It’s time for a new leader to arise from the ashes!

Two weeks ago the mighty Marty was the Grand Master of Survivor. Oops, he slipped by the way. 

During the show intro Sash and Brenda thought they were the power players, Fabio and Benry were making plans of their own and Holly and Jane were wondering what was up with Chase and NaOnka.

 The day was cold and the wind and rain were hard. People were cold and wet. The tribe decided to move the reward chests around the fire to keep the fire from going out and the heat directed toward them. (Let me see now. I believe wood is a combustible material. Aah, nothings going to happen)

 While sitting around the camp, some of the talk turned toward getting rid of Brenda.

 At the reward challenge, the teams were divided.

The Blue team was made up of : Chase, Kelly, Jane, Fabio and NaOnka.

The Yellow team was made up of : Sash, Holly, Benry, Dan and Brenda.

 The competition consisted of using 4 barrels and some rope to race across a course without falling off the barrels. The Blue team was able to figure it out quickly and were able to complete the course using only 3 barrels. The yellow team struggled and fell off one time and had to restart. They never did get the hang of it.

The Blue team was loaded into a helicopter and whisked away to Serra Negro for some volcano surfing and then pizza, chocolates and soft drinks.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the yellow team discovered that their bright idea to move the chests work so well that they got hot and burned. They lost most of their food and some tools.

More strategy talk goes on and everyone wants Brenda or Sash, with Brenda being to one they want to evict.

At the immunity challenge, they learn it’s an endurance  test. The tribe members must stand on a small platform and hold a rope with knots so they can grab and stay up. The game begins as they lean back and hold tightly at the first knot. Slowly they begin to fall. First to go is Sash. Kelly is 2nd, Holly drops 3rd, Brenda is next at 4, Dan follows her at 5, Fabio and then NaOnka were 6 & 7. The remaining players must now move to the 2nd knot! Benry drops 8th and Chase and Jane are the only ones left. It seems Chase is going to win when Jane tells everyone that her arms are getting sore. A few moments later Chase tries to adjust and falls leaving Jane as the winner.

 That night at TC the usual chatting goes on and it seems everyone talks about Brenda being the one needing to go. They vote and as expected Brenda is eliminated by a  8 – 1 – 1 vote. NaOnka and Benry got votes from Brenda and Kelly.

After that TC it now seems that there is no clear leader in an alliance. The next few weeks should be interesting. And amazing but true “DAN” is the man. He has managed to hang in the game way beyond the time I thought he would. Jane now looks like she will do well with the physical challenges.

Need to change Fabio to “George of the Jungle” he’s always running into a tree!! The man must be all bruises right now.

Kelly finally mustered up a few words at TC.

 And last but certainly not least, when the hell is someone going to play an idol?  

 Last week was just a recap of what has gone on and not much new information was given. I could do without that unless they showed serious and funny out takes from the challenges.

 This week should heat up things a little and maybe some good action will take place!

Ponderosa – Brenda Pt.1

Brenda Pt.2

47 thoughts on “It’s time for a new leader to arise from the ashes!”

  1. I missed the episode. Thanks for the great update Sal. Brenda was thinking she was more important than she actually was. Who’s next?

  2. Have to agree with Macy123 on this one! And, KeriJ… ‘sacrilege’ is all I can say!!!

    Was glad to see ‘wild-eyed’ Holly orchstrate this one… I’m sure she’ll be gunning for Sash next. Maybe she’s your new Leader, Snake!

    Alina is pretty funny at Ponderosa!

  3. Purple Kelly too??? Damn, where did they find these people? Haven’t they ever seen Survivor before? They should have known what they were in for.

    NOoooo!! Don’t give them any time to think about it. Na may change her mind and I already did the happy dance. :roll:

    1. I’ll bet Kelly had never seen an episode of survivor before going on the show. She was cast for her wholesomeness and her figure, but turned out to be so uninteresting. she garnered zero air-time.

  4. I’m alive. went to dr yesterday. my bp was high.
    but i got some good drugs….v’s.

    maybe i just need some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

  5. hi aggie……will email you fran. i’m so NOT ready for holidays.
    i hope the show comes on here later. if not ……….well, what can i do? why are sports so important?
    guess i’ll go watch sumpin on hulu.

    did you know if you’re a dr. you can listen to someone’s heart ONLY after making them wait an hour after your app. and get pd 325. bucks?

  6. I like Holly now, she stepped up for the team, It looks like naonka ain’t so tough after all, she is just a quitter now, and kelly was just useless, a waste of space on there, unreal 2 people quitting in one night, when so many people would love the chance to be on there. :roll:

  7. If you quit you should not be able to decide the fate of the players that stay through the entire process. They should be sent straight home … do not pass go – do not collect $200.00

    1. Ted, she is disappointed because she has 2 people at Ponderosa she doesn’t like ( The Big Headed Egotists) and now 2 people quit. I’d be disgusted also if someone quit few a few days after I was voted out. Those people at least wanted to play the game. I think they should be made to live in a tent next to the Ponderosa house for quitting and don’t deserve to be there!

  8. I guess we can all see what Naonka is made up of…HERSELF! She should have stepped up for the rice and tarp, as she knew she wasn’t going to change her mind about leaving! Holly sure gave her a nasty glare. When Naonka did not volunteer, I thought Dan should have stepped up to the plate. What the heck did he do to deserve that reward? I was not surprised to see Purple Kelly go and I did the happy dance when Naonka dropped out! What is wrong with these people? Haven’t they ever watched Survivor? The members of the jury would have given their right arm to get back in the game. I worried for a moment, as I though Jeff might call one of them back. I am soooo glad that did not happen.

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