It’s a dog eat dog world!

It remains to be seen, but Ometempe must now feed on itself! If they didn’t know the evil side of Rob before, they will learn it soon. Rob has played a good game but the rest of the marionettes have played NO game. Whatever Rob has said they have done it, no questions asked. Well, the glory days are over and the blood will start to flow!

Last week for Steve and Ralph, it was win or go home. Immunity is the only thing that would have saved them from the Rob trap but, Nooooooooooooo. No such luck. The inevitability of not getting eveicted was all dependent on the challenges. They lost and they were eliminated. Not much for game play.

Hopefully with the remaining people all on the same original tribe, the backstabbing will begin.

From the previews it looks like “HOME VISITS” so Ted will be Happy!!  :grin:

The game is coming to an end soon so lots of action shoud be in store the next few weeks.


53 thoughts on “It’s a dog eat dog world!”

  1. I am probably the only one but I love Rob and I love his love of the game, his strategy which is if you are threat to him then you must go…I hope he wins! Now you can all hate on me lol

    1. He also had an UNFAIR advantage as he had a huge target on his back but he did luck out with the fools dept – same as last time Russel got the fools team except for Sandra and Rob had the target so whatever and to me Rob is way more personable than Russell…he is also amazing at puzzles :)
      Cheers xx

    2. If Rob toned down the cockiness I think he would be liked more, But I like him better than in his season, it seems these people might be scared of him they are letting him control them which is a shame for them :roll:

  2. I too think Rob is an amazing player. He knows the social game and is also a threat with puzzles and the physical challenges. He loves the game and knows how to play. He deserves to get to the end!

  3. The Cannoli kid with Brains? LOL Most likely, games are probably his only forte…Does anyone know how he earns his money other than playing games? The reason he is playing a ‘good smart game’, is that he has a lot of insecure females on his side. Now, they are the only ones left, the other team is gone…As for tonites show the preview shows that one of the games, the winner would have a visit from a relative…now comes the smaltzy crap..and they call this survivoring?

  4. I agree, Rob should win as he’s led the “marionettes” this far. Now if the girls decide to turn on him that could be one scenario but they don’t trust Andrea so she’ll probably be the first to go unless she wins immunity. I don’t think anyone can doubt that Rob has played a superb game. If he’s in the final 2, everyone should vote for him unless they vote personalities instead of game play. Now let the bloodletting begin. :)

  5. What a fool!! They won’t care when it comes down to the finals….if he even makes it there.

    1. I was hoping so too but you do have to give him credit. That was tough to do. Not to mention, it was hot.

  6. It looks like Phillip isn’t as dumb as we thought. He has been using strategy since the beginning.

  7. There are never any surprises on this show. When they say they are voting someone out…..that’s who it is.

    Thanks Aggie, it was fun. See ya tomorrow.

  8. Man, this show is turning into a soap opera….so called men crying like babies…only for not seeing their relatives for a month…Sickening. Jeff, stop this soap opera or you lose another viewer..I guess they are catering to the female viewers that eat that stuff up. Lets go, Mike..the only real man in the group.

  9. Ashley and Natalie just proved on national TV why a woman should never, never, never ever trust other women. Rational thinking would have led Ashley and Natalie to the obvious conclusion that the three women voting as a block could control the game to, at the very least, the final 4 Ometepe. But no, with their collective half a brain, Ashley and Natalie have opted to allow BR to continue to do their thinking for them.

    1. I agree, you can’t really trust anyone, and they certainly should know, you can never trust THE ROBFATHER, about anything. :roll:

  10. I can handle the visits from home, but don’t like the visits to all the booted players at the end. What a crock, saying all these nice things that you couldn’t say when you booted them off.

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