Life without a King, will his tribe survive without a leader!

Matt for the third straight time makes a major comeback to win
the duel and stay on at Redemption Island. After a so-so start in a block
building game, Matt suddenly finds the way the blocks go together and wins the
game and Katrina heads home.
At Omtempe Phillip still keeps bugging everyone on his tribe
and where I sit he has to be the next evictee without coming up with a miracle.
Zapatera continues as a 5 to 2 alliance with Russell’s girls
on the outside. The girls, Stephanie and Krista went to the duel from Zapatera,
while Rob and Grant came from Omtempe. The girls tell Rob they are willing to
align with his team if they make it to the merge because they are on the outs
with there tribes large alliance.
Phillip continues to try make inroads with someone by talking
to Ashley but she’s afraid to go against Rob.
Back at Omtempe the girls are trying to figure a way to stay
in the game. No strategy talk goes on and the girls days seem numbered. No one
even seems worried about them.
Todays challenge is a maze where the teams will be blindfolded
and guided by one other person. The guider has to lead them to bags of puzzle
pieces and back out where the guider must put the puzzle together. Ometempe gets
their bags back first. Rob and Steph are working on the puzzle. Stephanie took
an early lead and Rob dropped a piece. After a little while Rob figures out the
puzzle and wins. Steph struggled and her tribe says they should have used David
to be the guider/solver and that puts Steph on the block for eviction.
I always have believed when they win food they make pigs of
themselves and these guys were no different. Rob found the clue but Grant also
saw it. Rob told Grant he would hide it until later. Rob runs out and switches
it for the first one. When he takes Grant to see it,  all Grant see’s is the first clue.
Sarita and David got into an argument over the fact that
Stephanie lost it on the puzzle. Everyone knows it has to be one of the girls
to go at TC.
At TC the talk centers on the
girls alliance and the girls try to blame other players. After all the talk
Krista goes to RI and will have to unseat Matt to stay.
Jeff’s weekly blog
Well, I’ll admit that there is a hole now that Russell is
gone.  It’s kinda like having a really
funny friend leave your big summer party a few hours too early.  You miss him. The party misses him.  It takes a moment to adjust.
But… if it’s a good party, you won’t miss him for long.
Thus far Redemption Island has given us everything we could
have hoped for when we started the season.
Dramatic duels, lots of surprising and game turning information
revealed, and a hero emerging in faith-based Matt.
How do we keep getting so lucky?  Of all the people that could have been our
first Redemption Island representative we couldn’t have hand picked a better
one than Matt.  He’s humble, he’s
competitive, he’s kind, he has a strong moral compass, he’s handsome and asof
yet, he can’t be beat.
Thank you Matt for doing us right!  The question is how long can he continue to
dominate?  How long before the person on
Redemption gets to come back into the game and continue their pursuit of the million
From a macro view, Ometepe is in very good shape.  Since winning the challenge that Zapatera
threw, their confidence is up and it shows.
But no matter how good you have it, as Americans know far too
well, there is always something to complain about.  For Ometepe, it’s Phillip.
Ometepe’s complaints about Phillip are a great example of why
Phillip is both a pain in the ass (if you’re an Ometepe member) and a “star”
(if you’re CBS).
They walk around camp muttering things you are probably saying
yourself as you watch from home:
This Phillip guy is nuts!
Former Federal Agent, my ass!
Dude, what is up with that salmon colored underwear?
For crying out loud, would ya quit chasing the crabs with a
A lion and a Gorilla?
Come on.
Phillip…. please shut up!!!!!
Just like with Russell or Coach, the louder you scream the
more we know we have a star.  Phillip is
a star.
And while the others are complaining that Phillip should be
voted out, Rob is working hard to make sure Phillip doesn’t go home.  He realizes what the others don’t – Phillip
is worth more to him in the game than he is being sent to Redemption
Island.  For now anyway…
I love seeing the tribes catch fish and do other domestic
chores around camp.  I wish we could more
of these types of scenes in the show, but we just don’t have enough time.  Whenever we show the Survivors truly earning
their keep, it reminds the audience that this is a major adventure.  It is no joke.  There are no commercial breaks where you can
grab another slice of pizza from the fridge.
These guys earn every single thing they get on this show.  I always respect the people who choose to
partake of the Survivor adventure because there is nothing else like it on
Julie really showed how little she understands the game when
she said that “Krista and Stephanie” are just pawns in this game and are not a
threat any longer.  Anybody that is in
the game is a threat and anybody who is low on the totem pole within a tribe is
a MAJOR threat   What if we have a tribe
switch coming up?  Or an early merge?
I’m not foreshadowing anything (or am I?) but I am making the
point that you can NEVER let your guard down in this game.  The moment you lay your sword against the
tree while you go take a leak, is the moment your sword ends up in your back
An experienced player would view Krista and Stephanie as
potential problems and that person… would be right.
What you didn’t see was that Kristina nearly passed out during
the challenge. Literally.   It was so
hot, she was so tired, the puzzles pieces were so heavy and the pressure was so
much… that she nearly fell flat out.
It was also a much longer challenge.  The puzzle was created by resident Survivor
genius, Dan Munday and it proved much more difficult than it appears when
finished.  Both Matt and Kristina had
trouble with the puzzle – the difference was Matt never lost his mind or got
frustrated.  He just kept studying it
until it finally became clear.
Finally, there was also a much longer discussion between
Boston Rob and Matt where Matt quizzed Rob about why he voted him out.   Redemption Island continues to deliver.
This is what I’m talking about.  When Stephanie told Boston Rob that she and
Krista were no longer loyal to Zapatera, she gave away so much information that
Rob and Ometepe can now use.
He now knows there are two people on the outs, which tells him
that the tribe has drawn lines in the sand.
He now knows there are two people that might come to the other side if a
switch or a merge happens.  Those two
pieces of information alone can swing the game completely in his favor.  Krista and Stephanie are not just pawns, they
are still players in this game.
I loved this challenge.
It was very exciting on the day.
I like challenges that put someone in the “hero” or “goat” role, it
almost always produces good drama.
Chaotic challenges always reveal so much and reminds how
important it is to remain calm. Panic never helps.  Ah but it’s so easy to say “don’t panic” yet
much tougher to actually remain… calm.
Grant is the unsung hero for Ometepe.  He’s a talented athlete and if they let him
last deep into this game he is going to move from the “quiet dude with
dreadlocks” to a major threat to win the game.
I gotta give Stephanie credit.
The girl does not shy away from asking for responsibility.  Say what you want but Stephanie has never
backed off of a challenge.  She wants the
ball and when there is no time left on the clock, she’s the one who wants to
take the shot.  When your ass is on the
line, it’s the only play you have.
Zapatera has a bit of a bitchy attitude toward most
everything.  First it was Russell being a
bad seed and in last night’s episode it was Stephanie not being smart enough at
the challenge.  Does it all go back to
throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell?
Have they simply given Ometepe too much confidence?
And most amazing of all is that after losing another
challenge, they still managed to find a bright side, however misguided it may
Julie:  Even though we
lost the challenge today, we really won.
It’s going to be between Krista and Stephanie.
Don’t you guys watch this show?  What are you thinking?  This is not good news.  You didn’t really win by losing.  Losing another member of your tribe at this
point in the game does not make your tribe stronger.  There are so many cons that come with losing
a tribe member, not the least of which is the more Ometepe wins, the more
unified they become.  This is a
potentially disastrous situation come the merge.
Someone has to step up and gather the troops or Zapatera is
going to continue to fall apart day by day.
I loved Sarita and David getting into it, can’t resist a juicy
throwdown.  Sarita hit David’s sweet spot
and he lit her up:
David:  I do very well under
pressure!  My entire life is based on
being under pressure!! There’s no butts, I’m the only one who is doing puzzles
from here on out!!!  Period!!! Point
blank.  No questions.
And then Mike says without a hint of irony –
Mike:  We just need to
win a challenge.
When I saw the first early cut of this moment I was laughing
so hard I couldn’t stay in my chair.  Rob
often approaches Survivor like an organized game theory expert and other times
he plays it like a 5-year old.  This was
old school playground shenanigans.
Grant covering for Rob while Rob is double-crossing Grant.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Rob had his fingers
crossed the entire time.
Rob is so in control I think he even yelled to our camera
operator, “We gotta move” as if to say — if you want to get the shot of me
trading out the idol notes, then you better start running, because I have no
time to waste!
There wasn’t much else to the story –you knew it was going to be
Krista or Steph and truthfully all we could hope for is that Stephanie stayed
longer than Krista, only because she is significantly lippier and therefore a
more interesting character.
Krista is gone but not out.
Krista is a farm girl and is a legitimate threat to beat Matt in a
challenge.  This may be Matt’s biggest
competition to date.
A great duel, a great challenge, and a great tribal council!

76 thoughts on “Life without a King, will his tribe survive without a leader!”

  1. Great rundown Snake! I like some of your insights. I do hope Krista can beat Matt and send him packing. Rob does seem to be in control, and looks like he is having a ball. He is certainly worth what he is being paid, and I for one would love to see him win the game. Some of the people here were complaining about Rob and Russell receiving an appearance fee. Of course they are being paid to play… they are in the ‘reality show business’ now, and deliver the ratings. I have no problem with that, and glad they are on the show. I only wish they would bring Russell back into the game!

    Really liking Ashley, Sarita, Grant, and starting to like Mike more… of course Boston Rob is a given.

    1. If they are being paid to be on there, they shouldn’t be allowed to compete for the big prize. Ted…it’s time to stop crying over the troll being sent home. Let others have a chance to win some money. That dude doesn’t even need the cash. :roll: Oh, and I guess I should say….GO MATT!!

    2. Hi Fran, I just wish they would stop bringing back the same people there were other great players time to give somebody else a shot, enough of rob and russell

    3. This latest episode proves how much Russell meant to survivor. Besides Rob, who has his teammates rapped around his finger for now, everyone is playing clueless. The way the players are playing is exactly why I missed 15 seasons of this show. Russell, as Jeff put it before, reignited the show and showed how it could truly be played. Its sad to see these “players” playing the game with no clue on how their futures will turn out. David on Zapatera started to get a clue but was overrun by a group on incompetent game players.

      Matt, your a great man, but good luck Stephanie, you are the only one left (besides Rob of course) that acts like they know what they are doing.

      Russell…you will always be remembered.

  2. frannie…I agree totaly……GO MATT!!!!!!! I liked him from the beginning. Reminds me of Jud/Fabio.

    And I knew that they brought back the Reality Superstars for ratings, but I had NO idea that they got PAID! That is so wrong!! Even before I knew that tho, I hated the whole concept. I don’t want to see rerun competitors! And I don’t think they would lose any ratings if they started with *fresh meat* everytime.

    Sal…..GREAT blog!!! I was shaking my head yes to everything you said. Awesome insight. Especially the part about Matt and his qualities and WHY Philip is a STAR(barf!) and what a crappy attitude Zapatera has!! Really enjoyed it!! :)

    1. Hi Star, Matt is way better looking than fabio, and seems like a smart enough guy, I hope he can make it to the end, but really that whole thing is not to fair, how can he possibly beat everybody, he is religious, maybe he will have alot of luck, I hope he does :lol:

    2. Alot of strong men were religious aggie…..samson, david…..he’s got the BIG GUY on his side..can’t hurt!!!

      Sal..OOPS!! Didn’t see the switch! Well, it sounded like you!! :-D Compliment still sticks!!

  3. Stephanie might look good with a black eye.

    just kidding.

    don’t miss russell….don’t miss my hemorrhoid.

    matt makes me wanna be 21 again. well everything does but i bet he tastes good on pancakes.

  4. I was hoping the redemption island person who won would go back into the game immediately until anther two people made it to redemption, so every other week someone would return.

  5. O O O O OH did you see where fabio got arrested for dui or sumpin?

    gimme the money. i’ll be good.

    star, frannie, isn’t matt cute and sweet?
    i wish rob wouldn’t talk.

    1. Girl, you are so crazy!! :lol: I think you’ve been working too hard. I agree, Matt is cute but I don’t know if I would want him on pancakes!! lol As for Rob…he is better this year….so far! We still have a long way to go with him and I’m sure things will change.

      GO MATT

    2. Awww Fabio… you break our hearts!! Get it together hun!!

      And I DO agree that Matt is a cutie but…I don’t like pancakes..can I have him on ice cream instead??LOL

      As for Rob, never liked him before but in comparison to Russel and Zapatera, he’s looking pretty good this year…which is scary in and of itself. Rooting for Omepeter(sp?) for sure!!

      Good to cya tendr!!

  6. I’m not so sure rob will get rid of phillip, because if he was able to drag him to the end Rob would win, so it would be smarter to keep him there :lol:

    1. That might be right Aggie, but I think all the others will vote him and his sexy self (NOT) off before that can happen.

  7. I really don’t want Rob to win the money. He is being paid to play that is all he should get. Rob plays well if you think being sneaky and lying to those who trust him is playing well. When he played with Amber I found it odd how he proposed to her once she won and he lost. Also when a challenge with him and Amber, she asked him to let her win, he refused to step down. Rob is a player and he will step on anyone to win.

  8. Well, it seems that Phillip got his eyes on getting rid of Rob…fat chance that happening…who is going to go with him on this one likes him…I am still totally confused about this Redemption thing…ie if Matt wins all of his duels and loses the last one…he is OUT? The one person that may be beat him goes just once and gets into the fold again? Can anyone see the logic and fairness in this? I can’t. I wish someone who may know more about this could end this confusion for me.

    1. I totally agree with you Anthony. It really isn’t fair that if Matt is stuck on RI, he should beat everyone until the end. I don’t know how long the others go there for the competion, but he has to be bored to tears with nobody to talk to. I hope they are providing him some decent food at least. I could never be anywhere by myself with no interactions with others. Sad for him :(

    2. OK, Redemption Island is a bonus from past years where you went home/Ponderosa when evicted. If your evicted now you go to RI and have to duel to stay in the game. You don’t have to compete in the challenges or live amonst the fools in either tribe. You do get provisions like the tribes but must win until the time Survivor has set for a return. I have an idea it will be half way between the merge and the end of the game, about when 5 people are left. This makes it worth the wait if you can keep winning.

    3. Frannie..totally agree about the whole lonliness/separation thing! Matt may end up like Tom Hanks, talking to a basketball named Russel…lol I wish they would explain how the whole RI thing works so we wouldn’t have to guess at it!!! They prolly think if we are guessing we are talking and that’s good for ratings!! It shouldn’t BE all about ratings! It should be all about US…the fans!!! :lol:

    1. I hope so too. It would be horrible for him to go for a couple of weeks or more and get beat out by a woman.

  9. I would like to see more of what’s going on with Matt on RI. What he’s doing and what he’s eating and stuff. I would like to see where he sleeps.

  10. Just a drive by, as I forgot the hockey game was on tonight. Glad Matt won. Hope Stephanie goes home!

    Hi and bye Frannie and Aggie!!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

  11. Matt isn’t that lonely. He has had an overnight visitor every time there is an eviction and he has only been there 9 days ( not the 3 or 4 weeks we see)
    Also, the hut was already there and he gets rice and water just like the survivors do. RI people don’t have to hunt for anything.

    1. An overnight visitor? Do you mean the person that was voted out at the last tribal council?
      I figured he must be eating ok since he still looks pretty healthy and not losing weight. I guess that’s the place to be…not as much stress. Thanks for the info Sal.

  12. So Matt is religious ..LOL If that is so, it didn’t stop him for making a move on Andrea before he got ousted. Remember that was the main reason why Rob had him set up to get booted out? Nothing wrong in him making a move such as that, providing its not during this game…wait till the game is over. Hypocrisy at work. LOL

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