep up with them

  6. oy, russ could have NEVER figured it out. i remember when he found those idols they had said they weren’t hidden really well but no way would i figure out what those symbols meant and even with that? if i don’t eat i don’t even know who i am. i’d just give the map to someone for food lol

  7. I din have no help; maybe i shud apply; will overage fat white guys have a chance? I did stay at a Holiday Inn.

  8. Buh buh Shannon. OMG what a stupid AHOLE. Dissing gays and NY..I am boiling right now. Ohh and bring the bitch Nay with you.

  9. What an idiot goodbye shanon what naonka your one of a kind bit.. hopefuly we you’ll be kicked out next so we don’t have to watch your ugly face anymore.

  10. Naonka kelly is 100 times the woman you are,all your good for is for making the human kind look bad oh yah your not human your an evil troll.

  11. :eek: thought my girl was going to get screwed. WTF was Shannon thinking? Maybe he’s related to Windy Wendy since he doesn’t know when to STFU as aggie would tell him :lol: The youngsters are imploding and they better send Naonka home next. She’s going to be a major headache.

  12. Goodbye Shannon – If I were there I would have helped him pack his bags! He made an idiot out of himself at tribal council. He might have been okay if he hadn’t run his mouth off; for the more he spoke, the more his tribe turned against him. He was disgusting to me and showed no sportsmanship with his parting speech! He was nothing more than an overgrown baby!

    Naonka – wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of her. She really has a temper, but she is fun to watch. Look out Fabio, she’s coming for you!

    Holly really messed up, but redeemed herself somewhat (IMO) when she fessed up to what she had done. She probably won’t last long, but seemed to make a good recovery from her mental breakdown.

    I don’t like the medallion of power and hope production will get rid of it in the next week or so.

    Sooooo glad Brenda stayed. I really like her!

  13. The biggest DUMBASS was SHANNON, for opening his YAPPER to much at tribal council, I’m glad he is gone. even though NAONKA is going to be a pain in the ass, It looks like next week she is picking on KELLY B, AYFKM, that girl is going to be so HATED by alot of people. :arrow: :twisted:

  14. ok i messed up first blog so i’ll try again. it’s almost four a.m. but thot i’d come in and see you all before i hit the sack.
    i’m reading alittle then rollin’ down here to comment. it’s the only way i’ll remember anything.

    Aggie, i don’t like noHonka either. wow, she’s like so hostile.
    But i didn’t like shannon becuz he was so freakin’ bossy. THEN he made such an ass of himself at t.c. i felt if they don’t vote him off now they’ll only regret it. you talk about women making drama…guys are just as bad. too bad he couldn’t have taken nohonka with him.
    and what’s up with holly? WOW and Dan paying sixteen hundred bucks for shoes…….shoes he wears to survivor?????????
    i don’t even know what sixteen hundred bucks looks like.
    if i had that to blow i’d have my face wrinkles filled in.
    i would.
    anyway, i was in the bathroom when they said something about what happens next week so i missed it.
    i wonder what happened to nohonka’s sox? maybe a monkey took them?
    the guys should have held her down and taken fabio’s off her.
    i hope the ck’d her for weapons.

    1. tendr – my thought exactly, I thought a monkey might have taken her sock. Too bad the camera crew didn’t catch it on tape. The $16,000 shoes were a joke. Why did he bring them? I’m with you, if he can pay so much money for a pair of shoes why not give us the money for a face job! :roll:

  15. oh oh oh and Jill…what are you thinking? she should have kept the idol a secret. how can anyone be stupid enough to go into any game where there’s money to win and trust anyone?

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