It’s the Boston Rob show!

I’m starting to get bored with this Survivor season. The
biggest antagonist has been booted from the game because people knew who he was
and how he played. It took throwing a challenge to get rid of him. Instead of
maintaining a strong team they let Ometempe win a challenge and lost the
advantage they had and left the other tribe keep someone in the game. Russell’s
team is now a bunch of wusses and no one is in charge. They rule by
committee. And now that Russell and his girls are gone and they now are at even
numbers of tribe members with Omtempe, they will need to fight amongst
themselves for domination. Who will end up aligning with whom? They also are
down to six per team. Merge usually happens around ten. Matt should be close to
staying if he comes back at the merge and will add one more to Ometempe.

Rob has sole leadership of his team. He also has a blind allegiance
from the girls and Grant with Phillip the lone man out. And most importantly,
“He has the Idol”. They have been on a roll in the challenges and look tough
going into the merge. Phillip is expendable and could be sent packing at any
time, but, could be an asset and pawn to take to the end of the game.

The only excitement is Phillip and he gets on my nerves.
Special Agent Tighty Pinky’s is just too weird. The girls are boring while they
lay around pulling pit hair. Grant is almost invisible! Then there is Rob who
just sits back and laffs at it all.

At Zapatera, there is no game play going on. David tried to
get something going by keeping Steph.
The rest of the bozo’s wimped out and evicted her. I now see another
Zapatera loss in the next challenge and then who will the wimps send home?
Ometempe seems to have a slight advantage and some information which is being
supplied by the girls that have gone to  the
duels from Zapatera.

The duel between Matt and Krista was another close one until
Matt got his ball out of the bag and maneuvered the puzzle quickly and won. He
remains at redemption island and should be considered a threat by both teams.

Phillip is getting upset with the girls and has started
yelling at them for being lazy and not helping around camp. I don’t know what
kind of power the man thinks he has but he is close to being evicted.

The challenge was quite simple. Both teams shoot a ball into
the air and the first team to catch five in their basket poles wins. In a
route, Ometepe  shut out the “Zaps”.
Again Stephanie takes the blame for their poor performance. Back at camp, David
makes a move to try keep Stephanie in the game but no success when they go to

Next up …… Stephanie and Matt duel for Redemption.

No one at Zapatera seems to care that Ralph has the Idol and
don’t want to get rid of it. Use it on Ralph and see if he plays it! They
better before he uses it to get rid of one of them. Steve and Mike seem to
careless. David looks ready to make a move. Julie is unsure what’s going on and
Sarita’s toothache seems to bother her a lot. A tribe of total misfits!

I now watch only to see who wins the duel, who wins the
challenge and who gets evicted and sent to RI.

Like I said, to me it is getting boring.



(Episode 6)

By Jeff Probst



RI is starting to feel like Matt’s house.  He now has a big home court advantage because
he is so comfortable on the island and at the Arena.  It’s like a sports team that has been to the
finals taking on a team that has not been to the finals.  The experience is often the difference.


The religious aspect of Redemption Island is not something
we ever anticipated when we called it Redemption Island.  Having a religious and very likable person
like Matt last this long in the first season of RI was a fascinating
development.  It brings an entirely new
texture to the island and one that has a lot of people in the church community


The Bible was Krista’s choice for her luxury item.  We gave them their luxury items when they
arrived at Redemption Island because we knew they would be lonely and might
need a pick me up.  We did not plan it or
decide on it because we thought it would give us extra story from Krista and Matt.  It was already laid out.

I respect people who have faith in whatever brings them
comfort and security.

When Krista gave her bible to Matt I was moved.  It had nothing to do with my thoughts about
the Bible.  It was the human kindness
shown in a game that rarely sees the good side of people.  Despite losing and being out of the game for
good, Krista still had the presence of heart to think about helping out Matt.


Man this game is tough.
Matt is alone on Redemption, battling as hard as he can to stay
alive.  A competitor gives him a Bible on
her way out and as a result, his one ally in the game, gets jealous and turns
on him.  WTF?  Were they going steady?  Did I miss the engagement?  It was a Bible, not a love note.  Man.
Survivor is a tough game.


Spa days and other seemingly mindless, wastes of time that
seem to consume the girls days of late…aren’t as outrageous as they
seem.  The contestants do have a lot of
free time on their hands.  On days when
there is not a challenge or tribal and their shelter is built they really have
very little to do.  However reasonable it
may be, it doesn’t change the perception of others when they see you lying


Ah yeah, baby.  The
ego of the lion and the gorilla is coming out and I like it.  Phillip’s explosion was not about the girls
not helping with the fire.  His
frustration came from not being appreciated.
That’s all he wants, is a little credit.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from Survivor goes like

If you have a goal, and your success in achieving this goal
requires the support of other people, then you have to remove your ego from the

In other words, when you’re playing a zero sum game, ie a
game in which there is only one winner – and the losers of the game are the one
who will decide who wins – leave your ego at home.

Otherwise your chances for success plummet.

I’m not saying it’s easy.
Not saying I can do it myself.
But from a back seat point of view it’s quite clear.

Phillip wants credit.
Nobody is giving it to him.  The
more he complains the more annoying he will become… because Phillip – nobody

Stoke the fire and stay out of the way.  You’ll last longer.


Once again the wisest person on the tribe is Rob.  I know you hate me talking about Rob, but the
proof is in his actions regarding Phillips and the fire tending duties.

Four of them to be exact:

1. During the argument he was the only one still focused on
the big picture.  His biggest overall
goal was to keep the tribe strong.

2. Simultaneously, he understands how beneficial the fight
between Phillip and the girls can be to his game.  The more they fight, the more likely he is to
stay in control and the more they hate each other the better for him if he
makes it to the end against any of them.

3. Rob then talked to Phillip to ensure that Phillip doesn’t
do too much damage to the tribe dynamics while also letting Phillip know that
he understands him.

4. After Phillip walked away, Rob then mocked him which in
turn endeared Rob even more to the angry girls.

Mission complete. It was deft handling of a very delicate
social situation.


Krista was no joke.
Growing up on a farm she knew her way around the rope.  Three tosses, three connects.  It was amazing.  I really thought Matt was going to lose.  Krista gave Matt his biggest challenge so


One of my favorite exchanges of the season thus far was
between Phillip and Steve when discussing the Gorilla and Lion tattoos.  I really appreciate Phillips simultaneous
earnestness and sense of humor.  Is that
even a proper sentence?  What I mean is
that he really believes everything he says and yet he has enough awareness to
know that I’m poking fun at him for those same things he takes so
seriously.  Hmm, was that sentence any
better than the first one?

Philip gets it.  How about
that?  He gets me anyway.  Moving on.


We’ve done this challenge many times over the years and it
never fails to deliver.

This challenge is both physical and frustrating.  Ralph for one was clearly irritated that he
wasn’t getting enough action.  But the
star of the challenge was Grant.  Stud.  Dude is the real deal.  Mike did his best to defend but there was no
stopping him, not even by ripping off his shirt.    If Grant is allowed to stay till the end he
could be a millionaire come mid-May.


I’m a broken record but Rob played this moment very well. So
far this season he has done a good job of assessing, adapting and then
executing very well. Letting Grant find the clue to the hidden idol was a great
call as it further solidified Grant’s trust in Rob.

Getting caught with the note however, was a rookie mistake:

Phillip: Whatcha got there boys?  I saw it.

Phillip: What’s it say?

Rob: Back at camp?

Phillip: What?

Rob:  Back at Camp.

Phillip: (interview) I have been in an alliance with Rob,
Grant and myself.  In fact, I call
ourselves Stealth Are Us.  I’m… the
specialist… Rob is the mentalist…and Grant… is the assassin.

Phillip:  Remember
boys.  Stealth.

Phillip: (interview) and yet today when Rob and Grant found
the clue for an idol they tried to hide it.
Well, Hell hath no fury like a… lion and a gorilla when he thinks he
has been provoked.


Music transition.
Patriotic.  Strong.  Preparing for battle.

Phillip: (interview) If you’re gonna  make an alliance with me you better adhere to
it because I am all about integrity.  I
served my country for four years, eleven months and thirteen days for duty,
honor, and country.  That means something
to me.


When you try to trash on that… me and the United States
got something for you when you try that little baby…


I could dwell in the place of negativity right now based on
what I just saw, but I’m not gonna do that.


I’m gonna smile and when the time comes…. I’m gonna kick a
little ass around here.

Let it breathe.  Gonna
just let that little piece of poetry sit there.
No comment needed.

But I can’t resist.
F*&king genius.  Phillip
please grab Coach and come back and play again as soon as possible.


I think a lot of you are glad to see Stephanie out of the
game.  I’m not sure what it is about me
that likes the spunky, lippy folks but I am bummed she is gone.  She’s definitely a competitor and she’s a
great interview.

I’ve said it before but I think Zapatera’s biggest problem
is they are playing a “too cool for school” game and it’s biting them in the

It’s the Russell factor. They are so happy to “defeat”
Russell and his two “girls” – Krista and Stephanie – that they’re in danger of losing
the big picture.

David realized that tonight.
I agree with David.  I would have
voted out Sarita.  Nothing personal,
Sarita, but I think Stephanie wanted it more and the tribe could have used her

Okay I know I’ve been ignoring everybody else in the game…
so here we go.

DAVID – If memory serves I think David scored the highest on
our IQ test during casting.  He is a
smart dude.  We fought to get him on and
I’m glad we did.  He’s giving us great
story and he’s a legit threat to win the game if he can get his alliance
figured out.

STEVE – I like him. He’s laid back and probably a pretty
nice guy in his normal life. He would drive me a bit crazy as a member of my
alliance because he is so laid back!  I
want the guy who played in the NFL for 13 years. Maybe he’s saving that for the
individual portion of the show.

SARITA – I think she’s too soft right now.  I liked her in casting but I think the game
is overwhelming her right now.  She needs
to get over the toothache and find that inner strength otherwise she is going
to be seen as a pain-in-the-ass.

MIKE – How can you not like Mike?  He’s strong, seems pretty bright.  A major threat to win this game.  If both are still in the game when they merge
– he could prove a worthy adversary for Boston Rob.

MATT – The undisputed underdog.  If he can win long enough to get back in the
game, people better watch out.  I have a
feeling that even his faith will not be able to contain his desire to get even.

NATALIE – I’ve said it before I am so impressed.  She is 18 years old.  Think about the 18 year olds you know.  How many of them could handle themselves this
well in this cut-throat environment.  Natalie
is a long shot to win but IF she can get to the end the jury may feel like I do
that based on age alone she has earned the money.

JULIE – Julie confuses me.
I like her and I think she’s a fairly good player but I haven’t seen any
moves yet that make me think she could make it deep.  She’s a mom which helps in dealing with
people and she’s very reasonable and that could take her a long way into the
game.  But a big move will be necessary.

RALPH – I love Ralph because he’s so fun to listen to and so
fun to watch.  He so very smart in his
own way but his liability is that Ralph hasn’t found himself in this kind of
social situation and it shows.  If Ralph
can figure out how to deal with the others in his alliance he could last.

ANDREA – She’s a bit wishy-washy regarding Matt but she is
definitely a fighter and a player.  She
will not lie down for anybody.  I like her
but her problem right now is her status within the alliance.

ASHLEY – Dark horse to win the game.  She’s very good in the challenges and in the
individual portion of the game she will be a threat.  She also has friends in the girls and will
probably make more friends if she makes the merge.  If I was Rob I’d be most worried about her in
the end game.

GRANT – Grant is a bit ill equipped socially because he is
so trusting. At this point he believes in Rob 100%.  So long as that lasts, these two could go deep.  But if that trust is ever broken, my hunch is
that Grant will turn on Rob and vote him out.

NEXT TIME ON.. Survivor.

One of the greatest challenges of the season… and one of
the funniest moments in our history.

90 thoughts on “It’s the Boston Rob show!”

  1. I do hope they are going to spare us the family visits and the crying jags that go on ..its a real turn off for me …you would think they hadn’t seen some of their relatives in years..its only 39 days…how many of us see some of our family even once in a year or 2 or 3, and not cry.

  2. I could not agree more with what Anthony said… at that point, it hasn’t even been 4 weeks… I have always been amazed at such angst over not seeing your family for such a short time. Most of them probably can’t stand their families anyway. Suck it up and enjoy playing Survivor I say. However the producers won’t pass up the chance to pluck the viewers heartstrings. Like the whole Bible thing at RI. Jeff is so full of bull-shit about it not being planned… they knew exactly what they were doing. Does anyone recall the luxury items for Franchesca, Russell or Kristina? I don’t remember seeing them even getting them.

    Wish Stephanie was still in the game, although I think she will beat Matt, as I agree with Jeff about lippy hot chicks! I wish Sarita would toughen up and stick up for herself, for I think she is the one I would like to get to know the most.

    Grant was impressive in the challenge and he is my pick in the Survivor pool, so of course I want him to win.

  3. OK y’all, for those inquisitive people who want to know how long Matt would have to go to get back in the game. Last night was episode 6. After some digging around, here is what looks like the possibility for the RI person. At Episode 13, it will be TC 15 (a double elimination or 2 during the way) The loser goes to RI. Next day the winner of the duel rejoins the final 4 to make 5 people left. In their game they are at day 15 and at TC 13 it will be their day 36, three days from the end of the game!

  4. I think that Boston Rob knows every aspect of this game – social, mental and physical. He has lasted over the half way mark. I hope he makes it to the end.

  5. This season is so different. I do like RI and I feel that anyone there must prove they are worthy. I am glad the player(s) are not put back into the game after just one challenge. The surprising thing to me about this Survivor is how much food and survival equipment they are letting the players have. Is it just me that thinks this way? I beginning to think that Boston Rob may have insisted that more food and equipment must be offered after a challenges if they wanted him to return to the show (along with the money). Does anyone agree with me? I really miss Russell, as there seems to be a big void in the theatrics, although Phillip is amusing.

    Nice write up Snake. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. I feel like I keep jumping to the defence of the main alliance in Zapatera. I truly believe one of my primary goals if I was to play Survivor would be to get rid of Russell. He could be a very good ally to have but who would ever sleep with a snake in their bed. What if that snake gets hungry?

    I thought we were seeing the new reign of Ralph but unfortunately he doesn’t just sound dumb. Giving away that he had the idol was such a rookie mistake. It’s hard seeing brilliant strategical play from Rob and then watching the hillbilly try too.

    1. I agree… Russell must have been a real pain in the ass. I was sorry to see him go, but don’t really blame them.

      Kind of funny… Russell gets a big tough guy tat on his arm and can’t back it up. Would have loved to see Phillip and Russell compare tats. Gee… I wonder if our Phillip has any tats??? We’ll have to ask R.

      Ralph hasn’t been in the news lately has he? Yes, very dumb to show off the HII. And everyone gets so excited, like it is going to save everyone. It was funny when he got so frustrated at the challenge when no balls came his way. I wonder if he is misspelling everyone’s name wrong on purpose as part of an act? It does seem rather phonetic though.

    2. No tats, Ted. Ditto Reb. Did you say you had tats or were you just referring to your numerous age spots?

  7. I don’t really think it’s fair though that Matt has to stay at redemption island as long as he does, that is a bit much and it really sucks. :roll:

  8. You go Grant! With his first successful catch in Survivor’s version of beach sling shot lacrosse, he surpassed his one and only 2003 season stats as a wide receiver (0) with the San Diego Chargers. He did play in 6 games though.

  9. yeah, and Grant isn’t bad to look at either. (or matt) i happen to like sweet guys.

  10. Settle down tendr… you are starting to sound like Betty or Aggie… and no one is rippin’ on the Bible… just CBS using it as a prop.

    I agree, Betty… way too much ease in this game. I thought of that when I saw Ashley holding a shiny metal fork. I don’t think Rob insisted on that though.

    JT asked if anyone noticed that Stephanie resembled Sarah Silverman… I really noticed that in the last episode. She really sounded and talked like Sarah. Love Sarah and hope Steph can hang in there and prevail on RI.

    As I was reading Jeff Probst’s comments that Snake added, I was surprised when he used the expression ‘WTF’ and later used…’F*&king’. I had never seen him invoke ‘F-word’ references before. I then found out he now has his own blog and is no longer on Entertainment Weekly Web Site. He is getting a little full of himself, but Survivor would be nothing without him.

    Thanks for the info on Grant, PK.

    1. Ted, I was also suprised with the Probst language but in a good way…..made him seem more real. I am loving that BR is running this game but I have been his fan from the start!!
      I am happy to hear that PK and Reb have no tats as much as the visual of that must disappoint!
      Tendr, NOBODY can rip on the bible and get away with it!!
      Aggie, I can see what you are saying but BR is my man!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Holly, I wasn’t a fan of Rob’s In his season, but I do like him in this game, he just might try to drag phillip to the end if he lasts. because he would win against him. :lol:

  11. GO ROB!!! I love watching Rob and feel sorry for anyone who does not appreciate him. He is the Star of the All Stars & I will never get tired of Jeff blogging about him… :)

  12. I’ll agree with you on that one, Aggie.

    As far as Jeff P. using profanity, I personally have no problem with that, however, as a representative of the Survivor Franchise, and CBS too, I think he should comport himself with a little more class. After all, there are Survivor Fans of all ages who read his blog.

    Hope to see Ralph featured a little more tonight, as he is a hoot, but maybe we’ve seen all he’s got. It will be interesting to see how BR handles him when they merge.

    Definitely rooting for Stephanie to beat Matt in the RI Arena!

    1. oh, Betty told me I had to drink lots of water before the surgery because the pain pills have side effects.

  13. Has the game started yet Betty? I could help your babies out by turning it on here. Whenever I do, the Blues lose.

    1. Yes, there is 7 minutes to go in the 1st period and it is tied 1 -1, St. Louis just scored and scored again as I am typing, now it is St. Louis 2 – Detroit 1.

    1. Don’t let Ted scare you. Did you see where he told me to stay out of it? When you told the hockey score this morning. lol

    1. I agree Aggie. Phillip is his safety net and the longer he is around the better for Boston Rob. Hope they win the challenge tonight.

  14. Ralph was wrong saying Matt would stay with Rob’s teams. Matt was the first one voted out by his tribe and I think he would go to the other side in a heartbeat.

  15. Too bad, as I liked Sarita. I think David should have gone to RI!!! I can’t stand him, he is too cocky!

    Good night Aggie and Frannie, back to the game. St. Louis is tearing us apart! Oh well, we are still in the playoffs no matter what happens!

  16. so awesome if matt wins the next one he can get back into the game, then their is also going to be a merge, Rob, will have alot of people targeting his Ass, this show gets better and better, great show today :lol:

  17. Matt should be a shew in to beat Sarita and rejoin the game. From the previews, everyone attends the duel at which time the duel winner re-enters the game and the merge is anounced!

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